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                   TITLE                    PLACE              DATES              REF

Anti-Union                               Dublin        1798-1799               MIC/53

Banner of Ulster                         Belfast       1842-1869               MIC/301

Belfast Citizen                          Belfast       1886-1887               MIC/601

Belfast Commercial Chronicle             Belfast       1813-1815               MIC/447
Belfast Mercury or Freeman’s Chronicle
                                         Belfast       1783-1786, 1787         MIC/401
(Later Belfast Evening Post)
Belfast Morning News (Later Morning
News; Morning News and Examiner;         Belfast       1857-1892               MIC/296
incorporated with Irish News, 1892)
Belfast Newsletter                       Belfast       1783 (6 issues)         MIC/53

Belfast Newsletter                       Belfast       1738-1750; 1752-1865    MIC/19
Downpatrick Recorder
                                         Downpatrick   1836-1900               MIC/505
(Later Down Recorder)
Downshire Protestant                     Downpatrick   1855-1862               MIC/72

Dublin Builder (Later Irish Builder)     Dublin        1859-1899               MIC/302
Enniskillen Chronicle and Erne Packet
(Later Fermanagh Mail and Enniskillen
                                         Enniskillen   1808-1826; 1831-1833    MIC/431
Chronicle; incorporated with the
Impartial reporter 1893)
Gordon’s Newry Chronicle and General
                                         Newry         1792-1793               MIC/56
Guardian and Constitutional Advocate     Belfast       1827-1836               MIC/294

Irish Felon                              Dublin        1848                    MIC/53

Irishman                                 Belfast       1819-1825               MIC/402

Larne Monthly Visitor                    Larne         1839-1863               MIC/130
Lisburn, Hillsborough and Dromore
                                         Lisburn       1851                    MIC/332/3
Advertiser and Farmers’ Guide
                                                       1772-1773; 1776-1796;
Londonderry Journal (Derry Journal)      Londonderry   1798-1827; 1828-1876;   MIC/60
Londonderry Sentinel                     Londonderry   1829-1919               MIC/278
Lurgan Chronicle and Northern
                                         Lurgan        1850-1851               MIC/332/2
Lurgan, Portadown and Banbridge
                                         Lurgan        1849-1850               MIC/332/1
Advertiser and Agricultural Gazette
Nation                                        Dublin            1842-1852;     MIC/399

Nation                                        Dublin            1854-1855      MIC/421

Newry Examiner                                Newry             1830-1837      MIC/270

Northern Herald                               Belfast           1833-1836      MIC/297

Northern Star                                 Belfast           1792           MIC/229

Northern Star                                 Belfast           1792-1797      MIC/403

Northern Whig                                 Belfast           1868           MIC/358

Public Register or Freeman’s Journal          Dublin            1763-1800      MIC/398

Strabane Morning Post                         Strabane          1823-1837      MIC/184

Tyrone Constitution                           Omagh             1848-1899      MIC/149

Ulster Bulletin                               Belfast           1922-1925      MIC/519

Ulster Observer                               Belfast           1862-1868      MIC/300

Ulster Times                                  Belfast           1836-1843      MIC/295

Ulsterman                                     Belfast           1852-1859      MIC/299

United Irishman                               Dublin            1848           MIC/400

Vindicator                                    Belfast           1839-1848      MIC/298

Misc Irish Newspapers                         Dublin            1685-1800      MIC/457

Misc Irish and British Newspapers             Various           1783-1848      MIC/53

Miscellaneous Irish and British newspapers in other collections include:
D/209 and D/255

Miscellaneous Irish newspapers in other collections include:

             D/702                       D/759                      D/1214
             D/1229                      D/1261                     D/1389
             D/1575                      D/1589                     D/1894
             D/2119                      D/2145                     D/2665
             D/2769                      D/3165                     D/3217

         For any other newspapers, please check ‘Newsplan’ for location and format.

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