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					       Vol. 2, No. 11

         A Brotherhood Aiming Toward Education                                                           April 2011                           Dedicated to Freedom of Choice

                                    BIKER’S DREAM
                                                                                                         Watch out for bikes and bars
                                                                                                         BY STACY “AX” AXMAKER                             get bitten. A half second delay in reacting
                                                                                                         Director - Idaho STAR Motorcycle Safety Program   to a car pulling out in front of you can make
                                                                                                                                                           the difference between a close call and a
                                                                                                           In 2007 and 2008, 25-30% of motorcycle          911 call.
                                                                                                         fatalities in Idaho involved riders who had         Our best ‘rescue’ from these crashes and
                                                                                                         been drinking.                                    fatalities is each other. Drinking is not the
                                                                                                           And most of these fatalities involved rid-      problem; it’s what we do after we drink that
                                                                                                         ers who had a BAC of .08 or higher. Na-           can be the problem. Let’s face it – you know
                                                                                                         tionally, these percentages are even              when one of your buddies shouldn’t ride.
                                                                                                         higher. What gives?                               And guess what – your buddies also know
                                                                                                           One of the unfortunate elements of our          when you shouldn’t ride.
                                                                                                         ‘biker culture’ is alcohol. Poker runs often        ‘Knowing’ isn’t the problem. The prob-
                                                                                                         go from bar tobar; many bike shows, swap          lem is that we typically don’t take action to
                                                                                                         meets, and other riding events have beer          stop something we know could result in
                                                                                                         gardens (or at least a keg or two).               disaster.
                                                                                                           So often we see a row of beautiful bikes          As riders, we take action when issues
                                                                                                         parked outside of a bar. Perhaps the riders       arise. Those issues could be that one of
                                                                                                         in thereare drinking coffee or lemonade –         the riders in the group is having a problem
                                                                                                         the fatality numbers suggest otherwise.           with their bike, or it starts to rain, or maybe
                                                                                                           You’ll hear people say (or you may say)         there is a speed trap ahead. We recognize
                                                                                                         that they can ride fine with a few drinks.        the situation, we know what needs to be
                                                                                                         Here is the bottom line:                          done, and we do it. In these ways, we look
                                                                                                           1. Judgment, vision, and divided attention      out for each other and ourselves.
                                                                                                         skills are affected by even small amounts           Alcohol is no different. Please, look out
                                                                              Photo/Garry “2R” Canaday   of alcohol.                                       for your buddies (and yourselves) and take
                                                                                                           Judgment is the most critical.                  action when you know they shouldn’t ride.
Playboy Super Model and Actress Kristy Swanson poses on a ‘06 Hayabusa at the Wide Open Bike Show held     2. Reaction time and coordination are also        It’s your choice. Make the right choice –
in Tulsa at the Quik Trip Center on Feb. 26 and 27. The bike is owned by Sidney Cooper.                  affected and this is where we can really          ride sober.

Motorcyclists hang out at the state capitol                                                                                                                                  In This Issue:
                                                                                                                                                           Calendar of Events .................................... 2
                                                                                                                                                           Tiger Tales ................................................... 5
BY GARRY “2R” CANADAY                               Lobbyist, instructed us on how to properly           folks from 11 Chapters show up – every-           The Vast and Great Divide ......................... 6
State Coordinator, ABATE of Oklahoma                address a Senator or Representative and              one of which is a Magic Member.
                                                    then gave us our marching orders.                      Sharon Stone-Husmann, with her hus-             Travelin’ with 2R ......................................... 7
  I love it when a plan comes together.               Go forth and be thankful, they said. In-           band Lance, from Iowa, showed off ABATE           Chapter Minutes .............................. 8,9 &12
  ABATE of Oklahoma’s single most im-               troduce yourself to the freshmen and                 of Oklahoma’s own Share the Road Pro-             ABATE Merchandise ................................. 10
portant event, Legislative Day, was amaz-           thank everyone else for their support last           gram. It has been modified from the very          ABATE Membership ................................. 11
ing.                                                year.                                                successful program that ABATE of Iowa             Giving and giving again ......................... 12
  Thank you to all who took time out of               Senate Bill 443 is a bill that would require       uses.
their schedules to lend in making it the            a question about motorcycle safety on                  Sharon and Lance spent the entire week
success that it has become.                         driver’s license exams. It just passed in            in our fine state showcasing this excellent
  This year we gave Lt. Governor Todd               the Senate 41-0, and now goes to the                 program to nine different schools in Os-
Lamb the much deser ved S.M.I.L.E.                  House. This is proof positive of the effec-          age and Garfield Counties. Thanks to Staz,
Award. It is presented to the person who            tiveness of having so many bikers show up            Frank, and Chiquita for stepping up and
helps promote motorcycle safety and                 in their riding gear to visit their Legisla-         getting this awesome program off and run-
awareness the most, in our great State.             tors.                                                ning.
  Last year, then-Senator Lamb was instru-            The pre-legislative day was instrumental             If you would like to have this program
mental in our success with getting our key          in the success we saw on Legislative Day.            brought to your school, or if you would like
pieces of legislation through the Senate            The evening before, we invited everyone              to help, please contact John Pierce at:
(our Malfunctioning Traffic Light Bill and          to a little get-together at a hotel.       
Gunners Bill). Lt. Governor Lamb is in-               This gave everyone a chance to get to                John would be more than happy to an-
deed a good friend to Oklahoma motorcy-             know each other a little better and allowed          swer any questions you may have about
clists.                                             more folks to ride into OKC when the cool            ABATE of Oklahoma’s Share the Road
   John Pierce, our Legislative Coordina-           February temps were a little more favor-             Program and how it can be used to make
tor, and Suzette Northcutt-Rhodes, our              able for riding. This year we had over 50            our great state a better, safer place to ride.

                           ABATE of Oklahoma is for ALL motorcyclists, regardless of make, model, and origin of their motorcycle
2   ◆   April 2011                                                                        Biker Journal                                                                         ABATE of Oklahoma

March 2011                                          Main, Blanchard. First bike out 8 a.m., $15 per
                                                    person. More info 405-613-4213 or 405-255-
➤ 26 - 6th Annual Guard Dog Central Chapter         3831.
Poker Run, American Legion Post 73, 5000 SE
24th Street, Del City. Registration 9 a.m., first
bike out 10 a.m. Proceeds benefit Oklahoma
National Guard Scholarship Progam and our
                                                    April 2011
Children’s Home fund raiser. More info 405-         ➤ 1 - Cassody, KS, Breakfast Run
642-7907 or                    ➤ 7 - State Board Meeting, Budro’s,
➤ 27 - Jeff Williams Swap Meet, Oklahoma            Ardmore
City Fairgrounds. See ad below, on this page.       ➤ 7 - South Central Poker Run, Ardmore
                                                    ➤ 7 - Sunset’s Burger Day Bike Show,
                                                    El Reno
April 2011                                          ➤ 7 - MRF Bikers inside the Beltway ride,
➤ 3 - Cassody, KS Breakast Run.                     Washington, D.C.
➤ 8 - Sunset’s “Ride the Hall,” Lincoln             ➤ 13-15 - MRF Beast o/t East/ Linthicum           Steve Fallis (Lead Road Captain) along with Anita McMullen (Secretary) entered the NW 69’s Annual Chili
School, El Reno, meet 12:30 p.m. at the VFW,        Heights, MD
KSU, 12:45 p.m for Lincoln School.                  ➤ 13-15 - 5 State Run (OK, TX, NM, CO,
                                                                                                      Cook off on Feb. 19. Steve won his category (hot) as well as overall.
➤ 10 - Three Rivers Chapter Swap,                   KS), Guymon, Okla.
➤ 17 - Bucklin, KS, Breakfast Ride, leave
Kevin’s Corner in Woodward at 7:30 a.m.
➤ 23 - Chisholm Trail 412 Tornado Run
                                                    ➤ 13-15 - Mayfit, Pawhuska, Okla., ABATE
                                                    of Oklahoma Booth.

