Food Favorites

					                                     FOOD FAVORITES

Udi's bread, pizza crust, hamburger buns, hot dog buns, bagels and muffins (Sprouts, Sunflower
Shoppe, Market Street/United Food Stores, Whole Foods, Central Market). Rudi’s bread (same
places). Canyon Bakehouse (hamburger buns are the best) found at Whole Foods.

Breads from Anna bread mix (the BEST mix and I my opinion the most healthy for you; she also
has several “free from” bread mixes besides just GF, Pamela's bread
mix (Sunflower Shoppe in Colleyville or Fort Worth for Breads from Anna). Sprouts, Market
Street, Central Market, and other stores for Pamela's. Or make your bread from scratch. There
are many recipes in our various newsletters. Many companies also sell pancake mixes. Probably
the best is Pamela’s.

Whole Foods Bakehouse bread. This is their own bread label and only sold there. Whole Foods
also carries three other pre-made great breads: Rudi’s, Canyon Bakehouse and Udi’s. Whole
Foods is the only store in the area that carries Canyon Bakehouse.

Pocono Cream of Buckwheat (hot cereal like Malt-to-Meal), Sprouts, Sunflower Shoppe, Market

Lara's Cream Hill Estates GF Oats or Bob's Red Mill GF Rolled Oats (Sprouts, Sunflower
Shoppe, Market Street)

Eco-Planet or Glutenfreeda Instant GF Oatmeal (Sprouts and perhaps other stores)

Amy's brand Tomato Bisque soup and other flavors (Target, Sunflower Shoppe, Sprouts)

Progresso brand Creamy Mushroom Soup (most all stores carry this). Sprouts carries a “cream
of” mushroom soup that’s GF that you can use in all your recipes that call for a cream of
mushroom soup. It’s Health Valley Organic Cream of Mushroom Soup.

Shelton's brand soups (check the label for ingredients) (Sprouts, Market Street, probably other
stores too)

Glutino pretzels (Sprouts, Sunflower Shoppe, Market Street), Snyder’s of Hanover GF Pretzel
Packs (Market Street)

Whole Foods GF brand frozen pre-made pie crust (Whole Foods)

Bell & Evans GF chicken nuggets (Costco, Sunflower Shoppe). Ian’s carries GF fish sticks and
chicken nuggets also. Central Market, Sunflower Shoppe, Sprouts.

Dr. Praeger’s Potato Crusted Gluten-Free Fish Sticks (frozen). Sunflower Shoppe, possibly
other stores, but haven’t checked.
Basic all-purpose pre-mixed flour mixes: Pamela’s, Bob’s Red Mill, Tom Sawyer, Jules Shepard
and many others, found at most all stores that carry GF products.

Or make your own: 2 cups brown rice flour (extra fine ground), 2/3 cup potato starch flour, 1/3
cup tapioca flour. Shake together in a plastic bag and store in the frig. This can be used in all
recipes you use to use regular flour. For baked goods though, you would have to add some
xanthan gum.

There are many gluten free bakeries in the DFW area that also make wonderful bread products,
muffins, cupcakes, rolls, cakes, etc. so you don’t have to make your own breads and desserts if
you don’t want to. Some are: Charity’s GF Treats, Arlington; I Heart Muffins, Hurst; Local
Oven, Carrollton; Tulu’s, Dallas; and Wholesome Foods Bakery, Dallas.

Glutenfreeda Chicken & Cheese GF Burrito. Sunflower Shoppe, possibly other stores, but
haven’t checked.

Conte’s brand frozen pasta dishes. Sunflower Shoppe, possibly other stores, but haven’t

Crunchmaster Multi Grain crackers (Sam’s, Costco, Tom Thumb, Market Street). Glutino &
Glutano GF crackers (Market Street, Sprouts). Nut Thin crackers. These can be found at many

Tinkyada GF pasta (Market Street, Sprouts, Central Market, Whole Foods, Sunflower Shoppe) or
Schar GF pasta (Sunflower Shoppe)

Amy’s frozen dinners, especially Mexican dinners (Sprouts, Kroger’s, Target, Walmart, Market
Street, others). Read labels, not all are GF.

Prana Bars, Bumble Bars, Lara Bars, KIND Bars, Purefit Bars (many stores carry these GF snack

Nature Valley Nut Crunch Bars (any grocery store carries this snack bar)

Bakery on Main, Hail Merry or Udi’s granola (Market Street, Sprouts, maybe others)

Nature’s Path Mesa Sunrise dry cereal (Sprouts, Central Market, Sunflower Shoppe)

Arrowhead Mills Maple Buckwheat Flakes cry cereal (same as above)

General Mills has many Chex dry cereals that are GF (many stores carry these). Kellogg’s now
has a Rice Krispies cereal that is gluten free. Check the box to make sure the words “gluten
free” are there before you purchase. They will also keep a Rice Krispies that is NOT gluten free
so read the box carefully.
Van’s frozen GF waffles (many stores carry these) Not all Van’s waffles are GF. Look for
“Gluten Free” on the label

Mission corn chips and corn tortillas (all stores carry these). Most corn chips are GF (read
labels), Cheetos and potato chips (read labels on potato chips to be sure) are also GF.

There are so many great GF products in the market now it’s hard to list all my favorites.
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