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    Newsletter of The Baltimore County Bar Association
VOLUME XX, NO. 3                                                                                  October 2010

                                  PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
                                   BY ALEXANDER WRIGHT, JR.

Last month it was my privilege, on       attended sessions on social media
behalf of the BCBA, to attend the        policies, mentoring programs, lawyers
annual meetings of the National          in transition, bar association
Association of Bar Executives            “lifelines” and other thought-
(“NABE”), the National Conference of     provoking topics. I attended the
Bar Presidents (“NCBP”), and the         workshop entitled, Social Media
National Conference of Bar               Policies – The Whens and Whats of
Foundations (“NCBF”), from August        Creating Clear Guidelines. We
4 through August 7, 2010, in San         discussed the rapid increase in social
Francisco, California.                   medial users for bar associations
                                         today. Assuming an association has a
The NABE substantive programming         social media strategy, we discussed
began on Wednesday, August 4, with       the need to safeguard its future
the plenary sessions, “Benefiting from   success by taking time to establish a
Diversity and Dissent,” and examined     policy with clear principles and
how encouraging differing viewpoints     guidelines to ensure everyone is on
can result in better decision making     the same page. The panelists
                                                                                    Inside This Edition
and more creative problem solving in     discussed the legal implications in the
bar associations. Twelve breakout        workplace of social media usage and        Advertisers Index         Pg   27
sessions followed, exploring topics      those areas that a policy needs to         Award Nominations         Pg   8
                                                                                    Bench/Bar Corner          Pg   4
that included marketing Lawyer           address, as well as, the types of
                                                                                    Calendar of Events        Pg   3
Referral Programs in the era of          questions to consider regarding            Committee Reports         Pg   18
advanced search engines and social       member communications.                     Court Notices             Pg   4
media, managing executive director                                                  Civil Law Update          Pg   24
transitions, motivating volunteers       After the workshops, the NABE              Criminal Law Update       Pg   22
toward productivity, and partnering      Bolton Award for Professional              FL Best Practices         Pg   15
leaders and young lawyers.               Excellence, the NCBF Award for             In Chambers With …        Pg   26
                                         Foundation Excellence in Public            Lawyers Assistance        Pg   16
The Joint NCBP/NABE/NCBF                 Service Programming, the ABA               LRIS Director’s Message   Pg   16
programming, which I attended,           Partnership Awards, and several other      Member Classified Ads     Pg   28
                                                                                    Member News               Pg   14
started on Friday, August 6, with a      awards were presented to deserving
                                                                                    Nat’l Adoption Day        Pg   16
panel of national experts who            honorees at the NCBP/NABE/NCBF             Russell Investiture       Pg   11
addressed the alarming departure of      Joint Luncheon.                            Ryan Investiture          Pg   6
lawyers from the practice of law and                                                Sheperd Shoppe List       Pg   4
shared insights on how to increase       After lunch, we gathered, as members       Wyman Investiture         Pg   12
satisfaction within the profession.      of the Metropolitan Bar Caucus
Following the plenary, staff and
officers from bars and foundations
                                                          Continued on page 4 ...
 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S MESSAGE                                Eastern Shore Office
               Doris D. Barnes

PLEASE NOTE, the Stated Meeting                                LAW OFFICES OF
previously scheduled for Thursday,                        WILLIAM A. STAVROS, L.L.C.
October 21st has been RESCHEDULED to
                                                        Defending criminal and traffic cases on
Wednesday, October 27th at 4:30 P.M. in
                                                        Maryland’s Eastern Shore since 1998.
Ceremonial Courtroom No. 5, in order to
avoid a conflict with The Archdiocese of                      Accepting referrals in all
Baltimore and The Saint Thomas More                           Eastern Shore Counties.
Society of Maryland Red Mass.
                                                           203 North Commerce Street
                                                             Centreville, MD 21617
Please see page 4 for a list of this month’s
donation requests for The Good Shepherd            Continuing to defend State and Federal cases
Center. Thank you for your continuing                       from my Towson Office:
support.                                                40 West Chesapeake Avenue, Ste. 212
            Regards, Doris Barnes                               Towson, MD 21204

THE ADVOCATE                                   Page 2                            OCTOBER 2010
   2010-11 Officers                                    C ALENDAR                 OF     E VENTS
 President Alexander Wright, Jr.
 Pres-Elect     Edward J. Gilliss
               Robert W. Lazzaro
               Philip N. Tirabassi
                                                                   October 2010
  Executive Council
           T. Wray McCurdy               7    Family Law Happy Hour Only, 5:00 PM, 7 West Bistro Grille
           Vicki Ballou-Watts
          Robert J. Thompson             12   Executive Council Meeting, 8:00 am
           Adam T. Sampson
            Keith R. Truffer             12   Pro Bono Committee Meeting, 4:30 PM, Levin & Gann
          Rebecca A. Fleming             14   Bench/Bar Committee Meeting, Judicial Conference Room #363
  C. William Clark, Immed. Past Pres.
     Wendy S. Meadows, YL Chair          14   State, Local Laws & Zoning: A Look Into the Newly Revised PUD Process,
      The Advocate                               5:30 PM, Country Club of Maryland ☺
  Robert C. Lidston, Editor              14   Annual Crab Feast, Farewell & Welcome to Judicial Law Clerks,
                                              American Legion Post No. 22, Towson ☺
       Doris D. Barnes
       Associate Editors                 19   Solo & Small Firm Committee Lunch, Towson, 12 noon, 7 West Bistro
                                         19   Bar Foundation Meeting, 4:30 P.M., Bar Office
  Contributing Writers
          Alice L. Arcieri               19   ADR & Negligence, Ins & WC Committees: Mediation of a Workers’
         Master Terri Beck                       Compensation Case, 5:00 PM, Grand Jury Room ☺
           Kathy M. Blue
     Francis X. Borgerding, Jr.
                                         20   CLE: Legal Medicine: Mock Expert Depo, 5:00 PM, Grand Jury Room ☺
         Christine S. Britton            20   Family Law: Passports, International Custody, Virtual Visitation, 6:00 PM,
           Kelly B. Burke                        Hunt Valley Golf Club ☺
          Betty S. Diener
       Robert K. Erdman, Jr.             21   Stated Meeting RESCHEDULED due to conflict with Red Mass
        Rebecca A. Fleming               26   Pro Bono: Best Practices in Family Law, 9:00 am - 12:00 PM, County
       Stanford G. Gann, Jr.                     Courts Building ☺
         Richard Grason VI
           Thomas Hood                   27   Solo & Small Firm Committee Lunch, Northwest, 12:30 PM, Accents
        Kathryn E. Hummel                27   Stated Meeting, 4:30 PM, Ceremonial Courtroom No. 5
        Kevin B. Kamenetz
           David F. Luby
          Maureen F. May
        Wendy A. Meadows                                         November 2010
          Cecilia B. Paizs
        Jeffrey R. Scholnick
          Michael W. Siri                4   Bench/Bar Committee Meeting, Judicial Conference Room #363
          Keith R. Truffer
                                         9   Executive Council Meeting, 8:00 am
       Laurie M. Wasserman
          Martha K. White                9   Pro Bono Committee Meeting, 4:30 PM, Levin & Gann
        Catherine F. Woods               9   Negligence, Ins & WC: Got Causation?, 5:00 PM, Grand Jury Room ☺
         Matthew P. Woods
                                         11  COURTS & BAR OFFICE CLOSED in observance of Veterans’ Day
 The Advocate is a monthly
 publication of the Baltimore County     16  Solo & Small Firm Committee Lunch, Towson, 12 noon, 7 West Bistro
 Bar Association informing its
 members about current events            16  Annual Memorial Service, 3:30 P.M., Ceremonial Courtroom No. 5
 relating to law. Articles do not
 necessarily reflect the official        17  E&T: Succession Planning for Attorneys, 5:00 PM
 position of the Bar Association, and
 publication does not constitute an      18  Real Property: Examination of Foreclosures in a Chain of Title,
 endorsement of views which may              Avoiding the Pitfalls, 12:00 noon, Grand Jury Room ☺
 be expressed.
 The contents of advertisements are      25-26 COURTS & BAR OFFICE CLOSED in observance of Thanksgiving
 the responsibility of the advertisers   30 Family Law: Settlement & Mediation. 6:00 PM, Christopher Daniel
 and do not represent any
 recommendation or endorsement by            Restaurant. ☺
 The Advocate.
 Publication Deadline: 5th of the
 month preceding publication.                                 ☺Flyer included in this issue

THE ADVOCATE                                              Page 3                                   OCTOBER 2010
    PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE                                           FROM THE BENCH …
       CONTINUED ...                                                   Hon. John G. Turnbull II
                                                                   Circuit Administrative Judge and
(“MBC”), to elect officers for the 2010-2011                         County Administrative Judge
organizational year and explore governance and
operations models for the future. The MBC seeks to         ►Family Division Assignments
serve the interest and address the concerns of major
metropolitan bar associations throughout the United        Please be advised that Judge Alexander will replace
States. The NCBF concluded the afternoon with “30          Judge Dugan in the Family Division, effective
Ideas in 90 Minutes,” a program put on to provide          October 1, 2010.
helpful hints that members could take home and use in
their organizations. On Friday, August 6, activities
concluded with an evening joint reception at the San
                                                           Therefore, the following Judges will serve in the
Francisco War Memorial Opera House, where we               Family Division, effective October 1, 2010:
networked in the beautiful and historic facility and
celebrated NCBP’s 60th anniversary.                                     Judge Mickey J. Norman
                                                                        Judge Timothy J. Martin
The NCBP Saturday morning programming began with                         Judge Sherrie R. Bailey
breakfast roundtables, an address by American Bar                         Judge S. Ann Brobst
Association President-elect, Stephen N. Zack, and a
                                                                         Judge John J. Nagle III
session on how bar associations can support and
participate in civics education. It was time well spent,                Judge Jan M. Alexander
and I hope to incorporate what I learned into BCBA
programs and procedures that will benefit the
membership and protect the organization.

