NORTHWEST TERRITORIES

1st Session                  Day 9                  17th Assembly


              Thursday, December 15, 2011

                        Pages 217 - 240

              The Honourable Jackie Jacobson, Speaker
                       Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories
                                         Members of the Legislative Assembly

                                                    Hon. Jackie Jacobson


Hon. Glen Abernethy                              Mrs. Jane Groenewegen                           Mr. Kevin Menicoche
(Great Slave)                                    (Hay River South)                               (Nahendeh)
Minister of Justice
Minister of Human Resources                      Mr. Robert Hawkins                              Hon. J. Michael Miltenberger
Minister responsible for the
   Public Utilities Board                        (Yellowknife Centre)                            (Thebacha)
                                                                                                 Government House Leader
                                                 Hon. Jackson Lafferty                           Minister of Finance
Hon. Tom Beaulieu                                                                                Minister of Environment and Natural
(Tu Nedhe)                                       (Monfwi)                                           Resources
Minister of Health and Social Services           Deputy Premier                                  Minister responsible for the
Minister responsible for                         Minister of Education, Culture and                 NWT Power Corporation
   Persons with Disabilities                        Employment
Minister responsible for Seniors                 Minister of Public Works and Services
                                                 Minister responsible for the Workers’           Mr. Alfred Moses
                                                    Safety and Compensation                      (Inuvik Boot Lake)
Ms. Wendy Bisaro                                    Commission
(Frame Lake)                                                                                     Mr. Michael Nadli
                                                 Hon. Bob McLeod                                 (Deh Cho)
Mr. Frederick Blake                              (Yellowknife South)
(Mackenzie Delta)                                Premier                                         Hon. David Ramsay
                                                 Minister of Executive
                                                                                                 (Kam Lake)
Mr. Robert Bouchard                              Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and
                                                                                                 Minister of Industry, Tourism
                                                    Intergovernmental Relations
(Hay River North)                                                                                   and Investment
                                                 Minister responsible for the
                                                                                                 Minister of Transportation
                                                    Status of Women
Mr. Bob Bromley
(Weledeh)                                        Hon. Robert C. McLeod                           Mr. Norman Yakeleya
                                                 (Inuvik Twin Lakes)
Mr. Daryl Dolynny                                Minister of Municipal and
(Range Lake)                                        Community Affairs
                                                 Minister responsible for the
                                                    NWT Housing Corporation
                                                 Minister responsible for Youth


                                                Clerk of the Legislative Assembly
                                                          Mr. Tim Mercer

        Deputy Clerk                       Principal Clerk                    Principal Clerk,                 Law Clerks
                                           of Committees                        Operations
     Mr. Doug Schauerte                  Ms. Jennifer Knowlan                Ms. Sheila MacPherson
                                                                              Ms. Gail Bennett
                                                                               Ms. Malinda Kellett

                                                            Box 1320
                                                Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
                               Tel: (867) 669-2200 Fax: (867) 920-4735 Toll-Free: 1-800-661-0784

             Published under the authority of the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories
                                                                   TABLE OF CONTENTS

PRAYER ............................................................................................................................................................. 217

MINISTERS' STATEMENTS .............................................................................................................................. 217

      24-17(1) – Mackenzie Gas Project (B. McLeod) .......................................................................................... 217

      25-17(1) – Office of the Children’s Lawyer (Abernethy) ............................................................................... 218

      26-17(1) – My Voice, My Choice (Beaulieu) ................................................................................................ 218

      27-17(1) – Distracted Driving (Ramsay)....................................................................................................... 219

MEMBERS' STATEMENTS ............................................................................................................................... 219

      Reflections on the First Session of the 17th Legislative Assembly (Blake) ................................................... 219
      Reflections on the First Session of the 17 Legislative Assembly (Bouchard)............................................. 220

      Christmas Verse – Twas the Night before Christmas in the Northwest Territories (Yakeleya) .................... 220

      State of the Economy in the Northwest Territories (Bromley) ...................................................................... 221

      My Voice, My Voice Youth Anti-Drug Campaign (Moses) ............................................................................ 221

      Prospectors Grubstake Program (Hawkins)................................................................................................. 222

      Expanding Telecommunications Services in the Northwest Territories (Nadli) ............................................ 222

      Sport and Recreation Council (Bisaro)......................................................................................................... 223

      Congratulations to 2011 Northern Entrepreneur of the Year,
      Mr. Jeffrey Philipp of SSI Group of Companies (Dolynny) ........................................................................... 223

      Condolences to the Family and Friends of the Late Mrs. Bertha McBryan (Groenewegen) ........................ 224

      Recognition of Thebacha Pages and Seasons Greetings (Miltenberger) .................................................... 225

      Recognition of Yellowknife South Pages and Seasons Greetings (B. McLeod)........................................... 225

RECOGNITION OF VISITORS IN THE GALLERY ............................................................................................ 225

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS................................................................................................................................... 226

ORAL QUESTIONS .................................................................................................................................... 226, 235

TABLING OF DOCUMENTS .............................................................................................................................. 236

FIRST READING OF BILLS ............................................................................................................................... 237

      Bill 1 – Appropriation Act (Infrastructure Expenditures), 2012-2013 ............................................................ 237

SECOND READING OF BILLS .......................................................................................................................... 237

      Bill 1 – Appropriation Act (Infrastructure Expenditures), 2012-2013 ............................................................ 237

THIRD READING OF BILLS .............................................................................................................................. 237

      Bill 1 – Appropriation Act (Infrastructure Expenditures), 2012-2013 ............................................................ 237

PROROGATION ................................................................................................................................................. 238
December 15, 2011                   NORTHWEST TERRITORIES HANSARD                                      Page 217

                                 YELLOWKNIFE, NORTHWEST TERRITORIES

                                          Thursday, December 15, 2011

Members Present

Hon. Glen Abernethy, Hon. Tom Beaulieu, Ms. Bisaro, Mr. Blake, Mr. Bouchard, Mr. Bromley, Mr. Dolynny, Mrs.
Groenewegen, Mr. Hawkins, Hon. Jackie Jacobson, Hon. Jackson Lafferty, Hon. Bob McLeod, Hon. Robert
McLeod, Mr. Menicoche, Hon. Michael Miltenberger, Mr. Moses, Mr. Nadli, Hon. David Ramsay, Mr. Yakeleya

    The House met at 1:31 p.m.
                                                           and other resource development projects in the
                                                           Northwest Territories.
                                                           The benefits of the Mackenzie Gas Project will not
---Prayer                                                  only be economic. The Mackenzie Gas Project will
                                                           also offer the opportunity for some communities in
SPEAKER (Hon. Jackie Jacobson):                Good        the Northwest Territories to convert to natural gas
afternoon, colleagues. Before we get started I’d like      for heating and power generation. Usage of natural
to    welcome     Mr.   Tony    Whitford,    former        gas means displacement of dirtier coal- and diesel-
Commissioner, Speaker, Minister, Sergeant-at-              powered electricity generation. Converting to
Arms, and Honourary Table Clerk here in the                natural gas in the Northwest Territories will be more
House. Welcome back, Tony.                                 economical. Perhaps more important, we anticipate
Item 2, Ministers’ statements. The honourable              that conversion to natural gas will mean a
Premier, Mr. McLeod.                                       significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.
                                                           The Mackenzie Gas Project is ready to go. The
             Ministers’ Statements                         major regulatory and environmental assessment
                                                           reviews have been completed. The Government of
       MINISTER’S STATEMENT 24-17(1):                      Canada also approved the project in March 2011,
          MACKENZIE GAS PROJECT                            and as a result, the National Energy Board issued a
                                                           Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity.
HON. BOB MCLEOD: Mr. Speaker, Members of
this Assembly set out a vision of strong individuals,      The project proponents – Imperial Oil, the
families and communities sharing the benefits and          Aboriginal Pipeline Group, ConocoPhillips, Shell
responsibilities of a unified, environmentally             Canada and ExxonMobil Canada – have the
sustainable and prosperous Northwest Territories.          necessary authorization to start construction of the
Strengthening and diversifying our economy is one          pipeline. They have until December 2013 to provide
of the ways we can help to realize that vision, and        updated cost estimates and a decision to proceed
Members noted the need for strategic infrastructure        with the Mackenzie Gas Project. The next step is
investments and for support in the Mackenzie Gas           for the federal government and the project
Pipeline as part of this.                                  proponents to negotiate a fiscal package. The
                                                           Government of the Northwest Territories will
The Government of the Northwest Territories has            continue to urge the federal government to come up
long supported the Mackenzie Gas Project. In 2004          with a fiscal package to support the Mackenzie Gas
Members of the 15th Legislative Assembly passed a          Project. We have confirmed that discussions on a
motion in support of the project and our support           fiscal framework are underway between project
continues to this day. It is our position that a well-     leader, Imperial Oil, and the Canadian government.
managed project can create substantial benefits for
the people of the Northwest Territories while              The Aboriginal Pipeline Group is a business
ensuring any potential impacts are mitigated.              created and owned by Aboriginal groups in the
                                                           Northwest Territories and has secured a right to
The pipeline will create unprecedented economic            own one-third of the Mackenzie Valley Natural Gas
activity during the construction and operation             Pipeline. This is the first time that Aboriginal groups
phases, lead to an immediate doubling of the               in Canada will participate as an owner in a major
Northwest Territories gross domestic product for up        multi-billion dollar project. By being part of the
to 25 years, and provide over 208,000 person years         Mackenzie Gas Project the Aboriginal Pipeline
of employment. In addition, this will be a basin-          Group is making history. The path blazed by the
opening project that would provide a $100 billion          Aboriginal Pipeline Group has set the bar for a new
increase in Canada’s gross domestic product. With          model of Aboriginal participation in the economy
the implementation of a final Devolution Agreement,        through its shared ownership in the Mackenzie
the Government of the Northwest Territories will           Valley Pipeline. The project is expected to pay out
secure a share of the resource royalties from this         millions of dollars in dividends to the Aboriginal
Page 218                             NORTHWEST TERRITORIES HANSARD                         December 15, 2011

Pipeline Group and Aboriginal owners in the               In the new fiscal year we will be evaluating the
Northwest Territories over the lifetime of the project.   possibility of providing professional assessments
We waited for six years for the Mackenzie Gas             for children and families to assist the courts in
Project to work its way through the environmental         making decisions about the best interests of
and regulatory review process and it has now been         children.
approved by the federal government. In those six          The children’s lawyer will be travelling to the NWT
years there were investments made by this                 communities to meet with children, attend court and
government, business owners and individuals to            make communities aware of these new services.
prepare for the pipeline. I believe those investments     We are pleased with the progress of this office and
will see a significant return.                            support taking concrete steps to ensure the
We are closer now than we have ever been to               children’s best interest will be properly represented.
finalizing this basin-opening project. In its recent      Thank you, Mr. Speaker.
report on Canada’s Energy Future, the National            MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. Abernethy. The
Energy Board stated that by 2020 the price of             honourable Minister of Health and Social Services,
natural gas will be high enough to make the project       Mr. Beaulieu.
economically feasible. With the cooperation of the
proponents and the federal government, we expect
                                                                 MINISTER’S STATEMENT 26-17(1):
to see construction of the pipeline start in 2015. The
                                                                      MY VOICE, MY CHOICE
Government of the Northwest Territories will
continue to support the Mackenzie Gas Project and         HON. TOM BEAULIEU: Mahsi cho, Mr. Speaker.
looks forward to the benefits that will accrue to our     In setting the priorities for this new government, we
residents from its development. Thank you, Mr.            have placed an emphasis on education and
Speaker.                                                  prevention, and on mental health and addictions. I
                                                          am pleased to report that we are already moving
MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. McLeod. The
                                                          forward with a new campaign in this area.
honourable Minister of Justice, Mr. Abernethy.
                                                          This morning we launched the My Voice, My
      MINISTER’S STATEMENT 25-17(1):                      Choice campaign to help young people and those
     OFFICE OF THE CHILDREN’S LAWYER                      who support them to speak up about addictions in
                                                          the Northwest Territories. We all know addictions
HON. GLEN ABERNETHY:              Thank you, Mr.          are a destructive force in our territory that reaches
Speaker. I wish to update Members about the new           beyond the individuals who are struggling with this
office within the Department of Justice: the office of    problem. We see the effects in our communities, in
the children’s lawyer.                                    increased strain on our health and social services
Under the UN Convention on the Rights of a Child,         and justice systems, and through lost opportunities
which Canada ratified in 1991, children have the          at work and at home. The legacy of addiction is not
right to be heard in proceedings affecting them.          something that we want to leave with our future
Canada has a legal obligation to ensure the               generations.
provisions of the convention are met, yet very few        This campaign is about empowering young people
jurisdictions in Canada have a system to offer            to speak up about how addictions in their homes
independent counsel to children in legal                  and their communities affect them. It is about
proceedings affecting them to ensure that their           providing them with healthy choices and information
voices are heard.                                         about where to go for help. It is also about
In October of this year the Department of Justice         messages of hope and working to inspire each
opened the first office of the children’s lawyer,         other so we can stop the cycle of addiction.
working under the public trustee. The office delivers     The My Voice, My Choice campaign is a part of the
quality legal services for children in child protection   Healthy Choices framework and our government’s
proceedings, custody and access disputes. These           Choose brand, and builds on the community-based
legal services will provide support to children in        Not Us! campaign. Where Not Us! funds
emotionally stressful and intimidating settings.          community-led projects, this new campaign
The office of the children’s lawyer is establishing a     facilitates discussion and messages at a personal
roster of family lawyers who will represent children.     level.
The office is coordinating training for these lawyers     This project was developed through research about
to ensure children are receiving the specialized          how to prevent addictions in youth, and reflects
quality representation that they deserve. Last            current best practices. Part of our launch
month the office received its first clients, and by       celebration was the release of a number of strong
month’s end 10 children were being represented in         videos that are already being created through
situations ranging from custody disputes to               workshops in Deline and Fort Simpson. At the
permanent custody applications by the director of         launch we were joined by some of the youth who
child and family services.                                have bravely offered their perspective, as well as
December 15, 2011                   NORTHWEST TERRITORIES HANSARD                                   Page 219