                                                    For more Oklahoma motorcycle events, check
                                                                                                      New year for Chisholm Trail 412
                                                                                                      BY ANITA MCMULLEN                                       ing for Afghanistan. It was a very nice cer-
➤ 29-30 - NW 69 Biker Rodeo (30th),                 out
Waynoka Snake Hunt, Waynoka.                        To submit events to the Biker Journal, e-mail     Chisholm Trail 412, Secretary                           emony and we wish each and every one
➤ 30 - Mason’s For Education Cruise-in and Deadline for May                                                                   of them a safe return home.
Scholarship Run, Masonic Lodge, 10th and            issue is April 1.                                   A new year is beginning for Chisholm                  Right now March doesn’t look very ac-
                                                                                                      Trail 412.                                            tive but that can change in a moment’s no-
                                                                                                        On Feb. 19, eight Chisholm Trail mem-               tice.
                                                                                                      bers ventured westward in the thick fog                 CT 412 is preparing for their 3rd annual
                                                                                                      toward Woodward to attend NW 69’s An-                 Tornado Run (yes, 3rd) on April 23.
                                                                                                      nual Chili Cook off.                                    Registration begins at 9 a.m. at the QSpot.
                                                                                                        Steve Fallis (Lead Road Captain) and                Cost is $20 per hand, however, if you pre-
                                                                                                      Anita McMullen (Secretary) entered their              register you will receive an extra hand.
                                                                                                      chili. Steve won his category (hot) as well             This will be a great time with bike games
                                                                                                      as overall.                                           and people games at Scooters after the run.
                                                                                                        On Feb. 23, CT 412 had 17 members at-               The busy season is upon us and we are
                                                                                                      tend Legislative Day at the Capitol. On Feb.          ready.
                                                                                                      26, Mark McMullen (Vice President), Paul                Ride Free and be safe Anita McMullen,
                                                                                                      Brenton (Road Captain) and Anita                      Secretar yChisholm            Trail      412
                                                                                                      McMullen drove to Ponca City to attend                A.B.A.T.EEnid, OK 73701580-541-
                                                                                                      the farewell ceremony for the troops leav-  

                                                                                                                     2011 Motorcycle
                                                                                                                   Swap Meet Schedule
                                                                                                                 ❍ March 27 - Swap Meet, Fairgrounds - Oklahoma City
                                                                                                                 ❍ April 17 - Swap Meet, Twin Drive-In, Kansas City, Kan.
                                                                                                                 ❍ May 1 - Swap Meet, Admiral Twin Drive-In, Tulsa

                                                                                                                       OUR 39TH YEAR
                                                                                                                  Promoting Motorcycle Events
                                                                                                            Jeff Williams Pro. Inc
                                                                                                                    P.O. Box 543
                                                                                                              Blue Springs, MO 64013
                                                                                                                  (816) 228-5811
ABATE of Oklahoma                                                                  Biker Journal                                                                     April 2011     ◆    3

                                                NCOM Biker Newsbytes
                                                Motorcycle sales still falling,                 one traveling through Georgia to Daytona      forcement practice of motorcycle profiling.
                                                                                                might want to rethink their route.”              The Washington Courts have confirmed
                                                but show improvement                               The US Defenders have issued a Call        that the Washington State Patrol is guilty
National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM)        Sales of new motorcycles, scooters and        To Action regarding the proliferation of      of unlawful profiling and discrimination
                                                ATVs dropped from 2009 to 2010, but some        these motorcycle-only roadblocks being        against motorcyclists. In 2002 the Court
Warning: Safety devices                         increases were seen in the month of De-         funded by NHTSA grants, and are urging        granted a permanent injunction against the
                                                cember according to a recently released         the motorcycle community to voice their       State Patrol’s use of a training pamphlet
coming to motorcycles                           sales report for 2010 from the Motorcycle       opposition to these so-called “Safety         titled BIKER 101 (Wulfekuhle v. Washing-
  Within the next two years, motorcycles        Industry Council (MIC).                         Checks” by contacting NHTSA, the U.S.         ton State Patrol). However, on November
could be sporting collision detection and          In 2009, motorcycle sales saw a drastic      DOT and most importantly by asking your       23, 2009 the WSP, under oath, explicitly
other safety features more typically found      drop. Close to 360,000 fewer motorcycles        own federal legislators to support H.R.       admitted that they profile members of
installed in cars. The new safety systems       were sold in 2009 as compared to 2008,          1498 by Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI)         motorcycle clubs and continue to use
being tested for motorcycles include speed      and sales have continued to decline. Total      to retain a ban on NHTSA’s ability to lobby   BIKER 101 as a training manual.
limit warnings, information about neighbor-     motorcycle sales, including scooters,           State Legislators using our federal dollars      This gross violation of a Washington State
ing vehicles and changing lanes, and infor-     through 2010 dropped 15.8%, or 82,198           through the “Motorcycle Law Enforce-          Superior Court injunction proves that the
mation of the tightness of road bends and       fewer units in 2010 for a total of 439,678      ment Demonstration” grant program             pattern of motorcycle profiling continues
the speed in which to turn.                     motorcycles sold this year. If you break it     (DTNH22-10-R-00386).                          and that the WSP brazenly violates the lib-
   According to a report from the BBC           down into category, off-road, dual-sport,          “These roadblocks or checkpoints for       erties of motorcyclistseven in the face of
(British Broadcasting Corporation), tests       highway, and scooters all saw a decrease        motorcycles ONLY are being conducted          judicial reprimand.
are being completed to bring the latest         in sales this year.                             illegally and are discriminatory to say the      To curb such injustices, Rep. Steve Kirby
technologies found on cars to two-wheels,          The biggest loser was off-highway mo-        least,” says Escondido Paul, National Lt.     (D-Tacoma) introduced HB 1333 on Janu-
and the rise in motorcyclist fatalities has     torcycles, which saw a 23.3% decrease with      Commander of the US Defenders. “This is       ary 19 to require law enforcement agen-
prompted researchers to adapt the first         a drop of nearly 25,000 bikes. The scooter      one more piece of evidence of the constant    cies to adopt a written policy that condemns
bike-based safety systems by late 2012.         segment saw the smallest decrease at 9.4%,      profiling attempts targeting our community    and prevents motorcycle profiling, review
   MIRA (the Motor Industry Research            amounting to 3,000 fewer units than were        at large.”                                    existing procedures, and institute training
Association) acts as a testing and innova-      sold in 2009. ATV sales were down 64,000                                                      to address the issue of motorcycle profil-
tion center for carmakers and has been          units, or 20% down.                                                                           ing, which means using the fact that a per-
carrying out tests on the “Saferider” sys-         December saw increases in some seg-
                                                                                                Washington state bill would
                                                                                                                                              son rides a motorcycle or wears motor-
tems on road bikes and simulators. An ITS       ments over the prior year month. Scooter        prohibit motorcycle profiling                 cycle-related clothes as a factor in deciding
(Intelligent Transportation Systems) con-       sales were up 20% over the year-ago month,        The Confederation of Clubs, US Defend-      to stop and question, arrest, or search a
sultant at MIRA, Jonathan Moore, said of        with an increase of 322 units. Dual purpose     ers and ABATE of Washington are seek-         person or a vehicle without legal basis.
the project: “Saferider takes the driver        motorcycles also increased, at 7.2%, with a     ing support for legislation that would con-   (Companion: SB 5242).
safety systems that are becoming standard       rise of 86 units over December 2009.            demn and prevent the widespread law en-
on cars and tries to adapt them to the unique
needs of motorcyclists.”                        Motorcycle only check points
   Moore said making safety systems on
motorcycles useful was “challenging” be-        in Georgia during bike week
cause of all the distractions to which riders     The state of Georgia has received a
were subjected. With traffic noise and mo-      $70,000 federal grant to launch motorcycle-
torcycle helmets insulating riders from the     only checkpoints in early March, just as
traditional audible alarms found on car col-    Daytona Bike Week is getting underway.
lision systems, researchers have looked         For most travelers, their route will take
for ways to alert bikers of pending danger      them through Georgia and likely into await-
with tactile warning systems such as vibrat-    ing roadblocks to check for such things as
ing seats and special gloves.                   proper license and current registration, in-
   New hi-tech systems could also protect       surance, DOT-approved helmets, EPA-ap-
riders from themselves, as one system           proved mufflers, working horn and lights,
being tested warns that a rider is going too    etc, etc.
fast to negotiate a turn. MIRA has devel-          “We were informed by unnamed sources
oped “smart” software that acts as a “co-       that the Check Points would start in early
pilot” which, with the help of a digital map,   March to coincide with the Daytona Bike
knows what speed a motorcyclist should          Week event,” said Dan Forrest, State Di-
be travelling to make it around an approach-    rector of ABATE of Georgia . “Most points
ing curve in the road.                          of entry to Florida will be involved, so any-
4   ◆    April 2011                                                                      Biker Journal                                                                    ABATE of Oklahoma

    Note to Chapter Secretaries
Remember to submit your chapter meeting
                                                                          Safety Report                                                                         Feeling
 minutes by the 1st of every month to the          BY PAUL BRINKER                                    gree days. I can’t remember the last time I

