WORLD ECONOMY by alicejenny


									                                             WORLD ECONOMY
                                     Марков Даниил Анатольевич, 2012

Δ 1. Which is the odd word out?

                a                        b                          c                            d                        e
1          downturn                   turmoil                   recession                   foreclosure            economic crisis
2          bad assets                mortgage                  toxic assets               distressed assets        troubled assets
3            bonds                     TARP                    derivatives                   securities                shares
4            DAX                     S&P 500                     R-TN                          INDP                   FTSE 100
5             Fed                      Senate             Treasury Department                   Citi                White House
6           job cuts                  layoffs                    hiring                      job losses             personnel cuts
7            silver                    copper                   platinum                     palladium                  gold

                                                  Δ 3. Match:
                                                  1.   Ben Bernanke           a.   American publishing and financial information firm
Δ 2. Give the full equivalents:                   2.   Dow Jones              b.   Federal Reserve Chairman
                                                  3.   Steve Jobs             c.   one of the world's most successful investors
1.    AAPL                                        4.   Timothy Geithner       d.   CEO of Apple Inc.
2.    CEO                                         5.   Warren Buffet          e.   Treasury Secretary
3.    DJIA
4.    EPS
5.    ET
6.    ETFs
7.    Fed                                         Δ 4. Match to form 11 common expressions:
8.    FRS
9.    M&A                                                               average                        market
10.   MSFT                                                              bailout                        mortgage
11.   NASDAQ                                                            candlestick                    ownership
12.   NYSE                                                              closing                        plan
13.   OTC market                                                        dividend                       chart
14.   R&D                                                               fall                           scaled
15.   S&P 500                                                           financial                      sentiment
16.   TARP                                                              force                          stock
17.   VoIP                                                              price                          subprime
                                                                        free                           task
                                                                        majority                       turmoil

Δ 5. Complete the sentences:

      1.   He urged the Congress to pass his economic stimulus _____________ without delay and "not to get bogged down in
           distraction and delay while millions of Americans are being put out of work".
      2.   Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner is scheduled to detail a financial system _____________ plan on Tuesday in an
           11 a.m. speech in Washington, D.C.
      3.   It is not clear how the Treasury Department decides which banks get _____________ .
      4.   It can significantly improve its edge by putting money into initiatives while its _____________ are cautious or under-
      5.   Investors have been piling into gold since last October as the financial crisis escalated after the _____________ of
           Lehman Brothers.

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