Godson, who has taken on an existing role to             program has been in place, and we have seen a
spread the My Voice, My Choice message.                  consistent decrease in the number of collisions,
As leaders in our communities we have an                 injuries and fatalities on our roads. Mr. Speaker, I
important role to play in speaking up about              hope this trend continues.
addictions and promoting healthier choices. I thank      As we approach the holiday season, I encourage
the youth that added their voices to My Voice, My        each of you – my colleagues, as well as our
Choice. Their messages are important for all NWT         residents and visitors – to have a safe holiday.
residents to hear. Thank you, Mr. Speaker.               When you are driving, put your cell phone and other
MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. Beaulieu. The                electronic devices away. Drive at a safe speed,
honourable Minister of Transportation, Mr. Ramsay        drive alert, drive sober, use your seatbelt and be
                                                         prepared for the unexpected. Let’s drive alive, Mr.
                                                         Speaker. Thank you.
       MINISTER’S STATEMENT 27-17(1):
            DISTRACTED DRIVING                           MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. Ramsay. Item 3,
                                                         Members’ statements. The honourable Member for
HON. DAVID RAMSAY: Thank you, Mr. Speaker.
                                                         Mackenzie Delta, Mr. Blake.
As 2011, the Year of Road Safety, comes to a
close, I would like to highlight our continuing
success in improving road safety in the Northwest                     Members’ Statements
Territories. We have made improvements in our
laws and regulations that should help reduce                     MEMBER’S STATEMENT ON
distracted driving, a key factor in preventable              REFLECTIONS ON THE FIRST SESSION
vehicle collisions.                                          OF THE 17TH LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY
Beginning January 1st, the use of hand-held              MR. BLAKE: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Today I
electronic devices while driving will be banned in       would like to thank the Members, Ministers and
the Northwest Territories. Drivers will face fines and   you, Mr. Speaker, for time spent on important
demerit points if they use hand-held electronic          issues. Sitting in session so close to the holidays
devices such as cell phones, music players and           enables us to focus on 2012 and to better serve the
Global Positioning System devices while driving.         people of the Northwest Territories.
Many drivers tend to view operating a vehicle,           We have so much business to tend to. We as a
especially in a familiar environment, as a simple        government need to humble ourselves when we are
everyday task requiring minimal attention. In fact,      faced with challenges. We need to stay positive and
driving is complex and requires full attention at all    work directly with and for a stronger territory. As we
times. When behind the wheel, you are operating a        break for the holiday season and go back to our
heavy piece of machinery at high speed. At the           ridings, keep in mind the day-to-day business we
same time you are navigating changing terrain,           still have to resolve when we come back in the new
checking your speed, glancing at road signs,             year.
watching for obstacles ahead and responding to           All of our ideas, suggestions and comments will
other drivers.                                           come together and we will agree on important
If you take two or three seconds to read a text          issues we are dealt with. I want to remind the
message, dial a cell phone or find your favourite        Members that many of our traditional communities
music, you are basically driving blind for the period    in the past were people who would gather in the
your eyes are not on the road. A one-second              nearest village, and feast and dance to celebrate
distraction at 45 kilometres per hour leaves you         the holidays. Children would receive clothing as
driving blind for 12 meters, about the length of an      gifts and treasured memories were shared.
intersection where pedestrians could be crossing.        Today I would like to acknowledge the people of
We know that young people are most vulnerable to         Fort McPherson. They continue the tradition. The
making errors that lead to collisions. I would like to   chief and his wife on New Year’s morning will
applaud Top of the World Travel and Students             gather as many people as they can and welcome
Against Drunk Driving for partnering with the Drive      the New Year by walking door to door and shaking
Alive Program. They are encouraging young drivers        hands and best wishes for 2012.
in Northwest Territories high schools to pledge to       I want to wish my colleagues a safe and happy
leave the phone and other hand-held electronic           holiday season. To spend time with families is so
devices alone while driving. The young people who        precious. Take time to visit the elders, say hello to
take this pledge are to be commended for taking a        everyone and keep in mind the less fortunate. I
positive step that will reduce their own risk of         pray that everyone in the territory will have a joyful
collision, injury and death.                             and spiritual Christmas. All the best for 2012. Thank
The Drive Alive Program is a made-in-the-NWT             you, Mr. Speaker.
education and public awareness program that
promotes road safety. This is the third full year this
Page 220                            NORTHWEST TERRITORIES HANSARD                        December 15, 2011

MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. Blake. The                       Not a Member was stirring, not even a mouse.
Member for Hay River North, Mr. Bouchard.                    The coffers were built in warehouses with care,
                                                             In hopes the Finance Minister soon would be
         MEMBER’S STATEMENT ON                               there.
    REFLECTIONS ON THE FIRST SESSION                         The Members were comfy, all snug in their
     OF THE 17 LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY                          chairs,
MR. BOUCHARD: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. My                     While visions of schoolhouses danced in their
Member’s statement today is meant to provide an              heads.
update, as a new Member, on what has happened                And I in my moose hide, and Jane in her wrap,
in the last few days and few months in this                  Had just steadied our brains, for a whole new
Assembly.                                                    load…
I’d like to thank all my colleagues in the Legislative   Oh, and just a moment, Mr. Speaker. That’s a
Assembly for the first couple of months. It has been     whole new load of promises, Mr. Speaker.
an exciting experience so far. I look forward to the     ---Laughter
New Year and the rest of our term.
                                                         I’ll go on.
As all of us came here as 19 Members, we came to
the 17th Assembly as community leaders. Now we               While outside the Assembly there arose such a
have become Speaker, Premier, Cabinet Ministers,             clatter,
chairpersons,     assistant   chairpersons  and              I sprang from my seat to see what was the
committee members. With all these roles we have              matter.
begun to work for the people of the Northwest                Away to the foyer I flew like a flash,
Territories.                                                 Not even a pause for a snack or some mash.

I look forward to continuing to work for the people of       Then what to my wandering eyes should
Hay River as one of their MLAs. I have begun to              construe
work on many of the issues that have come forward            But a tiny little sled, and eight frisky caribou.
from the election. In the New Year I will work on            They’d escaped from their herd, so lively and
issues for Hay River: the need for permanent                 quick,
doctors, the improvement of the economy for Hay              Enlisted by Milty for a capital flick.
River, look to get dredging of the Hay River. To             The crafty old driver was a man in his prime,
improve and to continue Hay River as a major                 I knew then it was Bob, turning on a dime.
shipping area in the North, dredging will also help          More rapid than bison his Ministers they came,
the safety of the Hay River during the spring break-         And he whistled and shouted, and called them
up and will also help access to the local fishing            by name.
industry.                                                    Now Robert! Now Glen! Now Jackson and Milty!
In the coming years I want to continue to work with          On Tom! On Dave! And don’t look so guilty!
my community and such groups as the town                 ---Laughter
council, chamber, DEA, community groups and all
residents of Hay River.                                      Pass Committee Room A! And the Caucus
                                                             Room too!
I would like to commend the Speaker, Mr. Premier,            Now dash away! Dash away! Don’t leave ‘em a
the Cabinet Ministers and all Members for taking on          sou!
a great start to the 17th Assembly.
                                                             The Members were reeling, their jaws had gone
As the Christmas season is now here, we need to              slack,
be thankful for what we have. I want to wish all the         The outrageous slight was a downright attack.
people in the Northwest Territories a happy holiday          What about Colville, and toilets that flush?
and I hope to have a great year. Thank you.                  And more cops, and houses – Clearly, no rush!
MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. Bouchard. The                    The potholes still deep on old Highway 7,
Member for the Sahtu, Mr. Yakeleya.                          And the dollars were building a bridge close to
          MEMBER’S STATEMENT ON                              The chipseal still crumbling, the fracking went
    CHRISTMAS VERSE – TWAS THE NIGHT                         on,
            BEFORE CHRISTMAS                                 And Members were rumbling, “This is just not
      IN THE NORTHWEST TERRITORIES                           on!”
MR. YAKELEYA: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I’m                    But Bob was so wily, and his Ministers too,
going to do my best with a verse here that we                They had a few goodies, and a little good news.
worked out this morning.                                     Here, a health centre, there, bits of gravel,
   Twas the night before Christmas, and all                  A highway to Tuk for year-round travel.
   through this House
December 15, 2011                   NORTHWEST TERRITORIES HANSARD                                 Page 221

   And then, in a twinkling, I heard on the roof,        On       Tuesday    the    federal     Environment
   Guffawing and laughing, “Oh! What a spoof!”           Commissioner warned that Environment Canada is
   As I drew in my head, and was turning around,         short dollars to meet its responsibilities and the
   Out of the chimney our Premier did bound.             same is obviously true of AANDC. Board
   He spoke not a word, but went straight to his         appointments languish unfilled and land use plans
   work,                                                 critical to planned development and regulatory
   And filled our coffers, then turned with a jerk.      certainty are chronically uncompleted. Endless
                                                         McCrank, Pollard and other reports simply duplicate
   He sprang to his sled, to his team gave a             the environmental audits yet yield no action on
   whistle,                                              basic necessities. Despite that, we see Gahcho
   And away they all flew, like the down on a            Kue, Prairie Creek, Avalon, Tyhee, Nico,
   thistle.                                              Tamerlane and other developments in the wings.
   But I heard him exclaim, as he dashed out of          The highest average income, lower unemployment
   sight,                                                rates, the highest GDP growth, new mines lining
   “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.”    up… How economically deprived are we?
 Mahsi, Mr. Speaker and colleagues, for your             I seek unanimous      consent   to   conclude   my
patience with my humble verse.                           statement.
---Applause                                              ---Unanimous consent granted
MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. Yakeleya. The                MR. BROMLEY:         What are in fact our real
honourable Member for Weledeh, Mr. Bromley.              economic challenges? Employment remains
                                                         disproportionately higher in major centres.
          MEMBER’S STATEMENT ON                          Diversification of small community economies
        STATE OF THE ECONOMY IN THE                      remains stalled. We accept unreasonable
          NORTHWEST TERRITORIES                          environmental costs for ever more of the almighty
MR. BROMLEY: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I’m not             dollars. We underappreciate our domestic
even going to try to match that. I’d like to follow up   economy.
on recent statements regarding the state of the          However, opportunities abound for development of
mineral industry and our economy. A message of           our forests, fisheries, agriculture, arts and
hope, I think fitting with the season.                   renewable energy resources that will lower
Recent numbers and figures are used to compare           operating and living costs. They await our focus.
NWT mineral activity to our sister territories, often    There is work to be done, but a roaring economy is
painting a dim picture of prosperity. All troubles are   not a healthy economy. Merry Christmas to all.
laid at the feet of a supposedly dysfunctional
                                                         MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. Bromley. The
regulatory regime. I offer a different viewpoint.
                                                         honourable Member for Inuvik Boot Lake, Mr.
First, our economy is booming and growing. NWT           Moses.
rates of GDP growth in the past decade have
consistently been among the highest in Canada.                    MEMBER’S STATEMENT ON
The Conference Board of Canada predicts a                           MY VOICE, MY CHOICE
sizzling 51 percent growth from 2010-2020                        YOUTH ANTI-DRUG CAMPAIGN
compared to 32 percent and 23 percent in Yukon
and Nunavut.                                             MR. MOSES: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. We were
                                                         fortunate enough and very privileged enough to see
In 1999 we exported about $700 million in goods to       the launch of a new campaign, a unique campaign
other countries; in 2009 about $2.4 billion. Between     to combat the alcohol and drug problems that we
2001 and 2009, with a stable population, the             have in our communities. The My Voice, My Choice
number of employed grew by 700. Territorial GDP          campaign that was launched today in the Great Hall
is twice that of Yukon and three times that of           was something that was very interesting, and I was
Nunavut. Our economy, our ability to train capable       really happy to see that launch and be part of
workers, our ability to provide housing,                 something in the whole scope of things that the
infrastructure and social services all are tasked to     departments and government have been working
the max.                                                 on for years, and that’s in the area of prevention
What about the regulatory regime? Critics                and working to educate our youth and our
repeatedly point to cumbersome processes,                community members on making healthy choices.
uncertainty and delays, all scaring away                 One of my programs, when I first got into the
development. In reality, we have a regulatory            workforce, I was asked to do a keynote address to
regime designed for residents to control the pace        a bunch of youth. I was only about 23 at the time.
and scale of development but unable to meet              My keynote address was on the power of choice. I
demands due to inconsistent underfunding.                was speaking to about 300 youth and I told them
                                                         the best choices that they can make are their own.
Page 222                           NORTHWEST TERRITORIES HANSARD                       December 15, 2011

