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No. 523                                                                                ""X-523                                                                           29 March 1991

                      After U.S. Bombing Lays Waste to Irag
  "Liberated" Kuwait
 Tortures Palestinians
   GeorgeBush is building his "new world order" on         conditions in Iraq reported that the country has
mountains of corpses. Wewarned insistently that a          "been relegated to a preindustrial age," as the
Pax Americana in the Near East would mean brutal           bombing "wrought near-apocalyptic results upon the
neocolonial oppression. It began with the wanton           infrastructure of what had been until January 1991
murder of tens of thousands of Iraqis. Now U.S.            a rather highly urbanized and mechanized society."
forces in the Near East are overseeing a vicious              A visiting doctor adds: "Since the beginning of the
reign of terror and torture, particularly against the      war, thousands of babies and adults have died from
dispossessed Palestinian workers of the region.            starvation and shortage of medicine" (Guardian
   From the outset, Bush was intent on devastating         [London], 23 March). This is the result of the                                                                                   A
Iraq as a bloody reassertion of U.S. imperialism's       . months-long blockade of Iraq, carried out under a          Thousands of Palestinians and Iraqis have been rounded
self-anointed role as top cop of the world. Last week      UN fig leaf and cheered on by Democrats and                up, many tortured and murdered by Kuwaiti soldiers
a United Nations commission sent to investigate                                             continued on page 9       under U.S. su'pervision.

Videota~e                                Shows...What Ha~~ens All the Time

      Racist Cop Terror U.S.A.
   The public fury generated by the sadis-
tic racist beating of Rodney King by L.A.
police has brought the issue of police
brutality into sharp national focus. No-
body but the most rabid cop sympathizer
believes it is an "aberration," as LAPD
chief Daryl Gates called it. Blacks and
Hispanics have always known the truth
about it, and many have directly expe-
rienced it-the only new thing is people
have camcorders to videotape it. Now
TV viewers from coast to coast wince at
each swing of the police batons, each
kick to the head, each blow to, the
kidneys-deeply angered, with com-
passion and empathy for the black man
as he lay helpless before the taunting,
torturing cops. And from New York to
Atlanta and Chicago, the media has
suddenly unearthed a mountain of simi-
lar cases, which they had buried until                                             Pizac/AP                                                                                George Holliday Video
now.                                           Bush halls LAPD chief Gates as "American hero," vows to take "handcuffs off police." Right: L.A. pollee sadistically
    After 15 days, transcripts of the L.A.     club and stomp defenseless black man, Rodney King.            .
patrol car computer messages from the
night of the beating were finally made         appetite for killing increased so dramati-      exclusively racially biased. It is of great          convention, sitting next to "Choke Hold"
public. LAPD thugs Laurence Powell and         cally in the presence of...trappers? In         assistance in becoming a victim if you               Gates and singling out the L.A. top cop
Timothy Wind, under indictment as two          this case, is one to believe that the cops'     are black or Hispanic, but don't rely on             as an "All American hero." Appealing
of King's principal attackers, bragged: "I     thirst to beat up people is somehow stim-       that too heavily. New York police abused             for the kind of "moral force" and "na-
haven't beaten anyone this bad in a long       ulated by the presence of a video camera        a white woman editor who objected to               . tional will" shown in "Desert Storm,"
time." The voice on the other end re-          to record it? We rather think it's the          them berating her taxi driver, ran down              Bush described his draconian crime bill
sponded, "Oh, not again: .. I thought you      opposite.                                       an elderly doctor on Park Avenue (one                as "taking the handcuffs off police."
 agreed to chill out for a while." Powell         In fact, racist cop atrocities occur all     of only two cases in which an NYC cop                That's like when he said that the army
 and Wind described their previous call,       the time. But now with video cameras            was ever indicted for murder). The cops              would "not be asked to fight with one
 involving a black family, as being "right .   everywhere, you get to see it for your-         have this macho creed of cowardice:                  hand tied behind their back" on the day
 out of Gorillas in the Mist." Foot patrol     self. The cops see home videos as a threat      they're not like soldiers, they don't                that the terror bombing of Baghdad
 officers responded, "Ha ha ha ha ... let me   to their control of the streets (like guns in   expect to be shot at. Which is why they              began. The beating of Rodney King sym-
 guess who be the parties." Straight from      the hands of the people). But it's funda-       have those elaborate funerals, bringing              bolizes what Bush's talk about unleash-
 the racist pigs' mouths-to say the least,     mental to the criminal "justice" system         out thousands every time one of them is              ing the police IS all about. Blacks and
 this undercut Gates' absurd claims that       to pretend that cops' testimony is implic-      on the receiving end. They're supposed               other minorities are to be used for
 the beating was not racially motivated.       itly to be believed. So ...the victim fell      to do the killing.                                   cannon fodder in war, and target practice
    Racist police terror an "aberration"?      down the steps, banged his head against                                                              at home.
 We're reminded of the study by eminent        the pavement, was shot trying to escape.        "Desert Storm" Comes Home                               Now embarrassed over his endorse-
 Canadian biologist Farley Mowat, who          Possibly the police will figure a way to             In our last issue we pointed to the             ment of Gates, Bush scrambled to dis-
 investigated trappers' claims that wolves     ban videos, at least as evidence in court,        direct connection between Bush's war of            tance himself. Attorney General Richard
 were devastating the herds of caribou.        the way the Pentagon kept reporters in            annihilation against Iraq and the war              Thornburgh ordered the FBI to "review"
 Mowat found the wolves were getting a         the persian .Gu.lf from showing .tlI.e car-     . against blacks.and Hispanics at home. On           complaints of police brutality received by
 bum rap. After thousands of years,            nage left by its murderous blitzkrieg.            the same day the videotape was first               the feds in the past six years-some
 wasn't it curious that wolves' insatiable        Cop terror is enormously, but not              aired, Bush was at a nationwide cop                                     continued on page 8
                                                                                                                                             ..                                                 •
                                                                                                                                                  the cops will say, adding, "Don't blame the bunch!"
                 From Death Row,                                                                                                                     One wonders-where, pray tell, are the "good
                                                                                                                                                  apples," who treat people with human decency?

             This Is Mumia Abu-Jamal                                                                                                                 McDuffie, Eleanor Bumpurs, MOVE, on & on &
                                                                                                                                                  on & on?
                                                                                                                                                     To now cry "bad apples" is to insult Black
                                                                                                                                                     It is not "bad apples," but a bad system mat
      ALesson From "Lalaland"                                                                                                                     relegates Black life to the psychic underworld of
                                                                                                                                                     For what did Black youth cross the seas of Saudi
       As the psychic ripples from the Gulf "War" recede                              In that blinding; naked moment, the fears of genera-        sand?
    from the shores of memory, other visions arrest the                            tions of Black men leapt to the fore, for by such                 For what did their fathers wage war in Viet Nam?
    nation's attention.                                                            customs are marked our common reality.                            For what did their grandfathers fight a fascist
       From the country's Southwest came the gripping                                 For who knew, among his vicious pursuers, who               Hitler?
    imagery of a continuing urban war, the videotaped                              this young man was? Who among them cared?                         To be beaten in the. streets like dogs?
    vicious street beating of an African-American motor-                              He could've been a white-collar professional, like             That is today's ugly reality.
    ist, as he lay prone, dazed, utterly unresisting, in a                         insurance man Arthur McDuffie, whose murder by                    What reality will our sons face?
    Los Angeles gutter.                                                            cops in Miami evoked paroxysms of rebellion; he                                                       10 March 1991
       Witnesses counted at least 50 bone-snapping blows                           could've been a cop, driving in plainclothes; he
    by police billy clubs, plus assorted kickings and zap-                         could've been the son of California's Congressman,
    pings by an electric stun gun.                                                 Ron Dellums ... In short, he could've been any Black
       The motorist's crime?                                                       man, of any social strata, and the beating would've               Mumia Abu-Jamal, a Philadelphia black journal-
       Running (allegedly) a stop light, and daring to flee                        been just as brutal, just as harrowing, and just. as           ist, is on death row at Pennsylvania's Huntingdon
    a uniformed crew of malcontents.                                               disbelieved, had not a camera captured this cacophony          state prison. Framed up because of his political
       The initial police reports, predictably, charged Rod-                       of cruelty.                                                    views, Mumia faces death for his defiance of the
    ney King with resisting arrest, but the existence of                              To his armed, uniformed assailants, the driver was'         racist, capitalist order. His columns appear periodi-
    videotape of the arrest relegated 'such charges to                             just a "nigger," hence, fair game.                             cally in Workers Vanguard and other newspapers.
    irrelevance.                                                                      He might've been a returned warrior from Desert                To get involved in the fight to save Mumia
       For there, in living color, stood the obvious-a                             Storm; or a blood relative of Martin Luther King, Jr.,         Abu-Jamal and abolish the death penalty, contact
    Black man, suspected of an offense, is publicly beaten                         but would it've mattered?                                      the Partisan Defense Committee, P.O. Box 99,
    in a spasm of racist insensate rage, for no reason                                Hardly.                                                     Canal Street Station, New York, NY 10013. If
    other than the lamentable fact that it has long been                              Prepare for the official obfuscation, i.e., the old         you wish to correspond with Mumia, you can
    American custom to do so, when the doers are armed                             "bad apple" theory, to be unleashed upon the public.           write to: Mumia Abu-Jamal, AM8335, Drawer R,
    with the power of the state.                                                      "There's always a few bad apples in every bunch,"           Huntingdon, PA 16652.