During our off hours, my wife, Marcia, and I had dinner
with Katie Fones, a former editor of The Advocate. Katie
and her husband, John, fled the small quaint town of
Towson to practice law and make wine, respectively.

                                                                      SHEPHERD SHOPPE
    BENCH / BAR CORNER                                            OCTOBER DONATION REQUEST
                   by Wendy Zerwitz                               Remember, the girls are 13-18 years old
♦   A new center will be open in October for                            Personal Hygiene Items
supervised visitation. The center will be located in
the Alms House in Cockeysville and will be open                 Body wash/shower gels, soaps, powders,
5:30 - 8:30 P.M.                                                lotions, deodorant, etc.
♦   Beginning in October, foreclosure mediations
will be held in the Grand Jury Room office/
reception area. Any committees planning on using           Although we are “asking” for specific items
the Grand Jury Room should check with Tim                  each month, we will take any donated items
Sheridan or Doris Barnes to make sure it is still          throughout the year. Simply drop them off at
available.                                                 the Bar Office. Thank you!
♦    In civil cases, where a Motion has been filed, the
file will be sent up to the appropriate judge 25 days
after the last filing.                                             Donation request for November …
                                                                            Comfort Items.

THE ADVOCATE                                           Page 4                               OCTOBER 2010
                      INVESTITURE OF LEO RYAN, JR.
                                                 by Thomas S. Hood

On August 16, 2010, Leo Ryan, Jr. was sworn in as            State’s Attorney’s Office. They served together as
an Associate Judge for the District Court of                 young prosecutors in that most unique court
Maryland for Baltimore County. The ceremony was              location, Dundalk District Court. It was there that
held in the ornate Courtroom 5 of the Old                    they would spend lunchtime duckpin bowling at the
Courthouse. The invocation was given by Father               local lanes.
Donald Grzymski, who, like Leo, is a graduate of
Archbishop Curley High School. For those keeping             Judge Ryan followed his first stint at the State’s
score, there are now three graduates of Curley               Attorney’s Office with a diverse career in private
serving on the Baltimore County District Court               practice, where it is rumored that he is the only
bench (the others are Judges Stone and Tirabassi).           attorney currently alive who has tried a replevin
                                                             action. He then returned to the State’s Attorney’s
                                                             Office as Mr. Shellenberger’s Deputy.

                                                             Judge Ryan has many interests outside the law,
                                                             including reading, refereeing lacrosse games,
                                                             photography and surfing. He has held leadership
                                                             positions in Curley’s Alumni Association and at his

                                                             The Motion was seconded by Dana Williams who
                                                             characterized Judge Ryan as a “true Baltimore Boy,”
                                                             devoted to his wife, Lori, and his four daughters,
                                                             Kate, Maggie, Lizzie and Clare. Mr. Williams said
                                                             that Judge Ryan will be a fair and patient judge. He
                                                             said that lawyers who appear before him can
The proceedings were called to order by the                  anticipate a judge who will treat them with respect
Administrative Judge for the District Court, Hon.            and keep an open mind as a case unfolds.
Alexandra N. Williams.         The ceremony was
attended by many dignitaries including State Senator         Judge Alexandra Williams granted the Motion. She
James Brochin, Baltimore County State’s Attorney             noted that Leo is dedicated to his community and his
Scott D. Shellenberger, Sheriff R. Jay Fisher, Chief         church and will make a terrific addition to the
of Police James Johnson, Israel Patoka of the                District Court bench.
Governor’s Office of Community Initiatives, Circuit
Court Judges Alexander, Bailey, Ballou-Watts,
Bollinger, Brobst, Cox, Ensor, Finifter, Nagle and
Norman and the Judges of the District Court.

Mr. Shellenberger moved for Judge Ryan’s
appointment. He related that Judge Ryan grew up in
a working class neighborhood and worked a wide
variety of jobs in his youth. Judge Ryan earned both
his undergraduate and law degrees from the
University of Baltimore.

Mr. Shellenberger and Judge Ryan started working
together as law clerks in the Baltimore County

THE ADVOCATE                                        Page 6                                  OCTOBER 2010
                       INVESTITURE OF LEO RYAN, JR.
                                                    Continued ...

Judge Alexander Wright, in his position as                     Governor Martin O’Malley. He read a letter from the
President of the Baltimore County Bar Association,             Governor to Judge Ryan and presented him with his
presented Judge Ryan with the traditional gift of his          Commission and appointment as an Associate Judge
first judge’s robe.                                            for the District Court of Maryland, Eighth District.
 Israel Patoka was present as the representative of
                                                               The Clerk of the Court, Rick Arnold, administered
                                                               the Oath. Judge Ryan’s daughters robed their father
                                                               and his wife, Lori, escorted him to the bench.

                                                               Judge Ryan humbly thanked all the speakers for
                                                               their kind words, noting that surely they must be
                                                               talking about someone else. His acceptance speech
                                                               was heartfelt and he almost made it through
                                                               thanking his wife and daughters without choking
                                                               up. At the end of the speech he was able to say for
                                                               the first tine, “Court’s Adjourned.”

THE ADVOCATE                                        Page 7                                    OCTOBER 2010
                                                                   Now available for:
                                                                 Arbitration, Mediation,
 NOMINATIONS SOUGHT                                           Guided Settlement Discussions
                                                               JUDGE DANA M. LEVITZ
  The      Professionalism    Committee                           Former Senior Judge,
  requests    nominations   from     Bar                   Circuit Court for Baltimore County,
  Association Members for the annual                      Adjunct Faculty, U of B School of Law
  recipient of the J. Earle Plumhoff
  Professionalism Award, which will be
  presented at the Annual Black Tie
  Banquet on Thursday, January 28, 2011.

  RECIPIENT OF THIS AWARD MUST BE:                    Pro Bono Committee Seeks Nominations
                                                          for this year’s PRO BONO AWARD
  A Baltimore County Bar Association                    to an individual attorney and to a law
  member for at least 5 years;                                            firm.
  Have made professional contributions to                       Pro Bono Attorney of the Year
  Baltimore County Bar Association
  activities;                                         1. Attorney serving the needs of the community
                                                          through pro bono work.
                                                      2. Generally demonstrated through his or her career.
  Have made contributions of time and                 3. May be demonstrated through a single case or a
  resources that have gone largely                        particular accomplishment.
  unnoticed; and                                      4. Work considered is services to persons of limited
                                                          means as that is defined in Rule of Professional
                                                          Conduct 6.1 and includes services outlined in
  High marks for dignity, integrity and
                                                          Maryland Rule 16-902.
                                                                  Pro Bono Firm of the Year
  Nominations should be sent to the Bar
  Office. Deadline for submission is                  1. Firm serving the needs of the community through
                                                          pro bono work.
  December 1st .                                      2. Generally demonstrated over a number of years.
                                                      3. May be demonstrated through a single case or a
                                                          particular accomplishment.
                                                      4. Work considered is services to persons of limited
                                                          means as that is defined in Rule of Professional
                                                          Conduct 6.1 and includes services outlined in
                         Annual Crab Feast                Maryland Rule 16-902.
                         October 14, 2010             Nominations should be submitted to the Baltimore
                                                      County Bar Association, in writing, not later than
                          Flyer in this issue.        October 8, 2010. Please mail to BCBA, 100
                                                      County Courts Building, 401 Bosley Avenue,
                                                      Towson, MD 21204; or email to

THE ADVOCATE                                     Page 8                                 OCTOBER 2010
                                                       by Lauren M. Dodrill