Everybody has a very unique power and that power       as recently as 1991 when Charles Fipke and
is the power of choice. Don’t ever let anybody make    Stewart Blusson discovered diamonds in Lac de
those choices for you. Stand up and make your          Gras which has forever changed the North and the
own decisions and make sure that they’re positive,     course that we’ve been travelling in the mineral
healthy choices. Today in the Great Hall I was         history before us.
really fortunate and very happy to see that the        Prospectors make a significant contribution to the
youth across the NWT stood up and are making the       Northwest Territories, and with that said, they also
choices on their own merits.                           make a contribution to the world. They create jobs
Earlier this week I made a Member’s statement          and help stimulate our local economy, but it also
reassuring the youth that the government has not       reminds us how the Northwest Territories is an
given up on them. Today the youth reassured me         element and key player in the world economy.
that they’re working in the best interest for          Today’s economy has been built on mining and we
themselves and the future of the Northwest             can’t forget that at any chance we can, to pause
Territories and becoming leaders of tomorrow           and recognize that. At one time northern maps
today. That’s one of the statements that one of        were dotted everywhere with little stakes and
them said, was we have to start today and not          claims. That’s starting to fall by the wayside and
tomorrow. Very strong words coming from youth          many people have called for the re-establishment of
and something that this government should follow       the Prospectors Grubstake Program. I think this is
in the next four years so that we can move forward     something in one small way that the Department of
for the people of the Northwest Territories.           ITI can get behind and help stimulate the economy.
At this time I would like to thank and commend all     As we know, these are small businesspeople who
the departments that had something to do with this,    are out there making a difference and certainly
all the hardworking staff that you guys oversee and    helping keep people employed.
support, and all the hard work that they have been     The program was cancelled in 2008-2009 and at
doing over the last few years to make sure the         the time of its cancellation it was worth about
government runs very smoothly and works for the        $50,000. It may seem small, but it made a great
best interest of the people of the Northwest           difference to those folks prospecting. At the same
Territories; more importantly, the hardworking staff   time there were contributions to the NWT
and volunteers and community members that              Geoscience Office that helped administer the
implement these programs. Just as importantly, the     program and training. At one time they even trained
youth for embracing these programs and moving          up to 30 courses within a year to ensure that people
forward with it.                                       were out there learning how to get out and
Speaking of youth, I’d like to commend all the hard    prospect.
work of our Pages from Inuvik Boot Lake: Vanessa       In closing, the diamond rush may not be a thing of
Lennie and Karly King Simpson.                         the past yet. A gold rush is certainly something that
I, too, would like to wish the people of the           we have seen gone by. There are many yet untold
Northwest Territories a safe and very happy and        stories before us and I think that ITI needs to start
merry Christmas.                                       playing a significant role here to help our depressed
MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. Moses. The                 economy when it comes to mineral exploration.
honourable Member for Yellowknife Centre, Mr.          Later today I will have questions for the Minister of
Hawkins.                                               ITI regarding the Prospectors Grubstake Program
                                                       and let’s see if we can bring it back to support our
       MEMBER’S STATEMENT ON                           mining industry.
   PROSPECTORS GRUBSTAKE PROGRAM                       MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. Hawkins. The
MR. HAWKINS: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Today             honourable Member for Deh Cho, Mr. Nadli.
I’d like to use my Member’s statement to talk about
the Prospectors Grubstake Program. Decades ago,                MEMBER’S STATEMENT ON
as many of us will know, there were hundreds of             EXPANDING TELECOMMUNICATIONS
little-known prospectors wandering through the                     SERVICES IN THE
Northwest Territories looking for that special find.           NORTHWEST TERRITORIES
Some of those prospectors used every single            MR. NADLI: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. An important
resource that they could scrounge together and find    decision has been made about phone services in
their special stake that would strike them rich.       the Northwest Territories. The Canadian Radio and
In the ‘30s we remember Gilbert Labine and C.E.        Telecommunications Commission has decided to
St. Paul who discovered uranium in the Great Bear      allow local competition. I hope this will result in
Lake area, as well as in 1934 many of us have          better and more services in our smaller
heard of the name of Johnny Baker and Herb Dixon       communities.
who discovered gold in the Yellowknife area. Even
December 15, 2011                     NORTHWEST TERRITORIES HANSARD                                  Page 223

For example, Fort Providence is in a pivotal location      governance;       governance,    and     roles  and
on our highway system but we have no cell phone            responsibilities related to the Sport and Recreation
service. Apparently it would not make a huge               Council members as mandated by the Department
investment. A couple of years ago there was an             of MACA. As I heard those words I had to wonder if
estimate that it would cost $6 million to erect cell       the member organizations have had input into their
towers in all 25 communities lacking cell phone            mandates and roles.
service.                                                   If the department is setting direction, setting
Expanding cell phone service is not just a business        expectations, outlining goals and objectives to
opportunity, it is a crucial piece of infrastructure for   Sport and Recreation Council members on behalf
other businesses and our economy in general. In            of or for the SRC, I have to wonder why we even
most of Canada cell service is considered a                need the Sport and Recreation Council. Is it a
necessity. At the very least it is a key convenience       pseudo-government body? A mouthpiece for the
and a safety feature.                                      government or department, or a stand-alone
Those of us who live in small communities don’t            authority in its own right?
want the future to pass us by. It is high time that        I have no fault with the Assembly’s goals related to
companies serving our communities invest in the            health and physical activity. I believe, as the
future. Let’s step beyond projects with fast three-        government does, that they will improve the well-
year paybacks. This attitude is holding up our             being of NWT residents. I do wonder if the
growth.                                                    government and the Minister of MACA are giving
It may be that big companies don’t think much              the proper due to the five member organizations of
about opportunities in our smaller communities, but        the Sport and Recreation Council. Is he asking for
I hope that this government will help change that          and welcoming their input? Is he working with them
and offer some assistance when it is the right thing       as opposed to talking at them? I’m not so sure the
to do. Competition in the northern telephone               answers to those questions are yes.
business is a step in the right direction.                 I will have some questions for the Minister of MACA
MR. SPEAKER:       Thank you, Mr. Nadli. The               at the appropriate time.
honourable Member for Frame Lake, Ms. Bisaro.              I, too, would like to wish you, Mr. Speaker, and all
                                                           Members and all staff a very merry Christmas and a
         MEMBER’S STATEMENT ON                             happy New Year.
      SPORT AND RECREATION COUNCIL                         MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Ms. Bisaro. The
MS. BISARO: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I would                honourable Member for Range Lake, Mr. Dolynny.
like to provide some comments to a Minister’s
statement made on Monday by the Minister of                        MEMBER’S STATEMENT ON
Municipal and Community Affairs. Members                      CONGRATULATIONS TO 2011 NORTHERN
probably know that I’m interested in sport – sport in            ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR,
general, sport in the North. I was a founding                       MR. JEFFREY PHILIPP OF
member of Sport North many years ago and I have                   SSI GROUP OF COMPANIES
followed the ups and downs of the administration of        MR. DOLYNNY: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I would
sport in the NWT. I was intrigued and somewhat             like to take a moment to signal and celebrate the
concerned by some of the comments in the                   accomplishments of one of my Range Lake
Minister’s statement on Monday.                            constituents and whose business is also located in
The Sport and Recreation Council of which he               the riding. I’m referring to none other than Mr.
spoke was established in 2005 as an umbrella               Jeffrey Philipp, founder and CEO of SSI Group of
organization for NWT bodies providing sport and            Companies.
recreation to NWT residents. As indicated by the           Some of you have already seen the December
Minister in his statement, there were “some                issue of Up Here magazine. The cover and main
challenges with the process” – I believe those were        story featured Jeff, who, as the North’s rebel tech
his words – the last few years have not been               geek, has been named the 2011 Entrepreneur of
smooth sailing. The Minister’s statement indicated         the Year. This is an accomplishment that is well
that he recently met with the Sport and Recreation         deserved and that I believe deserves recognition by
Council executive. I have to wonder if the SRC             the Legislative Assembly here today.
executive and the board are adequately
representing the views of the five member                  SSI’s origins are in Jeff’s hometown of Fort
organizations that make up the NWT Sport and               Providence, where he spent most of his life, where
Recreation Council.                                        in 1965 his parents opened the Snowshoe Inn. For
                                                           some 25 years now, Jeff and his wife, Stefanie,
The Minister also indicated an upcoming meeting            have been the second-generation owners of
early in 2012 at which he, the Department of MACA          Snowshoe, which has continued to grow and
and the SRC member organizations will discuss              branched into various operations, along the way
Page 224                            NORTHWEST TERRITORIES HANSARD                        December 15, 2011

generating new investment, creating jobs and            At this time, I would like to say seasons greetings
delivering opportunities for the considerable           and healthy holidays to all the residents of Range
number of Northerners.                                  Lake and to all residents throughout the Northwest
SSI was founded in 1990, providing computer             Territories. Mahsi.
software and training for Fort Providence. Five         MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. Dolynny. The
years later they became an Internet service             honourable Member for Hay River South, Mrs.
provider, and in the following decade deployed          Groenewegen.
voice data and Internet systems in Canada but also
in Africa, South Pacific and South Asia, including              MEMBER’S STATEMENT ON
Indonesia, immediately after the 2004 tsunami.          CONDOLENCES TO THE FAMILY AND FRIENDS
Then things started to become really interesting.          OF THE LATE MRS. BERTHA MCBRYAN
In 2004 SSI became the first company to build its       MRS. GROENEWEGEN: Thank you, Mr. Speaker.
own network to compete with NorthwesTel when            Today I would like to share a few reflections of a
they launched a high-speed wireless service in          Hay River elder and matriarch who passed away
Yellowknife. From 2005 the build-out continued with     this week.
QINIQ and Airware networks that now provide
                                                        Bertha McBryan was very much a part of the fabric
affordable broadband across Nunavut and the
                                                        of Hay River. She was predeceased by her
Northwest Territories. These networks have
                                                        husband, Red, less than six months ago. I’m told
improved the lives of residents by providing access
                                                        that Red first laid eyes on Bertha when she was a
to services that did not exist before, including on-
                                                        young operator of a water taxi here in Yellowknife.
line banking, education and health services via
                                                        Eight children and a lifetime later, the mark that she
broadband. Some $30 million of investment later,
                                                        left on Hay River, the North and her family is truly
SSI has deployed in even the smallest of northern
settlements. The goal is commendable; and that is
to give all Northerners equal access to quality         Bertha was a survivor. It had been about 25 years
communication services regardless of where they         ago that her heart was failing and a “do not
live.                                                   resuscitate” order had been placed on her medical
                                                        chart at the end of her bed in the Hay River
Despite certain CRTC restrictions early this year,
                                                        Hospital. In spite of her struggles with diabetes and
SSI launched the QINIQ “ChatBox” service to all
                                                        having had both legs amputated, instead of slowing
satellite service communities in Nunavut. With this,
                                                        down it seemed that she became more active.
consumers have an inexpensive alternative for long
                                                        There was not a community event, tradeshow, craft
distance calling and for placing calls to and from
                                                        fair, Mother’s Day tea, Christmas bazaar, seniors’
each other. SSI is also putting the finishing touches
                                                        event or a Saturday at the fisherman’s wharf that
on Northern Space Link, a space teleport in Ottawa
                                                        she did not attend. She kept her driver, Dave
that delivers quality and robust communication
                                                        Jourdenais, very busy with the handivan.
services to the North and provides a valuable
source of diversity. What is perhaps a lesson for us    She was outspoken, opinionated and followed
in the NWT is knowing a key beneficiary of SSI’s        politics very closely. Everyone assumed that Red
latest investments…                                     was the only politician in the family, but Bertha
                                                        followed the goings-on of the community and the
Mr. Speaker, I seek, at this time, unanimous
                                                        territory even at the age of 87, and not much got
consent to conclude my statement.
                                                        past her. She would regularly critique the
---Unanimous consent granted                            performance of MLAs in this House. Although she
MR. DOLYNNY: …is a new network built for                was a constituent of Hay River North, I had the
communications of the Government of Nunavut that        benefit of her feedback for many years. My new
is providing increased efficiency while at the same     colleague of Hay River North assures me that he
time showing significant cost savings over older        was the recipient of Bertha’s feedback as a kid
legacy systems.                                         growing up in the same crescent as the McBryans,
                                                        but of course, I can’t imagine Mr. Bouchard was
Going forward, SSI already has a new investment         anything but a little angel.
worth tens of millions of dollars underway, working
on the principle that benefits of innovation and        After Red passed, of course she missed him, but
competition should not be denied in the North, and      she told me that she really missed the evenings at
where these investments will allow improvement to       the kitchen table talking over the events and issues
current services and introduce innovative new           of the day. She was never shy or held back her
technologies to the North.                              opinion. Red fondly called her Bert – the only one
                                                        that I ever heard call her Bert – and they supported
Members of the Assembly, thank you, and please          each other through the trials and triumphs of life
join me in congratulating Mr. Philipp, the North’s      and their medical challenges that come with age.
Entrepreneur of the Year.                               She always answered the phone and just when you
December 15, 2011                   NORTHWEST TERRITORIES HANSARD                                  Page 225