                                  Genocide Is Not Debatable
                         Every-time we seek to mount an anti-fascist
                      united front, "civil libertarians" such as the
                      ACLU and the Zionist ADL leap to defend the
                      fascist terrorists' "right to free speech." But
                      KKKers like David Duke stand for mass mur-
                      der against minorities and other workers-
                                                                                                                            Tie a Yellow Ribbon
                      genocide is not debatable. When the then-
                      Trotskyist Socialist Workers Party organized
                      a mammoth demonstration to stop a fascist
                                                                                                                          'Round Socialist Action
                      rally in New York's Madison Square Gar-                                                                                   Boston             said how happy he was that his next-door
    TROTSKY           den in 1939, they took on these suicidal               LENIN
                                                                                                                                                3 March 1991       neighbor had tied a yellow ribbon around.
                      arguments.                                                                                     Dear Editor,                                  the tree in his driveway and what an
   It seems that the only point of importance that the Professional Liberals and Demo-                                  The recent article on Socialist Action     appropriate symbol this was for the anti-
crats could see in the big mobilization of the Nazis at Madison Square Garden last                                   ("Socialist Action: Untrue in Small           war movement. As if to say this was
week, was their "right of free speech and assembly".....                                                             Things and Big," WVNo. 521, I March)          no individual aberration, the November
   The American Civil Liberties Union, apparently exhausted by its noble efforts in                                  was right on target. Indeed, theirs is the    issue of Socialist Action reprinted Shep-
behalf of the Nazis, didn't utter a peep about the democratic rights of free speech,                                 politics of duplicitous maneuver as op-       pard's revolting social-chauvinism ver-
assembly and picketing being denied the 50,000 anti-Fascists who came to protestthe                                  posed to principle, the politics of oppor-    batim. "We're building a movement to
Nazi rally. Ditto for the Jewish committee....                                                                       tunist tailism as opposed to leadership.      reach out to everyone: the vets, the
   The workers who spend all their time and energy in the abstract discussion of the                                    But lest Workers Vanguard readers          Marines, everybody. Those yellow rib-
Nazis' "democratic rights"-to say nothing of working themselves into a lather in                                     think that our characterization that          bons that are all around this country
defense of these "rights"-,-will end their discussion under a Fascist club in a concentra-                           "Socialist Action is after the yellow rib-    mean 'we want all our [my emphasis]
tion camp.                                                                                                           bon •patriots for peace' crowd" is some       troops home NOW! '"
   The workers who delude themselves and waste their time begging the capitalist                                     kind of polemical exaggeration, we               Socialist Action can have its reac-
Democrats in office to "act" against the Fascists, will end up in the same place, just                               shouldpoint out that Socialist Action has     tionary pro-imperialist yellow ribbon
as the workers of Italy, Germany and Austriadid._                                                                    shamelessly, publicly and explicitly en-      movement The color scheme matches
   The workers have more vital concerns. They are and should be interested in                                        dorsed the yellow ribbon movement. At         perfectly with the rest of their politics.
defending and expanding their democratic rights. But not in any abstract sense. These                                a forum in Boston on 21 October 1990,                            Communist greetings,
rights are the concrete rights of free speech, assembly, press, .the right' to' organize,                            longtime SA supporter Roger Sheppard .                           Kevin G.
strike and picket, without which an independent working class simply cannot exist.
   A decaying capitalism-of which Fascism is only a natural product-s-seeks constant-
ly to restrict and destroy these rights, which are not truly genuine even in "normal"
times. These rights can only be defended from the assaults of capitalism and its ugly
offspring, Fascism, in the same way in which they were first acquired: by the tireless,
aggressive, unbending, independent struggle of the working class ....
                                                                                                                       ISO Calls Cops on Leftists
                                                                                                                                               Chicago             other speakers, who on instructions from
   The self-preservation of the working class demands that it cut through all abstract
                                                                                                                                               19 ~arch 1991       the chair had lined _up to speak at
chatter and smash the Fascist gangs by decisive and relentless action.
                                                                                                                                                                   the microphone, were two supporters
             - "Should Fascists Be Allowed the Right of Free Speech?"                                                Dear Comrades,
                                                                                                                                                                   from the centrist Revolutionary Workers
                            (Socialist Appeal, 3 March 1939)                                                            As stated in the article, "ISO in the      League (RWL) , who tried to put a left
                                                                                                                     Antiwar Movement" (WV No. 520, 15             face on the NNCAW by asking it to
                                                                                                                     February), the International Socialist        adopt a list of radical-sounding demands.
                                                                                                                     Organization has a record of suppressing         The ISO quickly decided that political

    '!~!!!!!or..~!!~~! ~
                                                                                                                     open political debate and excluding its       discussion was verboten. When a third
                                                                                                                     political opponents on the left. On March     RWL supporter took her tum at the mike,
                                                                                                                     2 here in Chicago the ISO called the cops     the chair shouted her down while a:Pba-
                                                                                                                     to oust Spartacist supporters and other       Ianx of ISO goons converged around
                                                                                                                     leftists from a public antiwar conference.    her. SYC members and RWL supporters
    EDITOR: Jan Norden
                                                                                                                        This disgusting attack took place at       moved to defend this woman but the
                                                                                                                     Loyola University, where the ISO-             chair abruptly ended the discussion peri-
                                                                                                                     organized National Network of Campuses        od. As the session broke up, SYCers
    EDlTORIAL BOARD: George Foster, Frank Hunter, Jane Kerrigan, Len Meyers, James Robertson,
    Reuben Samuels, Joseph Seymour, Alison Spencer, Marjorie Stamberg                                                Against the War (NNCAW) held a con-           heard that the ISO was expelling the
    The Spartacist League is the U.S. Section of the International Communist League (Fourth                          ference over the March I weekend. With        RWL from the conference for "disrup-
    Internationalist) .                                                                                              a few hundred people attending the            tion" and at that very moment was
    Workers Vanguard (USPS 098-770) published biweekly, except 2nd issue August and with 3-week interval December,   morning session, a supporter of the Spar-     attempting to take down the RWL's
    by the Spartacist Publishing Co., 41 Warren Street. New York, NY 10007. Telephone: (212) 732-7862'(Editorial),                                                 literature table by force. I went to the
    (212) 732-7861 (Business). Address all correspondence to: Box 1377, GPO, New York, NY 10116. Domestic
                                                                                                                     tacus Youth Club kicked off the floor
    subscriptions: $7.00/24 issues. Second-class postage paid at New York, NY. POSTMASTER: Send address changes      discussion by counterposing the need          podium to inform those still in the room
    to Workers Vanguard, Box 1377, GPO, New York, NY 10116.
                                                                                                                     for labor political strikes against the war   about this undemocratic attack and to
    Opinions expressed in signed articles or letters do not necessarily express the editorial viewpoint.
                                                                                                                     to the NNCAW's dead-end strategy of           announce that if this censorship stood the
                                                                                        29 March 1991                chaining student opposition to the war to     SYC would walk out in protest. The
    No. 523
                                                                                                                     the capitalist Democratic Party. Among                               continued on page 4

