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					8 Steps To Negotiate The Price Of A Car At The
Rule 1: Be calm and casual
Rule 2: Do not discuss payment
 conditions at the beginning
Rule 3: Say you are set to
strike a deal today itself
Rule 4: Remain calm and wait for the
sales representative to contact you.
Rule 5: Stay clear of coming under
   the pressure of the salesman
Rule 6: Increase your offer in small increments
  Rule 7: Don’t be threaten
about moving to another dealer
                              Rule 8: Final quote
State your budget estimate. If they still try to make you increase the price, clearly say that you
have reached your limit. Be casual, quiet and good. If the dealer gives you in your price well and
good yet if he does not leave on a friendly note. Try giving a casual phone call to the dealer next
day. The dealership will certainly possibly be willing to lower the price else be flexible to move
to another dealer.

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Description: Buying a car is an expensive proposition that takes away a large amount of your hard earned money. Learning to negotiate effectively at the dealership can help you strike a good deal and save some money. The money saved can be use to buy accessories for the cars or for financing the car. This article offers you some golden tips on how you can take a stronger position when it comes to negotiating the price of a car at the dealership.