                                                   Safety Officer, ABATE of Oklahoma                  saw that many bikes with tires that low, even
 Biker Journal                                                                during the summer.
                                                      I just got informed that I will be your State      Also saw several guys going around turns
                                                   Safety Officer for one more year. Thanks           (mostly from stops) accelerating very hard.
                                                   for the vote of confidence. I’ll try not to        Hello!? Do you NOT see the sand? Okay,                Three Sands members are selling
                                                   miss any more board meetings in the fu-            enough.                                             raffle tickets for a chance to win $500
                                                   ture (see what happens when you miss                  Do us all a favor, gently remind all your        cash.
                                                   one?)                                              riding brothers and sisters to do proper              Tickets are $1 each and can be pur-
                                                      Most safety courses are shut down for           checks of their bikes BEFORE they take              chased from any Three Sands mem-
                                                   the winter and the weather was really weird        them out of the garage. Just helped a friend        ber. Drawing will be held on July 30 at
                                                   in February. Two weeks of snow, then 70            of mine (yes I DO have friends) rebuild his         their Casino Days Poker Run (a chap-
                                                   degrees, then back to freezing or below.           front forks. His son keeps his bike in the          ter fundraiser). You need not be
                                                      The roads are in very bad shape what            same garage and we noticed his forks were           present to win, so get your tickets to-
                                                   with all the freeze/thaw cycles.There are          leaking too. He wanted to know how long             day!
                                                   literally TONS of sand on the roads, mak-          he could get by with it. You know - can’t I
                                                   ing for really bad conditions.                     just put more fluid in it?
                                                      And what is it about two weeks of bad              My advice was not to ride it till he got the
                                                   weather that makes everybody lose their            seals replaced. He didn’t like that but dad
                ABATE OF OKLAHOMA, INC.
                                                   mind/common sense? I saw bikes out when
                                                   there was still snow and ice on the roads.
                                                                                                      and I finally convinced him, especially since
                                                                                                      it was leaking on the front brake disc.                        LETTER
                                                   Granted it was 40+ degrees but come on                As I write this, there’s a chance of heavy
                           State Office
                         P.O. Box 23616
                                                   now, let all the slick stuff get gone before       rain which will move the sand back out into                TO THE EDITOR
                                                   you break the rides out.                           the streets. Not good. Lots of water line
                   Oklahoma City, OK 73123
                                                      Also saw three bikes in 48 hours with           breaks happened this winter too. Could            Thank you, volunteers!
        World Wide Web -
                                                   nearly flat rear tires. These were 65+ de-         cause sink holes, pavement cracks, buck-
                    STATE COORDINATOR
                                                                                                      ling and lots of digging/construction, which        Thank you to everyone that has helped
               Garry Canaday 580-763-3846
                                                                                                      means mud and gravel on the streets.              at various events the last couple of months.
                                                          A.B.A.T.E.                                     OOOH! Earthquake over in Arkansas,             It is a wonderful feeling to know there are
                                                                                                                                                        dedicated people who step up when asked
                                                                                                      felt all the way to Tulsa. There’s a new road
                  Callie “Strawberry” Catcher
                                                       of OKLAHOMA                                    hazard for ya: moving pavement. Maybe
                                                                                                      the Mayans weren’t wrong.
                                                                                                                                                        for volunteers to man the ABATE booth.
                                                                                                                                                          They are willing to give up their week-
             Brook Bullock 405-740-7075                  Sustaining Memberships                          Well, warmer temps are on the way, even        ends to talk to people and make them aware
                                                     ❏ Double Diamond                                 though it did snow in March the last two          of what ABATE stands for and what we do
                         SGT. AT ARMS                                                                 years. Global warming - right.                    for all motorcyclists. If it weren’t for these
                                                     Northwest 69 Chapter (9/2011)
                     Jack “Shooter” Shelley                                                              So hang in there, keep a positive thought,     individuals we would not be able to continue
           STATE SAFETY EDUCATION OFFICER            ❏ Diamond                                        keep the equipment in good order and I’ll         our awareness for Bikes and Bikers.
                Paul Brinker 918-835-2648            Tulsa Chapter (4/2011)                           see ya down the road.                             Thank you again.
                       MRF LIAISON &                 Lakes Area (7/2011)                                 Oh yeah - PACKERS RULE!!!!!!!                     - Garry “2R” and Dawn “Shrimpi”Canaday
              COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR                                                                    Later, Paul.
                  Carol King 408-390-4535            ❏ Gold
                      Three Sands Chapter (11/2010)
                    POLITICAL DIRECTOR               Chisholm Trail Chapter (11/2010)
               John Pierce P/F 918-859-6171          South Central (7/2011)
                     Muskogee Chapter (8/2011)
                      LEGAL ADVISORS:                ❏ Silver
                Holly Hefton 405-239-7711            Lawton District #3 (11/2010)
           Johnathan M. Sutton 918-747-9977          ❏ Bronze
         Roger Dank, Chisholm Trail 412
                   EVENTS COORDINATOR                Naysayers Motorcycle Club (6/2011)
                      Garth “Fuzzy” Hoard            Brian & Tonya Witt (7/2011)
                      Main Street Cafe (9/2010)
                  BIKER JOURNAL EDITOR               Lakes Area Chapter (7/2011)
                                                     Jack & Carol King (9/2011)
          Barbara Vice
                                                     Great Plains Chapter (9/2011)
           129 E Broadway, Drumright OK 74030
                                                     “TigerMike” Revere (Lifetime)
                                                     Debbi Green (1/2012)

                                                                        MORE NEW CHAPTER OFFICERS
  Some newly elected Chapter Officers              Dupont.                                             www.abateofoklahoma .org                           Event Coordinator: Rhonda Massey
for the 2001 year are:                               Webpage: rogerscounty abate.4t. com/             Sunset                                            “SugarTits”
                                                     President: Scott Williams, 918-855-6823,                                                             Historian: Sally Seely
                                                                                                        President: Keith McMullen “Sandbagger
Lawton Chapter                                     retiredgoose@                                                                                Public Relations: Mike Penix & Dede
                                                     Vice Pres: Eddie Wood, (h) 918-342-1343                                                            Henderson
 John Hall - President                                                                                  Vice President:Larry Salsman”Sandman”
 Ralph Page - Vice President                       (c) 918-381-2749, ewood18@cox. net                                                                     Web Master: Arlene Urias
                                                     Secretary: Marie Barton, 918-636-2771,                                                               Chapter Membership Director: Terri
 Robert Stein - Secretary                                                                               Treasurer: Vicki Penix “Lawndart” 354-
                                                   mariesfunhouse@                                                                              Lander “Gator”
 Rick Cook - Sgt at Arms                                                                              1211
 Treasurer Krista Hansen                             Treasurer: Sherry Larue, 918-341-5419,
                                                                                                        Secretary: Nancy Salsman “Teacher”
 Lawton State Representative David Apel            hdwarrior@aol. com                                 641-4284
                                                     State Rep/Chaplain: James Parmley, 918-                                                            Tulsa
 Rober t Stein, Secretar y, Lawton                                                                      SGT at Arms: John Henderson                      President: Lee McArdle
ABATE, District 3, LawtonABATE.                    521-6545, jamesparmley@ sbcglobal. net
                                                                                                        SGT at Arms: Earest Titus                        VP: Jack King                                             Sergeant-at- Arms:Ar thur Clarke,                  Bitch at Arms: Ellen Joyner
                                                   ArthurClarke@ rocketmail. com                                                                         Sec’y:       Carol King
Rogers County - Claremore                                                                               State Rep: Arlene Urias                          Treasurer: Vickey Powell
                                                     Thank you:Chaplain, James Parmley
  PO Box 136, Foyil, Ok 74031, meets                                                                    Road Captain: Sonny Massey “Donatello”           Sgt-at-Arms: Dave Miller
                                                     Rogers County ABATE Chapter Rep.                   News Editor:         Rhonda Massey
3rd Friday, 7:30 p.m. at VFW, 1717 W.              www.rogerscountyaba                                                                         Chapter info line: 918-949-4204
ABATE of Oklahoma                                                                   Biker Journal                                                                            April 2011        ◆   5