2                                                                                                                                                                            WORKERS VANGUARD
                    Northite Blood Money
   "Lenin received Germangold," "Leon                                                                                                                                                     The Bulletin doesn't deny that it
Trotsky was an agent of the Mikado."                                                                                                                                                   cheered the murder of Communist work-
"Spartacist-Finger Man for the FBI."                                                                                                                                                   er militants in Iraq. It simply whines that
The first slander was supplied by self-                                                                                                                                                the Workers League didn't know Healy's
proclaimed "socialists" and other ele-                                                                                                                                                 Workers Revolutionary Party got paid for
ments in 1917 Russia who wanted to                                                                                                                                                     this and other crimes. This, it is claimed,
continue the imperialist carnage of World                                                                                                                                              was done "without the agreement or
War I, the second by J.Y. Stalin and the                                                                                                                                               knowledge of the International Commit-
last by David North's Workers League.                                                                                                                                                  tee." For the Northites to claim that they
In the 8 February issue of the Workers                                                                                                                                                 didn't know is about as believable as
League's press the Bulletin we read:                                                                                                                                                   Bush and Reagan's protests that they
"As American bombs are dropping on                                                                                                                                                     were "out of the loop" while another
Baghdad, Workers Vanguard uses rhet-                                                                                                                                                   criminal by the name of North, first
oric indistinguishable from that of the                                                                                                                                                name Oliver, was running the Contragate
Bush administration .... It willingly places                                                                                                                                           arrns-and-drugs scam out of the White
itself on the 'left' flank of the bourgeois                                                                                                                                            House basement.
media propaganda blitz which seeks to                                                                                                                                                      Healy's financial ties to Arab regimes
demonize Saddam Hussein and whip up                                                                                                                                                    were a notorious' scandal on the left.
hatred for the Iraqi people."                                                                                                                                                          From the time the WRP started up its
                                                                                                                    Workers News
    At least when the pro-war forces in                                                                                                                                                daily News Line in May 1976, it was
imperial Russia lyingly accused Lenin of
being a German agent they attempted to                                  Nick Beams                                                                      David North                    clear that Healy's organization was on
                                                                                                                                                                                       the take from Muammar Qaddafi' s Lib-
give a political facade to this slander by                                                                                                                                             yan regime. Less than three months ear-
                                                       Partners in crime: Beams and North were PR agents for Iraqi dictator Saddam
pointing to Lenin's opposition to Russian              Hussein when he was killing Communists as an ally of U.S. imperiaUsm.                                                           lier, the WRP had folded its previous
imperialism and to the war. But for the                                                                                                                                                paper Workers Press following months of
Workers League to accuse the Spartacist                                                                                                                                                publicity pleading for funds for a press
League of trying to undermine the de-                                                                                                 An Assessment of Stalinism in the Arab World _   "Crisis Fund." Then amidst great fanfare
fense of Iraq while U.S. imperialism was                                                                                                                                               out comes a flashy new four-color daily
raining down death on Baghdad is such                                                                                                 Where the Iraqi                                  full of articles extolling the Libyan dicta-
a shameless lie that it would make the
tsarist writers of the "Protocols of the
                                                                                                                                   Communist Party                                     tor and "special reports" from Tripoli.
                                                                                                                                                                                       Where did the money come from in this
Elders of Zion" blush.                                                                                                                    Went
                                                                                                                                                                                       rags-to-riches story?
    In our banners at antiwar demonstra-                                                                                                                                                   As early as May 1977, we ran an arti-
                                                                                                                                   £.:r~:,~~"':t,~~   , :,":'; 7.::;';~~~
tions, in the headlines of Workers Van-                                                                                                                                                cle entitled "Healyites, Messengers of
guard, in our speeches to protesters-the                                                                                                                                               Qaddafi," which concluded that "even
Spartacist League forthrightly fought for                                                                                                                                               a cursory look at News Line's year-
the defeat of U.S. imperialism and mili-                                                                                                                                                long pandering to the oil-rich Qaddafi
tary defense of Iraq (without failing to                                                                                                                                               forces the observation that there is
note the crimes of Hussein's regime                                                                                                                                                     indeed something very rotten in the state
 against the Iraqi toiling masses). We                                                                                                                                                 of Denmark." Two years later we pick-
 sought to mobilize the social power of                                                                                                                                                eted.Workers League meetings with signs
 the working class in labor political                                                                                                                                                   reading "Workers League-Press Agents
 strikes against the war. And what of the                                                                                                                                              for Libyan Dictatorship!" and "Healyites:
 Workers League? As American bombs                                                                                                                                                      From Political Bandits on the Left to
 rained down on Baghdad, North's outfit                                                                                                                                                 Pimps for Qaddafi."
 campaigned... for a "democratic" referen-                                                                                                                                                 Then in 1980, Sean Matgamna, editor
 dum on the war!                                                                                                                                                                        of the British Socialist Organiser, ob-
    At the red-white-and-blue "antiwar"                                                                                                                                                 served that the WRP must have been
 demonstration in Washington, D.C. on                                                                                                                                                   subsidized by "one or more Arab govern-
 January 26, the Northites marched under                                                                                                                                                ments." In a vengeful attempt to destroy
 a banner reading: "Stop War Against                                                                                                                                                    Matgamna's organization, the WRP (un-
 Iraq-Let the People Vote on War." This                uary), which detailed how the late Gerry                                    attempt "to provide the FBI with a pre-              der the aegis of jet-setting actress Vanes-
 is worse than the most abject social-                 Healy's "International Committee" was                                       text to frame up the Workers League."                sa Redgrave) filed a libel suit against
 pacifism, appealing to the imperialist                on the take from a number of Near                                              The Northites certainly have an elastic           Matgamna for his scathing and eminently
 butchers to give a more "democratic"                  East despotic regimes, including Saddam                                     view of their own history-similar to                 truthful expose of these unprincipled
 cover to their genocidal war against the              Hussein's Iraq. And we pointed to the                                       their relation to any question of Marxist            political bandits, gangsters and cultists.
 Iraqi people. At the time, the American               Healyites' criminal cheering for the 1978                                   principle or proletarian morality, We                Interestingly, the one statement in Mat-
 "people," in their overwhelming major-                execution of Iraqi Communist Party                                          nailed the Workers League as "shameless              gamna's article which the suit did not
 ity, supported Bush's war!                            members.                                                                    apologists for white terror in Iraq" more            take up was the central charge that the
                                                          The Workers League headed by David                                       than a decade ago. At the time Hussein               Healyites were being funded by bour-
Crime and Dividends                                    North-the current representative of                                         was a client of U.S. imperialism, which              geois Arab regimes.
   What really has the Workers League                  unadulterated Healyism here on earth-                                       was providing him with military aid and                 Now, the Bulletin writes that follow-
frothing at the mouth. is the one sub-                 is squealing like stuck pigs. The Bulletin                                  intelligence. (As we have reported, the              ing the Control Commission investiga-
ject truly close to their" hearts-lucre,               decries our exposure of their direct and                                    first anti-Communist bloodbath carried               tion "the International Committee, with
as filthy as it comes. Earlier this year we            immediate ancestors for being on the                                        out by the Ba'ath used hit lists supplied            the support of the Workers League ...
ran a short article entitled "Healyites                payroll of virtually every- sheik and mil-                                  by the CIA.) In our most recent article we           denounced the WRP's 'pursuit of unprin-
Got Blood Money" (WV No. 517, 4 Jan-                   itary bonapartist in the region as an                                       also noted that at the same time Healy               cipled relations with sections of the colo-
                                                                                                                                   et al. were raking in thousands from                 nial bourgeoisie in return for money'."
                                                                                                                                   those other clients of American imperial-            But what did the Workers League find
                                                                                                                                   ism, the Kuwaiti emirs!                              "unprincipled"? Obviously not acting as
    The International Communist League Makes Available                                                                                The Workers League probably has                   press agents for Qaddafi (celebrating the
          the Polemics of Its Opponents on the Left                                                                                plenty to fear for the crimes they have              "Tenth Anniversary of the Libyan Revo-
                                                                                                                                   committed, but getting in trouble with the           lution," the WL sent a telegram to Qad-
                                                                                                                                   FBI is at the bottom of the list (if they            dafi praising his "progressive socialist
                                                                                                                                   are on any FBI list at all). After all, the          policies") or cheering the execution of
                                                    Hate Trotskyism,                                                                                                                    Iraqi Communists. North's "defense" is
           Just Out!                                Hate the Spartacist League                                                     Healyites were working the same side of
                                                                                                                                   the street as U.S. intelligence! In 1979,            that Healy did it for money, while the
                                                                              • ••11.,,I•••, .',.•••, _trlel                   North's Bulletin reprinted articles from             Workers League did it for free! But did
     Hate Trotskyism,                                                                                                              Healy's News Line hailing the execution
                                                   NUMBER &                                                                        of 21 Iraqi Communist Party members
         Hate the                                                                                                                  by Hussein's government. The Bulletin               Who Got the Money?
     Spartacist League                             From Malice to Proveeation                                                      (30 March 1979) even reprinted from
                                                                                                                                                                                          After the IC Control Commission had
                                                   Introduction                                                                    News Line an- Iraqi communique, under
           No.6                                    The Bund SoziallaU8cher Arbeiter:                                               the grotesque headline, "Where the Iraqi
                                                                                                                                                                                       delivered its report, in 1986 Cliff Slaugh-
                                                   ;~~n:estag Election '90-Wh~1 00      the Others Stand For?'                                                                         ter, another of Healy's former lieuten-
                                                   IranSl~~~k:~~~~~:~~~~~::;:~~~~~;, 1;~e~~~I~~~~;' 1990                           Communist Party Went Wrong."
                                                                                                                                                                                       ants, wrote a letter to all WRP members
                                                                                                                                       According to the 1985 International
                                                  The Grupp. Sp8rtaku8:                                                                                                                asking:
             $2 (15 pages)                        ~~t~I~;;;~~'t~~I~~~ruppeSpartakus on the .B!-'ndestag Elections                  Committee Control Commission report
                                                  translated Irom a le~~~tV;':~~~ ~r~ POeSS-Crlllcal Support 10 the ~PAO,,,                                                                 "Is it only the WRP which received fi-
                                                  of the International Bolshevik Tend:rfc y,   f7a~~~~~~~r~~~ secucn               -which the Bulletin tries to hide behind                 nancial assistance from one or other
                                                  A Letter on "Sparlaclam":                                                         as proof of their "innocence"-the Hea-                  Middle Eastern bourgeois national gov-
                                                  G~~t:~C~~~;::t:r:::I~~~n~:~:~e~~~:~b~~~~~espokesman for lhe                       lyites got close to £20,000 from Iraq in                ernments? Which other sections did so?
                                                                                                                                    the late 1970s. And this figure can only                "Is it not a fact that the Australian sec-
    Make checks payable/mail to:
    Spartaclst.Pubtishinq Co.
    Box 1377 GPO
    New York, NY 10116
                                               .. '--''''J''* 11111               ....-.                           -,",.
                                                                                                                 .......            be the tip of the iceberg, given that the
                                                                                                                                    IC "investigation" into their organiza-
                                                                                                                                    tion's financial dealings in the Near East
                                                                                                                                                                                            tion did receive a sum of (tens of thou-
                                                                                                                                                                                            sand [sic] of dollars) in 1983? ..
                                                                                                                                                                                            "Is it not true that Cde Beams. failed to
                                                                                                                                                                                            report the matter to the IC or to the WRP
                                                                                                                                    was carried out by the guilty themselves.                                 continued on page 4