were expecting the usual exchange of pleasant                     MEMBER’S STATEMENT ON
greetings, “Bertha, how are you doing?” I would be                    RECOGNITION OF
caught off guard with, “No change,” which I always               YELLOWKNIFE SOUTH PAGES
took as a good thing.                                             AND SEASONS GREETINGS
She was a very attractive woman with her jet black      HON. BOB MCLEOD: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I,
hair which had never been dyed. She was a proud         too, would like to recognize the good work being
mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and              done by the Pages here. Also, specifically, two
great-great-grandmother. She was predeceased by         Pages from Yellowknife South: Emma Tutton and
her son Michael in a motor vehicle accident in the      Ethan Phypers. They’re from Yellowknife South and
early ‘70s. The legacy that she leaves behind is        I want to thank them.
evident in her children: Mary, Joe, Maureen,            I also want to take this opportunity to wish a merry
Pauline, Darlene, Ronnie and Matthew. An amazing        Christmas and a happy New Year to all the
lady and an amazing life.                               Members here, all the constituents of Yellowknife
Her funeral will take place at the Hay River Catholic   South and all the people of the Northwest
Church on December 21st at 2:00 p.m. I would ask        Territories. Thank you, Mr. Speaker.
the Assembly to join me in extending our sincere        MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. McLeod. Item 4,
condolences to the McBryan family. Thank you, Mr.       reports of standing and special committees. Item 5,
Speaker.                                                returns to oral questions. Item 6, recognition of
MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mrs. Groenewegen.               visitors in the gallery. Mr. Abernethy.
The honourable Member for Thebacha, Mr.
Miltenberger.                                               Recognition of Visitors in the Gallery
        MEMBER’S STATEMENT ON                           HON. GLEN ABERNETHY:             Thank you, Mr.
     RECOGNITION OF THEBACHA PAGES                      Speaker. I’d like to recognize two people: Wendy
        AND SEASONS GREETINGS                           Uhlenberg, who is the negotiations advisor for the
HON. MICHAEL MILTENBERGER: Thank you,                   Alberta and Northwest Territories Aboriginal
Mr. Speaker. I’d like to take this opportunity to       Policing Directorate; and Harley Crowshoe, who is
recognize and thank two of the Pages that have          the regional manager of the Alberta and Northwest
been working with us this week, and waiting on and      Territories Aboriginal Policing Directorate. Thank
responding to our every whim, and passing every         you, Mr. Speaker.
note and looking after us: Jenni Watts and Katelynn     MR. SPEAKER:        Thank you, Mr. Abernethy. Mr.
Holtorf, from Fort Smith. Two fine young ladies that    Abernethy.
are going to be around for a good long time and
have been great ambassadors for the community.          HON. GLEN ABERNETHY:           Thank you, Mr.
I’d like to thank them and their mother Rene Watts.     Speaker. I’d like to recognize my wife, Carolyn
                                                        Smith, in the gallery as well.
I’d also like to take this opportunity to wish the
constituents of Thebacha a very merry Christmas         MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. Abernethy. The
and a happy New Year, as well to the people of the      honourable Premier, Mr. McLeod.
Northwest Territories and to my colleagues present      HON. BOB MCLEOD: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I’d
here. As we go home to our families, no matter          like to recognize Mr. Scott Messenger from my
what happens in this House and the trials and           alma mater, the Northern Alberta Institute of
tribulations we have, as you look at what’s             Technology. Thank you.
happening in the world around us, we know we can        MR. SPEAKER:         Thank you, Mr. McLeod. Mr.
go home to our families and, hopefully, a very good     Blake.
time enjoying the families and all the good things
that our communities have to offer. It would also be    MR. BLAKE: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I’d like to
a time I would ask people to count their blessings      also acknowledge a Page originally from
and think of how many good things we have,              Tsiigehtchic in the Mackenzie Delta, Vanessa
especially compared to some of the less fortunate       Blake-Lennie, also my niece. Thank you.
people in the world. Thank you.                         MR. SPEAKER:          Thank you, Mr. Blake. Mr.
MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. Miltenberger. The           Bromley.
Member for Yellowknife South, Mr. McLeod.               MR. BROMLEY: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. It’s
                                                        unusual, I know, to recognize a table officer, but I’d
                                                        like to. I know everybody will join me in recognizing
                                                        my constituent, the wonderful Mr. Tony Whitford.
                                                        MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. Bromley. I’d like to
                                                        recognize anyone that has not been recognized
                                                        already. Thank you for joining us today to take in
Page 226                            NORTHWEST TERRITORIES HANSARD                         December 15, 2011

the proceedings of the Legislative Assembly. It’s       softened on some of us that are not all trained on
always great to have an audience.                       the new laws?
Item 7, acknowledgements. The            honourable     HON. DAVID RAMSAY: I can’t speak for my
Member for Sahtu, Mr. Yakeleya.                         colleague, the Minister of Justice, or the RCMP for
                                                        that matter, and other enforcement agencies
              Acknowledgements                          around the territory that would enforce the new law.
                                                        Being that it’s new, though, I would imagine there’d
                3-17(1):                                be some period of more or an education type of
           THE HONOURABLE                               enforcement that would take place so that people
      JUDGE SHANNON SMALLWOOD -                         know that the law is in place. Certainly I think
   APPOINTMENT TO THE SUPREME COURT                     working with my colleague, the Minister of Justice,
                                                        we can ensure that that happens. Thank you.
MR. YAKELEYA: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I rise
                                                        MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. Ramsay. The
today to recognize the honourable Judge Shannon
Smallwood, the first female Aboriginal appointed to     Member for Sahtu, Mr. Yakeleya.
the Supreme Court in the Northwest Territories in
history.                                                            QUESTION 76-17(1):
                                                               DENTAL SERVICES IN THE SAHTU
Judge Smallwood is originally from Fort Good
Hope, as an only child of her late mother, Mary         MR. YAKELEYA: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. My
Jane Elvey, and father, Ted Elvey, who is currently     question is directed to the Minister of Health and
living in Calgary.                                      Social Services on the dental services in the Sahtu
                                                        region. Last month the dentist was in Tulita. They
Ms. Smallwood worked previously as the Crown            were booked from morning to nighttime and one
prosecutor where she was admitted to the Bar in         person wanted to see the dentist, but because it
2000. She moved south to get her law degree, but        was so booked they put the person on the
eventually moved back to the North to pursue her        cancellation list, and the cancellation list was so
career. On behalf of the Sahtu region and the           long that this person had to wait until 19 people had
community of Fort Good Hope, I’m proud to               cancelled their appointment before she could get in
acknowledge Judge Shannon Smallwood who is a            and see the dentist. I want to ask the Minister what
Sahtu Dene from our spiritual north. Thank you.         type of plans does his department have to see if
MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. Yakeleya. Item 8,           they can have a full-time dentist in the Sahtu and
oral questions. The Member for Hay River North,         maybe Norman Wells, that type of service like we
Mr. Bouchard.                                           have in the other regional centres where dentists
                                                        are situated permanently in the community? We
                 Oral Questions                         need dental care in the Sahtu.
                                                        MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. Yakeleya. The
             QUESTION 75-17(1):                         honourable Minister of Health, Mr. Beaulieu.
      DISTRACTED DRIVING LEGISLATION                    HON. TOM BEAULIEU: Thank you, Mr. Speaker.
MR. BOUCHARD: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. My                Finding dentists in the Northwest Territories is a
question today is for the Minister of Transportation.   difficult task. We have great dental care in some of
In his Minister’s statement he talked about             the regional centres; that is a fact. It is difficult to
distracted driving laws that are being implemented.     get dentists in other areas and that’s the reason for
I’m just wondering if the government is going to        the huge backlog, because even offering out
continue to promote this new law and make sure          tenders… The various authorities at the regional
that everybody knows about it.                          level put out tenders and we’re not getting a good
                                                        response. When we do get a response, people
MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. Bouchard. The
                                                        come in. That’s exactly the type of work that the
honourable Minister of Transportation, Mr. Ramsay.
                                                        dentists are doing. They’re trying to play catch-up.
HON. DAVID RAMSAY: Yes, Mr. Speaker, that is            It’s very difficult for dentists to put together a good
the case. We are going to continue to communicate       plan with one specific client because they’re so
that message to the public here in the Northwest        busy doing things like fillings and extractions and so
Territories. Obviously the new law comes into place     on. It’s just a game of catch-up at this point; I
January 1 . So again, I’d encourage everybody to        recognize that. Thank you.
adhere to that new law, and over the holiday
                                                        MR. YAKELEYA: The Minister has made some
season especially if you could take the pledge to
                                                        very valuable points that are noted here. Finding a
leave the phone alone, that would also help. Thank
                                                        dentist can be a very difficult task; however, we’re
                                                        talking about lives that are so important that we
MR. BOUCHARD: I only have one more question.            need to have the dentists in our community. We’re
In the new law will the Minister commit or at least
encourage some of the enforcement to be a little bit
December 15, 2011                    NORTHWEST TERRITORIES HANSARD                                     Page 227