The Judicial Investiture of the Honorable Marsha L.                  think it is all about her.” Ms. White also stated that, in
Russell was held on August 18, 2010 with the                         appointing Judge Russell to the bench, “Governor
Honorable Barbara R. Jung and the Honorable                          O’Malley recognized a person who is prepared and
Alexandra N. Williams presiding. The ceremony was                    committed to the citizens of Baltimore County,” and it
filled with many stories from Judge Russell’s twenty                 was obvious that Judge Russell’s career in the State’s
year long career at the State’s Attorney’s Office, and a             Attorney’s Office was about her selfless dedication to
resonant theme that Judge Russell carried out the duties             promoting justice.
of her position effectively, modestly, and with integrity.
                                                                     Judge Williams granted the Motion and Judge Jung
Judge Williams began the Investiture with a warm                     responded on behalf of the bench. Judge Jung stated
welcome, explaining that she first met Judge Russell in              that the Investiture of Judge Russell marked “a happy
1989 while Judge Russell was working as a law clerk at               day for the citizens of Baltimore County.” Judge Jung
the State’s Attorney’s Office. She expressed her delight             shared that she had seen Judge Russell grow as both a
that the two would once again be colleagues.                         person and lawyer, and Judge Jung expressed her
                                                                     confidence that Judge Russell will carry out her duties
Baltimore County State’s Attorney, Scott D.                          with courage, strength, and conviction.
Shellenberger, made the Motion to elevate Judge Russell
to the bench. Mr. Shellenberger described the unique                 As is tradition, this year’s president of the Baltimore
path that Judge Russell took to becoming an attorney.                County Bar Association, the Honorable Alexander
That is, before starting as law clerk at the State’s                 Wright, Jr., presented Judge Russell with the robe.
Attorney’s Office in 1989, Judge Russell majored in                  Judge Russell was then escorted to the bench by her
microbiology at Arizona State University and worked in               proud father, Jim Stephens.
a hematology and chemical lab at a Veteran’s
Administration Medical Center. Mr. Shellenberger then                From the bench, Judge Russell addressed the filled
spoke about the many facets of Judge Russell’s career in             courtroom by first thanking her family. Her parents, Jim
State’s Attorney’s Office, including her work as a law               and Betty Stephens, as well many other family
clerk, an Assistant State’s Attorney in the district court,          members, traveled from Michigan to be present at the
circuit court, and domestic violence divisions, and as a             Investiture. Judge Russell was extremely heartfelt in her
supervisor of the Identity Theft Unit. Though she                    message to her parents that they had supported,
transitioned into many different positions within the                encouraged, and counseled her through all of her
State’s Attorney’s Office, it was readily apparent that              endeavors. Her husband, Harry Russell, who is a deputy
her character remained constant. Mr. Shellenberger                   in the Baltimore County Sheriff’s Office, and her two
commented that, on all of her evaluations throughout the             sons, Mark and Zack, were also present. Judge Russell
years, she was always noted as being “polite, polite,                thanked her son, Mark, for saying prayers for her, her
polite.” Mr. Shellenberger also shared that Judge                    son, Zack, for his unyielding encouragement, and her
Russell was extremely passionate about her work on                   husband, Harry, for being her rock.
domestic violence cases, stating that “she cared about
the victims of domestic violence even if they did not                Judge Russell then turned her focus to the State’s
know how to care about themselves.” It was clear that,               Attorney’s Office, which she stated was like a family to
during her career at the State’s Attorney’s Office, Judge            her for so many years. She noted that the State’s
Russell was a true public servant who effectively                    Attorney’s Office was a great place to work and that she
advocated on behalf of victims.                                      learned how to try cases from the many seasoned
                                                                     attorneys in the office. More important than learning
Attorney, Angela White, seconded the Motion to elevate               how to try cases was a lesson Judge Russell learned very
Judge Russell to the bench. Ms. White and Judge                      early on in her career, that is, to always maintain
Russell also met while Judge Russell was a law clerk in              integrity and treat people with respect. As a judge, she
the State’s Attorney’s Office, and the two have been                 will undoubtedly continue to conduct herself in this
friends ever since. Ms. White described Judge Russell                manner.
as hardworking and humble and, quite simply, “doesn’t
                                                                     At the time of this printing, photographs were not available.

THE ADVOCATE                                               Page 11                                                    OCTOBER
                    INVESTITURE OF STEVEN D. WYMAN
                                                     by Robert K. Erdman, Jr.

On August 19, 2010, Steven D. Wyman took the oath                    including, but not limited to: Judges John G. Turnbull,
of office as Associate Judge of the District Court of                II, Steinberg, and A. Gordon Boone, Jr. While the
Maryland in front of a standing-room only crowd of                   details varied, Judge Bollinger said, each provided
distinguished guests in Ceremonial Courtroom No. 5.                  valuable insight and evidence that fully supported Mr.
                                                                     Wyman’s investiture. His patience, professionalism and
The Honorable Ben C. Clyburn, Chief Judge of the                     respect for others, Bollinger said, will guide him on the
District Court of Maryland, and the Honorable                        bench. Judge Bollinger concluded his remarks
Alexandra N. Williams, District Administrative Judge,                acknowledging that because Mr. Wyman would fully
presided over the congenial ceremony. After welcoming                understand the impact of his decisions, he would be fine
all in attendance, Judge Clyburn called upon Dominick                addition to the bench.
A. Garcia, Esquire to present the invocation, which
included a fitting verse from the Torah, referencing the             Master Jacqueline E. Dawson then “seconded the
appointment of judges to render fair decisions for the               second” by Judge Bollinger and cited her 33-year
people.                                                              marriage to Mr. Wyman as evidence of his patience.
                                                                     She had intended to present her husband with his first
In thanking the Governor for making such an ideal                    gavel. However, due to a delay with the engraver, she
appointment, Judge Clyburn observed that the                         had to improvise. Instead, she “re-gifted” an oversized
sometimes crowded dockets in the District Court bore a               gavel she had received from a juvenile she had sent to
striking resemblance to the overflow of spectators who               the Hickey School.
attended Mr. Wyman’s investiture. He opined that, as a
judge, Mr. Wyman would not have any problem dealing                  Following Master Dawson’s second, Judge Steinberg
with capacity crowds in the District Court.                          responded on behalf of the bench, offering
                                                                     congratulations and explaining how pleased he and his
Matthew I. Wyman, Esquire, on behalf of his brother                  colleagues were to have Mr. Wyman join them. He
Tyler and sister Kendall, was then called upon to move               applauded Mr. Wyman’s experience and the many
for his father’s investiture. Matt spoke with pride about            accolades he received from the bar association,
honoring the man known to many as “Big Steve” and                    including the 2010 Law Day Award. Calling to mind
“Wymo,” but to him and his siblings, was always “dad.”               the route Mr. Wyman took to arrive on the bench, Judge
Matt told of how his dad was always present for the                  Steinberg expressed no doubt that the newest judge
significant events in the lives of his family and friends,           would remember and appreciate how hard it is for
even those that happened to be in front of a District                lawyers to get and keep clients. Judge Steinberg also
Court Judge or Juvenile Master. Matt indicated that the              remarked that Judge Paul E. Alpert, the first occupant
experience his father garnered throughout his career –               of the seat Mr. Wyman was to fill, would be proud of his
from prosecutor, to a member of a small firm, to a well-             most recent replacement. In closing, Judge Steinberg
respected solo practitioner – gave him the resolve and               recognized another of Mr. Wyman’s strengths – that
knowledge necessary to be an asset to the bench. In                  kindness costs a judge nothing, but it means a lot to the
closing, Matt offered a piece of advice to help his dad              lawyers and litigants.
handle unfamiliar legal issues. “Don’t guess. Don’t
research,” he said, “Just calmly excuse yourself from the            Judge Alexander Wright, Jr., president of the
bench, and call Judge [Robert J.] Steinberg.”                        Baltimore County Bar Association, on behalf of its
                                                                     1,500 members, presented Mr. Wyman his robe. He
Matt’s nomination was seconded by Judge Thomas J.                    told those gathered that Mr. Wyman first applied for
Bollinger, Sr. He explained that the only other time he              membership in May of 1986, and that his application
had been called upon to nominate a judge was in the                  had been sponsored by Judge Dana M. Levitz and
Circuit Court for Baltimore City on behalf of Judge                  Master Richard M. McAllister, Jr. Judge Bruce S.
Peter Ward, who subsequently lost his election. So,                  Lamdin then interjected to make his own special
Judge Bollinger said with a smile, he wished Mr.                     presentation; after reminding those in attendance that
Wyman better luck. In preparing to second the motion,                there is no place for levity in the courtroom, and noting
Judge Bollinger solicited the help of the bench,                     that Mr. Wyman was “follicly challenged,” Judge

THE ADVOCATE                                               Page 12                                     OCTOBER 2010
             INVESTITURE OF
            STEVEN D. WYMAN.

Lamdin offered him an old English wig to enhance his

Catherine Motz, Deputy Counsel to the Governor,
extended congratulations from her office to Mr. Wyman
for this great personal and professional achievement.
Recounting some of the attributes cited by those who
wrote in support of Mr. Wyman, Ms. Motz described
him as a “lawyer’s lawyer,” someone with a great sense
of humor, a meticulous worker, fair and unflappable.
She then presented Mr. Wyman his commission.

Richard D. Arnold, Jr., Clerk of the Court, administered
the oath. Lee Harrison helped her son, Judge Wyman,
don his robe for the first time, as Tyler and Kendall
Wyman escorted their father to the bench.

In his typically gracious and modest fashion, Judge
Wyman thanked all those who helped and supported him
through the selection process, including his immediate
family and the many friends who wrote letters and made
calls on his behalf. He also thanked the Governor for
proving that justice is blind by appointing an “old,
Jewish Republican.” Judge Wyman also recognized the
“short list” candidates, many of whom have been his
friends for 40 years, stating that the Governor could
have thrown darts and still picked winners.

He lauded the many great judges who came from the
Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s office, including:
Judges Joseph F. Murphy, Jr.; Bollinger; Robert N.
Dugan; Sherrie R. Bailey; Steinberg; Boone; Levitz;
and Judge Jan M. Alexander. Judge Wyman credited
Bill Swisher, who first hired him at the Baltimore City
State’s Attorney’s Office in 1977, and then convinced
him to move to Towson in 1985. “This is a great place
to practice law,” Judge Wyman said. “Although not
perfect, it is better than most jurisdictions.”

Judge Wyman closed with a pledge to aspire to three
goals: (1) exhibit fairness; (2) ensure civility to all and
by all, including staff, litigants, lawyers and witnesses;
and (3) to eventually be held in the same esteem as his
fellow Baltimore City State’s Attorneys. Judge Wyman
adjourned the session so that all could retire to the
Country Club of Maryland for a celebratory reception
hosted by the judge and his family.

At the time of this printing, photographs were not available.

THE ADVOCATE                                                    Page 13   OCTOBER
                                 MEMBER NEWS
  BABY, BABY, BABY!                                           MEMBERS
Congratulations to Sarah Koop and her husband,                 ON THE
George Padgett, on the arrival of their daughter,
Olivia Carolyn Padgett. Olivia arrived on August
5th at 4:45 a.m. She weighed 8 lbs, 3 oz, was 20
1/2” long, and had a full head of dark hair.                   CARRIE L. POLLEY, ESQUIRE
                                                                 The Law Office of Sally B. Gold
                                                               201 North Charles Street, Suite 1630
                                                                      Baltimore, MD 21201

Congratulations to Anna Schultz Kelly and her
husband, Kevin, on the arrival of their daughter,
Avery Morgan Kelly, who arrived on August 23rd
at 2:51 P.M. Avery weighed in at 7 lbs, 5.6 oz.
                                                              NEW MEMBERS
and was 20 3/4” long.