 29' MARCH 1991                                                                                                                                                                                                                     3
                                                              have suppressed virtually the entire dis-
(continued from page 3)
                                                              cussion on Healyism.... This is like the
                                                              thiefin thecrowdedbazaarcrying, 'Stop,
                                                              thief' to distract attention from his own
                                                                                                                    In 1971, Attorney Gen.n! Jolin Mit<:hell,ln an attempt to Ita.. off funber critIciImof the FBI'lpnclic:e ofbeplq
                                                                                                                 h.... lisll of diaidenll-aU...d su"""ni..o-for who 1aI0 what n.rariou" _ , ~ that all of the liIII'haiI
                                                                                                                 been aboli"'ed, and were replaced by one"'ort "Adminiltrati . lnde"," or. "ADEX," of'" than 10,000 names. SiJlce
                                                                                                                 that list .... abO unrelal.d to pro..n, or
                                                                                                                                                               suspect.d crlmina1actmty,in 1974 ActiIl& FBI Director L. Patrk:k Gray
                                                                                                                 announced that the AOEX had been aboli d. Howev.r,in 1976,a politically actiyoattorDey from New York, req....tin&
                                                              misdeeds. Up north Mr. Holier-Than-                his FBI m.·  under the Fr••dom of Information Act, discovered, buried in his doaier, a copy of his ADEX .ntry Nemoran-
    delegates, but that he did report it to at                Thoumakes his getaway with 90 grand,               dUR1 and Report. AOEX, it appean, was not abolished, limply moved around. No e"planation of the four categories w.
                                                                                                                 gi..n. The New York office recommended that the Iawyer be put in th.loWOlt cateaorY, IV, ''because of subject's apparent
     least someof the delegates who support-                  while his apprentice/accomplice makes              intluenee with New Left leaders." However, the home off stat.d: "In ad4llion to the foregoing, a revi.w of subject's
    ed the WRP suspension and certainly' to                   off with another 25 granddown south.Is             activitiesclearlydepicts him as a revolutionaryattorney and sympathizer who. durin& I time of nationalemeqency I would
                                                                                                                 be likely to commit acts inimical to the national defense. In vi.w of the a _ , subject is beiDa included in Cateaory III
     Comrade North? That is what happened.                    this your revolutionary morality? Is this          of ADEX." Wltat fat. is in store, we wonder, for people put in Category I? The namea and addreaea ha.. been c1wtFd;
     "Finally: is it not true that Comrade                    your kind of internationalism?"                    otherwise the document below is an exact replica of an ADEX Memorandum:

     North and Beams agreed the matter                               -printed in Fourth International,
     should not be raised at the IC because                            Autumn 1986
     they considered it did not constitute a
     'class betrayal'? How did they differ-            Tony Banda's "we were all crooks"
                                                       indictment of "Mr. Holier-Than-Thou"
                                                                                                                                   Memorandum                                                                    FBI's
     entiate between the class betrayal of the                                                                                                                          _n.,   lAY 1 S 872
     WRPin thismatter-on which wasbased
     the argument for suspending the WRP
                                                       North captures the cynical quality of this
                                                       falling-out among thieves.

                                                                                                                            Abratwa   suoe.u...   lID
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Hn List_
     from the IC without charges and without               It seems evident that when it looked
     a hearing-and the actions taken on                                                                                                                                                                             ADEX:
     behalf of the SLL (Australia)?"                   like Healy was collecting all of the big                                     ..,   lIY . . . .rr report d&ted

   Slaughter's accusations against North's             payoffs from the Near East, the rest of
cover-up for his colleague Nick Beams,                 his mob were driven into a shark-like
leader of the Australian Socialist Labour              feeding frenzy to get their share of the
League, have the ring of (self-serving)                blood money. As we have noted many
truth. A month after Slaughter's letter                times, none of Healy's epigones protest-
was circulated, the Central Committee of               ed the vicious betrayals that were per-
the SLL seems to have felt constrained                 petrated by their organization in order to
                                                       get money from Near East bourgeois                                                                                DPL'
to censure Beams for failure to report                                                                                                                                   OPPA                (J1SDS
receipt of money from Arab regimes to                  governments. It was only when this                                                                                0 ..1_ee 11            '$ftcd171                                    ..
the IC. Further information came from                  revenue dried up that they moved in to
former SLL leader Phil Sandford, who                   depose Healy.
revealed how another leading Australian'                   According to a financial report by
Healyite was slapped down by-Healy for                 Corin Redgrave, dated 8 October 1985,
attempting to poach on his Iraqi preserve              in 1984-85 "scarcely a single rent or                                   Note the importance given to "Union Affdiation.'·

to get $100,000 for a printing press (see              rates demand was paid on time. Bailiffs                                 Some of the pohlieal groups are obvious: BI'P-Black Panther Party; PLP-Progressi.. Labor Party;
                                                                                                                               SOS-Stud.nts for a Democratic Society; SNC-Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee; SWP-
"Some Political Bandits at the End,"                   took walking possession 'of the contents                                Socialist Worken Party; WWP-Worken World Party. For some, .... can make educated gueoses: MIN-
Spartacist No. 43-44, Summer 1989).                    of the party's printshop in Runcorn, the                                Minutemen; NOI-Nation of Islam; PRN-Puerto Rican Nationalists. Some are less clear: NL may mean
                                                                                                                               National Lawyen GuUd; AWC may be American White OliZOJlS CbuDc:lI; SPL could mean Spartacisl
Sandford reports that their relations with             party bookshops, and on one occasion at                                 League; no on. at CounterSpy can auess what JFG .tands for.

                                                       least, the party headquarters at Clap-                                  Note that fluetltions in Category are obYio~y contemplated.
Libya were much more lucrative.
                                                       ham." At first the WRP tried to blame                                   Note the date of "Rev." If the AOEX .... only establisbed In 1971, what was beiDgrevised?
                                                       the whole mess on their financial appara-                                                                                                                           Count.rSpy 7

  Only the Tip of the Iceberg•••                       tus. But by the summer of 1985 it
                                                       became clear that the whole stinking
    Libya . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. £542,267                                                       How come the WL never appeared on the FBI's "ADEX" list, which singled out
                                                       house that Healy had built was about to            16 groups including the SWPand the Spartaclst League (SPL)? Above, sample
    Kuwait. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 156,500     come crumbling down. Well-trained by               page of this target list was printed in CounterSpy magazine.
    Qatar                                   ' 50,000   their "founder-leader," Healy's longtime
    Abu Dhabi                                 25,000   henchmen went, like sharks, for the                and North anointed himself king of the                                      While Mitchell today plies his pen for
    PLO                                       19,997   kill.                                              remaining Healyite dung heap.                                            the capitalist press in Australia, North
    Iraq                                      19,697       North desperately wanted to declare               The Workers League tries to palm                                      continues to use his for new installments
    Unidentified or                                    himself as the new leader and wielded              themselves off as Trotskyists and from                                   of "Security." After spending a fortune
       other sources                        261,702    the IC Control Commission for his own              time to time, when it suits their purposes,                              trying to get the capitalist courts to
    Total                                £1,075,163    cynical power play. Today, the Bulletin            they can sound quite orthodox. We rec-                                   rule that the SWP was being run by
  (Reprinted in Workers News, April 1988)              claims that the Workers League's partici-          ognized them for what they were twenty                                   FBI agents in the notorious case of WL
                                                        pation in this commission clears them of          years ago when we publicly exposed the                                   provocateur Alan Gelfand, the North-
                                                        all crimes. Yet, curiously, they have             Healyites as "political bandits" whose                                   ites waged an international campaign
Account of monies from Near East
paymasters received by Healy's WRP                      chosen never to print the results of even         positions were tailored to their own op-                                 as fingermen for the American imperial-
as reported by 1985 IC Control Com-                     this heavily censored and self-serving            portunistic 'and unsavory advantage. In                                  ist state's prosecution of a young SWPer,
mission-an "investigation" carried                      "investigation" into the IC's sordid finan-       their further degeneration they became                                   Mark Curtis-who is now behind bars,
out by the guilty.                                      cial wheeling and dealing.                        outright bandits, and far worse.                                         sentenced to 25 years in jail on trumped-
                                                           The Commission's report was com-                  Talk about fingermen: for a fistful of                                up rape charges. But why would the cops
   But was North's only role in this sor-               pleted in a big hurry, and this was not           petrodollars, the Healyites took pictures                                jail one of their own agents?
did affair to alibi for Beams? Not accord-              simply because Healy & Co. had alleg-             of protesters at an anti-Hussein demo in                                    And why does the Workers League
ing to a letter from Healy lieutenant                   edly spirited away the WRP's financial            London and turned them over to the Iraqi                                 profess to be worried about the FBI
Tony Banda to the American Workers                      records. No attempt was made to investi-          embassy! For cash they cheered the                                       going after them? On the face of it, the
League Central Committee of23 January                   gate allegations that other IC sections           murder of Iraqi CP members. One of                                       U.S. government ought to be satisfied
1986. Responding to accusations that                    had been on the take. The names of                Healy's main bagmen-in Baghdad was                                       with their work. As for the Arab dicta-
leading members of the WRP, following                   implicated senior WRP members who                 none other than Alex Mitchell, who                                       tors, sheiks and colonels that the Healy-
the ouster of Healy, were refusing to                   had not left with Healy were deleted              together with North co-authored "Securi-                                 ites shook down for cash-c-doubtless on
make IC documents available toWRP                       from the report. North used the "find-            ty and the Fourth International"-the                                     the claim that the IC was an organization
members, Banda writes:                                  ings" to get the leftovers from Healy's           sinister campaign to smear the leadership                                with "mass" influence which could help
    "This I find extremely interesting coming           WRP out of his way. Slaughter's rump              of the American Socialist Workers Party                                  them out-they might rightly feel duped,
    from you, who through your minions,                 WRP was suspended from membership                 as agents of the ,FBI and the GPU!                                       not to mention vindictive.•