                                                                     Tiger Tales
BY TIGER MIKE REVERE                             Award for his involvement in helping us        Wisconsin         Congressman             Jim      though we’ve been coping with a long-term
President COD Chapter, ABATE of Oklahoma         get FIVE motorcyclist-oriented bills passed    Sensenbrenner has submitted legislation            severe Drought in the Sooner State, April
                                                 last session, and we hosted the entire State   (HR904) to prohibit Federal money for this         can be a pretty rainy month. Riders need
  Greetings to our Riding Community! By          Legislature and their staffs to breakfast at   type of discriminatory activity. The U.S.          to be aware of wet weather that can quickly
now, I’m sure you’re enjoying the spring         the Capitol Fourth Floor Rotunda, as we        Defenders Program, in a Nationwide Call            overtake you during the day.
riding season, with much more pleasant           have for two decades! Many thanks also to      to Action, is asking all concerned Ameri-            Remember that your most dangerous
temperatures following the roller-coaster        COD’s Carmaletta Lara for all her support      cans to PLEASE contact their Representa-           period is the first 15-20 minutes after the
assault on the thermometer in March.             and energy over the years in organizing        tives to urge passage of this critical Resolu-     rain starts, because that’s when the accu-
  Hopefully, everyone has their machines         the Breakfast event. She’s stepping down       tion, and sign on as co-sponsors.                  mulated oil and grease rises to the surface
where they need to be mechanically after         from her pivotal role, and her efforts will      If you can, please make plans to attend          before washing off and the road is most
the cold weather.                                be sorely missed.                              the MRF-sponsored Bikers on the Beltway            slippery.
  If you’re like so many of us in ABATE,           We had a successful Oklahoma Confed-         Rally the first week in May or the Twenty-           Stay off the crown of the street, and fol-
your love of motorcycling extends year-          eration of Clubs meeting in Bartlesville       Sixth annual National Coalition of Motor-          low where vehicle tires most frequently
round, so the defense of riding liberty will                                                                                                       contact the roadway.
be augmented by logging lots more miles                                                                                                              Watch out for gusty winds, and be espe-
on the scooter!                                                                                                                                    cially on guard for flash flooding and deep
  I especially need to emphasize this in light                                                                                                     water.
of skyrocketing gas prices due to the                                                                                                                Full-size vehicles can be washed away in
Middle East difficulties.                                                                                                                          rushing water less than a foot deep.
  Be sure to remember our fellow Ameri-                                                                                                              Getting soaked can cause hypothermia,
cans caught amid the unrest in your                                                                                                                even in the spring, so have rain gear handy,
prayers, especially our troops routinely                                                                                                           as well as effective eye protection. Remem-
placing themselves in harm’s way for our                                                                                                           ber, we want to hear from you - not about
freedom. ABATE will once again honor                                                                                                               you!!
their service at its annual Memorial Day                                                                                                             As you know already, there’s a ton of fun
Bike Parade May 30, so stand by for more                                                                                                           stuf f planned for ever y week as the
information.                                                                                                                                       weather gets more pleasant for riding. The
  I’d like to heartily thank all those who                                                                                                         Oklahoma Confederation of Clubs is spon-
attended our annual ABATE of Oklahoma                                                                                                              soring a color catalog of upcoming events
Biker Legislative Day Feb. 23, and espe-                                                                                                           as the season progresses.
cially the folks who were involved in logis-                                                                                                         Check out for
tics, set-up, and working the food and ad-                                                                                                         more information.
ministrative tables.                                                                                                                                 April’s activities will start this month with
  You did a terrific job serving as ambassa-                                                                                                       OKC’s annual Thunder Run April 1-3 on
dors to everyone in the Legislature who                                                                                                            the Nor th Side, where you can say
joined us! I got there around 7 a.m., and        March 6, where over 410 riders packed          cyclists Convention, which will be held May        “howdy” to some of your ABATE broth-
there were a number of people busily work-       the American Legion Post to obtain valu-       6-8 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Albuquer-        ers and sisters.
ing, and handing out Talking Points              able information on Biker-oriented issues.     que, NM.                                             A lot of festive occasions will feature
worksheets.                                      Items of note included a progress update         Log      onto        and        ABATE booths where you can buy nifty
  I appreciate the hard work Legislative         on the Trademark Seizure case, where  for more information               merchandise and sign up for membership.
Coordinator John Pierce, Lobbyist Suzette        NCOM attorneys are continuing the fight        on these significant gatherings.                     In response to queries, if non-members
Northcutt-Rhodes, and our Legislative            against the Federal Government’s tram-           Regarding a couple of our neighbor               present a copy of their Beginning or Expe-
Committee put in on a regular basis, and         pling on biker civil rights.                   states, LB52 in Nebraska has been sub-             rienced Rider Course completion certifi-
they thoroughly briefed attendees on strat-        The PATRIOT ACT is also being ex-            mitted to allow Helmet Freedom of Choice           cate to ABATE of Oklahoma, that will en-
egy for the event.                               tended by Congress, and we risk a contin-      for adult riders, and the Kansas House             title you to a year’s Full Membership.
  A key bill that ABATE is supporting this       ued assault on our Constitutional Free-        passed Malfunctioning Traffic Light legis-           However you do it, please take the time
year is SB443, which would add bicycling         doms in the name of “Safety” as the gov-       lation similar to Oklahoma’s law. I’ll keep        to become part of ABATE and take a more
and motorcyclist safety and awareness in-        ernment establishes “Fusion Centers” to        my fingers crossed that both bills get             active part in defending your Right to Ride
formation to the Oklahoma Drivers Li-            collect vast amounts of personal data on       signed!                                            Free! Stay safe out there, and I’ll see you
cense test.                                      individual citizens.                                                                              on the Road!
  All riders are strongly urged to contact         Another key rights item we need to act
their Legislators to recommend passage           on involves the State of Georgia establish-    Tiger’s Tip O’ The month:                           Keep It On The Black Strip Between The
of this bill. ABATE presented Lt. Gover-         ing, supported by Federal funds, check-          We’ve long heard the old saying that             Trees, Tiger Mike
nor Todd Lamb with the Oklahoma SMILE            points targeting motorcyclists exclusively.    “April Showers bring May Flowers”. Even

                                                                                                                                                                 Bring an unwrapped toy
                                                                                                                                                               for the Toy Drive and receive
                                                                                                                                                                      free Klufa Fries

                                                                                                                Formerly Main Street Cafe
                                                                                                                                “If you leave here hungry,
                                                                                                                                    it ain’t our fault!”

                                                                                                                     115 West Main, Billings, OK 74630 • (580) 725-9309
                                                                                                             Summer Hours: Tuesday - Friday 11 -2, 5-9 • Saturday 7-2, 5-9 • Sunday 7-2
6    ◆   April 2011                                                                      Biker Journal                                                                  ABATE of Oklahoma

                                The Vast and Great Divide                  A simple twist of the wrist . . .
BY RAY-MAN                                          Father’s house of many mansions awaits         my own course to my final destination. I          aspire to be in your remaining journeys.
Great Plains Chapter                                me. I am on my way and with a twist of the     defiantly renounce the dark forces that           Embrace the light of your eternal soul be-
                                                    wrist I journey forward toward the vast and    bind me to those old familiar pains of self-      cause the kingdom of God is within you.
  I have to tell you that I have my moments         great divide                                   ish pride without compromise. Since the           Judge not and you will not be judged. Seek
of oneness, one with myself, one with my              I see the hollow faces of the lost ones      days of my birth I have heard the relent-         and you will find. Knock and the door will
Creator and one with my bike. I can feel            and through sacrificial empathy and com-       less voices of the dark forces that stand         be opened. Your faith will make you whole.
the spirit driving me, pulling me forward to        passion I lament the sorrows of heart felt     against me who with great agitation and lies      You are the light of the world. Find and
a perfect point in space and time where I           pain for riders who from lost virtue and       whispered in my ear repeating my mis-             embrace the love and hope within you that
have no fear, no dread, no sin and a total          failing faith become lost in the vast and      takes and failures.                               know no limits or bounds. Never let fate be
release from the dark forces that weigh             great divide. They ride among the back           They left me with doubt of my worth as a        your guide, never say die! Serve the cause
heavily upon me. Forever on the endless             roads along the highways to nowhere with-      man and a fellow human being upon our             of greater things than yourself and with a
highway that lies between the dark of night         out signs, direction or salvation to guide     Earth. My own thoughts betrayed me with           simple twist of the wrist you too will ride
and the light of day, with a simple twist of        them.                                          cruel beliefs of worthlessness.                   out of darkness toward the vast and great
the wrist I accelerate my throttle wide open          They have eyes that cannot see, ears           Yet I remain and I see, hear and compre-        divide.
as I ride to face the vast and great divide.        that cannot hear and minds that cannot         hend the light ahead of my destructive past         Riding the highway of our eternal bless-
                                                    comprehend.                                    then with a simple twist of the wrist I stop      ings the road ahead becomes clear. Sacred
  Reaching that perfect moment, I’m there             They build worlds of fortune that they       and stand before the vast and great divide.       signs by divine design guide and mark our
now, moving forward. Hair blowing in the            burn to the ground and their tomorrows           I believe in you and though we ride             way. Your mission is revealed in your finest
wind, the smile that no one can see, the            never come. From deceptive tongues they        through the valley of the shadows of death        hour. What are you waiting for? Fulfill your
sun rising in the east shines on my face            conform to the lies and deceptions of this     we will cross that great divide where be-         destiny. As for me I hear the angelic voices
and warms my soul. I ride toward the eter-          world. All of their efforts are but dust in    fore the four winds we cast all doubt and         of fallen brothers and sisters who call my
nal light from the convictions of my faith.         the wind. I pray for those who cannot find     sorrows aside. There is only the light be-        name from the other side.
With gladness and humility I receive the            the strength to rise above the fog of un-      fore us and the darkness behind. We will            They wait for me just as I wait for you.
forgiveness for my imperfections. I exist           certainty. Must they fall from the hand of     surrender at our last stand in the day of         Released from the worldly things, I stand
in the per fect thought of the Father               creation as well?                              our purification where we are re-born as          upon my faith as I look back and bid fare-
through the purity of the eternal one who             Too much time looking behind me is a         children of God again. As for the things I        well one last time and with a simple twist of
with arms open wide, guides me home                 diversion from where I’m headed. With the      know today, be all you hoped to be. Be all        the wrist I am reborn as I ride across the
through the gates of Paradise where our             holy gift of complete restitution, I choose    you wanted to be. Be the good that you            vast and great divide.

