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					                                                 Education, Adult And Continuing (0516)
項次 勾選 論文號碼          論文名稱                                                                         論文作者                        畢業學校                   學位 年代 頁數
 1   AAC0808014     A strategy for alleviating illiteracy amongst blacks in the Republic of Sibiya, Hlengana      University of Pretoria (South     Ph.D. 2005
                    South Africa: A historical study on adult basic education               Solomon               Africa) (6004)
 2     AAC0808018   Surviving the game: Interaction in an adult online learning community van Ryneveld,           University of Pretoria (South     Ph.D. 2005
                                                                                            Linda                 Africa) (6004)
 3     AAC0808253   Wage inequality and the role of the pre-market skills                   Steinberger,          Massachusetts Institute of        Ph.D. 2005
                                                                                            Michael Douglas       Technology (0753)
 4     AAC1423770   A philosophical preface to a curriculum for unleashing leadership from Nero, Raymond          State University of New York      M.A. 2005 134
                    within African Americans                                                                      Empire State College (1408)       L.S.
 5     AAC1424613   Buster's Journey: Stories From a Life. A memoir of sorts (Original      O'Brien, Neil         State University of New York      M.A. 2005 100
                    writing, Short stories)                                                                       Empire State College (1408)
 6     AAC1424614   Measuring the effectiveness of anti-violence training in the public     Wasielewski, John     State University of New York      M.A. 2005 76
                    workplace: Characteristics of anti-violence training in public agencies P                     Empire State College (1408)
 7     AAC1425670   The experiential art and crafts preferences of senior adults: A         Campbell,             East Tennessee State University   M.A. 2005 52
                    preparatory assessment for the implementation of the Project Senior     Charlynn Watson       (0069)                            L.S.
                    Art model
 8     AAC1425928   A study of nontraditional BSW students at an urban university           Rea, Natalie Rose     Wayne State University (0254)     M.S. 2005 60
 9     AAC1425942   Does training or knowledge change the perception of employee              Reiter, John        State University of New York      M.A. 2005 70
                    empowerment in the telecommunications industry                                                Empire State College (1408)
10     AAC1426464   The Great Lakes Fisheries Leadership Institute: Evaluation of an          Schroeder,          Michigan State University         M.S. 2005 313
                    Extension program's impacts in relation to regional sea grant and local   Brandon Charles     (0128)
                    Michigan participants' expected learning outcomes
11     AAC1426664   Leadership and the learning organization                                  Sharman,            State University of New York    M.A. 2005 85
                                                                                              Christopher Call    Empire State College (1408)     L.S.
12     AAC1426687   Mass communication delivery methods used and possessed by                 Neehouse, Lisa      West Virginia University (0256) M.S. 2005 135
                    Extension agents in West Virginia                                         Michelle
13     AAC1426793   Exploring the effectiveness of leadership training on adult learners:     Westley, Cheryl R   University of Alaska Anchorage M.Ed. 2005 141
                    An evaluation of the leadership and communications workshop for                               (0922)
                    natural resource professionals

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14   AAC1430801   The economic impact of certifications in information technology          Potenza, Gina       State University of New York       M.S. 2005 75
                                                                                                               Institute of Technology (1026)
15   AAC3156003   Nurses' reasons for participation as evaluators in specialized           Butlin, Jennifer    The George Washington              Ed.D. 2005 219
                  accreditation                                                            Paup                University (0075)
16   AAC3158593   The embodied sage: An inquiry into body wisdom                           Powis, Kara A       California Institute of Integral   Ph.D. 2005 207
                                                                                                               Studies (0392)
17   AAC3158704   Study with an open mind and heart: William Rainey Harper's inductive     Freeman, Maria      The University of Chicago          Ph.D. 2005 202
                  method of teaching the Bible                                                                 (0330)
18   AAC3162411   Factors related to motivation to learn and motivation to transfer        Ayres, Helen        North Carolina State University    Ed.D. 2005 325