                                                                        Sonja L. Allen
                                                                   Marcia Ellen Anderson
                                                                        Geena Asiedu
                                                                  Richard H. Boucher, Jr.
                                                                     Charles E. Brooks
                                                                     Samuel M. Crystal
                                                                       Matthew S. Farr
                                                                     Michael Goldstein
And, Irish Eyes are smiling on the arrival of                   Jessica Elise Hay Greenberg
Cullen James Keelty, who made his appearance
on August 23rd to the delight of proud parents                      Steven r. Greenwald
Gina and Chris Keelty. Cullen weighed in at 7                          John M. Hassett
lbs, 1 oz.                                                           Stacy Adele Mayer
                                                                       Anne M. Miller
                                                                      F. Bradley Petyon
                                                                     Zebulan P. Snyder
                                                                   Matthew Irvin Wyman

THE ADVOCATE                                        Page 14                                  OCTOBER
                           MEMBER NEWS
                                                           SAVE THE DATE

                                                      Women’s Bar Association
                                                          Mid-Year Meeting &
                                                     25 Rita C. Davidson Award

                                                     Thursday, November 18, 2010

                                                          Award Recipients
                                                     HON. KATHLEEN M. DUMAIS
                                                     HON. ELLEN L. HOLLANDER

                                                                            Annual Crab Feast
                                                                            October 14, 2010

                                                                            Flyer in this issue.

           Pro Bono Training Offered
               Best Practices in Family Law                                      Flyer
                   Tuesday, October 26, 2010                                  included in
                                                                               this issue
                    HODES, PESSIN & KATZ, P.A.
                         WHITEFORD, TAYLOR & PRESTON, LLP
Speakers        Judges Mickey Norman and Sherrie R. Bailey and Master Brown, of the
                       Circuit Court for Baltimore County
TIME            8:30 a.m.                  Breakfast
                9:00 a.m. - 12 noon        Presentation
LOCATION        Grand Jury Room, County Courts Building, Towson
COST            BCBA Members, FREE; Non-Members, FREE

THE ADVOCATE                               Page 15                                 OCTOBER 2010
        Saturday, November 20, 2010                                 LRIS DIRECTOR’S
Quickly approaching is our sixth annual National
Adoption Day Celebration on Saturday, November
20, 2010. Each year, families are showcased as they        357 referrals made in August. I wonder if
complete the sometimes long-awaited adoption               you were a Panel Attorney with LRIS how
process. Included in this day is a ceremony for all            many you would have received?
families who have adopted in Baltimore County
within the last year, followed by a luncheon during       To join LRIS and continue growing your business,
which each child receives a gift and the families share   go to
their experiences with one another. This is an event      LawyerReferralInfoService.aspx to print out your
that our Association looks forward to each and every      LRIS registration packet.
                                                           When you are screening calls in the Bar Office,
In order to have a successful, meaningful ceremony         please remember to be appropriately dress in
and luncheon for the families, we need to raise            business attire. Thank you.
money. Any amount donation would be greatly
appreciated by the Association, as well as the families
on their special day. Donations can be made payable                         Rachel Ruocco,
to the Baltimore County Bar Association.                                        LRIS Director
In advance, thank you for your donation, and we hope
to see you around the Bar Office!
                                                                     ARE ALCOHOL AND DRUGS CAUSING
                                                                          PROBLEMS IN YOUR LIFE?
                                                          There is a way up and a way out — for ABSOLUTELY
                                                          CONFIDENTIAL help, call us today ...
                                                                BALTIMORE COUNTY LAWYER ASSISTANCE PROGRAM
                                                              A CONFIDENTIAL resource for Baltimore County attorneys,
                                                                             assistants and judges.
                                                          WE DO NOT KEEP RECORDS. Our sole purpose is to
                                                          provide help. We can assist with providing access to treatment
                                                          facilities and provide emergency practice management, as well as
                                                          referrals to professional counselors.
                                                                    JAY MILLER, Chair           410-583-6969
                                                                    JOE MURTHA, Vice-Chair      410-583-6969
                                                                    STUART AXILBUND             410-337-0606
                                                                    JIM BEACH                   410-241-8538
                                                                    HON. ALFRED L. BRENNAN, SR. 410-825-2413
                                                                    CHRISTINE BRITTON           410-581-2587
                                                                    MARY CHALAWSKY              410-951-7160
                                                                    ANDY COOPER                 410-727-0360
                                                                    FRANCIS LANASA              410-583-6969
                                                                    RICHARD LYNAS               410-821-1099
                                                                    JOSEPH LYONS                410-583-8300
                                                                    GERARD MILES                443-589-0150
                                                                    JOSE MOLINA                 443-851-7353
                                                                    JIM QUINN                   443-703-3041
                                                                    HON. PHILIP N. TIRABASSI    410-512-2323
                                                                    RICHARD VINCENT             443-703-3040
                                                                You may also contact the LAP Committee at

THE ADVOCATE                                        Page 16                                       OCTOBER 2010
         BANKRUPTCY—Chapters 7 and 13
              1-800-BANKRUPT                                                    EXPAND YOUR PRACTICE!
STOP Foreclosures             Wage Garnishments                                       VETERANS NEED
     Vehicle Repossessions    Creditors Calls
     Judgments                Lawsuits                                                REPRESENTATION
         Free Consultation – Payment Plans
                                                               Learn how at the WASHINGTON, DC SEMINAR
We are a Debt Relief Agency servicing all areas of Baltimore
County, Baltimore City and Harford County – Over 1,000                October 23-25, 2010 from NOVA
cases filed.                                                    
     Law Office of Nicholas J. Del Pizzo, III, P.A.                            877-483-8238

              Now available for:                                     WORKERS’ COMP LAW FIRM, L.L.C.,
                                                                      Matt M. Paavola, Managing Attorney
          Arbitration, Mediation, and                                    2113 Orems Road, Middle River, MD 21220
         Guided Settlement Discussions                                         410-574-8000; 1-888-572-9008

           JUDGE LARRY DANIELS                                       Website:
             Former Associate Judge,
        Circuit Court for Baltimore County.                    MATT M. PAAVOLA has been practicing in the Greater
                                                               Baltimore area for over 27 years. He is a former
                   Competitive Rates.                          Governor of the MAJ. He is willing to conduct the initial
                                                               interview in your office. WCC appeals are welcomed.

THE ADVOCATE                                         Page 17                                        OCTOBER 2010
                            COMMITTEE REPORTS
          The 2009-2010 Committee List is available online at

                ADR COMMITTEE                                                 CLE COMMITTEE
      CHAIR, WILLIAM R. LEVASSEUR, SR.                                      CHAIR, LOUISE A. LOCK
 410-321-0402; WRLEVASSEUR@LEVLAWMD.COM                          410-494-4442; MEDLAWATTORNEY@GMAIL.COM

October 19, 2010.       5:00 P.M., Grand Jury Room.
Mediation of a Workers’ Compensation Case. Flyer           October 20, 2010. 5:00 P.M., Grand Jury
included in this issue.                                    Room. Legal Medicine: Mock Expert Deposition.
                                                           Panel includes Irwin E. Weiss, Esquire. Flyer
            ADVOCATE COMMITTEE                             included in this issue.
          CHAIR, ROBERT C. LIDSTON                          November 10, 2010, 5:00 P.M., Grand Jury Room

This committee met on May 13th, welcoming some new                    MARK YOUR CALENDARS
writers, and assigned articles. However, it’s never too
                                                            No programs scheduled for December or January
late to volunteer!
                                                             February 17, 2011, 12 noon, Grand Jury Room
Please feel free to communicate any questions and/or        March 16, 2011, 8:00 a.m., County Courts Building
concerns with Bob Lidston, and to volunteer to write any    April 20, 2011, 8:00 a.m., County Courts Building
                                                             CONSTITUTION & BYLAWS COMMITTEE
          BENCH/BAR COMMITTEE                                               CHAIR, EDWIN G. FEE, JR.
            CHAIR, WENDY ZERWITZ                                      410-832-2041; EFF@WTPLAW.COM
    410-288-9303; WENDY@ZERWITZLAW.COM
                                                           Please communicate any issues for consideration and/or
This Committee meets the second Thursday of every          review to Chair Ed Fee.
month, September through June. Please communicate
any issues and/or concerns to Wendy Zerwitz.                         CRIMINAL LAW COMMITTEE
                                                                         CHAIR, STUART A. SCHADT
At-Large Members appointed by President Wright for                 410-296-8870; STUARTSCHADT@AOL.COM
2010-2011 include:

   Hon. S. Ann Brobst          Hon. Mickey Norman          Stay tuned ...
   Ronald M. Cherry            Stacy L. Siegel
   Timothy M. Gunning          Matthew S. Sturtz
   David F. Mister             Steven D. Wyman
                                                                    ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE
                                                                             CHAIR, DAVID F. LUBY
                                                                      410-823-1800; DLUBY@RMMR.COM
          If you are NOT receiving
         The Week Ahead … email,                           December 9, 2010. 6:00 P.M., Valley Country
     please call the Bar Office to confirm                 Club. Annual Holiday Party. Flyer included in this
     your email address. 410-337-9102.                     issue.