                                               ABATE OF OKLAHOMA SUPPORTS NCOM
                                                                                                                                                                            $      O
                                                                                                                                                                             200 ver
                                                                                                                                                                               co Mi
                                                                                                                                                                            Ou vere llio
                                                                                                                                                                                rC d
                                                                                                                                                                                 lie  F  n
                                                                                                                  HIRE ATTORNEYS WHO RIDE                                           nts or

                                        Law Offices of RICHARD                                       M. LESTER Founder, Aid to Injured Motorcyclists
                                                        •   110 Offices Throughout North America                               24 Hours - Toll Free (800) 531-2424
                                                        •   Free Legal Consultation
                                                        •   No Recovery = No Fee                                               (800) ON-A-BIKE
                                                        •   We Make House Calls
                                                        •   Attorneys in Every State and Province Who Ride                                See the Back
                                                        •   No Fee on Motorcycle Damage Recovery                                       of Your ABATE
                                                        •   Also Auto Accidents                                                      Membership Card
                                                            Not Just ONE Attorney
                                                            The AIM Team to Help YOU


    Visit us on the web at

    Check us out! Ask us to send you free written information about our qualifications    ATTENTION ABATE OF OAKLAHOMA MEMBERS: Our nationwide network
    and experience. Hiring a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based      of A.I.M. Attorneys donate a significant portion of their legal fees from motorcycle
                                                                                          accident settlements back into motorcycling by being the sole financial sponsor of
    solely upon advertisements. Also ask the next biker you see about us.                 the National Coalition of Motorcyclists.
ABATE of Oklahoma                                                                    Biker Journal                                                                         April 2011          ◆   7

                                                       Travelin’ with 2R
BY GARRY 2R CANADAY                              you would like to help support this Purple
State Coordinator, ABATE Of Oklahoma             Heart vet in his quest to help other he-
                                                 roes. To learn more about Larry please
  February means Bike Shows for Okla-            read John’s article in this issue of the Biker
homa bikers. The Jeff Williams bike show         Journal.
in Oklahoma City and the Wide Open bike            The Wide Open bike show was an event
show in Tulsa were both huge successes.          to behold. After last year’s learning expe-
  ABATE of Oklahoma had a great show-            rience with Oklahoma bikers, I was more
ing at both shows, with members from nine        than a little curious to see how well Ralph
chapters stopping by. We signed up over          could pull this off. Ralph, my hat is off to
two dozen new members! Good job to ev-           you sir, ya did a fine job.
eryone that helped at these events. With-          ABATE of Oklahoma members must
out the assistance of members like you           have been as curious as I was, because
ABATE would not be what it is. Thank you         they were out in droves. They came from
all so much.                                     all over the state, from as far as our Great
  Jeff Williams is not only one cool cat, he     Plains chapter in Altus and our NW 69 chap-
is also one of ABATE of Oklahoma’s best          ter out of Woodward, to the local Tulsa
advertisers. And he sure knows how to host       Chapter. In all, members from nine differ-
one heck of a bike show and swap meet.           ent chapters were there. You guys are
  For most of us this is the first bike event    awesome.
of the year, and if you are like me you can’t      I have to thank Bus with the Defenders
wait to get out and see all your friends that    Program for sharing a booth with us and
you only see at bike events, like Travis the     thanks to the Priesthood for being our
Deranged Biker, or S.O.B. from BACA              neighbors, Big Jim thank ya!
Nation. Not only is this a great time to catch     With all of the bikes that you know will
up with old friends but it’s where ya meet       be at any great bike show to all of the hot
new ones, some of whom you will see year         babes that Ralph had for this event it was a
after year at this same event.                   photog’s dream. I wasn’t sure which to
  I have to say thanks to all of the guys at     shoot first. Then the thought hit me:
BACA Nation. S.O.B. asked to interview me        BOTH!
about our upcoming Legislative Day on              I was lucky enough to get Playboy cover
their radio program that evening on Bob          girl and actress Kristy Swanson to model
FM. Being the shy person that I am, I tried      just for me. You talk about a dream job! All
to get Bus to do it. After he ducked out I       I can say is that I hope you enjoy the pics
agreed and had a great time with my three        half as much as I enjoyed taking them. I
seconds of fame. I can’t thank them              have to thank Sidney Cooper, the owner
enough for being so generous and support-        of that gorgeous ‘06 Hayabusa that Kristy
ive of ABATE and bikers rights. Keep up          is on, for the use of his bike. Somehow I
the good work guys, and if you don’t listen      don’t think he minds having a beautiful girl
to them already, give them a try every Sun-      on his ride!
day on 96.9 Bob FM.                                After shooting pics of all of the bikes that
  The Batman themed bike was probably            caught my fancy, (you have to see the 41
my personal favorite, but the highlight of       Indian Sport Scout) I was off to shoot the
the event for me personally was the honor        Flaunt Girls from the Full Throttle Saloon
of meeting Gunners Mate Master Chief,            in Sturgis. Yes, they are all that they are
Larry Van Schuyver, a volunteer with the         cracked up to be, if I am any judge at all.
wounded warrior program. He set up a             WOW, those girls put on a good show. If
booth to sell shirts so that all the profit      ya missed it I would highly recommend
could be given to our heroes! And I do mean      that you put it on next year’s calendar, this
ALL the profit.                                  was a fun event that I am already looking
  You can go to if       forward to attending again.

                                                                                                  Pictured top, Legislative Day 2011; above, Lt. Governor Todd Lamb is presented with the
                                                                                                  S.M.I.L.E. award by Gary “2R” Canaday; below, is a 1941 Indian Sport Scout Civilian; and
                                                                                                  at left, is Priesthood Big Jim and Skeletor.                     Photos/Garry “2R” Canaday
8    ◆   April 2011                                                                     Biker Journal                                                                ABATE of Oklahoma

Chapter Meetings Adjourned
Chisholm Trail 412 Chapter                          continue to grow and work together as a         tions. Need to bring estimates to the board.
  Meeting called to order at 5 p.m. Feb. 13,        team. Need to follow protocol and call Mark       Share the Road has been put on hold until
2011 by Mike Scholten; prayer led by                with any questions or concerns and do not       there is something to show.
David Emerson; flag salute by Frank Dods.           go to another member.                             Tammie Daetwiler has offered a CPR
  Treasurer’s report was given by Teresa              OLD BUSINESS:                                 certification course to the chapter to be
Fallis.                                               Legislative Day, Wednesday, Feb. 23.          held on Sunday, Feb. 27, 2011 @ 9 a.m. at
  Secretary’s report: Motion to waive by            Time changed to 8:30 a.m. No knives, etc.       the NORCE Staff development building.
Steve Fallis, motion seconded by Paul               Must go through metal detectors.                Cost is $2 each to cover the cost of the
Brenton.                                              NW 69 Chili Cook off, Saturday, Feb. 19.      card paid by the chapter for chapter mem-
  State Rep report was given by Gary Bra-           Must have entries in at 10 a.m. A way to        bers.
dley: Membership dues will be raised to             support another chapter.                          Dinner Run will be Sunday, Feb. 27, 2011,
$25 beginning July 1, 2011. Renewals can              President voting was tabled in the Janu-      5 p.m. at Western Sizzlin.
be done early at lower rate.                        ary meeting. Vote was taken and President         Kimmy Johnson brought this month’s           the $5 increase in membership dues that
  COC held elections and Bandido Lee will           will only vote in the case of a tie.            door prize which was won by Mike Scholten      will go into effect in July, so if you come
remain in the 1st chair. COC is an ABATE              State Representative will now be a Board      who will in turn bring the door prize in       due after that it will be $25 instead of the
diamond member. COC will publish a maga-            Member. Nominations will be taken. Gary         March.                                         $20 you are used to. Also, he told us that
zine and all proceeds from advertising, etc.        Bradley will automatically be nominated           Meeting adjourned.                           there were 4500 bike registrations this year
will go to ABATE to help pay the lobby-             since he is already in place. Mike Scholten     Northwest 69 Chapter                           that put money in Gunners’ Fund for the
ists.                                               nominated Skip Moon, nomination was ac-           Our February meeting had 34 members          Safety and Awareness Training programs.
  Anyone can sell advertising in the Biker          cepted by Skip. Laura nominated Roger           attending. We were called to order by Rick       The Chili Cook-Off was a success again
Journal; Chisholm Trail needs to check on           Danks and he respectfully declined the          Staude with him leading our pledge of alle-    this year! Thank you to ever yone who
the date of sustaining membership be-               nomination. Election will be held during the    giance as well. Gene Karn gave our bless-      helped get the ball rolling and kept it go-
cause some have been wrong.                         March meeting.                                  ing and led us in praying for those we felt    ing, especially those who were there to
  250-300 attended the S.M.I.L.E. Looking             Roger Danks resigned as Photo Rep/            should have a little extra on their behalf.    help set up and keep things running
into a hospitality room next year. Mark             Journalist as well as Alternate State Rep;      Debbie Greens’ membership repor t              smoothly throughout the day. It was very
Tracey of COD won the $1000 poker run.              the Board will discuss his replacement.         shows us with a count of 308 members.          appreciated and important in our success.
  ABATE of Oklahoma will be paying                    Raffle tickets are now being sold for a       We had 54 expire in December and Janu-         The t-shirts were a big hit; I think the la-
Sharon Stone’s hotel for Legislative Day.           32" flat screen television. Tickets are $5      ary, with 4 new members coming onboard         dies only had one small left and a list that
She will be in the Ponca City area with             each. The person selling the most tickets       and 35 that are due for renewal in Febru-      was well down the page for orders. Awe-
“Share the Road.”                                   will receive 5 free tickets in the drawing.     ary.                                           some job to Jet Screenprinting for those
  State is looking for a way to spend ap-             NEW BUSINESS                                    Financial report was read by Kim Beaner,     shirts, they look good. Now Debbie can
proximately $3000.                                    Kenny Anderson was nominated to be            with Jeff Johnson following with his state
  Frank said Chisholm Trail 412 needs to            the chairman over the dog house renova-         report. In his report, he brought news of         See CHAPTER MEETINGS, next page

    CENTRAL OKLAHOMA DISTRICT                                                                                                                      Meets 3rd Tuesday, 7 p.m. @ Budro’s Rib
    PO Box 96113, Oklahoma City, OK 73143                                                                                                          Join in Ardmore
    Meets 2nd Thursday, 7 p.m. @Skyline                                                                                                            President: F. A. Copeland 580-465-2889