                  learning in a nursing population                                         Williams            (0155)
19   AAC3162647   Reflecting on the practice stories of educators working in the arts:     Gregoire, Helene    Cornell University (0058)          Ph.D. 2005 310
                  Lessons for community youth development
20   AAC3162730   The effects of being tenured or non-tenured on nurse faculty stress in   Zografos, Peter     Capella University (1351)          Ph.D. 2005 111
                  the community college setting
21   AAC3163181   Best practices of faculty in the spiritual formation of Master of        Royael,            Oral Roberts University (6026)      Ed.D. 2005 173
                  Divinity students                                                        Christopher George
22   AAC3163204   A comparative analysis of the effects of pedagogical and andragogical    Hudson, Gregory A Delta State University (0877)        Ed.D. 2005 147
                  instructional methods on academic performance of community college
23   AAC3163658   Literacy and numeracy practices of market women of Quetzaltenango,       Cohen-Mitchell,     University of Massachusetts        Ed.D. 2005 202
                  Guatemala                                                                Joan B              Amherst (0118)
24   AAC3163701   "You don't have to have college knowledge to know it all": Meaning-      Russell, Sherry L   University of Massachusetts        Ed.D. 2005 399
                  making in a participatory adult education project                                            Amherst (0118)
25   AAC3164005   Analysis of the factors involved in technological problem solving in a   Burt, Katrina       North Carolina State University    Ed.D. 2005 249
                  college technology education classroom                                   Gabour              (0155)
26   AAC3164023   Determining the effectiveness of theInternational Public Management      Noble, Aaron P., Jr North Carolina State University    Ed.D 2005 174
                  Association for Human Resources Certified Professional Certification                         (0155)
                  Program in assisting HR managers in performing the responsibilities of
                  their job
27   AAC3164140   Examining characteristics of collaboration through the lens of an        Diehl, Susan        University of Hartford (0474)      Ed.D. 2005 226
                  interorganizational arrangements model: A case study of Colleagues in    Hanson
                  Caring: Regional Collaboratives for Nursing Work Force Development

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28   AAC3164693   Relating instructional interactivity to adult learner satisfaction and     Davies, Kevin J    Capella University (1351)        Ph.D. 2005 187
                  subsequent retention/persistence in postsecondary online courses: A
                  case study analysis
29   AAC3164694   Learner self-efficacy and interaction during the implementation of         Whisler, Vesta R   Capella University (1351)        Ph.D. 2005 199
                  accelerated online college courses: A mixed methodology evaluative
                  intrinsic case study
30   AAC3164996   "Can a faceless teacher be close to students?": The lived experience of    Kim, Hee-Young     University of Houston (0087)     Ed.D. 2005 210
                  online instructors in higher education
31   AAC3165003   The effect of the "Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal" test         Valdes-Corbeil,    University of Houston (0087)     Ed.D. 2005 131
                  preparation program on the critical thinking of teacher education          Maria Elena
                  program applicants
32   AAC3165028   The improvisational art and practice of learning: A heuristic study of     Lennard, Diane     Union Institute and University   Ph.D. 2005 196
                  adult learning                                                                                (1414)
33   AAC3165890   Understanding social capital in Buganda using proverbs and                 Lubega, Khalid     University of Minnesota (0130)   Ph.D. 2005 285
                  implications for human resource development (Uganda)
34   AAC3166101   Four successful Apache women living in a postmodern era                    Goklish, Rea        Arizona State University (0010) Ed.D. 2005 176
35   AAC3166203   The use of self-learning packets to provide education to nursing staff     Steffy, Carol       Wilmington College (Delaware) Ed.D. 2005 109
                  in a long term care facility                                                                   (1215)
36   AAC3166254   Life Satisfaction Index for the Third Age (LSITA): A measurement of        Barrett, Andrew J., Ball State University (0013)    Ed.D. 2005 101
                  successful aging                                                           II
37   AAC3166259   Discovering the behaviors that facilitate or impede the dissertation       Nickolich, David    Ball State University (0013)    Ed.D. 2005 206
                  completion of selected doctoral students having the All But                Andrew
                  Dissertation (ABD) status
38   AAC3166411   Using ceremonies to disciple oral learners among the tribal people in      McIntyre, Roy C    Asbury Theological Seminary      D.Mis 2005 292
                  Bangladesh                                                                                    (1062)                           s.