 Weekly reminders of meetings and programs are             January 27, 2011.        Martin’s West. Annual
 sent out every Friday, as well as any emergency           Black-tie Banquet. SAVE THE DATE.
 courthouse closings, notice of a member passing,

THE ADVOCATE                                           Page 18                                OCTOBER 2010
                           COMMITTEE REPORTS
      ESTATES & TRUSTS COMMITTEE                                        HISTORICAL COMMITTEE
         CHAIR, RICHARD K. ABRAHAM                                     CO-CHAIRS, ROBERT J. ROMADKA
443-901-1333; RABRAHAM@ABRAHAMBAUER.COM                              410-477-9795; RJRLAW@COMCAST.NET
                                                                         AND JEFFREY R. SCHOLNICK
September 23, 2010.              5:00 P.M., Grand Jury       410-494-9944; JSCHOLNICK@HOODANDSCHOLNICK.COM
Room. Uniform Power of Attorney Act. Speaker: Richard
T. Wright, Esquire. Flyer included in this issue.            Check out Jeff Scholnick’s blog entries …
          November 17, 2010, 5:00 P.M.                                    LAW DAY COMMITTEE
           January 20, 2011, 5:00 P.M.                                 CHAIR, KIMBERLY S. BARRANCO
            March 24, 2011, 5:00 P.M.                         410-396-5024; KBARRANCO@BALTIMORECITYCJCC.ORG
             May 19, 2011, 5:00 P.M.
                 June 21, 2011                               May 2, 2011, Breakfast & Noon Ceremonies.
                                                             The Legacy of John Adams, From Boston to
          FAMILY LAW COMMITTEE                               Guantanamo.
      410-828-6100; TONI@FAMILY-LAW.COM                             LAWYER REFERRAL COMMITTEE
                                                                          CHAIR, HARVEY L. OKUN
October 7, 2010.         5:00-7:00 PM, 7 West Bistro                 410-654-1717; HARVMAN29@GMAIL.COM
Grille, Happy Hour.
                                                             It’s RENEWAL time … forms are available online
October 20, 2010.          6:00 P.M. Hunt Valley Golf        (, Attorney Resources, Lawyer Referral
Club. Passports, International Custody, Virtual              Information Service.
Visitation. Speaker: Stephen J. Cullen, Esquire. Flyer
included in this issue.                                            LAWYERS ASSISTANCE COMMITTEE
                                                                            CHAIR, JAY D. MILLER
November 30, 2010,               6:00 P.M. Christopher
                                                                   410-583-6969; JAYMILLER@MMPLEGAL.COM
Daniel Restaurant. Settlement & Mediation. Speaker:
Hon. J. Norris Byrnes. Flyer included in this issue.           A CONFIDENTIAL resource for Baltimore County
                                                                      attorneys, assistants and judges.
          MARK YOUR CALENDARS                                WE DO NOT KEEP RECORDS. Our sole purpose is
                                                             to provide help. We can assist with providing access to
       December 7 and 16, 2010, 12 noon                      treatment facilities and provide emergency practice
        January 11 and 20, 2011, 12 noon                     management, as well as referrals to professional
          February 17, 2011, 6:00 P.M.                       counselors.
            March 22, 2011, 6:00 P.M.                        See page 7 for contact information, or email
April 28, 2011, 6:00 P.M. - Joint meeting w/BABC    Referrals and contacts are kept
             May 25, 2011, 4:30 P.M.                         strictly confidential.
                                                             Please do not hesitate to contact anyone on the
       FEE ARBITRATION COMMITTEE                             committee for assistance, to refer a colleague, or for
           CHAIR, BARBARA C. BLAKE                           general information.
    410-752-2090; BCBLAKE2003@YAHOO.COM

Forms and program information can be found                                Annual Crab Feast
                                                                          October 14, 2010
       on our website,                                       See Flyer insert.

THE ADVOCATE                                             Page 19                                OCTOBER 2010
                           COMMITTEE REPORTS
  LONG-RANGE PLANNING COMMITTEE                                       PRO BONO COMMITTEE
        CHAIR, HON. PHILIP N. TIRABASSI                               CHAIR, MICHAEL L. JEFFERS
      410-512-2053; PNTLAW@COMCAST.NET                           410-427-1810; MJEFFERS@MDLAB.ORG
No meetings are currently scheduled for this              The BCBA and the Local Pro Bono Committees meet the
Committee.                                                second Tuesday of every month (September through
                                                          June, except December), 4:30 P.M. at Levin & Gann,
          MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE                            502 Washington Avenue, Suite 800, Towson. Meetings
                                                          are scheduled for October 12, November 9, December
            CHAIR, MICHAEL W. SIRI
                                                          14, 2010, January 11, February 8, March 8, April 12,
     410-583-2400; SIRI@BOWIE-JENSEN.COM                  May 10 and June 14, 2011.

Spread the news (and the benefits) of being                        NATIONAL PRO BONO WEEK
a member of the Baltimore County Bar                                 OCTOBER 25-29, 2010
Association with your friends and                         October 26, 2010. 9:00 a.m. - 12 noon, Family
colleagues! Online application available on               Law Best Practices. Flyer included in this issue.
our website:, under “Join.”
                                                                PROFESSIONALISM COMMITTEE
              CHAIR, JENNIFER AIST                         410-494-7777; MSBARRANCO@POPEHUGHES.COM
      410-324-8917; JAIST@OPD.STATE.MD.US
                                                          September 29, 2010. 5:00 P.M., Grand Jury
Please notify the Bar Office (410-337-9103 or             Room. Committee Meeting. of any member’s passing.
November 16, 2010. 3:30 P.M., Ceremonial                              PUBLIC AWARENESS &
Courtroom No. 5, Annual Memorial Service. See                         SPEAKERS COMMITTEE
page X of this issue for a list of those to be honored.             CHAIR, KATHERINE T. SAMPSON
                                                          410-887-6600; KSAMPSON@BALTIMORECOUNTYMD.GOV
NEGLIGENCE, INSURANCE & WC COMM.                          Stay tuned ...
            CHAIR, MATT M. PAAVOLA
                                                                    CHAIR, LISA M. L. EISEMANN
October 19, 2010.       5:00 P.M., Grand Jury Room.
                                                              410-529-4600; LEISEMANN@MCRLLAW.COM
Mediation of a Workers’ Compensation Case. Flyer
included in this issue.                                   November 18, 2010.            12 noon, Brown Bag Lunch,
November 9, 2010. 5:00 P.M., Grand Jury                   Grand Jury Room. Examination of Foreclosures in a
                                                          Chain of Title - Avoiding the Pitfalls. Speakers: Richard
Room. Medical Causation.
                                                          E. Lattanzi, Esquire, Michael N. Schleupner, Jr., Esquire
          MARK YOUR CALENDARS                             and Mary Jane Fischer, Esquire. Flyer included in this
            January 5, 2011, 8:00 a.m.
             March 22, 2011, 12 noon                                 MARK YOUR CALENDARS
              May 17, 2011, 12 noon                                  FOR THESE PROGRAMS:
               September 15, 2011                          January 13/20, 2011            May 12, 2011
                                                           March 10, 2011                 September 8, 2011

THE ADVOCATE                                   Page 20                                       OCTOBER 2010
                           COMMITTEE REPORTS
    SOLO & SMALL FIRM COMMITTEE                                     TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE
          CHAIR, BARBARA B. GREENE                              CHAIR, CHRISTOPHER W. NICHOLSON
 410-339-3934; BARBARAGREENE@COMCAST.NET                  410-339-4100; CNICHOLSON@TNSFAMILYLAW.COM
                                                          The Technology Committee explores innovate ways to
     SOLO & SMALL FIRM LUNCH                              provide technology resources and services to our
                                                          members. If you have any suggestions, please do not
                                                          hesitate to contact the current Chair, Chris Nicholson.
          EAST SIDE - Second Thursday
          Every Other Month (Odd months)
12:30 P.M., Mo’s Seafood, 7600 Eastern Avenue 21224              YOUNG LAWYERS COMMITTEE
       Contact: Brandon Maslan, 410-282-2700                        CHAIR, WENDY S. MEADOWS
                                                            410-296-8166; WENDYMEADOWS@VERIZON.NET
    TOWSON - Third Tuesday Every Month
          12 noon, 7 West Bistro Grille                   December 2, 2010. 12 noon - 2:00 P.M., Annual
    7 West Chesapeake Avenue, Towson 21204                Holiday Party for Literacy. Circuit Court Law Library,
                 No RSVP necessary.                       Second Floor, County Courts Building, Towson.
                                                          Admission: Two NEW Children’s Books. All books
                                                          are donated to the Department of Social Services Holiday
NORTHWEST - Fourth Wednesday Every Month                  Toy Stores.
               Even months - 1:00 P.M.
           @ The Grill at Harryman House,
         340 Main Street, Reisterstown 21136
               Odd months - 1:00 P.M.
            @ Accents Grill on the Atrium,
         2839 Smith Avenue, Baltimore 21209
        Contact: Victoria Grace, 410-828-8500

   Great networking and referral opportunities!
   Please join us and simply pay for your order.
      Check out the Solo & Small Firm Blog:               March 6, 2011.         2:00-6:00 P.M., Annual Bull &
                      http://                             Oyster Roast. American Legion Post No. 22, Towson           Please check this space for more information in future
     410-494-6200; CDMUDD@VENABLE.COM

October 14, 2010. 6:00 P.M., A Look Into the                 ALL Advocate Writers - PLEASE NOTE
Newly Revised PUD Process. Country Club of Maryland.
Speakers: Pat Keller, Bill Wiseman and Tom Bostwick.                   Effective immediately,
Flyer included in this issue.                                    the deadline for article submission
Future brown bag lunches to be scheduled in December
                                                                       is the 5th of the month
and/or January, as well as dinner meetings planned for                 preceding publication.
February, April and June 2011. Please check this space
for more information in future issues.                                         Thank you!

