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									C    ongratulations on your purchase of my Command
Collar® training system. Today is the day that you can begin
                                                                  If you experience one or more of these problems at any stage
                                                                  during the training process then it’s critical that you DO
                                                                                                                                    SPECIAL PRECAUTIONS
                                                                                                                                    Essential Command Collar® Training DOs
                                                                                                                                                                                                      proper condition. Understand that you may not be able to
                                                                                                                                                                                                      achieve your desired results with excessively aggressive dogs
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          IMPORTANT SAFETY WARNINGS
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          AND PRECAUTIONS
                                                                  NOT give up on your goals. Instead, take the steps neces-                                                                           and/or dogs that have been deliberately trained to fight,
to see an amazing transformation in your relationship with        sary to equip yourself to effectively deal with the behavioral    Read this entire Instruction Guide and watch the entire “30       attack and the like, and/or the minority of dogs that have          Remember, you are responsible for your own safety and you
your dog.                                                         problems by investing in my “Secrets to Training the Perfect      Minutes to the Perfect Dog” DVD prior to training your            genetic psychological disorders.                                    dog’s too. You should know your dog’s behavior tendencies
                                                                  Dog” system which features an entire section on aggression        dog. Watch the “Pulling on the Leash” DVD segment under                                                                               better than anyone. Be alert and aware of your dog’s condi-
In order to ensure the maximum and quickest results I’ve          and other valuable instruction on appropriately dealing with      the Getting Started Chapter several times to gain a full un-                                                                          tion as well as the environment around you at all times dur-
included some IMPORTANT points for you to follow. They            stubborn dogs. To order, please go to HYPERLINK “http://          derstanding on how to properly apply the Command Collar®          Essential Command Collar® Training DON’Ts                           ing training. Many dogs, no matter their previous disposi-
are shown in this instruction guide and in the introductory” You                 corrections. Follow all applicable rules, laws and regulations                                                                        tion, have the potential to bite a person and/or another dog.
sections of the “30 Minutes to the Perfect Dog” DVD in-           will find the 2 DVD set and other available products on the       at all times. Such includes governmental leash, clean up,         • Never use food/treats as good behavior rewards.                   Be aware that your dog may be one of these dogs. A dog
cluded with your collar. It’s also essential that you watch the   “Accessories” page.                                               and other laws.                                                                                                                       that has shown aggression only towards dogs and/or other
                                                                                                                                                                                                      • Never allow your dog to establish itself as the leader during
DVD entirely BEFORE attempting any training with your                                                                               Responsible adults who read and follow all instructions                                                                               animals DOES have the potential to bite humans.
                                                                                                                                                                                                        training sessions and beyond. You must be in control 24/7.
dog and/or my Command Collar® device. After watching              Whether your dog is a new addition to your home and this          should only use this system. The Command Collar® device
the DVD you can also go to the following website to further       is your first ever attempt at dog training, or whether you’ve                                                                       • Never use inconsistent methods to correct your dog’s
                                                                                                                                    is not a toy and Don Sullivan’s system is not a game.               behavior. Such includes making sure all the people                The same is true in the reverse. As you begin to assert your
understand my secrets to Command Collar® training: www.           purchased my Command Collar system because no other               Only use a properly sized Command Collar® device during                                                                               authority and control over your dog, expect resistance from                                              training device or method has so far given you the success                                                                            involved with your dog follow the essential Command
                                                                                                                                    training.                                                           Collar® training techniques.                                      your dog. Such may include experiencing your dog trying
                                                                  you’re looking for, my Command Collar system is your road                                                                                                                                               to dart, lunge, jump/climb on you, nip/bite (in extreme
The enclosed 30 Minutes to the Perfect Dog DVD focuses            to a lifelong harmonious and rewarding relationship with                                                                            • Never lose control and/or attention during your training          cases) or otherwise assert their independence e.g. “muling”
on solving the top problem behaviors commonly encoun-             your canine friend. With proper use of the collar and thor-       Use an appropriate training line and/or leash for the specific      sessions. It’s important to remove emotion during training.       and refusing to move. When training medium and larger
tered by dog owners. After achieving success in these areas,      ough application of my training techniques, you’ll witness        training exercise, as recommended. Start with moderately            Command Collar® training is a balance of consistent praise        dogs do not underestimate their strength and power. Such
you might want to consider purchasing my complete Don             rapid and amazing results and a transformed, contented and        soft Command Collar® corrections and gradually increase             and discipline. It is unaffected by emotion and is aimed          requires you to maintain balance, control and alertness at
Sullivan’s “Secrets to Training the Perfect Dog” DVD pack-        respectful dog.                                                   your correction firmness as needed until your dog re-               at achieving specific results (including overcoming any           all times. Use the Command Collar® device only as intended
age. This 2 DVD set offers an extra three hours of lessons (5                                                                       sponds as you desire. Start Command Collar® training in a           obstacles that undermine or threaten the training success).       and always lean towards safety.