39   AAC3166544   This woman's work: Exploring the educational narratives of African         Sealey-Ruiz,       New York University (0146)       Ph.D. 2005 153
                  American reentry mothers and their daughters                               Yolanda
40   AAC3166781   Identifying reasons for nonparticipation in adult Christian education in   To, Ut Van         Capella University (1351)        Ph.D. 2005 108
                  United Methodist churches in the western district of Vietnam
41   AAC3166862   Job satisfaction among radiation therapy faculty in higher education       Swafford, Larry G Virginia Commonwealth           Ph.D. 2005 136
                                                                                                               University (2383)
42   AAC3166977   Where the portraits on the wall are women: The personal reflections        Firestone,        Georgia State University (0079) Ph.D. 2005 319
                  of return to college women who attended a Southern women's college,        Elizabeth Elliott
                  1974--1981 (Georgia)

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43   AAC3167301   A comparative analysis of faculty and staff self-perceptions and          Jackson, Tyrone      Delta State University (0877)   Ed.D. 2005 89
                  practices in retention activities at a regional university
44   AAC3167319   Career shock: A study of Late Baby Boomers pursuing career change         Woodard, Chris A     Oklahoma State University       Ed.D. 2005 316
                  through formal learning                                                                        (0664)
45   AAC3167392   The learning processes, characteristics, and behaviors of necessity       Duggins, Ronald      Oklahoma State University       Ed.D. 2005 169
                  entrepreneurs in northeast Brazil                                                              (0664)
46   AAC3167397   Circle of Learning: Cultural aspects of American Indian HIV/AIDS          McIntosh,            Oklahoma State University       Ed.D. 2005 242
                  prevention                                                                Dannette R           (0664)
47   AAC3167500   Assessment of adult student and instructor perceptions of classroom       Perry, Barbara A     The University of Memphis       Ed.D. 2005 105
                  environment: A tool to improve teaching in adult degree completion                             (1194)
48   AAC3167509   The balancing act: Understanding adult community college students'        Fenton, Celeste    University of South Florida       Ed.D. 2005 184
                  experiences with multiple role balance                                    Marie              (0206)
49   AAC3167606   Practices of adult learning principles and learning strategies of         Cochran, Teri A    Oklahoma State University         Ed.D. 2005 151
                  financial aid administrators in Oklahoma                                                     (0664)
50   AAC3167607   Learning profile of child care health consultants                         Ware, Sharon       Oklahoma State University         Ed.D. 2005 213
                                                                                            Douglass           (0664)
51   AAC3167613   The effects of cooperative agreement programs between technology          Smithson, Norman Oklahoma State University           Ed.D. 2005 258
                  centers and community colleges in Oklahoma                                Dean               (0664)
52   AAC3167617   The effect of the Schools Attuned program on educators' self-efficacy     Arnn, Royalyn B    Oklahoma State University         Ed.D. 2005 214
53   AAC3167624   "We'll keep the light on for you": The retention of students at a         Billingsley, Miron Oklahoma State University         Ed.D. 2005 204
                  historically black college or university (Oklahoma)                       Paul               (0664)
54   AAC3167793   The integration of interactive strategies in two-way interactive video    Jurewicz, Edward J Indiana University (0093)         Ph.D. 2005 366
                  instruction: A case study of instructional thought versus instructional
55   AAC3168021   How low-income African American women take up opportunities               Edmonds-Lloyd,       University of Pennsylvania      Ed.D. 2005 148
                  when technology education is linked to social service                     Marjorie M           (0175)
56   AAC3168042   Examining a comprehensive model for building capacity in homeless         Rogutsky, Chris      University of Pennsylvania      Ed.D. 2005 104
                  families                                                                                       (0175)
57   AAC3168825   A multiple case study of the role of assistive technology in the          Bedford, Laurie A    University of Wyoming (0264)    Ph.D. 2005 208
                  education of adults with disabilities
58   AAC3168840   Using cooperative learning in a content-based Spanish course: The         Sellers, Julie Ann   University of Wyoming (0264)    Ph.D. 2005 179
                  Latin American "Telenovela"

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59   AAC3169062   The ability of learning-disabled students to successfully negotiate        Swanson, E. C        Walden University (0543)        Ph.D. 2005 186
                  academic demands and its affects on academic success in a physical
                  therapy curriculum
60   AAC3169066   Stages of development in adult degree cohorts: The relationship            Wallace, Gail A      Walden University (0543)        Ph.D. 2005 137
                  between group effectiveness and learning outcomes
61   AAC3169301   The experience of learning computer skills for low-income African          Mills, Rosie Erica   Walden University (0543)        Ph.D. 2005 119
                  American and Hispanic seniors
62   AAC3169309   Drumbeats and tides: The Salvation Army Crestmont College. A               Peacock, Raymond     George Fox University, George   D.Mi 2005 170
                  better model for preparing leaders in the emerging age (California)        L                    Fox Evangelical Seminary        n.