THE ADVOCATE                                    Page 21                                     OCTOBER 2010
                                CRIMINAL LAW UPDATE
                                                by Robert C. Lidston

The August Amicus features ten Court of Appeals and       the State withholds exculpatory evidence from the
ten COSA criminal law opinions. As usual, I will          defendant; the evidence would be favorable to the
summarize three of those opinions which I think would     defense, either as to guilt or mitigation of sentence; and
be of most use to the everyday practitioner. Maybe we     the evidence is material. As to materiality, a defendant
will get to some of the other seventeen in a future       must show a "substantial possibility" that, but for the
issue.                                                    withholding of evidence, a different result would have
                                                          been attained. The Court held that in light of Yearby’s
Yearby v. State, No. 119, September Term, 2009, filed     actual knowledge of the supposedly withheld evidence,
June 19, 2010 (opinion by Battaglia, J.). A police        as seen in the record, he had failed to prove the State had
investigation of a series of armed robberies on or near   withheld evidence.
the campus of Morgan State brought about the arrest of
Yearby. He had been selected by a victim who viewed       Smith v. State, No. 105, September Term, 2009, filed
a photo array and was charged with robbery with a         July 23, 2010 (opinion by Harrell, J.). Police executed a
dangerous weapon and related offenses. At a               search warrant at a dwelling and found individuals on
suppression hearing and during the trial, defense         one floor shrouded in a haze of marijuana smoke. When
counsel cross-examined the lead investigating             the officers entered one room, they saw Smith and four
detective about other robberies that happened during      others seated in chairs at a table. A marijuana cigar was
the same period and in the same area.                     burning in an ashtray in the center of the table. Smith
                                                          and the others were all within arms reach of the blunt.
Counsel complained that the State had withheld            An officer also found in the pocket of a black leather
exculpatory information regarding those other crimes.     jacket draped over a chair at the table, a plastic bag
She argued that her own investigation had shown that      containing fifteen Ziploc bags of marijuana. Smith was
another suspect who looked just like her client had       not seated in that chair and he did not live at the
been implicated. The detective answered that he had       dwelling.
seen Yearby when investigating an assault against
Yearby and based on the victim’s description of her       Smith, and the others, were arrested and charged with
assailant, Yearby was the only suspect considered for     possession of marijuana. A jury found Smith guilty of
the robbery then at trial. When the detective prepared    such possession. He filed an appeal to COSA which
his photo array, he did not include other suspects but    held, in an unreported opinion, that the evidence was
chose photos based on whether the individual matched      sufficient to sustain his conviction. The Court of Appeals
the physical description given by the victim.             granted cert.

Yearby was convicted by a jury of robbery and related     The Court affirmed the COSA ruling. The correct
crimes. He filed a Motion for New Trial, claiming that    standard of review as to sufficiency of the evidence in a
the State had violated Brady v. Maryland, 373 U.S. 83     criminal case appears in Jackson v. Virginia, 443 U.S.
(1963) by withholding allegedly exculpatory evidence      307 (1979). Jackson held that the question is whether,
that would be revealed in the detective’s investigatory   after viewing the evidence in the light most favorable to
file. The motion was denied and Yearby appealed to        the prosecution, any rational trier of fact could find the
COSA. COSA affirmed the convictions in an                 essential elements of the crime beyond a reasonable
unreported opinion, saying that Yearby had failed to      doubt. This applies whether the conviction is based on
satisfy the required elements of his Brady claim. The     direct evidence, a mixture of direct and circumstantial, or
Court of Appeals granted cert.                            circumstantial evidence alone. The finder of fact may
                                                          choose among differing inferences that could be drawn
The Court also upheld the convictions. Yearby had         from a factual situation. The court gives deference to the
failed to satisfy a threshold requirement of a Brady      inferences that may be drawn by a finder of fact.
claim. He had not shown that the State had actually
suppressed the allegedly exculpatory evidence. Such a     Smith had been found guilty of possessing marijuana.
claim, based on Due Process, requires three elements:     The state legislature defined "to possess" as meaning "to

THE ADVOCATE                                   Page 22                                         OCTOBER 2010
                                 CRIMINAL LAW UPDATE
                                                     Continued ...

exercise actual or constructive dominion or control         disqualification of CDL privileges for a year. The form
over a thing by one or more persons." Criminal Law          also states that a suspension may be modified to allow
Article subsection 5-101(u). The determination as to        limited driving privileges if there is participation in the
whether evidence is sufficient to sustain a conviction      Interlock Program. Hill refused to take the test and was
for possession comes from the court’s examining the         transported to jail.
facts and circumstances of each case. In the Smith
case, the Court found several relevant factors. These       At an administrative hearing on the matter, Hill argued
included Smith’s proximity to the CDS, the fact that        that he had been misled by the DR-15 form. He argued
the drugs were in plain view and/or accessible to           that the form had not fully advised him of his rights as
Smith, and indicia of mutual use and enjoyment of the       required by due process and by the Transportation
CDS. One significant factor which did not suggest           Article. He said that he was misled into believing that he
Smith’s possession was that he had no ownership or          could keep his CDL license by participating in the
possessory interest in the dwelling where the CDS was       Interlock Program even if he refused to take the test. In
found. However, none of the above factors are, in and       fact, that option applied only to passenger vehicle
of themselves, conclusive evidence of possession. The       driving privileges. The ALJ found that he had been
only factor that did not implicate Smith was his lack of    properly advised and imposed a 120 days suspension of
ownership of the property.                                  Hill’s passenger driving privileges and modified it to
                                                            allow participation in the Interlock Program. The ALJ
The Court found that the circumstantial evidence used       also imposed a one year suspension of Hill’s CDL
by the State to convict Smith was sufficient to find,       license. Hill appealed to the Circuit Court which
beyond a reasonable doubt, that he was in constructive      affirmed the ALJ’s ruling. The Court of Appeals granted
possession of the CDS. He was seated close to the           cert.
blunt. It was in his view. He knew that the blunt
contained marijuana and it was easily accessible to         The Court affirmed the judgment. It noted that it has held
him. It was reasonable, therefore, to infer from the        that a detained driver has a due process interest in the
circumstances that Smith was involved in the mutual         possession of a driver’s license but that due process
use and enjoyment of the marijuana.                         requires only that the State not unduly burden a detained
                                                            driver’s decision-making in determining whether to
Hill v. Motor Vehicle Administration, No. 82,               submit to an alcohol concentration test. The DR-15 form
September Term, 2009, filed July 26, 2010 (opinion by       properly explains the applicable penalties. It did not
Adkins, J.). A police officer saw Hill, who was driving     create a serious obstacle to a drunk driver’s decision
a passenger vehicle, weaving within his lane and, at        making. The Transportation Article requires that a
one point, crossing the center line. The officer pulled     detained driver be fully advised of the applicable
Hill over and noted that at the stop, he appeared           sanctions. The Court held that this does not require that a
unsteady on his feet, slurred his words, and had an         driver be warned of every potential sanction that could
odor of alcohol on his breath. Hill later admitted to       apply if a test is refused. The DR-15 form clearly
having several beers in the hours before the traffic        informed Hill that his CDL license would be disqualified
stop. Hill was legitimately driving his passenger           if he refused the test. Participation in the Interlock
vehicle but also was the holder of a Class A CDL            Program was limited to non-commercial driving
license.                                                    privileges.

Hill failed a field sobriety test and was arrested. The     According to the Court, it was completely within the
officer advised him of his rights by reading to him the     legislature’s discretion to create a bifurcated sanctions
DR-15 form which explains that a driver has the right       framework whereby CDL disqualification would be
to refuse an alcohol concentration test. It also explains   imposed more rigorously than passenger vehicle
the sanctions resulting from such a refusal which           disqualification. There was no statutory ambiguity
include the advice that a refusal to take the test could    between the provisions of the Transportation Article.
result in a 120 day license suspension, and the

THE ADVOCATE                                     Page 23                                         OCTOBER 2010
                                         CIVIL LAW UPDATE
                                                       by Ceecee Paizs

A review of the Amicus Curiarum for August 2010 reveals          Bernard Brown, Misc. Docket AG No. 3, September Term,
the following civil cases of interest:                           2009. Opinion filed July 27, 2010 by Adkins, Sally D., Judge.