    Restaurant-1631 S. E. 15th Street
    Phone: 405-672-1008                                                                                                                            SUNSET CHAPTER
    President: Tiger Mike Revere                                                                                                                   PO Box 1152, El Reno, OK 73036
    E-mail:                                                                                                                     Meets 2nd Thursday, 7:30 p.m. @ VFW Hall,
    Chapter Reps: Pat McManus                                                                      Who’s who in                                    Hwy. 81 North
    and Mark Buskirk
    Phone: 405-596-1072
                                                                                                       Oklahoma                                    www.myspace/sunsetabate
                                                                                                                                                   President: Keith McMullen “Sandbagger”
                                                                                                ABATE Chapters,                                    405-826-1000
    CHISHOLM TRAIL 412 CHAPTER                                                                  when they meet ,                                   Chapter Rep: Arlene Urias
    PO Box 3841, Enid, OK 73702
    Meets 2nd Sunday, 5 p.m., The Q Spot
                                                                                           and how to reach them                                   405-795-8119
    221 W. Cherokee, Enid, OK
    President: Frank Dods 580-977-4951                                                                                                             THREE SANDS CHAPTER
                                                                                                    President: Tim “Top” Catcher                   PO Box 81, Ponca City, OK 74602
    E-mail:              LAKES AREA CHAPTER 13                           E-mail:
    Chapter Rep: Gary Bradley 405-278-1682                                                                                                         Meetings: Call for location & time.
                                                    110 N. Whitaker St. Pryor, OK 74361             Chapter Rep: Tim “Top” Catcher 405-532-6209    President: Charles Criner - 580-363-0321
    E-mail:                 Meets 3rd Friday, 7 p.m. @ American Legion on   E-mail:            Chapter Rep: Andy Huddleston
                                                    West Hwy. 20, Pryor, OK 74361                                                                  E-mail:
    GREAT PLAINS CHAPTER                            President: Brian Witt 918-864-0557              NW #69 CHAPTER                                 580-789-1198
    330 S. Oklahoma, Mangum, OK 73554               Chapter Rep: Kirk Crowell                       P. O. Box 2783, Woodward, OK 73802
    Meets 3rd Thursday, 7 p.m., call for location   Email:                 Meetgs 2nd Sunday (call for location)          TULSA CHAPTER
    President: Matthew Holmes (Matt Man)            State Rep: Kirk Crowell                         President: Bob Drake 580-571-2258              PO Box 582078, Tulsa, OK 74158-2078
    E-mail:                                   Chapter Rep: A. J. White 580-334-1635          Fax: 918-835-8352
    580-649-0314 or                                                                                              Meets last Thursday of month, 7 p.m. @ Akdar
    Chapter Rep: Ilka Heiskell                      LAWTON DISTRICT #3 CHAPTER                                                                     Shrine Temple, 2808 S. Sheridan
    E-mail:                4702 N. State Hwy. 65, Elgin, OK 73538          ROGERS COUNTY CHAPTER                
    405-202-3180                                    Meets 3rd Sunday, 3:30 p.m., @ VFW on E.        P. O. Box 136, Foyil, OK 74031                 President: Lee McArdle 918-282-1000
                                                    Gore Blvd.                                      Meets 3rd Friday, 7:30 p.m. @ VFW - 1717 W.    Chapter Rep: John Pierce 918-371-2410
    KIAMICHI CHAPTER                                President: John Hall                            Dupont                                         E-mail:
    4396 N 376 Rd, Atwood, OK 74827                 Vice-President: Ralph Page                      President: Scott Williams 918-855-6823         Alternate Rep: Carol King 918-746-4903
    Meeting places differ from meeting to meeting   Chapter Rep: David Apel                         E-mail:                 E-mail:
    Phone: 405-221-7984 or 7985                                Chapter Rep: James Parmley 918-521-6545        Chapter info line 918-949-4204
    President Slick, email                                                                          E-mail:                       MUSKOGEE CHAPTER                      
    Chapter Rep.Rosco, email                        PO Box 472, Muskogee, OK 74402                                                                 [Please submit changes or corrections to                          Meets 3rd Wednesday, 7:00 p.m. @ Cowboys        SOUTH CENTRAL CHAPTER                ]
    Alt. chapter rep-to be announced                BBQ, 401 N. York, Muskogee                      P.O. Box 1582, Lone Grove, OK 73443
ABATE of Oklahoma                                                                    Biker Journal                                                                       April 2011    ◆    9
Chapter Meetings (continued from page 10)
take a breath and put that one down as a         scholarship. Motion to accept made by            pers and other hygiene items for children       on     how       to    spend unbudgeted
plus and start her preparations for the next     Tony seconded by Jimmie accepted by a            from age 3 to 16.                               money. Wishbone made a motion to spon-
one. And last, but definitely not least, thank   vote of the members.                               Poker run entry fees will include any         sor 13 riders to take the endorsement class;
you Eric Butcher for being such a good             V. Old business                                article of need by the charity.                 one from each chapter. Racket seconded
guy and taking the ritual cake in the face         Toy Run - was suggested to do a poker            The meeting was adjourned at approxi-         the motion.
this year, it will be added to lots of good      run with the toy run. This is for Christmas      mately 8 pm.                                      Arlene said art and pictures need to be
memories.                                        in July for the upper age kids, 12-17 year       Sunset Chapter                                  sent to by the 1st
  The results of our auctions and raffle will    olds. It was suggested by Karen that we do         President Keith “Sandbagger”                  of each month. State meetings are held the
be given at this month’s meeting for those       gift cards for around $25 each. Need com-        McMullen called the meeting to order at         second Saturday of each month in OKC
who attend. I’ll have the full list of every-    mittee and Karen mad a motion to start this.     7:30 p.m. Feb. 10, 2011 with the Pledge         except May meeting will be held in
thing in next months’ letter for those who       Seconded by Charlie and accepted by a            of Allegiance.                                  Ardmore, June in Tahlequah, and Decem-
miss it. We have the Snake Hunt coming           vote of the members. Volunteer commit-             Guests present included Paul Saunders         ber in Tulsa. NCOM will be May 26-30th at
up quickly and need to start making plans        tee members Karen (Chairmen), Debbie,            (past president), Sheila a guest of J.W., and   Hyatt Regency in Albuquerque, NM.
for that, so please try to make it to this       Tony, and Leslie.                                Tom and Janet from Texas.                         Newsletter Report—Sugar has emailed
meeting to help get it on its way.                 VI. New Business                                 Secretary’s Report –Teacher was ab-           the newsletter out to everyone.
  Hopefully this will get out in time, but the     A. Abate member fee we voted on in             sent, but minutes had been emailed to all         Vice President Report—Larry “Sandman”
VMC is having their annual Spaghetti cook-       January’s meeting has been accepted state-       that have email addresses. Copies were          suggested as a way to hopefully increase
off March 5, starting at 11 a.m. with pool       wide and the fee increase to $25 will be         on the back table. Sally made the motion        membership provide a free “How to bike
tournaments, dar t tournaments, and              effective July 1st.                              to forego the reading of the minutes with       check.” This would also be a good way to
weather permitting, horseshoe tourna-              B. Bill Richey offered the VFW to be a         a second by Bubba. Motion carried with          make the public aware of ABATE. He also
ments. There is a $5 entry fee on each           participant of the Toy Run/Poker Run.            John opposed.                                   suggested having everyone wearing the
game and $5 per plate for the spaghetti          Mentioned the Post wants to do a Safety            Treasurer’s report-Vicki reported our         same shirt/hat on rides to promote aware-
and fixins. There will be a live auction and a   Fair with the police, blood mobile, and other    balance. Boiling Springs has been paid          ness too. May is motorcycle awareness
50/50 raffle. This will all be at the MOOSE      community safety programs for the com-           for. Racket made motion to accept the           month so will be involved in Burger Day.
LODGE this year. Let’s try to help them          munity and has asked that we would have          treasurer’s report. Wishbone seconded             Carry the Flame Committee report—
get a good showing, please.                      a booth to encourage motorcycle safety.          the motion. Motion carried with John op-        Wishbone asked for a show of hands of
  Our next meeting is March 13 at 2:00           Also they are asking that we gear this to-       posed.                                          those who plan on going. Those raising
p.m. at the ABATE OFFICE. - Tammy                ward the kids in some way.                         Chapter Rep. Report—Arlene reminded           their hands included Sandbagger, Racket,
Rogers County A.B.A.T.E.                           VIII. Adjourn                                  everyone about the upcoming Legislative         and Jack. Went over the rules for sponsor-
  Board Members                                    Adjourned at 8:45.                             Breakfast on Feb. 23. Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb        ship: (1) Member of Sunset Chapter by 1/
  President: Scott Williams                        Next meeting is March 18, 2011                 will be presented with the SMILE                1/2011; (2) Must either get a T-shirt spon-
  VPresident: Eddie Wood                           Pot luck $76 no winner; rolls over to next     Award. She said there would be a lead-          sor or sell at least 12 T-shirts; (3) Be an
  Secretary: Marie Barton                        meeting.                                         ers’ summit at the Howard Johnson. She          active participant at all Carry the Flame ac
  Treasurer: Sherry LaRue                        South Central Chapter                            reported that membership dues have in-
  Sgnt of Arms: Artie Clarke*                      President called meeting to order at 7         creased to $25. She asked for feedback                See CHAPTER MEETINGS, page 12
  State Rep: James Parmley                       p.m. on Feb. 15, 2011.
  *Denotes Absence                                 Pledge of allegiance; prayer by F.A.
  List of all members present will be kept       Copeland; all officers present.
on file with meeting minutes.                      New members and guests were recog-
  I. Call to Order                               nized; 3 guests present at the meeting; 22
  The meeting was called to order at 7:35        people present at meeting.
pm                                                 Reading of previous meeting minutes was
  Pledge of Allegiance & A Moment of Si-         waived. Treasurer’s report stated we have
lence                                            plenty of money in bank at this time.
  New Members Richard C.T. Stangland               Sand and salt still on roads was discussed
(Corpsman), Bill Richey & Candy Richey.          in safety briefing.
  II. Treasurer’s Report was given by              The membership voted to allow the
Sherry Larue. Motion was made by Charlie         chapter to pay for 1 motel room for the
and seconded by Jimmie and accepted by           legislative breakfast.
a vote of the members.                             President requested the chapter pay for
  III. Secretary’s Report: Minutes of last       1 room at each state function such as the
meeting. Motion was made to accept re-           SMILE, Mid South MILE, and the legisla-
port by Charlie, seconded by Jimmie, and         tive breakfast. This will be voted on at next
accepted by a vote of the members.               meeting.
  IV. State Rep Report State meeting min-          F.A. showed a DVD movie of last year’s
utes were given by James.                        legislative day which was very informative
  Motion was made to accept report by            to the member ship.
Charlie, seconded by Karen, and accepted           Members were informed that the yearly
by vote of the members.                          dues will be raised to $25 per year after
  Secretary’s minutes of each meeting and        July.
full Treasurer’s report and State Rep re-          The membership also discussed state
ports are available at the beginning of each     payment of their annual poker run or do-
membership meeting.                              nation by chapters.
  Committee Reports:                               State Rep. reported to the membership
  Scholarship committee: Giving two              that anyone interested in becoming a mo-
$1000 scholarships to two college-bound          torcycle safety instructor can contact Callie.
seniors in Rogers County. Due to the in-           State Rep. also reported on the Share the
clement weather, there has been a delay          Road program being implemented in Okla-
in getting the applications into the Rogers      homa schools.
County High Schools.                               In general discussion, members were
  There was a short meeting prior to mem-        urged to work on getting door prizes for
bership meeting. We will distribute all apps     the Kourtney’s Kloset annual poker run
next week and will pick them up the first        on May 7 in Ardmore. Members were also
week of April.                                   asked to volunteer their time to help with
  Will have a meeting the 2nd or 3rd week        the poker run in any way they can.
of April to read all applications and deter-       Items needed by Kourtney’s Kloset were
mine the two winners. Will look at putting a     discussed such as any items of clothing,
dinner together in May to fund next year’s       underwear, toothbrushes, backpacks, dia-
10    ◆   April 2011                                                        Biker Journal                                                       ABATE of Oklahoma