                                                                                                                                                                                  than a thousand issues of Socialist Work-
          SPARTACIST LEAGUE/U.S. LOCAL DIRECTORY                                                          Letters•••
                                                                                                          (continued from page 2)
                                                                                                                                                                                  er. Like the Menshevik Andrei Vyshin-
                                                                                                                                                                                  sky, who in July 1917 signed the arrest
      National Office:            Box 1377 GPO, New York, NY 10116 • (212) 732-7860                                                                                               warrant for V.I. Lenin, the ISO gladly
                                                                                                          words were barely out of my mouth                                       calls the cops on reds to prove their own
      Atlanta                             Detroit                       Norfolk                           when a conference organizer, Nick De-
      Box 4012                                                                                                                                                                    loyalty to the bourgeoisie as brokers of
                                          Box441043                     Box 1972, Main PO
      Atlanta, GA30302                    Detroit, MI 48244                                               Genova, yanked the cord right out of the                                popular-frontist coalitions. That Vyshin-
                                                                        Norfolk, VA 23501
                                                                                                          microphone!                                                           . sky was to become Stalin's chief prose-
      Boston                              Los Angeles                   Oakland                              Out in the hallway, the RWL's lit                                    cutor in the Moscow Trials 20 years later
      Box390840, Central Sta.             Box29574, Los FelizSta.       Box32552                          table was surrounded by a large goon                                    might give some ISO supporters pause.
      Cambridge, MA 02139                 Los Angeles, CA 90029         Oakland, CA 94604                 squad of ISOers. SYC members moved
      (617) 492-3928                                                    (415) 839-0851                                                                                                                                            Comradely,
                                          (213) 380-8239                                                  in to defend the RWL and led chants of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Keith A.
      Chicago                                                            San Francisco                    "ISO-Back Off!" and "150-Thought
      Box6441, Main PO                    Madison                        Box5712                          Police!" The face-off went on for about
      Chicago, IL 60680                   Box 1492                       San Francisco, CA 94101          15 minutes until Bill Stant, an ISOer and
      (312) 663-0715                      Madison, WI 53701              (415)863-6963                    the conference convener, pulled back the                                           Sparlacisl League
      Cleveland                           New York                      Washington. D.C:                  goons-explaining that he had called the                                             Public Offices
      Box 91037                           Box 444, Canal S1. Sta.       Box 75073           ~
                                                                                                          campus cops to expel the RWL and "any-
                                                                                                          one who defends them"! Immediately, siv                                            -   MARXIST LITERATURE-
      Cleveland, OH 44101                 New York, NY 10013            Washington, D,C. 20013
                                                                                                          cops turned up to eject the RWL and the
      (216) 781-7500                      (212) 267-1025
                                                                        (202) 872-8240
                                                                                                          SYC .
                                                                                                                                                                                      Bay Area
                                                                                                                                                                                      Thurs.: 5:30-8:00 p.m, Sat.: 1:00-5:00 p.rn.
                                                                                                             Cops are hired guns for the profit                                       1634 Telegraph, 3rd Floor (near 17th Street)
                       TROTSKYIST LEAGUE OF CANADA                                                        system. From L.A.'s brutal_"centurions"                                     Oakland, CalifOrnia Phone: (415) 839-0851

                                                                                                          to campus security guards, the police                                       Chicago
      Toronto                             Edmonton                       Vancouver                        "serve and protect" nothing but the capi-                                   Tues.: 5:00-9:00 p.m., Sat.: 11:00a.m-z.oe p.m.
      Box 7198, Station A                 PSSE PO. Box9605               Box2717, Main PO.                talist, racist status quo and the institu-                                  161 W. Harrison St., 10th Floor
      Toronto, ON M5W 1X8                 Edmonton, AB T6E 5X3           Vancouver, BC V6B 3X2                                                                                        Chicago, Illinois       Phone: (312) 663-0715
                                                                                                          tions that prop it up. For Marxists, it's an
      (416) 593-4138                                                     (604) 687-0353                                                                                               New York City
                                                                                                          elementary principle: cops out of the
                                                                                                                                                                                     ·Tues.: 6:30-9:00 p.m., Sat.: 1:00-5:00 p.rn.
                      Moncton                            Montreal                                         workers movement!                                                           41 Warren St. (one block below
                      P.O. Box563                        C.P. Les Atriums, B.P. 32066                        Seeing the vehemently anti-Soviet ISO                                      Chambers St. near Church St.) ,
                      Moncton, NB E1C 8L9                Montreal. QC H2L 4V5                             unite with the armed fist of the bourgeois                                  New York, NY           Phone: (212) 267-1025
                                                                                                          state against communists tells you more