hours in total) and covers 70 different training topics.          I look forward to hearing your success, just as I have with       controlled, secure space free of other dogs and apart from        • Never delay in addressing behavioral problems when
                                                                  countless other dog owners around the world. Happy training!      major distractions and disturbances. As your dog begins to          they arise.                                                       Have both hands available during all Command Collar®
This complete Perfect Dog system is also highly valuable for                                                                        respond positively to Command Collar® training, introduce                                                                             training sessions. Exercise caution when handling training
                                                                                                                                                                                                      • Never expect that positive behavior changes won’t be
those dog owners who are experiencing signs of aggression                                                                           controlled “distractions” at increasing levels. Stay consistent                                                                       lines and leashes. Use sturdy gloves where necessary (e.g.
                                                                  Don Sullivan
                                                                                                                                                                                                        undone if you fail to remain consistent with the
and/or severe resistance with their dogs. Remember, dog                                                                             and incorporate Command Collar® training in your dog’s                                                                                when working with particularly strong dogs and/or dogs
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Command Collar® system.
aggression is a complex issue and one that cannot be taken                                                                          daily routine.                                                                                                                        that have a tendency to want to dart) to avoid personal
                                                                  “The DogFather”                                                                                                                     • Never use a broken, damaged or compromised Command
lightly. A dog might have the potential to display some form                                                                                                                                                                                                              injury. During training remove any jewelry that could po-
of aggressive or severely dominant or stubborn behavior, but                                                                                                                                            Collar® device during training.
                                                                                                                                    Train your dog indoors and outside, and in a variety of                                                                               tentially catch on the training equipment, to avoid personal
this potential may not surface until the dog is clearly chal-                                                                       environments so your dog understands proper behavior is           • Never use a broken, damaged or compromised leash or               injury. Any dog training involves potential risk of serious
lenged for the first time. This is what some dog owners expe-                                                                       expected everywhere. Always inspect the Command Collar®             training line during training.                                    injury of all types, foreseeable and unforeseeable.
rience when they first begin my Command Collar® training                                                                            device, leash and/or training line and all other equipment
as my system is aimed at training your dog to respect you as                                                                        used prior to any training session, to ensure everything is in
his wise and caring leader.                                   1                                                                 2                                                                3                                                                   4                                                                5

Dogs are intelligent, living creatures that can do unexpected     Essential and Other Training Equipment – Review the               the light polypropylene line dragging from the collar (with-      Never repeat a verbal command. If your dog doesn’t obey
things that can cause harm to themselves, other dogs and/or       Equipment Chapter of the “30 Minutes to the Perfect Dog”          out hindering the dog’s movement as some leashes can).            after two seconds, implement a physical correction.
