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					                                                                                             Knowledge Management Services

                                    Achieve and Maintain Your Competitive
                                    Advantage with Knowledge Management

                                    A solid knowledge management foundation benefits customers and agents alike. Search accuracy
                                    increases, call resolution times shorten and the overall customer experience is dramatically
                                    improved. Industry leading platforms like Oracle Knowledge lay the foundation. Fundamental
                                    to ensuring your ROI is an implementation approach designed for success and supportability,
                                    leveraging the latest capabilities of the platform with the daily care and feeding needed to ensure
                                    the solution continues to deliver on its promise.
l Knowledge management solution
  designed for today and scalable   Infogain provides end-to-end Oracle Knowledge services, delivering on the promise of Oracle
  for tomorrow                      Knowledge applications. This includes reducing issue resolution times, reducing support costs,
l Lowest overall TCO                improving the customer experience and, most importantly, giving you a competitive edge.
l Rapid, low-risk upgrades
l Cost-effective solutions with
  preferred-shore model             Implementation Services: Reliable, Rapid Results
l Ensures ongoing value             With deep knowledge of the Oracle
                                    Knowledge products and implementation
                                    experience with clients in multiple
                                    industries, Infogain’s approach ensures
                                    reliable, rapid results.

                                    Infogain leverages the Oracle Knowledge
                                    application’s diverse-use architecture that
                                    provides a solid framework to integrate with
                                    other Siebel and CRM OnDemand modules
                                    such as iSupport, TeleService, Field Service,
                                    Depot Repair, Email center and others.
                                    Infogain also provides Oracle Knowledge
                                    integration to other CRM solutions such as
                           and change request tools
                                    such as Serena and Bugzilla.

                                    Infogain knowledge management experts
                                    follow a formalized process, as described
                                    in the diagram above. Our experience-
                                    based design places a heavy emphasis
                                                                                                Knowledge Management Services

Only infOgain prOvides                   on repository design, data dictionary development, integration with the authentication system
l Largest Oracle Knowledge practice
                                         and content migration to help ensure that the heart of the solution – your knowledge – is fully
  outside of Oracle itself
l 15+ years experience with CRM          leveraged today and scalable for tomorrow.
l Proven history implementing
                                         Upgrade Services: Assess, Plan and Deliver
  Oracle Knowledge on-premise and
  on-demand                              Staying current with the latest versions of any application can be challenging. Knowing when
l Established managed services           – and whether – to upgrade requires analysis of your individual situation balanced with the
  team and infrastructure specifically   benefits that can be realized with the latest version of Oracle Knowledge. To help ensure a
  for Oracle Knowledge                   fast, low-risk upgrade that delivers the expected value, Infogain offers comprehensive upgrade
delivery excellence
At Infogain, we value the long-term
                                         Assess. Our knowledge management experts work directly with your team to evaluate business
relationships we build with our          requirements and compare them with the capabilities in the latest release of Oracle Knowledge.
customers. Each of our knowledge         We then document and quantify anticipated benefits based on your unique situation and
management customers across the          recommend a plan of action that includes risk assessment and steps to mitigate.
globe can serve as a solid reference
for our services and solutions. Please
visit our website at    Plan. After thorough analysis of the current implementation, our experts work with you to
to learn more about our services and     document the plans for:
our customers’ successes with Oracle
                                         l   Developing any new customizations
                                         l   Implementing any existing customizations
                                         l   Eliminating any previous customizations that are no longer needed

                                         A detailed upgrade plan is provided and outlines impacts to all stakeholders, including end
                                         customers, customer support agents, content authors, operations and executive management.
                                         The plan has straightforward goals – to deliver business benefits with a stable, scalable
                                         environment at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

                                         Deliver. Infogain’s upgrade delivery approach ensures optimal customer and agent interfaces,
                                         seamless integration with your CRM system and updated analytics to support effective decision
                                         making. We leverage our development, implementation and upgrade experience with Oracle
                                         Knowledge applications to deliver cost-efficient upgrades in a short amount of time. Our
                                         approach ensures a high-performance architecture, reliable load handling and optimized search

                                         Production Lifecycle Services: Ensure Ongoing Value
                                         High performance, high value customer support represents a competitive advantage impacting
                                         customer retention, revenue per customer and overall corporate profits. Ensure your ongoing
                                         value and competitive advantage with Infogain’s production lifecycle services.
                                                                                             Knowledge Management Services

                          Production Support: Incident and escalation management; root cause analysis; patch installation,
                          including production change management; customization support

                          Administration & Tuning: IM and Workbench modifications and configurations; search tuning;
                          adding and enhancing crawlers; Narrowcast server installation, setup and report scheduling

                          Proactive Monitoring: Addressing performance trends before they become issues in search
                          performance, crawlers and ETL processing; business trend monitoring and recommendations for
                          customer usage, content effectiveness, process improvements and other areas

                          Continuous Improvement: Quarterly allotment for ongoing improvements in areas such as
                          context variables for analytics optimization, look and feel of dictionary objects, navigational facets,
                          configuration updates and minor UI customizations

                          Project Management: Requirements gathering for continuous improvement activities, activity
                          prioritization and reporting, system health and maintenance management, and release schedule
                          planning and management

                          Infogain has an established Oracle Knowledge production lifecycle services team Our formalized
                          processes for ongoing Oracle Knowledge support help ensure productivity, efficiency and smooth
                          functioning of your Oracle Knowledge solution, delivered against mutually agreed upon service
                          level targets. Infogain’s on-site or blended on-site/offshore models give you the flexibility needed
                          for a cost-effective solution that meets your specific requirements.

                          Why Infogain for Oracle Knowledge Services?
                          Infogain is an Oracle Gold partner with a proven history implementing Oracle Knowledge in both on-
                          premise and on-demand environments. We also work directly with the vendor, providing experts
                          to supplement the Oracle Knowledge product development. As a pioneer of Oracle Knowledge
                          services, we provide ongoing product lifecycle services for Oracle Knowledge clients throughout
                          the world. Infogain’s 15+ years implementing, migrating and interfacing with multiple CRM
                          applications, including Siebel, Oracle CRM OnDemand and, enable us to deliver
                          flexible solutions based on each client’s unique requirements.

                          Contact Us
                          For more information about Infogain solutions and services, please contact us:
                          Phone: +1 408 355-6000

USA: +1-408-355-6000
UK: +44-16-2842-1500
INDIA: +91-120-244 5144
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Description: Infogain provides end-to-end Oracle Knowledge services, delivering on the promise of Oracle Knowledge applications. This includes reducing issue resolution times, reducing support costs, improving the customer experience and, most importantly, giving you a competitive edge.