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					    Garlic’s Negative Effects
Garlic has some unwanted effects that might
               surprise you!

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Garlic does have a few negative effects along with the rewards it can give someone. Garlic is in
the happy family of chives, onions and leeks and is believed to have originated around central
Asia. Historians speculate that it was used as a food flavoring and spice at first but then people
started to discover more of its benefits.

As it spread through Asia it’s documented that the Egyptians gave it to slaves as they built
pyramids because it was thought to increase stamina.

When the Spanish brought it to the New World Native Americans thought it was a great

Garlic can help blood circulation and is great for guys with ED or that have problems with love
making due to something called NOS. This spice increases the production of NOS which is called
Nitric Oxide Sythase and its primary responsible is to help guys with arousal and to rise to the

During the second major war that got started in 1939 garlic was actually used to treat open
wounds from infection and prevent gangrene.

Gangrene occurs when tissue dies because it doesn’t get the nutrients and blood it needs.
Garlic helps because it increases circulation as well as help the body fight infection.

This brings me to my next topic on how it this herb improves the immune system.

This herb is a natural antibiotic and this basically implies that it combats bacteria, viruses as
well as funguses.

More good news is that unlike man-made antibiotics there is no risk of it hurting helpful
bacteria or it enables the enemy to build up a resistance. You see when someone takes
antibiotics that are created from a lab the bacteria sometimes gets smart and learns how to
fight it.

In 2001 a study compared the effects of a garlic supplement to the common cold. Many
participants took either a placebo pill or a garlic supplement and it was found that the patients
that took garlic were less likely to develop cold symptoms by about half and recovered much

Besides fighting the common cold it can reduce the chance of getting cancer, heart disease and
even slows aging.

So let’s talk about how garlic can be bad for someone. If you’re a vampire than garlic can be
very bad for you and you might want to steer clear of it.
After you eat a bunch of this herb it is usually a good idea to take a breath mint because one of
the negative effects of this substance is that it makes someone’s breath stinky.

Another risk with garlic is because it increases blood flow it can make it easier for someone to
bleed. Say you’re about to go to surgery than it might not be a good idea to take a bunch of this
herb. If someone bleeds too much than this isn’t good because blood brings nutrients to organs
and it might make it easier for someone to get an infection.

Other side effects that can take place would be vomiting, diarrhea, a heat feeling in the mouth
or stomach, gas and possibly someone may experience an allergic reaction.

In a nutshell these side effect can take place with many common herbs and shouldn’t deter
people away from all the benefits of garlic. My advice would be that if you’re not used to taking
garlic just take a little bit and not go crazy at first and to talk to your physician as well.

Someone can take garlic through food or perhaps a supplement. I like a garlic supplement just
because it’s convenient and doesn’t stink up someone‘s breath.

It’s important to know that not all supplements are the same and some can even be dangerous.
In fact the FDA thinks it’s up to the companies to police themselves and many other
government agencies feel the same.

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Description: Garlic has some unwanted effects that might surprise you!