to people. You must use common sense, reasonable care and         DVD to educate yourself on the essential training equip-
caution when dealing with your dog. Your dog could have a         ment you will need to execute Command Collar® training.           Gloves (preferably leather). Don Sullivan strongly suggests       Avoid empty threats. If a dog disobeys, requiring a physi-
predisposed health condition that could be exacerbated by         Don Sullivan also provides information on certain other           that you wear gloves during Command Collar® train-                cal correction, always follow through and properly make
Command Collar® training. Prior to training, consult with         complimentary training equipment that can be used with            ing. Leather is preferred because knitted cotton gloves or        the physical correction. Do not allow your dog to break a
your dog’s veterinarian if you are unsure about your dog’s        his techniques. Don Sullivan’s insights into these options are    puffy ski gloves limit your ability to move and grab the          stationary command. If a dog breaks a stationary command,
health and/or ability to perform the training contemplated        very valuable but remember there are three essential pieces       lines during training. Durable gloves will: keep your hands       take the dog back to the original spot and make a physical
herein.                                                           of equipment you’ll need in order to train your dog:              clean when the training lines come into contact with dirt,        correction. He must stay in this position until you properly
                                                                                                                                    mud and/or water, give your hands added strength that is          release him with a verbal “Okay” and hand clap as you
                                                                  Command Collar® device. Mother dogs use their teeth at            essential for corrections, lessen the chance of rope or leash     step away from the dog. Never give a command unless you
Neither Thane International, Inc., Kaswit, Inc., Don Sullivan     various levels to get their puppy’s attention. When used          burns that can result if your dog tries to lunge or dash when     are prepared to follow through with a physical correction
and/or any of their affiliates, employees, agents, and the like   properly, the Command Collar® feel and affect elicits a natu-     attached to the training line, and protect your hands from        should the dog ignore you.
are liable for any harm, damage, injury, or the like caused       ral memory resulting in a natural response.                       potential nips and bites.
to or by your dog in relation to the use of the Command                                                                                                                                               When beginning a new command, always start with a low
Collar® device, related equipment, related accessories and/or     Freedom Training lines OR standard nylon leash. In the                                                                              level correction and build up to a level that causes the dog to
the application of any techniques, instructions or suggestions    enclosed DVD you’ll see that all Command Collar® training         Getting Started with Command Collar® Training                     want to respond. Once a certain level of correction has been
implied or shown in the “30 Minutes to the Perfect Dog”           is performed in conjunction with Don Sullivan’s Freedom                                                                             reached do not start off the next training session at a lower
DVD and/or this instruction guide. Such includes, but is not      Training Lines instead of a leash. Training lines attach to the   A comprehensive training DVD has been provided because            level again. Begin the next session with the same level of
limited to, personal or property injury you may sustain prior     metal ring in the center of the nylon loop of the Command         actually watching Don Sullivan and the Command Collar®            correction at which you finished the last session.
to, during and/or after any Command Collar® training.             Collar® like a leash, although there are important differences    in action is the best way to educate and instruct you on
                                                                  between a standard leash and Don Sullivan’s specialized           how to apply the proven method to meet your dog’s needs.          Once you reach the point where you can give a command
                                                                  Freedom Training Lines.                                           To further help you with this we have created a clear and         and your dog immediately responds (and receives praise
ESSENTIAL TRAINING EQUIPMENT                                                                                                        easy-to-navigate menu that allows immediate access to the         from you), only occasional maintenance corrections should
                                                                  Ideally, you should have access to three separate length          topics you want to learn about and revisit as needed. Below       be necessary if and when the dog opts to challenge you.
Command Collar® Benefits and Sizing – The Command                 training lines: 10 feet, 3 feet and 6 inches. Each is used in     is a quick summary of the training Golden Rules that the          Proper training technique is more than being consistent.