      of Oklahoma Merchandise

      Vinyl Window Decal, your choice                       Short Sleeve, $12; Long Sleeve $18                         6 oz Stainless Steel Flask, $15
          of three colors, 3” square                           Hoodies, $30, several colors                            8 oz Stainless Steel Flask, $18

     Item                                   Colors Available                             Size              Color       Quantity         Amount           Total
     State Patch                                                                                                                        $5
     20th Anniversary Patch                                                                                                             $5
     S.M.I.L.E. Patches                                                                                                                 $5
     S.Y.L.A. Patches                                                                                                                   $20
     State Back Patches                                                                  10”x10”                                        $25
     State Pins                                                                                                                         $5
     Chapter Charter Pin                      White                                                                                     $5
     Vinyl Car Decal-ABATE Eagle              White                                                                                     $2
     Vinyl Car Decal-ABATE patch              White, Blue, Yellow, Black                                                                $2
     Black Plastic Car Tags                    ABATE Eagle or ABATE of Oklahoma                                                         $10
     Mirrored Car Tags                         ABATE Eagle or ABATE of Oklahoma                                                         $15
     6oz Stainless Steel Flask                 ABATE of Oklahoma Logo                                                                   $10
     8oz Stainless Steel Flask                 ABATE of Oklahoma Logo                                                                   $18
     Adult Look Twice T-Shirts                Black, Orange, Pink or Green SM-4XL                                                       $12
     Look Twice Hoodies                       Black, Orange, Pink or Green M-4XL                                                        $25
     Booty Shorts                             Black w/This Booty Supports ABATE or look Twice for Bikers                                $10
     Beanies/stocking caps                    Pink Fuzzy                                                                                $5

                                                                                                                       Subtotal or Order                 $
                                                                   February Specials!
              Shipping:                                                  Good through Feb. 28, 2011

          $10 - $15 $3.99 • $15.01 - $25 $4.99
                                                              Last chance on 20th Anniversary Merchandise!
           $25 - $35 $5.99 • $35 - $50 $6.99                         Get yours before they are gone!
          Orders over $50 call 580-725-3227                                   We have left:
                                                               20th Skull Hoodie: 2 smalls and Ladies 10th Hoodie:
      Make Check or Money Order Payable to:                      1-small $25 (get a free pink stocking hat while       New Merchandise!
       ABATE of Oklahoma, Inc., and mail to:                                       supplies last!                            • Men’s reflective ball caps - $15
           Garry Canaday, P.O. Box 91,                                                                                           • Military style caps - $15
                                                                  Regular $12, now $10 each while supplies last!                       • Baby bibs - $7
                Billings, OK 74630
                                                                 20th Skull T-Shirts: 2-small, 5-medium, and 1-2XL     • Onesie and hat set for baby (6 months) $15
                or email order to:                              20th Ladies T-Shirts: 3-small, 3-medium, 3-large, 7-         (Available in blue, pink or white)
                                     Xlarge, 2-2Xlarge, 3XL, and 2-4Xlarge
     Please include: Name, full address and phone number.
ABATE of Oklahoma                                                       Biker Journal                                                April 2011   ◆   11

    ABATE of Oklahoma, Inc                                                                Classifieds
                    Application for Membership
Prior Member #:_______________     Full Member Name: _____________________                 Classified ads are FREE to
Prior Member #:_______________     Full Member Name: _____________________                      ABATE members.
               ❑ NEW                           ❑ RENEWAL                                 Submit by the 1st of the month to
                 ❑ Cash       ❑ Check       ❑ Money Order                        
  ❑ Full Membership                $20/year                                              Please include a phone number.
  ❑ Full Membership                $20/year
  ❑ Card Laminating                $1/per card
  ❑ Change of Address              No Charge                                      Help us to help Oklahoma’s
                                                                                                           Motorcycling Community
  Address: __________________________________
  City: ______________________________________
                                                                                                        Become a Sustaining Member
  Zip: _______________ Phone: ________________                                       Application for Sustaining Membership in
  Chapter: __________________________________                                                   ABATE of Oklahoma
  Email: __________________________________
          Payable to: ABATE of Oklahoma, Inc.                                                Individual Name or Company
                 Mail To: ABATE Memberships                                                  you want listed in newsletter:
      c/o Callie Catcher, PO Box 632, Park Hill, OK 74451

                                                                                    Address: ___________________________
                                                                                    City: _______________________________
                                                                                    State: _________________ Zip: _________
                                                                                    Phone: _____________________________
                                                                                    Which level of membership do you wish?
                                                                                                 ❑ Bronze             $100 per year
                                                                                                 ❑ Silver             $250 per year
                                                                                                 ❑ Gold               $500 per year
                                                                                                 ❑ Diamond            $1,000 per year

 By signing this application, I agree to waive any and all claims against ABATE     You will have your name listed in the newsletter as a sustaining
 of Oklahoma, Inc., its officers, board members and general members for           member of ABATE of Oklahoma, receive a certificate suitable for
 any personal or property loss or damage which may occur as a result of my        framing and also know that we will continue to be here in the fight
 participation in ABATE functions. I understand that ABATE cannot and will                             for your riding freedoms.
 not assume responsibility for my safety, and that if I participate in any
 ABATE sponsored activity, ride or event, I do so voluntarily, assuming all
 risks and I release and hold ABATE harmless for any personal injury or prop-                   Please make checks payable to:
 erty loss which may result there from.
                                                                                                     ABATE of Oklahoma
                                                                                                         and mail to:
               Member’s Signatures:                                                                   c/o Callie Catcher
 FULL: ________________________________________                                                         P.O. Box 632
                                                                                                     Park Hill, OK 74451
 FULL: ________________________________________
12   ◆   April 2011                                                                 Biker Journal                                                                   ABATE of Oklahoma