4                                                                                                                                                                                                  WORKERS VANGulRD
     NYC Transit Worker
                                   ~============-I                 tions on the spot." The motion passed at a Track Divi-
                                                                   sion meeting, but Hall and his fellow bureaucrats buried
                                                                                                                                 Bye Bye Bieber
                                                                   it along with the workers who have since died. This
                                                                   time, the family bitterly told transit workers, Hall didn't
     Killed on the Tracks                                          even bother to go to the funeral.
                                                                                                                                     Owen Bieber gets a pink slip from Chrysler? You
                                                                                                                                 won't find hardly a one of the hundreds of thousands
        Francesco Giordano, a 62-year-old track worker and                                                                       of auto workers who were thrown out of their jobs with
     a member. of Transport Workers Union (TWU) Local                                                                            the help of this chief company cop in SolidarityHouse
     100, was struck and killed by a subway train shortly
     before 3 a.m. on March 15. He was crossing the tracks
                                                                   Feds Mug Teamsters                                            crying in their beer over this one.
                                                                                                                                     It seems Bieber is being "retired" from his seat on
     in a Queens station where he was part of a crew install-         The International Brotherhood of Teamsters is facing       the Chrysler board of directors. Bieber inherited his spot
     ing metal tie plates. Giordano worked for the Transit         a tough fight to defend the National Master Freight           from his predecessor, former UAW chief Doug Fraser,
     Authority (TA) for over 20 years. He was three short          Agreement (NMFA), the hard-won national agreement             who was rewarded with the seat in 1980 in exchange
     months away from a June retirement. Giordano would            in the trucking industry. Riding high after ten years of      for billions in union givebacks and his role in the
     have been out of the NYC subway system deathtrap              deregulation, and salivating after the paltry UPS con-        Chrysler "bailout" scam.
     already, but the TA made him make up "lost time" from         tract last summer, trucking bosses are hacking away at            Bieber was unceremoniously informed at a recent
     an earlier illness.                                           the union. And with the contract expiring on April I,         board meeting that he would be dumped at the upcom-
        When the Brooklyn-bound G train killed Giordano,           government agents are crawling all over the union in          ing shareholders meeting as Chrysler "downsizes" its
     the daily press of NYC barely took notice. But a stray        preparation for the upcoming June convention and              board in a "cost-cutting effort." But other board mem-
     dog run over on the tracks two days before has become         December election of International officers.                  bers have been saying privately that they are concerned
     a cause celebre, as the New York Post tried to crucify           In the last ten years alone, the number of workers         "Brother" Bieber's loyalties "might be divided."
     the motorman in the unfortunate incident. It was a front-     covered by the NMFA has been slashed from half a mil-             Now we admit that Doug Fraser was a tough act to
     page story with an inside column under the huge head-         lion to only 170,000. Since the Reagan/Kennedy deregu-        follow-he coined the lie that "concessions save jobs,"
     line "Subway Workers Kill Dog to End Tie-Up." Buried          lation gift to the industry, the IBT has lost 800,000         giving the Big 3 over a decade of unsurpassed exploita-
     in the article is the fact that the train was stopped for     members in all. The practices of "two-tier" wage scales       tion. But how can anyone seriously question Owen
     a half-hour during rush hour while transit cops searched      and "double breasting" (the opening of ndn-union sub-         Bieber's loyalty to the auto bosses and the capitalist
                                                                                                                                 system? He helped wipe out 500,000 auto jobs in the
                                                                                                                                 last decade. Dozens of plants have locked their gates
                                                                                                                                 under his "leadership." With the closing of Jefferson
                                                                                                     a                           Assembly, not a single Chrysler plant is left in heavily
                                                                                                                                 black Detroit.
                                                                                                                                     The UAW chief offers sweetheart deals as the wave
                                                                                                           TA headquarters,      of the future-like the Saturn plant in Tennessee-
                                                                                                           Brooklyn:             because "Director Bieber" and his "Sacrifice House"
                                                                                                           transit workers       gang have been unable to organize Nissan, Honda or
                                                                                                           denounce              anything else. Non-union plants are sprouting up all over
                                                                                                           dangerous             the country. The 1987 contract and the one signed last
                                                                                                           working               fall heralding "job security" are acruel hoax, bartering
                                                                                                           conditions at         away another 100,000 jobs for a few extra months of
                                                                                                           protest against       "retraining." All the while, Bieber & Co. cover their
                                                                                                           layoffs of 300        craven sellouts with flag-waving, racist, Japanese-
                                                                                                           track workers
                                                                                                           last September.       bashing protectionism.
                                                                                                                                     But now with a full-blown recession in auto, the
                                                                                                                                 bosses want even more. GM is reportedly demanding
                                                                                                                                 that the current contract be reopened, in order to strip
                                                                                                                                 away even its meager layoff benefits. And Chrysler isn't
     for the German shepherd. It was the cops who ordered           sidiaries by union firms) have exploded across the           even bothering to keep Bieber on the board for the next
     the train to move again!                                       country. Outfits like Yellow Freight have refused to         round of takebacks-why pay chump change to the
        The dog got more ink than Francesco Giordano, or            bargain as part of the employers' council, Trucking          labor lieutenants of capital when they're quite willing
     the six other transit workers killed on the job in the last    Management Inc., instead demanding substandard con-          to hand over the jobs of auto workers for free?
     two years. Giordano is another victim of the TA's              tracts. The TMI bosses jealously eye UPS, where exten-           For Doug Fraser, Owen Bieber and the reformist,
     policy that workers' and riders' lives are cheaper than        sive use of part-timers has divided and weakened the         social-democratic left, the bailout of Chrysler and their
     capital investment and adequate, safe working condi-           union.                                                       prize-the seat on the board-was the crown jewel of
     tions. We do not forget Robert Nicholson, Daniel                  Meanwhile, with current president William McCarthy        class collaboration. "Socialist" welfare for the bosses
     Walsh, Stewart Melsinker, David Davis, James Byrne             retiring, the Teamsters bureaucracy has disintegrated        and button-down labor "statesmen" in the boardrooms!
     and Frank Davila-all run down on the tracks because            into turf warfare, as the various political barons in the    Ten years and billions in givebacks later, Chrysler is
    .the TA did not provide flagmen or didn't inform the            union fire each other's supporters and drag each other       still a basket case. Detroit and especially the black
     other workers that men were working on the tracks.             into the capitalist courts. The "reformers" of the Team-     masses are ravaged by a capitalist crisis.
     After each of these deaths, the TA sought to scapegoat         sters for a Democratic Union (TDU), who openly col-           .' In 1979, as Chrysler prepared to close Dodge Main,
     transit workers with drug tests, and the carnage goes on.      laborated with Reagan's Justice Department to put the        the Spartacist League campaigned for plant occupations
        The TA gets away with this murder on tracks because         u
                                                                   .. nion under the government's heel, are also running a
     the sellout leaders of the TWU are willing accomplices.        candidate, New York City UPS Locai 804 president Ron
     While the TA spitefully denied theGiordano family's            Carey.
     request for his personal effects, the cruelest blow comes         Carey, playing to the Teamster members' hatred of
     from TWU Local! 00 president Sonny Hall. This miser-           the feds' intervention, has the nerve to complain that
     able traitor to the transit workers immediately blamed         the union is "under the thumb of both management and
     Giordano for his own death! Hall and his "safety depart-       the federal government." He should know-Carey and
     ment" routinely denounce TWU members for getting               his TDU buddies are the ones who invited the feds in.
     injured or killed on the job, for not following the            The program of the TDU/Carey slate is empty nickel-
     "rules." Giordano's widow Ann bitterly noted that her          and-dime promises, with a heavy dose of reliance on the
     husband spoke often about dangers on the job and the           capitalist courts and political parties.
     need for precautions. "My husband was a 21-year man,              The TDU jumped into the Carey campaign with both
     an oldtimer. He knows the rules and he knows better            feet-here at last these court suit reformists saw "the
     than to break them."                                           opportunity of not only going along for the ride, but of
        Of course the TA's "rules" have little to do with           being in the front seat" (TDU head Ken Paff, quoted in
     providing for decent, safe working conditions. Manage-         Dan La Botz, Rank and File Rebellion [1990)). After
     ment imposes union-busting drug tests to terrorize the         years of first begging the feds to RICO the union, then
     workforce, orders track crews to keep the power on             drafting detailed proposals for government "monitors,"
     while working inches away from the third rail, and then        the TDU thinks it's in the driver's seat. And it is Team-
     scapegoats union workers when the inevitable accidents         ster members who will pay for these "reformers" put-         1984: Union president Bieber (right) hand in hand
     occur. And the TWU bureaucrats are right behind them.          ting the union under the government's thumb.                 with Chrysler chairman lacocca. UAW tops got
     Yet when newly nominated TA chairman Peter Stangl                 The bosses' government has been waging a vendetta         seat on board of directors, workers got the shaft.
     let a few friends play Casey-at-the-throttle of a Metro-       against the Teamsters ever since the liberal Kennedy
     North commuter train at 80 miles an hour, that was OK.         brothers went after Dave Beck and particularly Jimmy         and-factory seizures to fight layoffs and plant closings.
     Imagine how long a motorman would keep his job if he           Hoffa, whose organization of over-the-road drivers gave      In opposition to all the schemes to bailout the capital-
     allowed a friend to take a joyride on the A train!             the union the power to shut 'down freight traffic coast      ists, we called on workers to seize Chrysler's assets and
        The Committee for a Fighting TWU, a class-struggle          to coast. Any fight to defend the union from the bosses'     distribute them to the workers, with no compensation
     opposition group in TWU Local 100, has been fighting           offensive must start with unconditional opposition to        to the bosses, banks or stockholders.
     for the basic workers' right that "no safety means no          government intervention in the labor movement. The              As for Owen Bieber and his precious board seat, it's
     work." After David Davis and Stewart Melsinker were            working class. must clean its own house! A class-            too bad he was dumped ... by his capitalist masters.
     killed at Astor Place last May, the Committee put for-         struggle leadership must be built in the Teamsters           We'd like to see it done by militant black, white, His-
     ward motions at union meetings demanding "elected              union-counterposed both to the gangsterism and cor-          panic and Arab auto workers when they take back the
     union safety representatives; backed by the entire union,      ruption of the IBT tops and to the junior G-men of the       union from these company cops who have run the UAW
     with the power to shut down.any unsafe working condi-          TDU.                                                         into the ground.•

     29 MARCH 1991                                                                                                                                                                       5
(~~'~.~.\~ .. ~... ;;r:'l"f>~"-J   4j"rl~~i'-t~ll~ .,tt
                               Protests                              Swee~East                                    Germany
               German Workers Fight
              Ravages of Reunification
   East Germany is seething. In recent
days there has been a dramatic shift in
the mood of the working class. A month
ago 100,000 workers demonstrated in
various cities of the former DDR (East
Germany) against mass unemployment.
Since then, every Monday there have
been protests in Leipzig, which have
grown from 10,000 at first to over
80,000 on March 25. But instead of
the black-red-gold banners which domi-           Harbor workers
nated the increasingly virulent German-          in Rostock take
nationalist Monday demos 12 to 15                   to the streets
months ago, today national flags are                    to protest
virtually absent (except for the occasion-             threatened
al DDR emblem), replaced by red ban-                 shutdown of
ners of the metal workers and public                 East German
employees unions. The intoxication with              shipbuilding
the promise of prosperity to be brought                  industry.
by a "quick D-mark," the driving force
in the DDR elections a year ago which
led to the victory of capitalist counter-
revolution, has clearly worn off. East
Germany is having its morning after.             offs) and climbing toward four million      to be "second-class citizens."                  spoke in Mansfeld, where massive shut-
    Opinion first turned against Chris-          by summer, or nearly half the entire           There are still nationalist appeals for      downs are threatened, talking about how
tian Democratic (CDU) federal chancel-           workforce.                                  "no second-class Germans" and signs             the Ruhr was now a blooming region, the
lor Helmut Kohl, whose ratings have                  Last week, Bundesbank president Pohl    calling for "unity in the pay envelope as       workers have a right to a job, and "you
dropped precipitously in the East. People        called the currency union-which went        well." But opinion is turning sharply           have a rich brother in the West," the
angrily recall his election promises that        into effect last July 1, marking the        against reunification itself. The same          workers responded with laughter and
under reunification "no one will be worse        economic takeover of the former East        opinion survey reported that 57 percent         finally a chorus of "stuff it!" (Der Spie-
off than before." Now there are numer-           German workers state by imperialist         of East Germans think that "quite a few"        gel, II March). The mood is one of rage
ous signs charging the CDU and Kohl              West Germany-a "disaster." For this         or "most" East Germans now think it             and frustration. The workers are willing
with lying and election fraud. One banner        judgment, he would find widespread          would have been better not to unite with        to fight-what's lacking is a clear goal
in Leipzig demanded "Jobs Instead of             support between the Elbe and Oder           West Germany. And when at the latest            and leadership.
Being Burned to a Cinder" (Verkohlung).          rivers, where even CDU prime ministers      Monday demo the Social Democratic                  The despairing mood expresses itself
The Treuhandanstalt (Trusteeship Agen-           of the "new federal states" complain that   (SPD) mayor of Leipzig tried to pin the         in indices of social pathology. The birth
cy), responsible for selling off or shutting      Bonn's policies are laying waste to the    economic mess on the former Stalinist           rate has fallen by half since reunification,
down the former state-owned companies,           economy. The Lutheran bishop of Berlin-     SED (Socialist Unity Party) rulers, he          while abortions are way up. Suicides are
has become a particular object of hatred          Brandenburg, Forck, complains that         was booed down.                                 double the number a year ago. The Labor
 as mass layoffs are announced. A year            many East Germans feel "betrayed as           For now, the demos have largely been         Offices are the site of dramatic scenes.
 ago, unemployment in the DDR was less            human beings and deeply injured," while    called by the SPD-led unions. But DGB           In Jena, a woman begs for her unemploy-
 than 50,000; today it is already well over       "many West Germans act here like vic-      (German Labor Federation) officials sent        ment payment, pulling out her last 95
 three million (when you include those on         tors in a vanquished land." Der Spiegel    into the East are often seen as colonialist     pfennigs. The next day, a jobless worker
"short work" with no work, those forced           (18 March) reported that half of all       interlopers who have no interest whatever       comes in with a revolver, demanding
 into "early retirement" and public em-          'East Germans feel their own jobs are at    in defending the working people of the          "Alu her (hand over the 'aluminum-a
 ployees on a "waiting list" for lay-             risk and 85 percent consider themselves    ex-DDR. When a miners union leader              reference to the old DDR coins) or I'll