Collar® benefits are numerous. Easy to use and lightweight,       different situations to maintain consistent control of your       DVD will teach you to follow, but you must watch the DVD          Successful training requires consistency AND corrections
the first thing to do is properly size it. If you’re training a   dog indoors and out. For example, outside training starts         to fully grasp each:                                              that are at a level that is appropriate for your particular dog’s
growing dog ensure proper size and fit with each training ses-    with the 10-foot line. After your dog starts to positively                                                                          strength of will.
sion. With mature dogs you should only have to size the collar    respond to the training method, you will transition to the        When teaching a dog something new, you need to show it to
once. After that, putting the collar on your dog and taking it    shorter 3-foot line and, ultimately, the six-inch line. Besides   him 10 times before he will start to understand the behavior      Physical correction is not permission to be abusive towards
off should accomplished by using the Quick Release Snap. To       the physical control function of a Freedom Training Line,         that you expect from him. Praise your dog verbally and            your dog. It is a controlled, calculated exercise in behavioral
understand how to properly size, adjust and fit the Command       the line also has a psychological affect on the dog when          physically when he positively responds but don’t overdo the       modification. Your corrections should be just firm enough
Collar®, refer to the Command Collar® section in the Equip-       you’re not actually holding on to the line. The dog feels that    praise. Too much praise during training causes the dog to         to cause the dog to choose to respond of his own free will.
ment Chapter on the “30 Minutes to the Perfect Dog” DVD.          you are, in essence, still in control of him because he senses    lose focus. Limit heavy praise to play periods.                   Use firm and commanding tones when training (without
                                                             6                                                                  7                                                                8                                                                   9
yelling). Make sure they clearly tell your dog what you            senses/feels the training line is attached. Over time, you will       Training and Treats - Run Time 03:16 - Command Collar®            plus key things to remember. Note: a proper Command Col-             bell, other noises, moving objects, or even as part of his
expect. Don’t use tones that imply/signal that you’re asking       wean your dog off the training line once he has earned the            training does not use treats or food rewards. Here Don Sulli-     lar® fit should be reasonably snug around your dog’s neck,           exuberant personality) no matter what you’ve tried to fix the
him to do something.                                               privilege of freedom. Training periods should last until your         van explains why.                                                 just above the torso and with enough room to easily fit one          problem.
                                                                   dog achieves three commands in a row without the need for                                                                               finger underneath.
If your dog fails to respond to a command, increase the            physical correction, but in no event should exceed 45 min-            Verbal Baiting - Run Time 02:41 - How to avoid common                                                                                  Chewing - Run Time 03:57 - Understanding that one of your
firmness of your physical correction but do not increase the       utes. Drilling a dog over and over for periods longer than 45         verbal miscues that undermine Command Collar® training.           Useless Equipment - Run Time 03:37 - Don Sullivan dis-               dog’s natural instincts and life needs is to chew objects. How
tone/volume/intensity of your verbal command.                      minutes is unproductive for you and your dog.                                                                                           cusses certain types of training collars and devices that are        to stop your dog from chewing all “out of bounds” items
A primary training goal is to get your dog to respond to           Once your dog understands the basic commands it’s benefi-             Incorporating Training into Daily Routine - Run Time 03:20        detrimental to your dog and training success.                        such as household furnishings, and how to train your dog to
three commands in a row without resistance or challenge            cial to practice the same training commands in different lo-          - Tips to save time by incorporating Command Collar®                                                                                   exercise self control so that you can trust him alone in your
(and, therefore, without the need for physical correction).        cations, to teach your dog to obey in different environments          training into your daily routines.                                Retractable Leashes - Run Time 01:21 - Why retractable               house, car, office, etc.
This shows the dog is beginning to accept your authority. It’s     and under various levels of distraction and temptation.                                                                                 leashes should never be used.
most important to achieve three consecutive “Down” com-                                                                                  Pulling on the Leash - Run Time 13:13 - How to master                                                                                  Counter Surfing (stealing food) - Run Time 02:09 - Teaching
mands as this is the most humbling command.                                                                                              physical collar corrections, getting your dog to stop pulling                                                                          the boundary between your food and his.
