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Early Childhood Education -


									University of Central Oklahoma                                                                           Graduate Catalog, 2012 - 2013
Program:          Early Childhood Education
Major:            Early Childhood Education                                          College: Education and Professional Studies

Major Code:       3630                                               1. Paper or online application for admission (
Degree:           Master of Education (M.Ed.)                           graduate/admissions.html).
Department        Curriculum & Instruction
College           Education & Professional Studies
                                                                         from each institution attended with all degrees posted.
Program Coordinator/Advisor:        Dr. Kelly Baker                                                                            -
E-mail Address:                                dergraduate transcripts must show a minimum 2.75 GPA
                                                                         overall or 2.75
Phone Number:                       405-974-5135
                                                                     3. Students falling below this standard may qualify for con-
Graduate Admissions:                Carlie Wellington                   ditional admission. See Admission to Graduate Studies
E-Mail Address:                            section.

Phone Number:                       405-974-5105                     4. Students with a native language other than English must
                                                                        mission to Graduate Studies section - English Language
Early Childhood Education, M.Ed.
  The Early Childhood Education program is designed to
provide an advanced program of study focusing on the devel-
opmentally appropriate care and education of children from
birth through age eight within various early childhood and Graduation Requirements
elementary school settings.                                    Required Courses................................................ 30 Hours
  The student will be given the opportunity to demonstrate a Course Course Course Title
basic knowledge of educational research including: research             No.
procedures and methods; sources and formats utilized for PTE            5013     Foundations of Educational Research
presenting education research; critical review of research re- ECED     5042     Empowering Family, Communties &
ports; and the preparation and defense of a research proposal.                   Schools
  The Early Childhood Education program emphasizes the
                                                                       ECED                 Dev., Lrng, Fam. Involvement: Birth – 3

edge bases regarding: 1) development of children, 2) learning          ECED      5103       Dev., Lrng., Fam. Involvement: 4-8
theory, and 3) appropriate educational practices as well as the        ECED      5153       Dev. Assess. Issues in Early Childhood
opportunity to develop competence in working with parents              ECED      5223       Ed. Practices of Constructivist Teachers
of young children.
                                                                       ECED      5232
the study of the Constructivist Theory as it relates to cognitive      ECED      5433       Theoretical Perspect. of Lrng & Practice
and affective development and the implications for the care
                                                                       ECED      5512       Prof. and Advocacy in Early Childhood
and education of young children. The curriculum is designed
to provide an individualized program of study based on the             ECED      5883       . Teachers as Researchers
                                                                       ECED      5900       Practicum - 3 credit hours
  Other areas addressed will include: assessment issues
and techniques, multicultural aspects of child development, Approved Electives ............................................... 4 Hours
principles of play in child development, principles of guidance,
professionalism and advocacy.                                    TOTAL HOURS REQUIRED ...............................34 HOURS
                                                                     Other Requirements

the Oklahoma State Department of Education. Additional
                                                                         his/her graduate program advisor and the Jackson Col-
                                                                         lege of Graduate Studies by the
                                                                         of graduate work. The plan must be signed and dated by
have a background in Early Childhood Education.                          the student and the graduate program advisor before it

Admission Requirements
 Submit the following items to the Jackson College of

Edmond, OK 73034.

University of Central Oklahoma                                             Graduate Catalog, 2012 - 2013
Program:         Early Childhood Education continued
Major:           Early Childhood Education                 College: Education and Professional Studies

2. Academic Standards. Meet the following course work
    (a) overall GPA of 3.00 or higher.

3. Final Requirements. Apply for graduation through the
   JCGS by the advertised deadline.


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