     Border-Guards Seize Women "Suspects"
       Thefollowing article is translatedfrom                                                                                              down, as women are supposed to go
     Spartakist No. 84, March 1991.
         Not only must thousands of women
      from West Germany each year travel to
                                                             Fourth Reich                                                                  back to "Kinder, Kiiche, Kirche" [the
                                                                                                                                           Nazis' trinity of children, kitchen and
                                                                                                                                           the church].
      the Netherlands in order to have abor-
    . tions. If upon their return they awaken
      suspicions at the border (for example,
                                                        Anti-Abortion Outrage                                                                 Despite the fundamental gains which
                                                                                                                                           laid the basis for the material independ-
                                                                                                                                           ence of women, the Stalinist bureaucra-
                                                                                                                                           cy with its worship of the "family as
      by carrying towels and underwear, or
      if a woman is driving), they are sub-       ongmate at the border. With all' the       basic right of women to abortion. It's        the basic unit of socialism" did not
      jected to a forced gynecological exami-     vehemence of the Inquisition, women        part of the capitalists' campaign to          eliminate the oppression of women.
      nation and possibly dragged into court.     are persecuted, publicly denounced and     smash working-class resistance and to         Now Bundestag deputies of the PDS
      Der Spiegel (4 March) reported about        judged. In West Germany, the personal      force the working people into religious,      [Party of Democratic Socialism, succes-
      Kathrin K., who was forcibly dragged        data of women who have had abortions       sexual and social regimentation.              sor to the former Stalinist ruling party
      from the border crossing point at           is stored in the state's computers. The       The right to abortion and free contra-     of the DDR] are debating whether to
      Gronau to the nearby Catholic St. Anto-     workers movement must fight against        ceptives, just like the right to a job,       come out for straight elimination of
      nius Hospital, where a "doctor" searched    the shameful Paragraphs 218 and 219        were gains we defend of the former            Paragraph 218 or only for the obscene
      her vagina and uterus for "evidence"        [of the German criminal code], which       workers state of the DDR. The reac-           trimester "solution" which leaves the
      -these are the Dr. Mengeles of the          outlaw abortion and make both doctor       tionary campaign against these rights         last word to the state and makes crimi-
      Fourth Reich in action.                     and patient into criminals.                is supposed to strengthen the family,         nals of women.
         This grisly witchhunt took place in         In the former DDR [East Germany],       the root of the special oppression of            Communists fight for women to be
      the state of Nordrhein-Westfalen, gov-      the Christian Democrats are going on       women, as a basic pillar of capitalist        able to voluntarily transfer the burden
      erned by the Social Democrats. SPD          the warpath with their dirty campaign      society. Now hundreds of thousands of         of housekeeping and raising children
      justice minister Krumsiek denounced         for "unborn life," while the SPD wants     women in East Germany are being               to qualified social institutions. Only
      the charges as the "fart of the week."      to force women intohumiliating forced      driven from their jobs under sinister         socialist revolution can lay the basis for
      According to the Max Planck Institute,      "consultations." All over East Europe,     laws for. the "protection" of women.          a society of equality and abundance arid
      half' of all prosecutions for abortion      the counterrevolution is targeting the     Childcare facilities are being shut           win the liberation of women ..

6                                                                                                                                                       WORKERS VANGUARD
shoot." There has also been an increase                                                                                                 ment of billions to the former forced-
in the number of attacks on immigrant                                                                                                   labor bosses of the Nazi-era IG Farben
workers and refugees seeking asylum, as                                                                                                 trust which used to own the Buna and
"foreigners" become the scapegoats for                                                                                                  Leuna works. But even though the feder-
economic frustrations. Right-wing bands                                                                                                 al government is already pumping in 100
have attacked Turks in Rostock, Viet-                                                                                                   billion DM to the former DDR this year,
namese in Cottbus and dormitories for                                                                                                   the capitalists aren't investing. For the
Africans in the state of Sachsen-Anhalt.                                                                                                bosses, despite all the nationalist talk it's
   The unemployment level in Berlin,                                                                                                    still profits ilber alles.
reports Spiegel, is approaching that in the                                                                                                The PDS, meanwhile, is calling for
German capital in 1932, i.e., one year                                                                                                  "democratization" of the Treuhand. This
before Hitler came to power. There have                                                                                                 is a call fora political bloc with the SPD
been fascist attacks against Soviet Army                                                                                                and CDU state governments in the East,
soldiers and installations, as at Neuruppin                                                                                             by giving them a say in administering the
in the north, and the danger of a dramatic                                                                                              agency for capitalist dissolution of the
growth of the Nazi bands is very real.                                                                                                  former VEBs ("people's enterprises").
The Republikaner and various neo-Nazi                                                                                                   It's hard to imagine a more grotesque
paramilitary groups are aggressively                                                                                                    reformist proposal. But the same theme,
recruiting in the East. But so far the                                                                                                  with a transparent veil of "left" rhetoric,
potential for the fascists' growth is                                                                                                   was raised by the Arbeitermacht group
mainly unrealized. And that is largely                                                                                                  (Workers Power) and the Kommunisti-
due to widespread, low-level social                                                                                                     sche Plattform in the PDS, who issued a
struggle. Last week there were demon-                                                                                                   joint call for the March 23 PDS demo in
strations of more than 10,000 steel                                                                                                     Berlin demanding "The Treuhand must
                                              Demonstration in Leipzig, February 27, against mass unemployment. The
workers in Eisenhuttenstadt, 20,000           black-red-gold German flags have been replaced by trade-union banners.                    be placed under the control of the work-
chemical. workers in Leuna, 60,000 in         For workers resistance against the Fourth Reich!                                          ing people." No matter who sits on its
Erfurt, and then 50,000 supporters of the                                                                                               board, the Treuhand is the agency repre-
PDS (Party of Democratic Socialism,           the SED bureaucrats simply handed over      a 14-point program, whose key was to          senting the interests of the Deutsche
successor to the SED) at a demo in Ber-       the store to the Western bosses. And now    rewrite the unification treaty so that the    Bank, Daimler-Benz, Siemens and Volks-
lin against the Treuhand. The first plant     the capitalists of the Fourth Reich are     Treuhand would give preference to com-        wagen! But this doesn't bother these
occupations have begun at some micro-         completing the job of destruction.          pensating former owners rather than           popular-front ideologists of the second
chip factories around Erfurt.                    What is to be done now in the face of    returning "their" plants. The supposed        mobilization.
    Women have been among the hardest         the economic catastrophe? In Leipzig,       purpose was to speed up new investments           In contrast to this class-collaborationist
hit by the escalating economic collapse       metal workers union leader Steinkiihler     in the East. The SPD wants to use the         daydreaming, the Spartakist Workers
in the East. Along with immigrants, they      called for the resignation of Kohl and      "new federal states" as a springboard to      Party has called repeatedly for united,
have been particular targets of layoffs.      economics minister Waigel. At Leuna,        extend German capital further East. And       militant workers resistance against the
Many managers treat women workers as          chemical union chief Rappe put forward      "compensation" means demanding pay-                                  continued on page 10
"second wage earners," to be preferen-
tially fired before a man is put on the
street. And mothers are forced to quit as
a result of closings of day-care centers                                                                                                                     l;;"
 (not "profitable" in the new capitalist                                                                                                                     <0
market economy). This has had a cata-                                                                                                                        Z
strophic effect on the large number of                                                                                                                       C
 single mothers, who have been forced                                                                                                                        .
                                                                                                                                                          ··.' 0
 into a welfare existence after having had                                                                                                                   C
considerable independence due to subsi-                                                                                                                      o
 dized housing, childcare and secure jobs.                                                                                                                   :::>
Women in the former DDR had the
highest rate of labor force participation
 in the world (91 percent of those of
 working age), and overwhelmingly they
 don't want to be sent back to household
    In short, the East German population                                                                                                                             Berlin, March 7:
 has had a rude awakening to the realities                                                                                                                           Leftists, unionists
 of capitalism. The Franlifurter Allgemeine                                                                                                                          and immigrant
 (20 March) reports of the new Leipzig                                                                                                                               workers rally in
 demonstrators that "They now seem to be                                                                                                                             defense of Arabs,
 experiencing a West that they never                                                                                                                                 Kurds.
 thought possible: a rabid society in which
 they feel subjugated, and which seems to
 come straight out of the pattern for the
class enemy." East German workers feel
 cheated, are full of anger over the lies
 and what they see as betrayal. It is more
 than "a little late." With the capitalist
 annexation of East Germany, announced
                                                                     Berlin United-Front Protest:
 by the heavy vote for the Christian Dem-
 ocrats and other pro-reunification parties
 in the DDR elections last March and
 formally sealed on October 3, the coun-
 terrevolution won. This was a heavy
                                                Down With Gag Order Against
                                                     Arabs and Kurds!
 blow against the working class world-
 wide. Henceforth, class struggles take
 place in the framework of an expanded
 German empire. But now as realization
 of the consequences sinks in, there are
 important opportunities for revolutionary      The following article is abridged from    darity messages were read from the            by the police terror which is accompa-
 Trotskyists.                                 Spartakist No. 84, March 1991.              Partisan Defense Committees {fraternal        nied by racist calls for denunciations and
                                                                                          organizations of the KfsV) in the U.S.        snooping.
For Workers Resistance                           "Down with the gag order, no deporta-    and Britain.                                     Sa'id Dudin, spokesman for the Arab
Against the Fourth Reich!                     tions!" chanted more than 100 demon-           With Christian Democratic interior         Solidarity Committee, stated at the dem-
                                              strators onMarch 7, among them many         minister Schauble's gag order, immi-          onstration: "We must prevent this gag
   The Spartakist Workers Party of Ger-       Arabs, Kurds and Turks, at a protest                                                      law from turning into the beginning of
                                                                                          grants were subjected to a brutal cam-
many (SpAD), section of the Internation-      action in front of the Berlin interior      paign of police spying and threatened         a campaign of isolation, discrimination
al Communist League (Fourth Interna-          (police) department. Initiated by. the                                                    against foreign-born fellow citizens, and
                                                                                          with deportation. While the U.S./NATO
tionalist), was the one and only party        Committee for Social Defense (Kfs~), a      imperialists rained their terror bombs on     for the further elimination of democratic
which said "no!" to capitalist reunifica-     broad united front called the demonstra-    Iraq, Bonn muzzled Arab and other im-         rights in this city. The real terrorists
tion. The SED/PDS and its satellites          tion, including the plant councils of       migrants from the Near East and forbade       sit in the NATO general staffs, in the
(such as the United Left and KPD) said        Interftug (the former East German air-                                                    Pentagon."
                                                                                          them to take part in protests and express
"jein" (yes and no) to Anschluss (annex-      line) and Pan Am, IG Metall union sec-      their outrage over the mass murder of            At the same time as the imperialists
ation), selling out the gains of the DDR      retary Necati Gurbaca, as well as the       their peoples. On January 16 alone, dur-      lay waste to Iraq and carry out racist
which had been built up by the workers.       Turkish Kurdish organization Kurtulus                                                     attacks here, the bourgeoisie is carrying
                                                                                          ing a citywide raid more than 50 apart-
Stalin's thug Ulbricht and his successor      semp Berlin, the International League for   ments of Berliners of Arab origin were        out an economic war against the workers
Honecker pretended they could build           Human Rights, the Arab Solidarity Com-                                                    ofthe former DDR (East Germany), who
                                                                                          searched, among them members of a
"socialism in half a country" if only you     mittee, the Spartakist Workers Party of     mosque association and an imam; at least      have been thrown out of their jobs
surrounded it with a high enough wall         Germany (SpAD), the Immigrant and                                                         by the millions, and there are massive
                                                                                          nine Iraqi immigrants were arrested.
and controlled it with a big enough po-                                                                                                 attacks on the living standards of all
                                              Refugee Branch of the Alternative Slate,    Many of the more than 25,000 Arab
lice force. When that broke down in the                                                   immigrants living in Berlin have been hit                           continued on'page 10
                                              Arbeitermacht and the KPD(ML). Soli-
face of the superior economic power of
the West's most prosperous imperialism,