Always use a combination of verbal and hand signal to com-         DVD CHAPTERS                                                          on the leash and walk calmly. Overcoming muling, rearing          Commands
mand your dog. This approach provides two ways for your            Getting Started                                                       up and resisting. The purpose of having your dog not pull                                                                              Digging - Run Time 03:00 - Getting your dog to stop dig-
dog to understand and process what behavior you desire.                                                                                  on the leash is to teach your dog to respect the boundaries       Down Command - Run Time 06:50 - Teaching your dog to                 ging in the yard/garden.
                                                                   If at any time you feel that you’re struggling, we strongly           you establish.                                                    lie down on command. Why and how the “Down” com-
When you give a hand signal keep it visible and still for two      advise you to return to this Instruction Guide and the “30                                                                              mand is critical to successful Command Collar® training.             Jumping Up - Run Time 08:18 - Getting your dog to stop
full seconds, ensuring that it’s strong and clear. If the dog      Minutes to the Perfect Dog” DVD to identify any weak-                 Playing - Run Time 01:06 - Understanding the importance           Ultimately, you want your dog to respond to a “Down” com-            jumping on you and other people, no matter how excited
fails to respond make the physical correction even if the dog      nesses in your efforts, techniques and/or execution of the            of “play time” before, during and after training.                 mand for the first time, every time, wherever you issue the          you/they may be.
starts to comply as you near him to make a physical cor-           Command Collar® correction. Don Sullivan’s system is a                                                                                  command, and to hold the command until you release him,
rection. This is essential to teach him that he must respond       proven success with all manner of dogs and problem be-                                                                                  however long that might be.                                          Housebreaking - Run Time 14:25 - Step-by-step techniques
within your desired time frame. Do not wait to get your            haviors. Those dog owners who do not achieve their desired            Equipment                                                                                                                              to teach your dog to relieve himself where you want him
dog’s attention to give a command. If you make a mistake           results are generally those who do not make every effort to                                                                             Stay Command - Run Time 04:21 - Teaching your dog to                 to, no matter what you’ve experienced with your dog so
giving a command, do not laugh. Instead, maintain your             implement the training properly and thoroughly.                       Essential Equipment – Run Time 03:29 - An explanation of          stay in any position for any length of time until released.          far. Such includes learning to be “in tune” with your dog’s
composure so your dog understands that commands are                                                                                      the essential training tools to use for each dog i.e. how they                                                                         signals for needing to “go potty” outside.
always serious business.                                           Training Philosophy - Run Time 07:23 - Hear Don Sullivan              operate, in what situations to use them, and the key things
                                                                   explain the theories behind his training method and under-            to remember.                                                      Problem Behaviors
Incorporate frequent play periods into all training sessions.      stand your important role in the process.                                                                                                                                                                    Frequently Asked Questions
If your dog is resisting training and/or being stubborn make                                                                             Specialized Equipment - Run Time 06:45 - Explanations             Problem Behaviors Introduction - Run Time 02:21 - Over-
sure you achieve some level of training progress before            Golden Rules - Run Time 06:29 – Don Sullivan’s golden                 about other training collars, muzzles and options.                view of problem dog behaviors and how Command Collar®                Everything went well the first day but now my dog seems to
commencing a play session. A training line should remain           rules that must be followed to properly apply Command                                                                                   training helps overcome them.                                        be regressing. What should I expect in the first week? Dur-
on your dog even when your dog is playing with you and/            Collar® training and maximize training effectiveness.                 Command Collar® - Run Time 03:33 - A detailed Command                                                                                  ing the first week of Command Collar® training your dog
or other dogs. This is essential to prevent your dog from                                                                                Collar® demonstration. How to adjust and size the collar for      Barking - Run Time 06:17 - How to stop barking (whether              might attempt to regain the control he was accustomed to
becoming line smart i.e. only listening to you when he                                                                                   your dog, getting it on and off your dog once initially sized,    this behavior is caused by other animals, people, the door-          having. Some new and interesting behaviors might develop
                                                             10                                                                    11                                                                 12                                                                   13                                                                 14

to try to circumvent your effort to become the respected           A: ABOUT RETRACTABLE LEASHES - Retractable                            cess is ensuring that each dog wears the Command Collar®          A: You do need to stop your dog from chewing on the line             trained. As part of advanced training, you can teach your
leader. This may manifest itself in the form of simple             (“flexi”) leashes will not work with the Command Collar®              with an appropriate length training line at all times (while      or leash. Watch the Chewing section for instruction. If              dog to discern the difference between the various rules and
stubbornness, poutiness, or in the extreme case outward            system. Command Collar® training is premised on the phi-              someone is present to supervise) until all training goals have    your dog continues to chew on the line/leash you need to             boundaries that you have set for individual activities.
