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Newest 100Mbps Huawei E398 4G USB Modem Review


This Huawei E398 is a new LTE modem and comes with 100Mbps download speed, welcome to choose this 4G USB modem here.

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									                   Unlocked Huawei K5005 4G LTE Modem- Fast, Easy, Super
Unlocked Huawei K5005 from Vodafone operator is a latest 4G LTE modem, and it is also called
Vodafone K5005, this 4G LTE modem supports 100Mbps download speed and 50Mbps upload
speed, this means you can watch movie, read e-Book, play games or transmit something online at
any time, the speed is so fast that you won't fell any delay when you deal with these activities.
This Huawei K5005 4G LTE modem has better compatibility not only in technology but also in
software , this means Vodafone K5005 not only works on the 4G LTE bands of 800MHz /2600MHz
but is also compatible with 3G/2G, this makes Huawei K5005 is available to 90% operators in the
world. Beside this, Huawei K5005 4G LTE modem is compatible with Windows 7, Windows XP,
Windows Vista, Mac OS operating systems.

Vodafone K5005 is very light for it only weights 40g and this 4G LTE modem has a slim body
which is the size of 92*32*15 mm. It is known that Vodafone K5005 is made by Huawei also an
ideal one for the mobile Internet access on the notebook. In addition, this 4G LTE modem Huawei
K5005 also impresses people with its expandable internal storage, which reaches up to 32GB by
its Micro SD card slot.

Now Huawei K5005 4G LTE modem is available in modem3g online store and it has a competitive
price of $255. Like other modems in the market, this 4G LTE modem is unlocked, so you can
choose the contract that suits you best and it won't waste your money.

Huawei is a leading telecom device supplier in China, as one of its latest LTE modems, this
unlocked 4G LTE modem Huawei K5005 integrates high technology and elegant design, so it
become very popular with people since launched by Huawei. At the same time, I think two key
features maybe the consumers consider first --the quality of the device and the service of the
supplier. we ensure that all 4G LTE modems are sell in our site are original with new packaging. In
the meanwhile, as a professional 4G LTE solution supplier, modem3g was built in 2002 and all its
products come with one year’s guarantee and people can get their 100% money back if their
purchase has problems within 30 days.

If this Huawei K5005 captures your attention, don’t hesitate to inquire or buy it from modem3g
online store.

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