63   AAC3169525   Changing technology in an informal online adult learning community         Mercer, Jo A         University of Delaware (0060)   Ed.D. 2005 210
64   AAC3169639   Lewin revisited: A perspective on his contribution through video           King, Lenna D        Virginia Commonwealth           Ph.D. 2005 380
                  archives, the literature, and interview of subject matter experts (Kurt                         University (2383)
65   AAC3169658   The relationship between novice teachers' mentored guided reflections      LoCasale, Dawn       University of Virginia (0246)   Ph.D. 2005 117
                  and videotaped lessons                                                     Marie
66   AAC3169678   The importance of support services for off-campus, adult graduate          Linnartz, Linda K    University of Virginia (0246)   Ed.D. 2005 92
67   AAC3169704   The impact of study groups on teachers' practices and perceptions          Hefty, Gayle Evans University of Virginia (0246)     Ed.D. 2005 147
68   AAC3170173   Career and technical education program graduates: What happens after       Tillman, C. Justice Clemson University (0050)        Ed.D. 2005 240
                  graduation? A look at employment and job satisfaction
69   AAC3170380   Transactional distance and learner autonomy as predictors of student       Pruitt, Darrin       Tulane University (0235)        Ph.D. 2005 204
                  performance in distance learning courses delivered by three modalities
70   AAC3170694   Educating the multicultural adult Latino community in New York City:       Diez, Jorge          Fordham University (0072)       Ph.D. 2005 366
                   An augmentativepedagogy
71   AAC3170701   Stress management program for parents of children diagnosed with           Hernandez, Norda   Carlos Albizu University (1355) Psy.D 2005 81
                  attention deficit hyperactivity disorder                                                                                      .
72   AAC3170727   A study of the marital satisfaction levels of participants in a marriage   Kirby, Joneal S    University of Louisiana at      Ph.D. 2005 95
                  education course                                                                              Monroe (1352)
73   AAC3170962   Cognitive development of adult undergraduate students in accelerated       Collins, Royce Ann Kansas State University (0100) Ph.D. 2005 223
                  or intensive programs
74   AAC3170990   Perceptions of professional development by part-time faculty members       Shuman, Cynthia A Kansas State University (0100)     Ph.D. 2005 170
                  in Kansas community colleges: An exploratory study

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75   AAC3171000   Popular education: Adult education for Latina women's empowerment Graves, Mary                   Rutgers The State University of Ed.D. 2005 266
                  (Paulo Freire)                                                    Whitford                       New Jersey - New Brunswick
76   AAC3171390   Assessing faculty attitudes toward the significant factors for facilitating   Alshehri, Ajlan    Mississippi State University    Ph.D. 2005 157
                  the implementation of online courses at the Institute of Public               Mohammad           (0132)
                  Administration in Saudi Arabia
77   AAC3171413   The relationship between learning styles and student success in an            McCann, Brian      Mississippi State University     Ph.D. 2005 107
                  online environment                                                            Matthew            (0132)
78   AAC3171492   Nontraditional women persisting in community college to meet their            Lutes, Charlene    Michigan State University        Ph.D. 2005 112
                  educational goals                                                             Ann                (0128)
79   AAC3171500   Persistence in the face of self doubt: The experiences of African             Murphy, Elaine     Michigan State University        Ph.D. 2005 138
                  American and Hispanic women in selective healthcare programs                  Marion             (0128)
80   AAC3171543   Factors that motivate adults to participate in Christian education            Mambo, Alice       Talbot School of Theology,       Ph.D. 2005 254
                  programs among Episcopal churches in Southern California                                         Biola University (0627)
81   AAC3171845   Lending a hand to the mentally ill homeless: A manual for service             Talei, Bahareh     Pepperdine University (6009)     Psy.D 2005 133
                  providers                                                                     Manzouri                                            .