                                      Giving and giving again
                                                 The goal of the organization is to raise        they use are purchased from and through          is phenomenal.
Three Sands Chapter                              money to give away to those warriors need-      disabled veterans and families who have            The goal is simple for the group. Veter-
                                                 ing help. A money jar was sitting on the        suffered losses. The work done is labor-         ans get together, come up with designs,
  Have you ever met someone who so in-           table at the booth                                                         free and at cost.     print T-shirts, and give the money to some-
spired you that you just couldn’t stop talk-     and Larry stated                                                             So far, Sittin-     one who needs it.
ing about them? I was working the ABATE          the money was go-                                                          Pretty-USA has          Finally, Larry said the organization is ad-
booth at a bike show in OKC over the week-       ing to be given to a                                                       assisted 14 veter-    vocating legislation surrounding the pro-
end and had to get out after a while and         wounded warrior                                                            ans in gaining        testing of funerals by a CHURCH TO RE-
stretch my legs. I walked past a T-shirt         retur ning        to                                                       handicapped ac-       MAIN UNNAMED in this article. He
booth and met a man who greatly inspired         Guthrie. Lar r y                                                           cess to their         stated the idea of increasing the cost of a
me.                                              said ANY veteran                                                           home. The orga-       permit currently allowed by Oklahoma law
  The booth was “Sittin-Pretty-USA” and          or organization                                                            nization has been     to $10,000.00. Then, the money paid for
was manned by a single person. His name          needing help gets                                                          in operation for      the permit would be given to the family of
was Larry Van Schuyver. Larry was in             it unconditionally.                                                        approximately         the deceased. Apparently, giving money
charge of an “In-shore Boat Unit” which          He said the money                                                          two years. Opera-     to veterans is only one facet the group
compares to the PT boats operated by the         raised is given                                                            tions are out of      wants to pursue.
likes of former-president John F. Kennedy.       without question.                                                          Oklahoma City.          There is no way I can describe the inspi-
He was active in Operation Iraqi Freedom.        He stated the orga-                                                        The organization      ration and great feelings this man produces.
  Larry is a retired Command Master Chief        nization feels the                                                         is not operated for   His unrelenting desire to give and then give
and was in the U.S. Navy. Larry is a com-        people needing                                                             making money to       more is almost unbelievable. During the
bat-wounded Purple Heart recipient. (To          the money know                                                             keep but to give      course of the bike show, Larry came to
hear him describe himself, one would think       better how to use                                                          away. As stated       the ABATE booth several times and gave
he owed for his position rather than being       it than anyone else.                                                       before, support to    money stating people came up to donate
owed for the service and sacrifice he gave).     The goal is to help                                                        any and all veter-    money to good causes and he was giving
  One point to be made is Larry was the          and promote Okla-                                                          ans and groups is     ABATE half of everything he was bring-
only Command Master Chief in the Navy            homa veterans and                                                          given. Some of        ing in.
with red stripes on his dress uniform. If        organizations and                                                          the groups sup-         Anyone who needs help, wants to help,
you know what that means, you may                then, if anything is left over, help may be     ported so far are Wounded Warriors, Blue         or just needs an inspiration can contact
spread it to the ones who don’t. If not, ask     given outside the State.                        Star Mothers, Gold Star Families, The            Larr y and his friends at the following
around.                                             Sittin-Pretty-USA is a NOT-FOR-PROFIT        Purple Heart Society, Hold the Hand              places: online at
  Sittin-Pretty-USA is an organization set       organization meaning all the money              Project, Soldier’s Angels, The Hugs Project,     or by phone at 405-630-5147.
up to assist wounded warriors and their re-      brought in goes back out. After the cost of     Guardian Angels for Pets, and (most re-            I hope to have more contact and conver-
spective families. It was established by five    paying for T-shirts and printing materials,     cently) ABATE. Needless to say, the wide         sation with this great man, warrior, and
wounded warriors (one of which is Larry).        the rest goes to the needy. ALL supplies        range and variety of organizations assisted      American.

Chapter Meetings (continued from page 11)
tivities; (4) Help with at least one VFW         “Cackle” and Catrana aka “Peaches”.             Reading of the January minutes was waived          Raffle for $500 cash tickets will be in on
Event. We need help with food. We have a           Old Business—                                 by John, 2nd by Gary.                            Tuesday. Terry Tones sponsored. Dipper
hog and some turkeys. Money raised will            VFW Ladies Auxiliary will hold a used           State Rep report was given by Animal. A        has ordered 3000 tickets. Each bundle is
be split in the following ways—a percent-        book sale on March 26. Bring your books         motion to continue funding the $1000             in groups of 25 and must be picked up from
age will go to Sunset Chapter, percentage        to donate.                                      Poker Run the way it is currently going 1st      Dipper. Tickets are on sale for $1 each.
will go to Big Brothers & Sisters, and Op-         Burger Day Bike Show will be May 7. Ear-      by Cactus and 2ndSoxs, unanimous agree-            Christmas in July is still a work in
eration Camp Purple.                             nest Titus is Committee Chairman.               ment amongst the chapter. A committee            progress. Staz will lock in details after Leg-
  President’s Report—Sandbagger re-                Boiling Springs will be held August 6-        was formed to discuss ways the state             islative day.
minded everyone about the Legislative            7. Reservations have been set and paid for.     should spend funds. Chair for this commit-          Autumn Gathering, 2R is in contact with
Breakfast which will be held on Feb.               Lincoln School ride will be April 8 at 1      tee is Animal with Tinman, Soxs, and             other chapters’ presidents. Each picking
23rd. Will leave from the VFW at 7:30 a.m.       p.m. Meet at the VFW in El Reno at 12:30        Tommy. Motion to accept by Staz, 2nd by          an ending stop and will vote on the final
and make a stop at Yukon Bowling Alley.          with kickstands up at 12:45.                    John.                                            stop later.
  BREAK                                            Scavenger Hunt will be Sept. 17, 2011           Treasurer report given by Chaz. Motion           New Business:
  New Business—                                  with a Veterans Memorial Wall Theme.            to accept by Staz and 2nd by 2R.                   Tinman and Chaz presented 2 awards to
  (A) Autumn Gathering will be in Novem-           Mid-South Mile will be Oct. 14-15 maybe         Membership report was given by ICE.            Cade’s Café. One an Appreciation Award
ber at a central location. A change from         in Joplin or Branson.                           For the month of January, 5 renewals and         and the other a Hussle Award for the work
last year will be made. Chapters will make         50/50 was won by Larry Salsman. He            3 new members. Currently there are just          they did during the Autumn Gathering.
their own route and meet the other chap-         won $29, and Robin Casebolt’s name was          over 200 members in Three Sands Chap-            Cade’s is still giving Klufa fries for toys.
ters for the last draw at the last stop; dates   drawn for the Pill Drawing for $16. She was     ter. So far for February she has had 7 new         Up-coming events:
yet to be determined.                            absent.                                         members and 2 renewals. Motion to accept           Legislative Day meetings have been
  (B) Chapter merchandise, hats, t-shirts,         Gator made motion to adjourn with             by John and 2nd by Dipper.                       scheduled and emails will be sent to all
etc. State merchandise can be purchased          Arlene seconding. Meeting adjourned at            Merchandise report by Cactus, she still        members when all meetings are finalized.
cheaper and sold for profit monies going         9:07 p.m.                                       has hoodies for $25 and T-shirts for $15.          NW 69 Chili Cook-off is Saturday Feb.
to chapter. Bob talked to a man in OKC             Respectfully submitted,                       She is working with Gold Star on patches.        19, 2011.
about getting shirts, hats, and even having        Nancy “Teacher” Salsman, Secretary            Motion to accept by Animal and 2nd by              OKC Bike Show at the Fairgrounds
our name embroidered on them.                    Three Sands Chapter                             Shrimpi.                                         needs booth help. Animal, Cat, and Socks
  (C) Discuss changing meeting time to                                                             Committee reports:                             will help John S. on Saturday.
                                                   Call to order at 2 p.m. Feb 13, 2011 by
Sunday afternoon. No one liked that idea                                                           Hospice report: Keven has talked to Hos-         Wide Open bike show in Tulsa on Feb
                                                 Chaz with 35 in attendance, 2 first time
so meetings will remain the second Thurs-        guests. Invocation was given by Roy with        pice. Hospice will handle the money and          26-27; will also have a booth set up, anyone
day of each month at 7:30 p.m.                                                                   auction. The only help they want from            wanting to help please contact 2R.
                                                 prayer requests sent for Bob Drake, Lo-
  (D) Bike safety checkup for the                                                                ABATE is auction items and door prizes. It         Raffle drawing was won by Animal.
                                                 gan, and all armed forces personnel. Flag
spring? Open floor for discussion and            salute lead by Staz. 50/50 was altered this     will be the 2nd Saturday in June. Motion to        Motion to adjourn by Staz and 2nd by
ideas. Larry had suggested this. Great                                                           continue in the limited fashion by 2R and        Keven.
                                                 month to allow for a raffle of a 1 night stay
idea so it will be conducted during Burger                                                       2nd by Tommy.                                      Next meeting Sunday, March 13, 2011 at
                                                 at Turtle Rock Farm for 2, provided by
Day in May.                                      Cade’s Cafe. Introduction of guests by John       Casino Daze will be July 30. Register at       2 p.m. at the American Legion in Ponca
  (E) Road names were given to Alana aka                                                         10:30 a.m. at Tonkawa casino for $20.            City
                                                 Sanders were Malinda and Michael Villar.

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