aggression. A small percentage of dogs even strangely decide       losophy that all dogs must learn NOT to pull on the training          been reached. Sharing collars simply won’t work. Next, it ‘s      remember that he is simply not respecting the correction
to start toileting in the house right in front of you, as an act   line or leash. Retractable leashes do nothing to teach the dog        important that each dog is worked individually for the first      you are giving. As such, you need to increase the correc-            NOTE: This type of activity is the ONLY time Don Sullivan
of defiance!                                                       that it must stay within the finite boundaries that the owner         week. While this requires a bit more time you can start to        tion intensity (but not the volume of your voice) until your         suggests using a body harness instead of the Command Collar®.
It’s important to remember that any negative behavior              sets. A second problem retractable leashes pose is that they          work multiple dogs together as each becomes more respon-          dog decides that it’s not worth chewing on the line/leash
that might arise is not being caused by Command Collar®            allow a dog to dash off for a meaningful distance that often          sive to your training.                                            anymore.                                                             Q: Are there signs to help determine if my dog is going to
training. Rather, it’s being EXPOSED by the training. In           causes the leash handle to jerk out of the owner’s hand when                                                                                                                                                 bite or become aggressive?
scenarios like this the dog has always had the potential to        the dog reaches the end of the leash. This can cause serious          NOTE: If you do not begin the training process with mul-          Q: My dog has several behavioral issues that need correct-           A: Do not be caught off guard and unaware. Even a seem-
be difficult but up until now there was no reason for the          injury to you and your dog. For these reasons and more                tiple dogs at the same time, untrained dogs can negatively        ing. Should I try to correct all at the same time or is it best      ingly easy-going and happy dog can opt to bite once its lead-
dog to show his “darker” side. Stubborn, aggressive and/or         never use a retractable leash with your dog.                          influence the behavior of the dog you are working with,           to focus on one at a time?                                           ership role is challenged. Growling, barking and mouthing
dominant behavior must be overcome for the safety of the                                                                                 undermining the program’s success.                                A: You should address all behavioral problems as soon as             are just some of the signs that a dog has the potential to bite.
dog as well as its owner and other people who might ever           Q: How firm do I need to be when I physically correct my dog?                                                                           they arise. Begin with the Pulling on the Leash lesson and           When these traits are displayed extra caution should be ex-
interact with the dog.                                             A: The Command Collar® action gets your dog’s attention by            Q: Does Command Collar® training work for all dog breeds,         then teach the “Down” and “Stay” commands at your own                ercised. Plus, the dog owner should purchase Don Sullivan’s
                                                                   mimicking the way a mother dog uses its mouth and teeth               ages and types?                                                   pace. As you’re working on these things and throughout               “Secrets to Training the Perfect Dog” complete 2 DVD set
NOTE: Any resistance from your dog will be a temporary             to physically correct her offspring’s behavior. Mother dogs           A: Command Collar® training remains consistent for all            the day you should continually correct other undesirable             as this package features valuable instruction on effectively
attempt by the dog to maintain control. Obvious resistance         typically nip or bite the fur just behind and around the neck         dogs no matter the breed, age, size, personality, instincts,      behavior as it occurs. For example, if you’re working on             dealing with dog aggression, dominance, stubbornness and
will be more pronounced in the first and possibly the second       of their puppies. The bite’s strength or intensity depends on         intelligence, past training or past experiences. It also works    loose leash walking and your dog barks at or tries to jump           other extreme resistance behaviors.