playing with people’s lives if we don’t have the          Sometimes it has to come out of their own pocket to
proper care.                                              pay for the travel, and for the hotels and meals.
I want to ask the Minister what plans… If during this     What type of support is given to people who need
difficult task of finding great dentists, is he working   to see a dentist as soon as possible on an
with some northern dentists where the prices may          emergency basis?
be somewhat higher but we have the services in            HON. TOM BEAULIEU: At this point we’re using a
the Sahtu?                                                referral through the health and social services
People need them. It’s not like putting a bridge          authorities across the regions to have the individual
across the Mackenzie River. These are people;             approach them and then them going through the
these are human beings that need these essential          system. In cases where individuals are coming
services. What is the Minister doing?                     directly to find their own dental services, like driving
                                                          into a community where there are good dentists or
HON. TOM BEAULIEU: The model that we talked               when they arrive in the communities where they
about today, this morning in fact, meeting with the       know there are good dentists and approach them
Tlicho Community Services Agency where they               themselves, they have not sorted that specific issue
have a dental therapist on staff, and the dental          out at this time, but we’re working on sorting out
therapist works at the school and works in the            those issues as well.
community, and in that way just a little higher level
than just a dental hygienist which will work in           MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. Beaulieu. The
advance of the dentist. That dental therapist does        Member for Yellowknife Centre, Mr. Hawkins.
do some of the dental work but not the work of a full
dentist. The goal would be to move in that direction,                QUESTION 77-17(1):
try to get dental therapists into the communities and         PROSPECTORS GRUBSTAKE PROGRAM
that should alleviate those backlogs at the               MR. HAWKINS: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. In my
community level. Thank you.                               Member’s statement today I talked about the
MR. YAKELEYA: I want to share with the Minister           importance of the Prospectors Grubstake Program
my written questions here. So that was leading up         and I certainly would like to see it come back.
to my second question. Can the Minister tell me           During the Geoscience Forum that happened a
when can the Sahtu see such a program like a              number of weeks ago here in Yellowknife, different
dental therapist coming into our communities that         people talked about how important that contribution
can do prevention? Otherwise, we’re going to have         to the Grubstake Program was to help stimulate the
this come up in the House again in February. So           work out there for prospecting.
when can the Minister advise me and the people in         Finally, you don’t have to look too far; you can look
the Sahtu that there is going to be some plans in         to the left of the NWT or to the right of the NWT to
place to look at dental therapists in our                 see how important mineral exploration can be to a
communities, in our schools? Then I can say,              particular territory’s economy. That brings me to my
“Good government.”                                        question. Would the Minister of ITI be willing to look
HON. TOM BEAULIEU: Although I can’t come up               at bringing back the Grubstake Program in its old
with an exact, specific date, I can say that because      form to help prospectors get out there prospecting,
we are moving into prevention, and one of the keys        which is really one of the backbones of the
to health prevention of illnesses is having good          economy of the Northwest Territories?
teeth to be able to chew your food properly and that      MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. Hawkins. The
is very important. The department sees that as one        honourable Minister responsible for Industry,
of the essential services that are needed at the          Tourism and Investment, Mr. David Ramsay.
community level. So we’re moving onto that as
                                                          HON. DAVID RAMSAY: Thank you, Mr. Speaker.
quickly as possible. Thank you.
                                                          Certainly I appreciate the Member’s concern over
MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. Beaulieu. Final,              the Prospectors Grubstake Program, a program
short supplementary, Mr. Yakeleya.                        that was cut loose back in 2009. Today I believe we
MR. YAKELEYA: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I look              really need to send a message to folks that are out
forward to as soon as possible looking at some of         there prospecting, that the Government of the
the plans that will ensure they increase the services     Northwest Territories is interested in the work that
of dentists in the Sahtu, or any type of program that     prospectors provide. The program historically was
takes care of the peoples’ teeth.                         oversubscribed and I would certainly be interested
                                                          in working with committee. I know the Member
I want to ask the Minister what type of support is he     chairs     the   Economic      Development      and
giving to people who have emergencies in cases            Infrastructure committee. I would certainly be
such as the ones we have been dealing with in the         interested in working with the committee to ensure
past, the ones that we’re looking at to support           that a program like the Prospectors Grubstake
people. If they cannot wait, they need to be flown
out to the larger centres to have their teeth fixed.
Page 228                             NORTHWEST TERRITORIES HANSARD                          December 15, 2011

Program is brought back so that we can keep the           this three-legged stool stands or else it will tip over.
momentum going.                                           It’s all linked together in a broader, longer term
 We just had an announcement on the additional            vision. What does the Minister see in tying these
geoscience money and I agree with the Member              three things together to make sure that we do have
that it’s the foundation of finding economically          a future that’s open for business, just like our
viable mineral deposits is through geoscience work        territories to the right and left of us, showing the
and prospecting that that happens. It’s an important      world that we’re ready to do business and we want
initiative.                                               an economy running on all cylinders because we’re
                                                          excited to do business and keep people employed?
MR. HAWKINS: I appreciate the answer from the
Minister. I’d say what better way to show the             HON. DAVID RAMSAY: I share the Member’s
industry, the prospectors and largely the mining          enthusiasm. We do need to find a way forward. We
industry that we’re committed to a mining future          have to, as I mentioned earlier, keep the
here. This issue is not singularly sung by myself. Is     momentum going, keep that positive attitude going
the Minister getting feedback from many of those in       in the area of looking for mineral development in
the mineral development community saying that             our territory, both on the mineral side and oil and
this is something that will help kick-start further       gas side. Certainly the three things that the Member
exploration in the Territories and, if so, what hurdles   talks about are interconnected. I have instructed the
or challenges does the Minister see in bringing this      department to come back with a way and a means
policy forward so that we can help seed the               in which a program like the Prospector Grubstake
Grubstake Program again?                                  Program can be re-established, and I look forward
                                                          to again working with the Member and working with
HON. DAVID RAMSAY: During the recently held               this committee to move this initiative forward.
Geoscience Conference here in Yellowknife I had
the opportunity to speak to a number of folks who         MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. Ramsay. The
attended that conference and this was an issue that       honourable Member for Deh Cho, Mr. Nadli.
was brought to my attention. I have already
instructed the department to come up with some                        QUESTION 78-17(1):
ways in which we can bring this program back.                 EXPANSION OF TELECOMMUNICATIONS
When those options do materialize, I will certainly                    SERVICES IN THE
be happy to share them with the Member and the                     NORTHWEST TERRITORIES
committee so that we can move forward with it.            MR. NADLI: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Earlier I
MR. HAWKINS: As I mentioned in my Member’s                made a statement on the CRTC loosening up its
statement, I mentioned that training is an important      regulations here in the Northwest Territories to
component of this. Training isn’t just for the            allow more infrastructure communication. My
prospector, it also works for the communities so          question is directed at the Minister of Finance. As
that when people do show up on their doorstep and         part of the extension of the Mackenzie Highway to
want to do mineral development, people are a little       the north, is the Minister committed to assist in
further educated along as to what this will do. The       ways of expanding cell services to Fort Providence
reason I raise this is it has to go hand in hand with     and other small communities?
the development of the Grubstake Program. Would           MR. SPEAKER:        Thank you, Mr. Nadli. The
the Minister be looking at the same time bringing a       honourable Minister responsible for Finance, Mr.
training component back into the program to ensure        Miltenberger.
that prospectors have training as well as
                                                          HON. MICHAEL MILTENBERGER: Thank you,
communities have training as to what to expect?
                                                          Mr. Speaker. There are two things of interest to the
HON. DAVID RAMSAY: I believe as we move this              Member, of course: the fibre optic line that’s being
forward, we get to the business plans and we get to       proposed to go up the valley hooking Inuvik in as a
discuss the priorities of the department and where        remote sensing site and then coming down the
we are moving forward, I think a training component       valley, which would allow us to lateral off and hook
to this is something that’s important to the Members      into all the communities to provide fibre optic
of this House. I believe there’s some value to it. We     services which would include cell phone services.
could certainly look at that further down the road.       That is a project that is underway.
MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. Ramsay. Short,                The other thing of interest in the CRTC ruling is not
final supplementary, Mr. Hawkins.                         only that they opened the door to competition but
MR. HAWKINS: For my final question, and it’s              they took NorthwesTel to task for lack of investment
really built around to where do we go next. If we         in their aging infrastructure, they refused to grant
can get this Grubstake Program in place, tie it to a      them their request for a $2 per month rate increase,
training program and initiative, it only makes sense      and they also put them on notice that they have two
if it follows suit with a resource development policy.    years to come together with a plan that’s going to
I think that’s a critical component to make sure that
December 15, 2011                   NORTHWEST TERRITORIES HANSARD                                   Page 229

lay out how they’re going to invest and modernize       communities such as Fort Providence? We all know
what they described as their aging infrastructure.      and recognize that the bridge becoming a reality
MR. NADLI:          I think the Minister has clearly    perhaps within a year or so there will be an
indicated a clear commitment for ensuring that the      increase in public traffic and more likely an
fibre optics line is completed and becomes a reality.   increased need for public safety to ensure that
At the same time we’re faced with increasing            communication infrastructure is properly set in
competition, which is, overall, good for the            place, especially for a community like Fort
Northwest Territories. I want to ask the Minister       Providence.
again if there has been any preliminary analysis or     HON. MICHAEL MILTENBERGER: The fibre optic
any kind of studies to indicate that there is a need    proposal is at the stage where there’s a business
for perhaps expansion of cellular service in small      case being put together to look at and quantify the
communities including Fort Providence for the           business benefits up and down the valley, other
general public safety.                                  than the Inuvik component which is very clearly a
HON. MICHAEL MILTENBERGER: This is a                    business case that has already been made. To put
business decision and I can let the Member know         that infrastructure into the communities up and
that in Fort Smith, for example, it took us years and   down the valley, that work is being done and we
years of lobbying to convince NorthwesTel to            expect that report to be concluded in March of this
invest, and they brought in an old cell phone tower     coming year.
from somewhere else even though they knew when          MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. Miltenberger. The
they asked for a minimum of 250 subscribers. If you     honourable Member for Frame Lake, Ms. Bisaro.
went to Fort Smith now, as we told them would
happen, they probably have close to 500 or 600 or                   QUESTION 79-17(1):
700.                                                          SPORT AND RECREATION COUNCIL
Every man, woman and child in the community has         MS. BISARO:          Thank you, Mr. Speaker. My
a cell phone. This is a business issue. The reason      questions today are addressed to the Minister of
we’re looking at the fibre optic line is because it     Municipal and Community Affairs. I want to follow
makes good sense for us as a government to              up on my statement. I referred to the Minister’s
provide that infrastructure and allow that business     statement made on Monday of this week. The
development to occur. NorthwesTel, as I’ve              Minister, in his statement, said, “We will talk to them
indicated, has just been taken to task. There are       about their governance role as mandated by the
opportunities for them in the communities, and          department.” My first question to the Minister is if he
CRTC has told them to go in and modernize and           could explain to me and to the public and to this
invest in their infrastructure, which to me would       House what is meant by that.
mean cell phone service.
                                                        MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Ms. Bisaro. The
MR. NADLI: Just a final question to the Minister,       honourable Minister responsible for Municipal and
perhaps just again to see if there’s any formal         Community Affairs, Mr. Robert McLeod.
commitment to consider small communities in terms
                                                        HON. ROBERT MCLEOD:             Thank you, Mr.
of their access to cellular service. We all know that
                                                        Speaker. The Sport and Recreation Council was
once they expand communication infrastructure to
                                                        formed as a result of a review that they had
all communities, then obviously there’s also a
                                                        performed in 2005. It was formed out of the
business interest for small communities and give
                                                        Legislative Assembly, and seeing as we mandate
them an equal opportunity equal to all communities
                                                        our departments, then we can I think fairly say that
in the North.
                                                        their mandate is one that is mandated by the
HON. MICHAEL MILTENBERGER: That is one of               Legislative Assembly.
our interests and one of the reasons that we, when
                                                        MS. BISARO: Thank you to the Minister, I think;
we looked at the fibre optic line, rather than going
                                                        I’m not sure. I’d like to ask the Minister in terms of
laterally north or west, sorry, to the Yukon, we
                                                        the Sport and Recreation Council and the member
looked at the plan to run the fibre optic line down
                                                        organizations within that council, that organization –
the valley to hook in down by Fort Simpson so that
                                                        there are five of them – and if we are basically
we would be able to in fact provide those services
                                                        telling them their mandate, have those five member
and      infrastructure  improvements       to   the
                                                        organizations had any opportunity to provide input
communities up and down the valley.
                                                        to the Minister and/or to MACA or SRC with regard
MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. Miltenberger.               to their roles and responsibilities?
Final supplementary, Mr. Nadli.
                                                        HON. ROBERT MCLEOD: We have had some
MR. NADLI:        Just a final question. Has the        discussions with the five partner organizations. I’ve
Department of Finance or any other department           had an opportunity to meet with all of them. I’ve met
considered perhaps a report or an analysis of the       with Sport North on a number of occasions and I’ve
possibility of expanding cell service to the smaller    met with the Sport and Recreation Council. What
Page 230                            NORTHWEST TERRITORIES HANSARD                         December 15, 2011