THE COURT OF APPEALS:                                            Mr. Brown was representing Mr. Garcia in a non-real estate
                                                                 related matter. He was approached by Ms. Coston, the grantor
Attorney Grievance Commission v. Marcalus, Misc. Docket          of a mortgage to which Mr. Garcia was a successor in interest.
AG No. 2, September Term, 2009. Opinion filed May 18,            In order to refinance her property, she was required to pay off
2010 by Adkins, Sally D., Judge                                  her mortgage. Mr. Brown agreed to accept the check paying
                                                                 off the mortgage from Ms. Coston and draft a release of the
Mr. Marcalus was representing a client on a charge of rape.      mortgage for Mr. Garcia to sign. The money was placed in his
During his representation he was told the identity of the        trust account, and later disbursed to Mr. Garcia. However, he
alleged victim, and based on the fact that he knew the           never obtained a signed release of the mortgage from Mr.
alleged victim, he removed himself as counsel. He then           Garcia. When Ms. Coston complained to the Attorney
informed the police of his prior dealings with the alleged       Grievance Commission, the AGC investigated, and based on
victim, which included the exchange of a prescription            Mr. Brown’s representation that he had drafted a release and
painkiller for sex. Due to the fact that the information         sent it to his client to sign, they dismissed the complaint.
provided by Marcalus was included in a police report, the        Three years later, Ms. Coston still had not received a release
Bar Counsel opened an investigation into Marcalus’ conduct       and again complained. Mr. Brown again stated that he had
and docketed a complaint against him alleging violations of      drafted the release and sent it to his client to sign. Based on
Rule 8.4(b), 8.4(c) and 8.4(d) of the Maryland Lawyers’          this investigation, the AGC concluded that Mr. Brown had
Rules of Professional Conduct. The hearing judge found           knowingly misrepresented to the AGC the fact that he had
that his acts violated Rule 8.4(b) because Marcalus had          prepared a release on both occasions.
committed a criminal act implicating his fitness as an
attorney, Rule 8.4(d) as Marcalus had engaged in conduct         The Court of Appeals held that Brown violated MRPC 4.1(a),
prejudicial to the administration of justice, but that he had    MRPC 8.1(a) and MRPC 8.4(c) and (d) when he made
not violated Rule 8.4(c) as the hearing judge found that         knowingly false statements to the AGC and Coston regarding
Marcalus had not engaged in dishonest, fraudulent or             the mortgage release. Additionally, Brown violated Maryland
deceitful conduct. Based on these findings of fact and           Rule 16-609 when he drew a check on the trust account
conclusions of law, the AGC recommended disbarment.              payable to cash. The Court considered mitigating factors, such
Marcalus took exception to several of the findings of fact       as Brown’s otherwise impeccable record, his remorsefulness
and all of the conclusions of law and asked that the corpus      and his later assistance in acquiring a mortgage release for
delicti rule be applied in his case.                             Coston, and concluded that Brown’s violations warranted a 90-
                                                                 day suspension.
The Court of Appeals agreed with the hearing judge’s
conclusions as they related to Rules 8.4 (b) and (d) as          Suder v. Whiteford, Taylor & Preston, LLP, No. 15, September
Marcalus’ behavior involved crimes of “moral turpitude”          Term, 2009. Opinion filed April 9, 2010 by Adkins, Sally D.,
and his actions were of a type which would impact the            Judge.
perception of the courts and the legal profession. The Court
further held that the corpus delicti rule, which prevents an     Whiteford, Taylor and Preston failed to timely file a request for
extrajudicial confession unsupported by corroborating            an extension of time for its client, Suder, to elect her statutory
evidence from being the sole basis for a criminal conviction,    share of her late husband’s estate. This resulted in a denial by
did not apply in an attorney disciplinary action, because such   the trial court of her request to elect her statutory share, costing
actions are not criminal proceedings and are not meant to be     her thousands of dollars. A malpractice action was filed, to
punitive. When considering the sanction, the Court noted         which Whiteford replied by denying liability and arguing that,
that there had been a prior disciplinary action against          even if it breached its duty to the client, and earlier petition for
Marcalus. The Court did, however, consider the selflessness      an extension, which was filed by the widow pro se before she
of his disclosures which appeared to be made primarily for       retained the firm was erroneously granted by the trial court.
the benefit of his former client and against his own interest.   Had that extension request been properly dealt with through a
Based on that, the Court found the recommended sanction of       denial, then there would not have been a further action for her
disbarment to be too harsh and ordered a sixty –day              to pursue and she ultimately, under the trial-within-a-trial
suspension from the practice of law.                             doctrine, would have established that she had not suffered any
                                                                 damages as a result of Whiteford’s actions or failure to act.
Attorney Grievance Commission of Maryland v. Martin              The trial court granted a summary judgment and entered a final

THE ADVOCATE                                        Page 24                                                OCTOBER 2010
                                          CIVIL LAW UPDATE
                                                           Continued ...

judgment in favor of Suder after determining that the first
extension was valid for public policy reasons. The Court of        The Court of Special Appeals affirmed the determination as it
Special Appeals reversed, holding that the grant of the first      related to the parcel of property, but vacated the portion related
extension was a voidable order that could be contested by          to the post retirement money and remanded the case for further
Downes, the widow’s opposition, at any time. It also               proceedings. The Court held that in the case of the post
approved the trial-within-a-trial doctrine to determine            retirement money, the right to the payment had accrued during
Whiteford’s liability. The Court of Special Appeals reversed       the marriage and therefore was marital property. The Court
the denial of Whiteford’s motion to dismiss and remanded           distinguished Thomasian v. Thomasian, 79 Md. App. 188,
the case to enter a judgment in favor of the firm. Suder filed     (1989) where, at the time of the judgment of divorce, the
a Petition for Writ of Certiorari which was granted.               husband was still employed and the question of the value of
                                                                   the unused vacation and holiday time was too intangible and
The Court of Appeals reversed, holding that the trial-within-      difficult to value at the time of the divorce, as the husband
a-trial doctrine is appropriate in legal malpractice actions       could dissipate the entitlement by taking time off from work.
where the underlying matter has already been litigated, as         In the current case, the accrued leave had converted into a
the purpose of the doctrine is to determine what would have        tangible asset before the divorce was final. As to the parcel of
occurred had Whiteford timely filed th petition for the fifth      property, the Court found that the provisions of Family Law
extension. The triggering mechanism for the trial-within-a-        Article, Section 8-205(b)(9), a court should consider the
trial doctrine is a dispute over proximate cause, not whether      “contribution by either party of the property” acquired by gift
the client lost the chance of a trial. Further, the Court held     from a third party. In this case, the Court held that Frederick
that the attorney is not limited to the defenses actually raised   contributed nothing to the acquisition of the parcel and there
by his client’s opponents, but rather may assert only those        was, therefore, no “contribution to evaluate.
claims or defenses that the tier of fact determines the
opposition would have raised if there had been no breach of
the attorney’s duty. There was some evidence that Downes           A review of the Amicus Curiarum for September 2010 reveals
may not have been aware that the first extension was invalid.      the following civil cases of interest:
Thus the Court remanded the case for a trial to determine
what challenges Downs would have asserted had Whiteford            THE COURT OF SPECIAL APPEALS:
not breached its duty.
                                                                   Mary Roe v. James Doe, Case no. 2971, September Term, filed
THE COURT OF SPECIAL APPEALS:                                      July 7, 2010. Opinion by Rodowsky, Judge.

Frederick T. Smith v. Sandra T. Smith, No. 134, September          Mary Roe was born on September 29, 1983 and reached her
Term, 2009. Opinion filed May 28, 2010 by Salmon, James            majority on September 9, 2001. On September 3, 2008, she
P., Judge                                                          filed a suit claiming that her grandfather, James Doe, sexually
                                                                   abused her while she was under the age of majority. James
The two issues presented by this case involve the division of      Doe filed a motion to dismiss, claiming that the suit was time
a parcel of property transferred by Frederick’s mother, Alice,     barred under the Maryland Code, Section 5-201 of the Courts
to the parties, and the division of payment by Frederick’s         and Judicial Proceedings Article. His position was that CJ
former employer to him of accrued annual leave and sick            Section 5-117 extending the limitations on actions arising from
leave. Frederick contended that the accrued leave payment          sexual abuse to seven years after majority did not apply
was not marital property and that his mother, Alice, intended      retroactively and that the three year statute of limitations ran
to gift him the parcel of land and only placed it in the joint     on September 30, 2004. The trial court granted Doe’s motion
names of Frederick and Sandra in case of Frederick’s death         to dismiss.
before Sandra. Sandra had filed a motion to reopen the
record, before a judgment of absolute divorce was signed, to       The Court of Special Appeals reversed and remanded the case
allow for the division of the accrued leave payment. The           for further proceedings. The legislative history revealed that
trial court granted the motion to reopen, but determined that      the General Assembly intended the statute to be applied
the post retirement money was not marital property. A final        partially retroactively for victims of sexual abuse whose claims
judgment of divorce was entered on February 6, 2009.               were not time barred on October 1, 2003, the enactment date of
Frederick filed a motion to amend the judgment stating that        Section 5-117. Partial retroactive application of a statute
the intention of Alice was to gift the parcel of property to       enlarging an ordinary statute of limitations doe not deprive a
him alone and therefore he should have been awarded the            defendant of a substantial right as claimed by Doe.
full value of the property. The trial court denied his motion.

THE ADVOCATE                                          Page 25                                               OCTOBER 2010
                                 IN CHAMBERS WITH ...
                                                  by Ceecee Paizs

Baltimore County Circuit Court Judge H. Patrick Stringer, Jr. is a family man who believes very strongly in the
importance of the practice of law. A true Baltimorean, Judge Stringer has lived in the Towson area for most of his
life and he is a graduate of Calvert Hall College, Hopkins University, and the University of Baltimore School of
Law. During his final year of law school, he started his legal career as a law clerk to Judge J. Harold Grady on the
Supreme Bench of Baltimore City, where he observed both criminal and civil practice. He then went on to practice
general civil litigation at Mudd, Harrison & Burch in Towson for 24 years, and subsequently joined the bench on
March 20, 2006.

Judge Stringer truly enjoys being a judge because he finds all areas of the law to be interesting and because he
thinks that attorneys and judges play a significant role in helping people to resolve conflict and reestablish some
peace in their lives. Judge Stringer feels especially lucky to serve in Baltimore County, where he says the
attorneys who practice in his courtroom are professional and helpful to the court. When he’s not on the bench,
Judge Stringer spends time with his family and volunteers with a non-profit dyslexia tutoring program, where he
serves as a reading tutor to a ninth grade student.