week of training. This open resistance should markedly             the situation and perceived problem or danger. Oftentimes             for virtually any problem behavior or intensity of behaviors.     on a passerby then you need to immediately correct the bad
diminish as time goes by if you consistently follow and            a mother dog maintains her bite for the time it takes to abate        The only adjustment or difference is the training level that      behavior.                                                            Any dog that is being consistently resistant to Command
properly apply the Command Collar® techniques.                     the negative behavior. With small pups you’ll also see a              you will need to exert to correct your individual dog.                                                                                 Collar® training should be muzzled, even if the dog is not
                                                                   mother dog bite, hold and physically move the pup if neces-                                                                             As you begin Command Collar® training you may also find              being overtly aggressive. This is especially true when the
Q: How fast will it take to see results?                           sary. Your corrective actions will use the same approach.             Q: Who should do the training in the household?                   that some of your dog’s typical problem behaviors mysteri-           dog is around children and/or other dogs. (It’s always bet-
A: While Don Sullivan’s system is not a magical wand,              Review the Pulling on the Leash DVD section in the Getting            A: One person should lead the Command Collar® training            ously disappear even though you have not yet directly cor-           ter to be safe than sorry.) It’s also important to review the
when clear and consistent leadership is given every dog will       Started Chapter to study the proper correction technique.             but it’s still important for all family members to be involved,   rected them. This is because your dog has started to accept          Specialized Equipment section of the accompanying DVD
respond within minutes. It’s natural for dogs to test the con-     If your dog fails to correct its behavior after the first line cor-   following the same methodology properly and thoroughly            your new leadership role and he has wisely put away other            which explains how muzzles are an extremely effective tool
sistency of this leadership, with this being especially true if    rection, repeat the verbal command in the same voice and              as instructed in this guide and the accompanying DVD.             unaddressed actions in an effort toward self-governance.             in humbling a stubborn (but not necessarily aggressive) dog.
the person asserting new control has an established history        make another correction with a bit more firmness. Repeat              With children extra caution should be used to ensure safety
of being passive or submissive towards the dog. Be prepared        until your dog stops the problem behavior altogether.                 and to ensure that the child does not play with or pull on the    Q: Can my dog still pull me along on my roller blades or bike?       NOTE: To order Don Sullivan’s “Secrets to Training the
to provide consistency to maintain the positive changes                                                                                  training line or collar. Doing so can confuse and/or provoke      A: Not at first. Any dog in training must first be taught            Perfect Dog” 2 DVD set (5 hours of instruction; 70 different
experienced until these changes become firmly implanted in         Q: Can I train more than one dog at the same time?                    the dog.                                                          never to pull on the leash when walking with its owner. This         lessons), please go to You will
your dog’s behavioral pattern.                                     A: Don Sullivan actually recommends that multiple dogs                                                                                  imperative step is crucial to all Command Collar® train-             find the 2 DVD set and other available products on the
                                                                   are trained simultaneously so long as each dog involved has           Q: What do I do when my dog constantly tries to chew on the       ing. If roller blading or biking, etc. is something you want         “Accessories” page.
Q: Can I use a flexible/retractable leash?                         its own equipment. Remember, one of the keys to suc-                  training line and/or leash?                                       to pursue it will only be acceptable once your dog is fully
                                                             15                                                                    16                                                                 17                                                                   18   PrefectDog CmdCollar MNLIN R0 210308                          19

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