we’re trying to do is iron out the whole situation       MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. McLeod. Your
here.                                                    final, short supplementary, Ms. Bisaro.
Our intent here is to take more of the politics out of   MS. BISARO: Thanks, Mr. Speaker. Thanks to the
the sport and get sport to the front line, on the        Minister. I don’t disagree that I think our youth and
ground to the people that most need it. I think we’re    our athletes in the NWT are going to benefit at the
moving in that direction. We’ve seen a lot of good       end of it. It’s interesting that the Minister seems to
work done by all the partner organizations and I         think I’m talking about one organization. But I’m not;
think in the last Arctic Winter Games in Grande          I’m talking about all the member organizations of
Prairie we saw a good result of it, having 27 of the     SRC. I guess I am struggling with the paternalistic
33 communities represented at the Arctic Winter          attitude of MACA that I hear in his statement. Just a
Games.                                                   comment. Thank you.
This is a bit of a learning process. There are high      MR. SPEAKER:         Thank you, Ms. Bisaro. Mr.
administration fees throughout all the partner           Dolynny.
organizations that we’re trying to bring down and
we’re trying to use that money and invest it back                   QUESTION 80-17(1):
into sports. Our intention is to try to streamline the     RESPONSE TO NATIONAL ENERGY BOARD
whole process. Everyone has a role to play in the             REPORT ON ARCTIC EXPLORATION
delivery of sport across the Northwest Territories.
                                                         MR. DOLYNNY: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. The
Whether some accept their roles as others do, that
                                                         National Energy Board has released today its Arctic
remains to be seen, but we have to get the politics
                                                         review report as well as a National Energy Board
out of sports.
                                                         filing requirements for offshore drilling in the
MS. BISARO: To the Minister, you mentioned               Canadian Arctic.
you’ve consulted with Sport North. I hope you’ve
                                                         I understand with this National Energy Board
consulted with the other four member organizations
                                                         release, this could fundamentally affect the future
as well. The Minister also stated in his statement
                                                         requirements for applications to drill and Canadian
that we will outline plans for implementing the
                                                         Arctic offshore developments. My question is for the
SRC’s goals and objectives. I struggle to
                                                         Minister of ITI. I know this release has just been a
understand the relationship of the Sport and
                                                         couple hours old. Is there any initial response from
Recreation Council to MACA and the member
                                                         this government? Thank you.
organizations to the Sport and Recreation Council
to MACA. Can the Minister give me a bit of an            MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. Dolynny. The
explanation?                                             honourable Minister of Industry, Tourism and
                                                         Investment, Mr. Ramsay.
HON. ROBERT MCLEOD:                The Sport and
Recreation Council, as I said, was formed out of a       HON. DAVID RAMSAY: Thank you, Mr. Speaker.
review that was done. They’re brand new. They’ve         Certainly, we’re confident with the work that the
only been in operation since 2005. It’s been within I    National Energy Board has been doing and we
think the last three years that they’ve taken on the     support the work that they continue to do. The key
role of being our funding agent to all partner           thing for us is that Northerners want to provide input
organizations. We see ourselves as supporting            into decision-making about future offshore drilling
MACA.                                                    and they also want to be prepared in developing
                                                         plans for future drilling projects. I think those are
The other organization likes to say that they’ve
                                                         some things that we can take away from it. We’re
been in the business for 35 years and they’ve done
                                                         pleased with the extensive engagement, as well,
a lot of good work in that time. I’m sure 33 years
                                                         that Northerners had with the NEB to produce the
from now the Sport and Rec Council will have that
                                                         Arctic review that was released earlier today. Thank
process down to a T, too, but it is early in the
process right now.
                                                         MR. DOLYNNY: Thanks for the Minister’s initial
We see ourselves as supporting the Sport and Rec
                                                         response. Even in its early stages we are hearing
Council through this situation and then they’d be
                                                         from certain groups saying they weren’t consulted
able to pretty well take care of the rest of it
                                                         during this Arctic review process. Can I ask the
themselves, and I think they’re moving in that
                                                         Minister of ITI why that was so? Thank you.
direction. I’ve had some positive meetings with
them and I think they’re moving in that direction.       HON. DAVID RAMSAY: The objective of the Arctic
They’re starting to understand their role and I think    review was to gather information and knowledge
they’re going to take it and run with it, and at the     through meaningful engagement and dialogue. The
end of the day it’s the athletes across the Northwest    NEB did extensive consultation across the three
Territories that are going to benefit from this whole    northern territories, including more than 40
set-up. Thank you.                                       meetings in 11 communities, again, across all three
                                                         territories. The review concluded with a week-long
                                                         roundtable held in Inuvik during this past
December 15, 2011                    NORTHWEST TERRITORIES HANSARD                                     Page 231

September so participants could engage in face-to-        like this to come and set up in the North, and yet
face dialogue on offshore drilling. Nearly 200            here’s a company that’s been here many, many
people attended the meetings that were held in            years. They are asking for a postponement or
Inuvik. Another 300 people logged onto the session        abatement of the stumpage fees which they owe
via computer to listen to the live Web broadcast that     this government.
was played. That was also translated into                 I would like to ask whoever wants to answer the
Inuvialuktun, Inuktitut, Gwich’in and French.             question; I’m not sure if it’s the Minister of ENR or if
We’re pleased with the extensive engagement with          it’s the Minister of ITI, but I would like to ask this
Northerners that took place to produce the Arctic         government today. They’re ready to go to work. It’s
review and are confident that everyone had an             the time of year when they can go out and cut.
opportunity to participate in that review.                What is this government prepared to do to allow
MR. DOLYNNY: Thank you to the Minister for                this company to continue to operate in Hay River?
going into detail. Fundamentally, we would never          Thank you.
want this to happen, but should we have an oil spill      MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mrs. Groenewegen.
in the Arctic offshore similar to what we’ve              The honourable Minister of Environment and
experienced and seen that affected the world with         Natural Resources, Mr. Miltenberger.
the Gulf of Mexico, what does this review today           HON. MICHAEL MILTENBERGER: Thank you,
mean to this government and to the people of the          Mr. Speaker. We have been working closely with
Northwest Territories?                                    the Patterson’s operation for the last number of
HON. DAVID RAMSAY:              Mr. Speaker, the          years. We had meetings again yesterday trying to
prevention of an oil spill in the Canadian Arctic         come to some agreement to allow this process to
offshore is the primary goal. We’ve got to prevent        proceed and the operation that the Member talked
that from happening. Again, we’re confident with          to about to remain in business. There is still some
the NEB’s response, that the regulatory regime has        work to be done, but clearly there are challenges in
the tools needed to protect the safety of northern        terms of the revenue that they can generate, the
residents, workers and the environment.                   costs that they are incurring and the simple things
In their application, applicants must submit a            like stumpage fees and such that they have
contingency plan that outlines what measures they         difficulty generating enough revenue to cover. But
will use to respond to an out-of-control well. A relief   we are still at work trying to see if something can be
well is one contingency measure. Obviously,               salvaged. Thank you.
projects that are occurring in the Beaufort Sea           MRS. GROENEWEGEN: The time frame within
would operate in significantly isolated and under         which this company can go out on roads that are
different conditions compared to those in the Gulf of     suitable for winter travel to get to the timber that
Mexico. Thank you.                                        they can harvest is very time sensitive. The clock is
MR. SPEAKER:        Thank you, Mr. Ramsay. Mrs.           ticking. If they do not get in and out and harvest this
Groenewegen.                                              product within a certain time frame, the option will
                                                          be to close the sawmill. Tomorrow morning I will be
                                                          receiving a briefing from a Hay River businessman
            QUESTION 81-17(1):
                                                          that hopes to have a business opportunity
                                                          developed that would make use of waste for
MRS. GROENEWEGEN: Thank you, Mr. Speaker.                 biomass for a pellet and briquette mill in Hay River
I’d like to direct my questions to the government         as well. This could potentially enhance the business
today on behalf of the Patterson Sawmill in Hay           enterprise of the Pattersons. This is very much on
River. This sawmill has been in existence for a           the horizon and very much a possibility to become
number of years. It is not a huge company. It is a        a reality.
family-based business. They employ six full-time
                                                          Again, we have written off, forgiven, supported in
people. They have the ups and downs with issues
                                                          every kind of way with expensive studies and all
with the size of the allowable timber cut being
                                                          kinds of expenditures of this government much
reduced, operating costs and, of course, the market
                                                          more money than this relatively small amount of
price for the product that they harvest.
                                                          money that it would take to keep this very long time,
Pattersons want to stay in business. They’re the          established business in operation in Hay River.
only business of this type in the Northwest               Time is of the essence. I appreciate the Minister is
Territories. We’re in the middle of a forest here in      working on it and I know that his departmental
our part of the North and we would like to keep this      officials did meet with Mr. Patterson yesterday, but I
business operational in Hay River. It’s extremely         would like to hopefully get some kind of a
important to us. There are bright things on the           commitment here on the floor of the House today
horizon that may improve the fortunes of this             that would give the Pattersons a signal that they are
company. How much money would we as a                     going to stay in business. Thank you.
government spend to entice and induce a company
Page 232                              NORTHWEST TERRITORIES HANSARD                         December 15, 2011

HON. MICHAEL MILTENBERGER: Mr. Speaker,                    colleagues, the Ministers of MACA and ENR, to
the fact that the officials continue to meet to try to     free up agricultural land in our South Slave
find alternatives, there were arrangements made a          breadbasket, and I suppose the Deh Cho as well, to
year or so ago that were not successful, and we            expand our agricultural industry towards the
have, over the years, written off sums of money as         diversification of our economy away from one
well as deferred payments, reduced payments, any           industrial sector? Mahsi.
number of things that we could try to think of to          MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. Bromley. The
allow both interests to have their needs met in            Minister of ITI, Mr. Ramsay.
terms of the business and the role and
responsibility of government and as the                    HON. DAVID RAMSAY: Thank you, Mr. Speaker.
administrators of the public purse. So the                 That discussion has to take place with my
commitment is that we’re still looking at trying to        colleagues on the accessibility of land, but certainly
find a way to do this. I will commit to the Member         the agricultural component is something that’s of
that when I’m finished in the House today, I’ve            value here. We need to ensure that we’re getting
already indicated to the deputy minister that I would      programming dollars out to the various communities
be calling him at the rise of the House and this will      around the Northwest Territories. Under the
be one of the things on my list to talk about. Thank       Growing Forward Fund that we have from the
you.                                                       federal government, we’ve put that program into 29
                                                           communities across the Northwest Territories,
MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. Miltenberger. Final            mostly small vegetable garden plots, but we are
supplementary, Mrs. Groenewegen.                           working with the money that we have to get
MRS. GROENEWEGEN: We do greatly appreciate                 programs out there for people to avail themselves
all of those efforts that the Minister refers to in what   of. Just a couple of weeks ago I was in Norman
they have been able to do. This is not an easy             Wells. I had an opportunity to sample some Sahtu
business and strangely, after all these years, it’s        potatoes, a Sahtu chicken, as well as some
still in a lot of ways a fledgling business, but we do     processed Sahtu moose meat, which is very good.
hope that the other prospects for the waste material       It’s programs from ITI that are enabling local
will come to fruition, that this will add additional       producers to continue to pursue locally provided
revenue potential to this company and that we can          fish, meat and agricultural products to not just the
do something in the short term. They’re not asking         local community but they’re looking at perhaps
for a handout. They’re asking for a postponement           even exporting those out of the Sahtu at some point
or an abatement of the stumpage fees and it is six         in time to other communities. Thank you.
jobs. The work that they’re involved in in cutting
firewood is in keeping with this government’s efforts      MR. BROMLEY: Thanks to the Minister for that
to reduce fossil fuel consumption in the North and,        response. The Sahtu, of course, is a clear leader in
Mr. Speaker, it is six jobs that are very important to     this area, along with some other areas of the NWT.
our community. So I would ask the Minister if he           So hats off there, but seriously, the biggest issue is
would, I’m going to be heading back to Hay River           access to land. Studies by the Territorial Farmers’
this afternoon, but if he would keep the Pattersons        Association have indicated it would be very easy to
and myself apprised of the outcome of anything             provide a very large proportion of the food we need
they can do to help resolve this issue. Thank you.         in terms of vegetables and even domestic meat
                                                           with a modicum of support, but land is the biggest
HON.       MICHAEL       MILTENBERGER:                 I   issue. So I’ll look forward to progress on that issue.
acknowledge, as well, that the Member has been
an impassioned advocate on behalf of the                   My second question, briefly, is: What work does the
Pattersons over the years and to no small way              Minister have underway with his colleague, the
that’s part of the reason that we’re still having these    Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, to
discussions. I appreciate that interest, and I’ve          complete the forest inventories essential to the
heard her concerns, and I will be following up and I       sustainable development of our forest resources,
will commit to keep her and her constituents               again, the diversification of our economy? Mahsi.
informed. Thank you.                                       HON. DAVID RAMSAY: Obviously the potential in
MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. Miltenberger. The              the area of forestry is immense here in the
Member for Weledeh, Mr. Bromley.                           Northwest Territories, especially in the southwest
                                                           corner of the territory and south of Great Slave
           QUESTION 82-17(1):                              Lake. Definitely we need to be looking towards
   EXPANSION OF AGRICULTURAL SECTOR                        devolution as a way and a means and the
                                                           settlement of both the Akaitcho land claim and the
MR. BROMLEY: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. My                    Dehcho land claim to advance forestry and that
questions are for the Minister of Industry, Tourism        sector here in the Northwest Territories, and that
and Investment. I’d like to follow up, this seems to       discussion will take place with ENR on ways that
be a bit of a theme today, but I’m wondering what          both ITI and ENR can work together, as we move
work does the Minister have underway with his              forward toward devolution on getting the most we
December 15, 2011                    NORTHWEST TERRITORIES HANSARD                                   Page 233