82   AAC3171978   The relationship of adult learning styles and perceived factors involved      Loeffler, Cynthia A Sam Houston State University    Ed.D. 2005 171
                  in online graduate education leadership programs                                                  (0374)
83   AAC3172083   The Drug Evaluation and Classification Program (DECP) in the state            Walden, Troy        Texas A&M University (0803)     Ph.D. 2005 125
                  of Texas: A validation study                                                  Duane
84   AAC3172086   The effect of mass media on the short-term cognitive development of           Woodson, Dorothy Texas A&M University (0803)        Ed.D. 2005 130
                  the participants at a Tarrant County Extension garden seminar (Texas)         M
85   AAC3172094   Critical thinking, self-direction and online learning: A practical            Hall, Thomas E      University of South Dakota      Ed.D. 2005 137
                  inquiry perspective in higher education                                                           (0203)
86   AAC3172095   Career course outcomes: Differences in student persistence rates,             Smith-Keller, Keley University of South Dakota      Ed.D. 2005 91
                  course drops, and credit hours taken to graduate                                                  (0203)
87   AAC3172096   Barriers that male students 45 years of age and older encounter while         Madison, Edwin      University of South Dakota      Ed.D. 2005 128
                  pursuing doctoral degrees                                                     Gerald              (0203)
88   AAC3172105   Leading program planning theory into practice to develop a program            Patton, Babette J   University of South Dakota      Ed.D. 2005 67
                  for at-risk students                                                                              (0203)
89   AAC3172334   The nature of the knowledge acquisition process trainers use to achieve       Johnson, Daniel P Kansas State University (0100)    Ph.D. 2005 240
                  content expertise
90   AAC3172337   Assessing quality in Midwest adult degree completion programs: An             McRay, Jeni        Kansas State University (0100)   Ph.D. 2005 206
                  exploratory study

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91    AAC3172853   A case study of an adult education program for beginning and              Twohig, Catherine University of Minnesota (0130)     Ed.D. 2005 132
                   transitioning farmers learning to practice sustainable agriculture        Carol
92    AAC3172865   An investigation of the relationship between expertise and learning       Yahr, Steven      University of Minnesota (0130)     Ed.D. 2005 76
93    AAC3172907   The relationship between continuing education and quality of life of      Chao, Su-Chuan    Idaho State University (0320)      Ed.D. 2005 123
                   retirees in Pocatello-Chubbuck, Idaho
94    AAC3172930   Characterizing the construct of organizational unity of effort in the   Severance, Paul       Virginia Polytechnic Institute   Ph.D. 2005 197
                   interagency national security policy process                            Michael               and State University (0247)
95    AAC3172933   The lamplighter: Strategic leaders' views on leadership                 Carleton, Karen       Virginia Polytechnic Institute   Ph.D. 2005 179
                                                                                           Anne                  and State University (0247)
96    AAC3172965   Problem-based learning in nurse practitioner education and subsequent Chikotas, Noreen        The Pennsylvania State           D.Ed. 2005 190
                   clinical practice: The practitioners' perspectives                      Elaine                University (0176)
97    AAC3173016   Exploring negotiating for women whose lifework is planning education Wagner, Rebecca          The Pennsylvania State           D.Ed. 2005 252
                   programs                                                                Serfass               University (0176)
98    AAC3173437   The experience of applying andragogical principles to Internet learning Isenberg, Susan K     University of Missouri - Saint   Ph.D. 2005 341
                                                                                                                 Louis (0481)
99    AAC3173438   A construct validity assessment of the Instructional Perspectives         Stanton, Charline   University of Missouri - Saint   Ed.D. 2005 445
                   Inventory                                                                                     Louis (0481)
100   AAC3173486   The relationship between cognitive and teaching style preferences of      Harris, Stephen     Auburn University (0012)         Ed.D. 2005 118
                   students attending the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Instructor
                   Course at the Academic Instructor School (Alabama)
101   AAC3173581   Transient criminal subcultures and the crimes they commit against the     Blachut, Kenneth B Northern Illinois University      Ed.D. 2005 186
                   elderly: Implications for continuing criminal justice and community                          (0162)
102   AAC3173585   A developmental model for propreneurs                                     Fedenia, James N    Northern Illinois University     Ed.D. 2005 197
103   AAC3173586   Lifelong learning in physical therapy: Characteristics and facilitation   Hall, Kathy D       Northern Illinois University     Ed.D. 2005 235
                   of initial and continuing professional education                                              (0162)
104   AAC3173592   An analysis of the relationship between recovery and prevention           Maxwell, Cathy      Northern Illinois University     Ed.D. 2005 259
                   methods for eating disorders and personal human development                                   (0162)
105   AAC3173593   Women becoming mentors: Reflection and mentor identity formation          Mysyk, Noreen F     Northern Illinois University     Ed.D. 2005 279
                   as a process of lifelong learning                                                             (0162)
106   AAC3173693   Adjustment to college: College students with learning disabilities        Saghatoleslami,     Adler School of Professional     Psy.D 2005 119
                                                                                             Marjan              Psychology (1143)                .