Judge Stringer—who displays many family pictures in chambers and who keeps underlined copies of his daughter,
Meghan’s, many consumer finance law publications on his end table—is a very proud father. He and his wife,
Margy, a science teacher, have raised five very accomplished children. Meghan Stringer Musselman is an
associate attorney at Hudson Cook, LLP, and a mother to Judge Stringer’s first grandchild, Decklan. Amy Stringer
Finney holds an MBA and works at Under Armor, and Judge Stringer recently officiated at Amy’s wedding
ceremony in August. Dan Stringer is a third year law student at the University of Maryland School of Law. Kyle
Stringer currently lives in Houston where he is completing a management training program with Constellation
Energy. And, Mickey Stringer is a sophomore at Towson University. Like Judge Stringer—who played both
football and lacrosse at Hopkins and won a lacrosse national championship as a Hopkins senior—all of his children
have been successful student/athletes and lacrosse players.

Each judge interviewed is asked a series of similar questions. Judge Stringer’s answers follow:

Favorite Restaurants:         Café Troia & The Helmand
Favorite Book:                Les Miserables
Favorite Vacation:            The vacation he took about seven years ago to the Pacific Northwest with his
                              entire family where, among other outdoor activities, they hiked Mt. Rainier and
                              the surrounding peaks and went whale watching.
Music on in Car Right Now: Carole King and James Taylor – Live at Troubadour
Favorite Charities:           Anything that concerns education.
Favorite BCBA Event:          “I always enjoy seeing everyone at the BCBA Banquet.”
If not the law...:            A teacher, because he likes teaching and thinks it’s very important.
Biggest Pet Peeve: None.      “We all make mistakes.”
Best Part of Being a Judge: He enjoys and takes very seriously his role in trying to bring fairness and justice
                              to the parties. He truly cares about making the right decision.
Worst Part of Being a Judge: Nothing. He enjoys each day.
If you could meet one person,
living or dead, whom would
you want to meet?             Abraham Lincoln

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                                   STATE, LOCAL LAWS & ZONING COMMITTEE
                                    A Look Into the Newly Revised PUD Process

                                         Thursday, October 14, 2010
SPEAKERS                Arnold F. “Pat” Keller, Director of Office of Planning
                        William J. Wiseman, III, Zoning Commissioner
                        Thomas H. Bostwick, Deputy Zoning Commissioner

CHAIR                   Adam Rosenblatt, Esquire

TIME                    5:30 P.M. (cash bar), 6:00 P.M. (dinner)

LOCATION                Country Club of Maryland, 1101 Stevenson Lane

COST                    BCBA Members, $45.00; Non-Members, $55.00

       Please join us for dinner and a discussion of how to shepherd your PUD through
       the process and how to present your case before the Hearing Officer.

MENU CHOICES (Pick One):                 Grilled New York Steak OR Petite Filet Mignon
                                         Single Crab Cake OR Stuffed Shrimp
                                         Grilled Breast of Chicken over Pasta

                           State, Local Laws & Zoning Committee
                         A Look Into the Newly Revised PUD Process
                                 Thursday, October 14, 2010

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               American Legion Post No. 22 (Towson)
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     Annual Farewell & Welcome to
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                          ADR and NEGLIGENCE, INSURANCE & WC COMMITTEES
                                 & Bar Association of Baltimore City
                                                ADR COMMITTEE
                                    Mediation of a Workers’ Compensation Case
                                            Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Speakers                Theodore B. Cornblatt, Esquire (and Mediator)
                        Wallace Kleid, Esquire

Program Chair           William R. Levasseur, Sr.

TIME                    5:00 P.M.

LOCATION                Grand Jury Room, County Courts Building, Towson

COST                    BCBA & BABC Members, FREE; Non-Members, $20.00

Resolving Workers’ Compensation cases by use of mediation has become much
more complex and now requires new considerations resulting from recent changes
in the Commission’s procedural requirements. Experienced participants will
demonstrate in a role playing mock mediation for attorneys handling mediation,
both as mediators and as attorneys representing clients in mediation.

             BCBA & BABC Jointly Sponsored ADR & NI&WC Committees
                    Mediation of a Workers’ Compensation Case
                            Tuesday, October 19, 2010
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                                   CONTINUING LEGAL EDUCATION PROGRAM
                                     Legal Medicine: Mock Expert Deposition

                                      Wednesday, October 20, 2010
                                              5:00 P.M.

PANEL                            Irwin E. Weiss, Esquire, for the Plaintiff
                                 Multi-Specialty HealthCare Doctor
                                 Gore Bros. Court Reporters & Videoconferencing
PROGRAM CHAIR                    Louise A. Lock, Esquire
LOCATION                         Grand Jury Room, County Courts Building, Towson
COST                             BCBA Members, $10.00; Non-Members, $20.00

The panel will participate in a mock deposition of a medical expert. This is a great opportunity
for those experienced attorneys who have never taken a video deposition, as well as those
young attorneys or those new to the practice of law (and not so young!), who have never
participated in one.
                     Light refreshments will be available during the program.

                                      CLE Committee
                           Legal Medicine: Mock Expert Deposition
                                Wednesday, October 20, 2010

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                                                FAMILY LAW COMMITTEE
                                Passports, International Custody, Virtual Visitation
                                             Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Speaker                 Stephen J. Cullen, Esquire, Miles & Stockbridge

Program Chair           Harry Chase, Esquire

TIME                    6:00 P.M. Cash Bar; 6:45 P.M. Dinner

LOCATION                Hunt Valley Golf Club, 14101 Phoenix Road, Phoenix 21131

COST                    BCBA Members, $42.00; Non-Members, $50.00

          Mr. Cullen is an expert on international custody and travel issues for children.

                                 MENU CHOICES (Pick one)
                 New York Strip Steak w/Demi glace & Roasted Red Potatoes
                            Chicken Parmesan w/Penne Marinara
                      Maryland Style Crab Cake & Roasted Red Potatoes
          Also includes Garden Salad, rolls and butter, Autumn vegetables and dessert.

            Family Law - Passports, International Custody, Virtual Visitation
                            Wednesday, October 20, 2010

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                                         PRO BONO COMMITTEE
                               A CELEBRATION OF NATIONAL PRO BONO WEEK
                                       Best Practices in Family Law
                                              Tuesday, October 26, 2010
                            HODES, PESSIN & KATZ, P.A.
                        WHITEFORD, TAYLOR & PRESTON, LLP
Speakers               Judges Mickey Norman and Sherrie R. Bailey and Master Brown, of the
                              Circuit Court for Baltimore County
TIME                   8:30 a.m.                       Breakfast
                       9:00 a.m. - 12 noon             Presentation
LOCATION               Grand Jury Room, County Courts Building, Towson
COST                   BCBA Members, FREE; Non-Members, FREE

Send questions you want speakers to discuss to Laure Ruth,, by October 14th.

                     Pro Bono Committee - Family Law Best Practices
                               Tuesday, October 26, 2010
I understand that by attending the Best Practices in Family Law, I have agreed to accept a pro
bono case from one of the three referring organizations: MVLS, Legal Aid-Baltimore County, or
The Women’s Law Center of Maryland.
Name                                                 Telephone
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        Year admitted to practice             Years of Family Law experience
If you have less than 5 years of family law experience, would you like to be assigned a mentor?
                       Yes             No
Language(s) other than English

I hereby certify that I am duly admitted to practice before the Court of Appeals of Maryland and
am presently a member of the Bar in good standing. I will immediately notify MVLS if I am sus-
pended or barred from the practice of law in Maryland.
Date                                           Signature

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                                  NEGLIGENCE, INSURANCE & WC COMMITTEE

                                                    Got Causation?
                                               Tuesday, November 9, 2010

SPEAKERS                         Benjamin T. Boscolo, Esquire
                                 Nathaniel Fick, Esquire

PROGRAM CHAIR                   Matt M. Paavola, Esquire

TIME                             5:00 P.M.

LOCATION                         Grand Jury Room, County Courts Building, Towson

COST                             BCBA Members, FREE; Non-Members, $20.00

        Two new hot developments in proving medical causation in
        workers’ compensation cases and motor torts.

                       Negligence, Insurance & WC - Got Causation?
                                Tuesday, November 9, 2010

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                                   Baltimore County Bar Association
                                             REAL PROPERTY COMMITTEE
                                           Examination of Foreclosures in a
                                          Chain of Title - Avoiding the Pitfalls
                                             Thursday, November 18, 2010

Speakers                Richard E. Lattanzi, Esquire, Michael N. Schleupner, Jr.
                        and Mary Jane Fischer, Esquire

Program Chair           Lisa Eisemann, Esquire

TIME                    12 noon, Brown Bag Lunch

LOCATION                Grand Jury Room, County Courts Building, Towson

COST                    BCBA Members, FREE; Non-Members, $20.00

Title examination discussion—Many title problems are being discovered because
of improper foreclosures in the chain. Here’s how to spot (and fix) them!

       Real Property Committee - Examination of Foreclosures in a Chain of Title
                           Thursday, November 18, 2010

Name                                                     Telephone
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                                   Baltimore County Bar Association
                                                FAMILY LAW COMMITTEE
                                                  Settlement & Mediation
                                              Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Speaker                 Hon. J. Norris Byrnes

Program Chair           Leon W. Berg, Esquire

TIME                    6:00 P.M. Cash Bar; 6:45 P.M. Dinner

LOCATION                Christopher Daniel Restaurant, 106 West Padonia Road

COST                    BCBA Members, $42.00; Non-Members, $50.00

                                 MENU CHOICES (Pick one)
                        Petite Filet Mignon w/Balsamic Red Wine Sauce
                             Single Broiled Jumbo Lump Crab Cake
                      Chicken Piccata-Parsley, Lemon and Diced Tomato
                   Also includes salad, rolls and butter, vegetables and dessert.

                           Family Law - Settlement & Mediation
                               Tuesday, November 30, 2010
                         Menu Choice

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