can and maximizing the benefits of our forestry           there will be proper testing of the people who are
industry here. Thank you.                                 afraid that they may be getting sick or they may
MR. BROMLEY: Thank you again for that response            have some other illness that they should be aware
from the Minister. My third question along the line of    of and getting it treated right away?
diversification is Avalon Minerals has long been on       MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. Yakeleya. The
record of offering secondary processing industry          Minister of Health, Mr. Beaulieu.
development if a deal can be made on economic             HON. TOM BEAULIEU: Thank you, Mr. Speaker.
electricity rates. What work does the Minister have       As I had indicated previously in questions about the
underway with his colleague, again the Minister           cancer rates in Fort Good Hope, our attention is to
responsible for NTPC, to take advantage of this           pay attention to that, as well as other communities
opportunity? Mahsi.                                       which have come forward as a result of
HON. DAVID RAMSAY: Obviously the opportunity              questionings from the Member as you hear in the
at Avalon, not just for the mine but for the              House, and we’re working with the chief public
processing and the value added, a component to            health officer within the department to develop
that is of great value to the economy here in the         some sort of strategy to address the issue.
Northwest Territories and those discussions               Now, in as far as the actual testing goes, I’m
certainly are taking place. Thank you.                    familiar with how that process works, but if there is
MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. Ramsay. Final,                testing to be done in Fort Good Hope about cancer,
short supplementary, Mr. Bromley.                         we’ll do it.
MR. BROMLEY: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. My final             MR. YAKELEYA: Exactly what the Minister has
question is I just want to start by noting that a         indicated is what the people in Fort Good Hope
constituent recently returned from Edmonton, to           want. They want to know if there’s some sort of
report that Great Slave Lake pickerel was being           proper testing that can be set up in the community
sold at a shop for $32 a pound. I suppose that’s,         because of the increase of cancer recently by the
what, $75 a kilogram or something like that? So I’m       health care on our residents. It was done in Aklavik
wondering again, what work does the Minister have         several years ago. Certainly it can be done now in
underway to promote this world-class product and          Fort Good Hope. So I would ask the Minister if he
expand markets and production within sustainable          would begin working with our health board and the
limits, of course. Mahsi.                                 staff, to start implementing some guidelines to the
HON. DAVID RAMSAY: Our hands are somewhat                 health centre so people then can be assured when
tied because of our participation or the commercial       they go to the health centre, if they request a test
fishermen’s participation in the FMCC and there are       that this test could be carried out in Good Hope or
no plans currently underway for us to withdraw from       another hospital.
that. Certainly as a department we can look at            HON. TOM BEAULIEU: I think that anyone who
making strategic investments in a place like Kakisa,      wishes to go for testing through a lab and through
where we’re looking at a new fish holding and             the physician, the physician essentially fills out a
processing unit there in Kakisa for the pickerel.         form, and individuals going to the lab get all the
We’re also looking at possible portable fish              tests necessary that get fed back to the doctor. In
processing equipment that could be used in areas          the case where we go into a community to do
like the Sahtu. So it’s strategic initiatives like that   testing, I’m not 100 percent sure that we do that
and investments like that in communities, especially      specific type of testing, which I will check into. I
in small communities, that are going to make a big        know that the one method, for sure, is for
difference in getting that produce out and to market.     individuals to go to the doctor, then to the lab and
Thank you.                                                then get the results back to the patient that way.
MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. Ramsay. The                   Thank you, Mr. Speaker.
Member for Sahtu, Mr. Yakeleya.                           MR. YAKELEYA: A number of my community
                                                          constituents talked to me while I was in Fort Good
              QUESTION 83-17(1):                          Hope. They said when they go to the health centre
          HEALTH CARE ASSESSMENT                          and they complain about a sore back or sore
           IN SAHTU COMMUNITIES                           stomach, the nurse usually refers them to Tylenol,
                                                          Extra Strength Tylenol. She says, here, take this
MR. YAKELEYA: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I want
                                                          and come back. Usually when they come back, it’s
to ask the Minister of Health and Social Services
                                                          serious. It’s sore and she again gives them Tylenol.
about the health care assessment that could be
                                                          I want to ask the Minister if this method can be
done in the Sahtu communities, specifically in Fort
                                                          stopped and the Minister can ask the health centres
Good Hope where an increase of cancers are being
                                                          if they ask for testing, because we don’t have
diagnosed by the physicians either in Yellowknife or
                                                          doctors all the time in the health centres, that they
Edmonton or even in the Inuvik area. Can the
                                                          could go for further testing if it’s a sore stomach or
Minister let the people know in Good Hope that
Page 234                            NORTHWEST TERRITORIES HANSARD                        December 15, 2011

back and people know there is something that is                        QUESTION 84-17(1):
possibly there.                                                        NOMINEE PROGRAM
People know their bodies really well. They know          MR. HAWKINS: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. My next
they need to get tested. We need to get support          question will be to the Minister of Education,
from the department. Can the Minister give               Culture and Employment regarding the Nominee
directions to the health centres where physicians        Program. Last night, as every night, of course, I
are not always there on a 24-hour basis?                 was watching, with great interest, Northbeat. I
HON. TOM BEAULIEU: Clinical decisions are                watch it every weeknight, with Randy Henderson at
generally made by medical practitioners such as          6:00. That promotion was free, by the way.
nurses and so on. However, if there are cases            I really enjoyed the coverage on the Nominee
where individuals are sick, and they’re coming to        Program in the Yukon Territory. It reminded me of
the health centre and they are being treated for         how I supported the establishment of the program
pain and sent home, then I think that the message        here in the Northwest Territories. I think it’s very
has to go out from us to the health authorities,         important to acknowledge that the work was being
that that type of practice should not be continued.      done quite significantly to bring this program here
Thank you.                                               and to get people working and employed in sectors
MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. Beaulieu. Final,             that were not being picked up by the local
short supplementary, Mr. Yakeleya.                       population, which brings me to the question, Mr.
                                                         Speaker. It’s been quite some time since we’ve
MR. YAKELEYA: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I                  heard anything out of the Education Minister
certainly applaud the Minister’s messages to the         regarding what’s happening with the Nominee
health centres. Too often people in my communities       Program. I’m wondering if the Minister could
go to the health centre, they’re given some              provide an update as to its accomplishments at this
mediation and then they’re sent home. I’d ask again      time.
if the Minister would let the health centres know that
when people come in and they are requesting some         MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. Hawkins. Minister
further testing, that that can be done as soon as        of Education, Mr. Lafferty.
possible so that the people then can know that they      HON. JACKSON LAFFERTY:                  Mahsi, Mr.
can catch the disease or whatever they have earlier      Speaker. The Nominee Program was agreed upon
so it can be treated.                                    in 2009 and then implemented from there. We are
Right now in Good Hope there’s a cancer scare and        into a three-year program now. In 2010-2011 we’ve
that’s not good for people. I ask the Minister if he     had just over 30 applicants, I do believe – just
would give specific, special attention to people of      under 50 and we are entitled to 150 per year. So
Good Hope that they will start looking at the cancer     we are earmarking 2012 again for another 150
testing of all the people.                               nominations from CIBC. So it’s been quiet in this
                                                         area, but there are applications that are coming in,
HON. TOM BEAULIEU: The testing that occurred             and 28 have been approved for the critical impact
in another community that the Member refers to           worker category and seven for the skilled workers
was testing for something else that may have been        category. So there are 35 nominee applications that
easy to test at the community level. I’m not sure        have been approved and are in the system. We are
how easy it is to test for cancer, but what we can do    also open for other nominees as well. Mahsi, Mr.
is have the department make it very clear to the         Speaker.
health authorities and health centres that catching
cancer at stage 1 is the most efficient way, has the     MR. HAWKINS: I appreciate the update from the
greatest possibility of curing the individual and the    Minister regarding how many people have applied.
least expense to the public purse when we are able       Maybe he could repeat it for the House, to be clear.
to catch cancer at the first stage and not the fifth     In the last two years how many people have
stage. So that message can be sent to the health         actually applied at the program and how many
authorities and the health centres that we try to do     people have been successful through the program
as early detection as possible. So if people are         and been supported by the Nominee Program?
coming in sick and suspect they have cancer, the         Thank you.
health centre and the health authorities should          HON. JACKSON LAFFERTY: I don’t have the
respond to that urgently.                                actual number of who all applied, but I do have the
MR. SPEAKER:          Thank you, Mr. Beaulieu.           35 who were approved. Mahsi.
Colleagues, I’d like to recognize the Information        MR. HAWKINS: I would hope the Minister would
and Privacy Commissioner. Ms. Elaine Keenan              be able to get that information to me so I can help
Bengts was here today for the tabling of her annual      with others. As I say, help with others. Many people
report. Welcome to the House.                            wonder how to access the program. One of the
The honourable Member for Yellowknife Centre,            issues that constantly come to me is what type of
Mr. Hawkins.                                             advertisement or promotion does the department
December 15, 2011                     NORTHWEST TERRITORIES HANSARD                                   Page 235

do to indicate it’s open for business and is willing to    With regard to actual devolution negotiations, the
help process applications on the Nominee                   Government of Canada just recently announced or
Program? People need to know where to go and               appointed a new federal negotiator for devolution
what to do. What does the Minister have to say             and we’re in the process of feeling him out. I think
about accessibility?                                       there are some official meetings that will be
HON. JACKSON LAFFERTY: I’m sure, as the                    happening sometime soon; if not, early in the new
Member indicated, he watches Northbeat, and I’m            year.
sure he reads the newspaper as well. It’s all over         MR. NADLI: I just wanted to see if the Minister
the newspaper as well. We also promote that on             could provide perhaps just a vision in terms of
our website. We advertise across the Northwest             where he sees this relationship building with First
Territories newspapers. We provide presentations           Nations going.
to the general public and special interest groups.         HON. BOB MCLEOD:               Right now in our
There have been promotional items being                    discussions with the Aboriginal governments we’ve
presented to the general public on the Nominee             had a wide spectrum of points of view as to how we
Program since 2009. We’re not into the second              could proceed or try to find common ground on
year. There has been some uptake in this program.          devolution. My expectation is that sometime soon,
We’ll continue to monitor it.                              before we have a follow-up meeting to Detah, that
MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. Lafferty. Final                we would be putting forward some government
supplementary, Mr. Hawkins.                                position as to how we can try to find a way forward.
MR. HAWKINS: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Would                 MR. NADLI: I just wanted to ask maybe my final
the Minister be willing to commit to getting me those      question to see if perhaps there will be some form
numbers I asked about earlier, and at the same             of a forum. I understand there will be perhaps
time would he be willing to provide me with a              another forum such as Detah, which was fairly
complete package of what people would use to fill          significant. Perhaps the Minister will look at
out, whether it’s an application process or a              convening another session of a forum that could
package? Would he be able to provide that to me?           have a venue of maybe a semblance of perhaps a
Finally, if he could update the House as to do the         protocol agreement of some sort with First Nations.
staff at ECE actually support employers in filling out     HON. BOB MCLEOD: That is our intention. Most
this probably lengthy package of information.              of the leaders have indicated that before we have a
HON. JACKSON LAFFERTY:                   We do assist      follow-up session, that we have something tangible
through our Department of Education, Culture and           that we can discuss. At least one of them has said
Employment those individuals who walk in the door.         they weren’t prepared to share their ideas; they
If there are questions, we assist with them in that        prefer to wait and see what the government was
respect. I will definitely provide that information that   proposing. So with regard to some sort of
we can provide to the Member.                              agreement, I guess we see it as something that we
MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. Lafferty. The                  could do through Section 6. That offer has always
honourable Member for Deh Cho, Mr. Nadli.                  been there where we could work out an
                                                           arrangement through that section. We’d be quite
                                                           prepared to pursue that angle as well.
            QUESTION 85-17(1):
   STATUS OF DEVOLUTION NEGOTIATIONS                       MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. McLeod. Final
                                                           supplementary, Mr. Nadli. Okay. Thank you,
MR. NADLI: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. In the
                                                           colleagues. Item 9, written questions. Mr. Bromley.
election process there were a lot of questions in
terms of the timeliness and concerns regarding             MR. BROMLEY: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I seek
devolution. My question is to the Minister of              unanimous consent to return to item 8, oral
Aboriginal Affairs and Intergovernmental Relations.        questions, on the Order Paper.
Can the Minister give us an update in terms of the         ---Unanimous consent granted
progress of the devolution negotiations?
MR. SPEAKER:        Thank you, Mr. Nadli. The                               Oral Questions
honourable Premier, Mr. McLeod.                                              (Reversion)
HON. BOB MCLEOD: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. As
we started out in this Caucus reaching out to                             QUESTION 86-17(1):
Aboriginal governments to develop a better working                       SEASONS GREETINGS
relationship in order to find common ground on a           MR. BROMLEY: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I don’t
number of issues including devolution, we are still        think it’s any debate that there’s a holiday season
engaged in that process and looking to have                coming up very shortly. I suspect I have a table
another follow-up meeting to Detah sometime early          officer that would back me up on that statement. My
in the new year.                                           question is for the Premier. Noting that I wish all my
Page 236                            NORTHWEST TERRITORIES HANSARD                        December 15, 2011