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107   AAC3173697   The effectiveness of color-coding for learning music theory rudiments,   McVay, Vicki J        University of Kentucky (0102)      Ph.D. 2005 207
                   aural skills, and keyboard skills in persons aged 60 and older
108   AAC3173788   Learning to change: Identifying elements of transformation in            Edmiston, Marian      The Pennsylvania State             D.Ed. 2005 293
                   formerly abusive men                                                     D'Angelo              University (0176)
109   AAC3173808   Finding our way: Women's lived experiences leading to the legislatures   McCormick             The Pennsylvania State             D.Ed. 2005 238
                   of Pennsylvania and Maryland                                             Higgins, Judith Ann   University (0176)
110   AAC3173813   Understanding the performance: Learning identity and domestic            Nash, Heather M       The Pennsylvania State             D.Ed. 2005 330
                   violence                                                                                       University (0176)
111   AAC3174246   How a job club benefits executive job seekers: A tale of hares and       Kondo,                Loyola University Chicago          Ph.D. 2005 128
                   tortoises                                                                Christopher Taro      (0112)
112   AAC3174446   See-read-act: Exploring a conceptual framework for understanding         Dietz, Albert         The University of Texas at         Ph.D. 2005 170
                   executive problem recognition                                            Steven                Austin (0227)
113   AAC3174506   Discerning action: A praxis for consultants                              Savage, Dayle A       Peabody College for Teachers       Ed.D. 2005 163
                                                                                                                  of Vanderbilt University (0074)
114   AAC3174522   Factors that promote seeking a GED and the attainment of graduates:      Williams-Jones,       Capella University (1351)          Ph.D. 2005 128
                   A QUAN-Qual study of GED graduates from Georgia's Service                Deborah A
                   Delivery Area 15
115   AAC3174524   Learning interpersonal skills in banking through blended learning        Callaway, Karen L Capella University (1351)              Ph.D. 2005 114
116   AAC3174527   A conceptual model for the development of online cognitive               Brooks, Thomas R Capella University (1351)               Ph.D. 2005 242
                   apprenticeships in a college accounting course
117   AAC3174528   Adult EFL program development: Facilitators and impediments              Stephens, Phillip G Capella University (1351)            Ph.D. 2005 224
118   AAC3174529   The theory of multiple intelligences and critical thinking               Zobisch, Paula J    Capella University (1351)            Ph.D. 2005 110
119   AAC3174542   Transformative learning communities at a distance: A single-site         Lewis, Mary T       Saybrook Graduate School and         Ph.D. 2005 245
                   qualitative case study                                                                       Research Center (0795)
120   AAC3174962   Using a negotiated, holistic, inquiry-based curriculum with Hispanic     Larrotta, Clarena   The University of Texas at           Ph.D. 2005 311
                   adults developing English literacy                                                           Austin (0227)
121   AAC3175014   A qualitative study of diabetic peoples' experience of neurofeedback     Monjezi, Siamak     St. Mary's University of San         Ph.D. 2005 145
                   training and its effect on their quality of life                                             Antonio (1164)
122   AAC3175018   A case study of a college facultys' use of technology, professional      Kelly, Timothy      Dowling College (1395)               Ed.D. 2005 186
                   development and perceptions of organizational support
123   AAC3175024   Educating soul capacities: Empowering Waldorf educators through          Cameron,              California Institute of Integral   Ph.D. 2005 270
                   transformative learning                                                  Alexander             Studies (0392)

                                                                             P.8                                                            漢珍數位圖書股份有限公司
124   AAC3175051   Transforming a community college class into a democratic experience: Goldfarb, Lynne          The Claremont Graduate           Ph.D. 2005 237
                   A case study reuniting education and democracy                                                University and San Diego State
                                                                                                                 University (0760)
125   AAC3175119   Adult basic education students' perceptions of personal/social costs and Gartner, Joanne L University of Maryland, College     Ph.D. 2005 243