constituents in Weledeh a very merry Christmas                      TABLED DOCUMENT 16-17(1):
and the same to all the residents of the Northwest                   NORTHWEST TERRITORIES
Territories, what are the wishes of the Premier                        POWER CORPORATION
today?                                                               ANNUAL REPORT 2010-2011
MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. Bromley. The
honourable Premier, Mr. McLeod.                                     TABLED DOCUMENT 17-17(1):
                                                                     NORTHWEST TERRITORIES
HON. BOB MCLEOD: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I,                            HYDRO CORPORATION
too, wish the constituents of Yellowknife South and                  ANNUAL REPORT 2010-2011
all the people of the Northwest Territories and
everybody here a very merry Christmas and happy
                                                                    TABLED DOCUMENT 18-17(1):
and prosperous New Year.
                                                                     NORTHWEST TERRITORIES
MR. BROMLEY:          Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I                       POWER CORPORATION
appreciate that response. One of my favourite                       STRATEGIC PLAN 2012-2014
activities is to go out and get the Christmas tree
                                                         I wish to table the following three documents,
with my wife, in snowshoes, and bring it back. I
                                                         entitled “Northwest Territories Power Corporation
enjoy the smell in the house. I’m wondering what is
                                                         Annual Report 2010-2011,” “Northwest Territories
one of the favourite activities that the Premier
                                                         Hydro Corporation Annual Report 2010-2011,” and
engages in over the holiday season.
                                                         “Northwest Territories Power Corporation Strategic
MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. Bromley. That has            Plan 2012-2014.”
nothing to do with the Minister’s portfolios of what
he has to do in the House. Do you have any other                   TABLED DOCUMENT 19-17(1):
questions?                                                      SUMMARY OF MEMBERS’ ABSENCES
MR. BROMLEY:        Thank you. I have no further                        FOR THE PERIOD
questions.                                                    OCTOBER 27, 2011, TO DECEMBER 6, 2011
MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. Bromley. Item 10,            MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. Miltenberger.
returns to written questions. Item 11, petitions. Item   Pursuant to Section 5 of the Legislative Assembly
12, reports of committees on the review of bills.        and Executive Council Act, I wish to table the
Item 13, tabling of documents. The honourable            Summary of Members’ Absences for the Period of
Minister responsible for the NWT Power                   October 27, 2011, to December 6, 2011.
Corporation, Mr. Miltenberger.                           ---Interjection
                                                         MR. SPEAKER: Order!
             Tabling of Documents
       TABLED DOCUMENT 15-17(1):
PUBLIC ACCOUNTS OF THE GOVERNMENT OF                               TABLED DOCUMENT 20-17(1):
      REPORT FOR THE YEAR ENDED                          Pursuant to Section 14 of the Indemnities,
            MARCH 31, 2011                               Allowances and Expense Regulations of the
HON. MICHAEL MILTENBERGER: Thank you,                    Legislative Assembly and the Executive Council
Mr. Speaker. I wish to table the following document,     Act, I hereby table the Statutory Declarations of
entitled “Public Accounts of the Government of the       Residence of the following Members of the
Northwest Territories Interim Report for the Year        Legislative Assembly:
Ended March 31, 2011.”                                   •    Mr. Michael M. Nadli, Member for Deh Cho,
                                                              declaration dated December 14, 2011;
                                                         •    Mr. Robert Bouchard, Member for Hay River
                                                              North, declaration dated December 12, 2011;
                                                         •    Mrs. Jane Groenewegen, Member for Hay River
                                                              South, declaration dated December 13, 2011;
                                                         •    Mr. Alfred Moses, Member for Inuvik Boot Lake,
                                                              declaration dated December 13, 2011;
                                                         •    Mr. Robert C. McLeod, Member for Inuvik Twin
                                                              Lakes, declaration dated November 22, 2011;
                                                         •    Mr. Frederick “Sonny” Blake, Member for
                                                              Mackenzie Delta, declaration dated December
                                                              7, 2011;
December 15, 2011                   NORTHWEST TERRITORIES HANSARD                                   Page 237

•   Mr. Kevin Menicoche, Member for Nahendeh,                        Second Reading of Bills
    declaration dated December 8, 2011;
•   Mr. Gary Warner Jackie Jacobson, Member for                          BILL 1:
    Nunakput, declaration dated December 12,                        APPROPRIATION ACT
    2011;                                                    (INFRASTRUCTURE EXPENDITURES),
•   Mr. Norman Yakeleya, Member for Sahtu,
    declaration dated December 12, 2011; and            HON. MICHAEL MILTENBERGER: Mr. Speaker, I
                                                        move, seconded by the honourable Member for
•    Mr. Michael J. Miltenberger, Member for            Yellowknife South, that Bill 1, Appropriation Act
    Thebacha, declaration dated November 22,            (Infrastructure Expenditures), 2012-2013, be read
    2011.                                               for the second time.
Members, at this time I see that we’ll take a five-     Mr. Speaker, this bill authorizes the Government of
minute break.                                           the Northwest Territories to make infrastructure
---SHORT RECESS                                         expenditures for the 2012-2013 fiscal year. Thank
       TABLED DOCUMENT 21-17(1):                        MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. Miltenberger. The
INFORMATION AND PRIVACY COMMISSIONER                    motion is in order. To the principle of the bill.
                                                        SOME HON. MEMBERS: Question.
        2010-2011 ANNUAL REPORT
MR. SPEAKER: I’d like to call the House back to
order. Pursuant to Section 68 of the Access to          Bill 1 has had second reading. Item 19,
Information and Protection of Privacy Act, I wish to    consideration in Committee of the Whole of bills
table the 2010-2011 Annual Report of the                and other matters. Item 20, report of Committee of
Information and Privacy Commissioner of the             the Whole. Item 21, third reading of bills. Mr.
Northwest Territories.                                  Miltenberger.
Item 14, notices of motion. Item 15, notices of
motion for first reading of bills. Item 16, motions.                  Third Reading of Bills
Item 17, first reading of bills. The honourable
Minister of Finance, Mr. Miltenberger.                                   BILL 1:
                                                                    APPROPRIATION ACT
                                                             (INFRASTRUCTURE EXPENDITURES),
seek consent to proceed with First Reading of Bill
1, Appropriation Act (Infrastructure Expenditures),
2012-2013. Thank you.                                   HON. MICHAEL MILTENBERGER: Mr. Speaker, I
                                                        move, seconded by the honourable Member for
---Consent granted
                                                        Yellowknife South, that Bill 1, Appropriation Act
                                                        (Infrastructure Expenditures), 2012-2013, be read
             First Reading of Bills                     for the third time. Thank you.
                                                        MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. Miltenberger. The
                 BILL 1:
                                                        motion is in order. To the motion.
     (INFRASTRUCTURE EXPENDITURES),                     SOME HON. MEMBERS: Question.
                2012-2013                               ---Carried
HON. MICHAEL MILTENBERGER: Mr. Speaker, I               Bill 1 has had third reading.
move, seconded by the honourable Member for
Yellowknife South, that Bill 1, Appropriation Act                      SPEAKER’S RULING
(Infrastructure Expenditures), 2012-2013, be read
for the first time. Thank you.                          Members, I will now give my ruling on the two
                                                        points or order raised last week. The first one was
MR. SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr. Miltenberger. The                                                        th
                                                        raised by Mr. Miltenberger on December 8 about
motion is in order. To the motion.                      something Mr. Bromley said. The second was
SOME HON. MEMBERS: Question.                            raised by Mr. Bromley on December 9th about
---Carried                                              comments made by the Premier and Mr.
                                                        Miltenberger. I don’t want to repeat any of these
Bill 1 has had first reading. Item 18, second reading   comments today because it has taken too much of
of bills. The honourable Minister of Finance, Mr.       the time of the House already.
                                                        I allowed discussion on both points of order. Two
                                                        comments stuck out to me in talking to Mr. Bromley
                                                        on his point of order. The Premier said, “...if you are
Page 238                            NORTHWEST TERRITORIES HANSARD                         December 15, 2011

going to use inflammatory phrases like he did, I         McDonald School in Yellowknife, P.W. Kaeser High
guess he should expect that he will get the same         School in Fort Smith and Samuel Hearne
kind.” Mr. Bromley responded by asking, “Do two          Secondary School in Inuvik. Our sincere thanks to
wrongs make a right?”                                    you all for your hard work.
All the Members involved here are experienced            ---Applause
Members. Experienced Members should be setting           Colleagues, now I want to wish each of you, and
a good example for all other Members, not showing        your families and loved ones, the very best of the
them what not to do. They have to be respectful in       holiday season and to all your family and friends. I’d
language and not make bad situations worse. Last         also like to take this opportunity to extend best
week one Member used strong language to make             wishes to my constituents in Nunakput and, indeed,
his point that was important to him. Some Members        to all residents of the NWT. I look forward to
took real offence to Mr. Bromley’s choice of words.      returning home to Tuk and taking part in the
Rather than try to tone things down, Minister            community celebrations that are happening all
Miltenberger and Premier McLeod turned it up with        across the North. Enjoying Christmas concerts, the
more strong language. They gave strong meaning           excitement and special visits with family and friends
to Mr. Bromley’s comments that I don’t think he          and I’m really looking forward to going to Aklavik.
                                                         I wish everyone a happy and safe holiday and a
Colleagues, two wrongs don’t make a right. I’ll          happy and healthy New Year. Colleagues, I wish
repeat what I said in the House following the            you all safe travels as we leave here today and I
second point of order. The people elected us here        look forward seeing you back in this House in the
and want us to work for the people, not throw            new year.
insults back and forth to each other. I considered
ruling both against Mr. Bromley and Mr. McLeod. I        Mr. Clerk, please ascertain if the Commissioner, the
don’t think that would do anything to change the         Honourable George Tuccaro, is prepared to enter
direction we have taken so far. This is our last         the Chamber to assent to bills and prorogue the
sitting day of the year. I want all Members to think     First Session of the 17th Assembly.
about why we were sent here and why we are here
to represent our people. I know we care about their                         Prorogation
issues. That doesn’t mean we should be
disrespectful to each other in the language we use.      COMMISSIONER         OF    THE     NORTHWEST
Members need to think before they speak, thicken         TERRITORIES (Hon. George Tuccaro):            Mr.
their skin and find ways to solve problems together.     Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly,
Therefore, there are no points of order.                 good afternoon. I am pleased to be with you again
                                                         in the Chamber today.
Speaker’s Closing Remarks
                                                         As the holiday season draws near, this is the
As we prepare to conclude the First Session of the       perfect opportunity to wish each and every one of
17th Legislative Assembly, I’d like to thank you for
                                                         you a joyous and safe holiday season filled with
your hard work you have done in this short time.         hope, good health, inspiration and holiday time with
You have appointed your committees, received and         your families and friends as we enter into the
given briefings on a variety of issues of importance     coming new year.
to the NWT, made statements, answered
questions, and considered and adopted the capital        We look forward to the New Year as we continue to
budget for the 2012-2013 fiscal year.                    work together in a spirit of collaboration and
                                                         cooperation for a more caring Northwest Territories.
During this sitting we also had the pleasure of
welcoming Their Excellencies the Right Honourable
David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, and                          ASSENT TO BILLS
Mrs. Sharon Johnston on their first official visit to    As Commissioner of the Northwest Territories, I am
the Northwest Territories. This was the first time a     pleased to assent to the following bill: Bill 1,
Governor General has addressed the Northwest             Appropriation Act (Infrastructure Expenditures),
Territories Legislative Assembly during a formal         2012-2013.
sitting of the House.                                    Prior to proroguing this First Session of the 17

Another first, colleagues, was the invitation you        Legislative Assembly, I wish to announce that the
issued to the Aboriginal leaders to join us on the       Second Session of the 17 Legislative Assembly
floor of the House to hear what the Governor             will convene on Tuesday, February 7, 2012, at 1:30
General’s address was. As I said earlier, a short but    in the afternoon.
very busy two weeks.                                     As Commissioner of the Northwest Territories, I
On behalf of all Members, I’d like to thank all of the   hereby prorogue the First Session of the 17
Pages who helped us in the last two weeks. We            Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories.
had Pages from the following schools: William
December 15, 2011              NORTHWEST TERRITORIES HANSARD   Page 239

Thank you,    merci   beaucoup,   mahsi   cho,
    The House prorogued at 3:47 p.m.
Page 240   NORTHWEST TERRITORIES HANSARD   December 15, 2011

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