                   benefits                                                                                      Park (0117)
126   AAC3175250   Development of a leadership education curriculum for the Field             Benton, Duane A Nova Southeastern University        Ed.D. 2005 248
                   Training and Evaluation Program at a county sheriff's office                                  (1191)
127   AAC3175410   Learning in physician-to-physician consultation                            Shershneva,        The University of Wisconsin -    Ph.D. 2005 309
                                                                                              Marianna B         Madison (0262)
128   AAC3175546   Assessing the continuing education needs of Wisconsin athletic             McGuine, Timothy The University of Wisconsin -      Ph.D. 2005 186
                   trainers: A comparison of three needs assessment methods                   A                  Madison (0262)
129   AAC3175656   Adult undergraduates in a traditional-age environment                      Sherman, Brett     University of Pennsylvania       Ed.D. 2005 185
130   AAC3175693   Women's supportive relationships in a higher education setting             Haynes, Penny A Columbia University Teachers        Ed.D. 2005 268
                                                                                                                 College (0055)
131   AAC3175694   The contribution of international work and study experience to the         Heely, Margaret    Columbia University Teachers     Ed.D. 2005 299
                   professional life and practice of adult and higher education faculty       Edith              College (0055)
132   AAC3175707   From counting and pouring to caring: How pharmacists learn empathic Lonie, John               Columbia University Teachers     Ed.D. 2005 280
                   communication skills                                                       Michael            College (0055)
133   AAC3175713   Through these gates: African diasporan women's decision to participate Nanton, Carmela        Columbia University Teachers     Ed.D. 2005 303
                   in adult education programs                                                Rachel             College (0055)
134   AAC3175714   Team learning and culture: A study of two multicultural engagement         Ndletyana, Dorothy Columbia University Teachers     Ed.D. 2005 336
                   teams in a global professional services organization in South Africa                          College (0055)
135   AAC3175729   Executive learning post 9/11: A case study at one major global             Stahl, Terese      Columbia University Teachers     Ed.D. 2005 274
                   financial institution                                                      Angelastro         College (0055)
136   AAC3175731   Strategic learning in the context of strategy implementation: A case       Stronz, Michelle M Columbia University Teachers     Ed.D. 2005 228
                   study of implementers in action                                                               College (0055)
137   AAC3175736   Developing and sustaining active citizenship: A life history analysis of Tsuchiya, Kazuho Columbia University Teachers         Ed.D. 2005 367
                   the representatives and organizers of Japanese nonprofit civic activities                     College (0055)
138   AAC3175739   Creativity through collaboration and learning in two corporate groups Watson, Ruth            Columbia University Teachers     Ed.D. 2005 281
                                                                                              Elizabeth          College (0055)
139   AAC3175740   Role of arts participation in adult learning about multicultural diversity Wesley, Sherre     Columbia University Teachers     Ed.D. 2005 349
                                                                                              Lynn               College (0055)

                                                                             P.9                                                       漢珍數位圖書股份有限公司
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                                                                               P.10                                                      漢珍數位圖書股份有限公司
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                                                                              P.11                                                         漢珍數位圖書股份有限公司
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                                                                             P.12                                                      漢珍數位圖書股份有限公司
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                                                                             P.13                                                       漢珍數位圖書股份有限公司
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                                                                              P.14                                                    漢珍數位圖書股份有限公司

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