29"MARCH 1991                                                                                                                                                                         7
                                                     ~nly a couple of military officers have            Arnaldo "D~liz, 16, carried his own pic-
Cop Terror...                                        ever been indicted for death squadkill-
                                                     ings,and none ever convicted.
                                                                                                        tux:e, his eye blackened, his face swollen.
                                                                                                        Arnaldo is deaf and mute. He and a
                                                                                                                                                       embarrassment, the bourgeoisie, anxious
                                                                                                                                                       to restore police "credibility," finds him
                                                                                                                                                       expendable. Others call for civilian
(continued-from page 1)
                                                       El Diario-La Prensa (24 March) Com-              friend, Juan Vergara, both students at         review boards or special commissions.
15,000 cases. The "review" is to find out            plained bitterly:                                  the Lexington School for the Deaf, were        More militant activists want to imitate
if there is a "pattern" of abuse. Asking                    "Blacks and Hispanics have known about       waiting for a bus near the school when        the Black Panthers citizens' patrols,
Thornburgh and the FBI to "investigate"                     police brutality for a long time. In most   the cops questioned them about a stolen        tracking the cops with use of videotape
patterns of racism is like asking Himmler                   of the Inner City, the Police behave like   car. When they didn't answer, the cops         this time around.
                                                            an occupation army in enemy country.
and the Gestapo to find out if there's a                    They don't look upos our people as citi-    beat them with flashlights on their faces,        None of these schemes will do much
pattern of discrimination against Jews!                     zens to be protected. To them, we are the   punched and kicked them in the chest,          good. In August 1988, over 400 New
Thornburgh was governor of Pennsyl-                         enemy."                                      stomach and groin. They were kept in          York police staged a full-scale cop riot
vania when the Philly cops dropped a                    On March 20, families of murdered                police custody for two days without their     in Tompkins Square. There were 121
bomb on the black MOVE commune in                    victims and survivors of police terror              parents being allowed to see them.            complaints of cop brutality, but although
May 1985, killing eleven people. And                 gathered in a demonstration outside NY                                                            there was plenty of videotape evidence,
every civil rights worker knows how the              police headquarters. The protest was               The Gang in Blue Uniforms                      the cops stonewalled and there was
FBI worked hand in hand with the Klan.               called by the Congress of Puerto Rican                Chief Daryl Gates remains in hot water      never a single indictment, let alone a
   Nowhere was the sudden "discovery"                Rights, and joined by supporters of ACT            in L.A., as angry demonstrators pack           conviction.
of racist police brutality more grotesque            UP and the Spartacist League. In poign-            hearings of the police commission and             The "pattern" of racist cop terror is
than in New York City. Feeling the heat              ant testimony, some carried photographs            city council. On March 12 some 400,            that any black or Latino can be singled
over the L.A. videotape, NYC prosecu-                mounted on posterboard of their dead               mainly Samoan Americans, gathered in           out for "stepping out of line." Ghetto
tors announced the indictment on murder              loved ones, others had photos of them-             Compton to demand that killer cop              youth get the brunt, but a member of
charges of five cops in the beating and              selves after experiencing police brutality         Alfred Skiles be brought to justice for        the Harlem Globetrotters shopping on
choking death of Federico Pereira in                 in NYC. Federico Pereira's mother Laura            the murder of two brothers on February         glitzy Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills can
Queens on November 5. But the police                 came with her husband, Tito Nieves, a              12. Called to the house in a domestic dis-     get it, or a group of black Santa Monica
have counterattacked, attempting to in-              top Latin band leader and singer. Only             pute, the cops ordered Pouvi and Italia        high school students having a picnic at
timidate and trash the teenagers who                 because they had the tireless will and             Taulaulelei to kneel, then hit them with       a park in Pacific Palisades, which the
witnessed the murder,and now the killer              resources to challenge the cops' lying             20 bullets, mostly in the back, calmly         ruling class thinks is "for whites only."
cops have been reinstated. The likelihood            story about their son's death ("assaulting         stopping to reload. Seven-year-old Niles,      It happened to five-year-old Patrick
of getting convictions is remote, if histo-          five cops") was the case reopened.                 son of one of the murdered brothers,           Mason, blown away by an Orange Coun-
ry is any precedent. Newsday (21 March)                 David Cotto's sister Lizette cried out,         carried a sign that read: "My Daddy            ty cop as he was sitting at home watch-
reported that before this week, only two             "My brother was killed like a dog!"                Knelt. Why 12 Bullets?"                        ing TV.
on-duty cops had ever been indicted for              David had been depressed and threaten-                The ACLU had a full-page ad in the             The "pattern" is seen in the number of
murder, in 1985 and 1924! Both were                  ing to kill himself with a knife, so the           Los Angeles Times asking, "Who Do              black men in jail-four times the rate of
acquitted. In 1.990,of 41 deaths in police           family called the cops, who came into              You Call When the Gang Wears Blue              imprisonment of black men in South
custody, there were only two indictments.            their Sheep shead Bay apartment and fired          Uniforms?" They are demanding Gates'           Africa! Or the "workfare" scheme which
This is on a par with El Salvador, where             eleven shots into the distraught youth.            resignation-now that he's become an            has thrown thousands of black single

   Amid the orgy of flag-waving rallies                                                                                                                for deployment and was beaten by sev-
around the returning troops from the                                                                                                                   eral white officers. So now, in addi-
U.S.' bloody massacre of Iraq, hundreds                                                                                                                tion to other charges, Gillis is charged
of antiwar soldiers-National Guards-                                                                                                                   with disrespect for and threatening an
men, reservists and regular army-are                                                                                                                   officer for saying that his attacker was
imprisoned in military brigs and jails                                                                                                                 prejudiced!
across the country. As Bush and pumped-                                                                                                                   • Donald Alexander, a U.S. Marine
up yahoos gloat over their "win," these              Gulf invasion began in earnest, incidents          can take up to a year). One of these           communications specialist, announced
courageous men and women are in big                  mushroomed:                                        soldiers, Sgt. Derrick Jones of the 3rd        that he refused to defend Kuwait, "a
trouble. They face secret courts-martial                • At Fort Riley, Kansas, over l Sf)sol-         Airborne, who refused to kill on religious     government which condones and prac-
by panels of vindictive officers who                 diers went AWOL rather than ship out               grounds, was told by an army chaplain,         tices slavery." He added, "On behalf of
would like to vicariously get in"on the              with their units to Saudi Arabia.                  "Don't worry, none of them will be             all black soldiers in Saudi Arabia and
carnage in the Gulf and get back for the                • At least eight regular army soldiers          Christians" (Nation, 18 February)!             the Persian Gulf, and as the descendant
U.S.' humiliating loss in Vietnam by                 who filed for CO status were dragged in              • A recruit at Camp Pendleton, Cali-         of African slaves, I refuse to be part of
throwing antiwar soldiers into military                                                                                                                the army of a government which is risk-
stockades for years.                                                                                                                                   ing the life of its citizens claiming to
   Largely hidden from the public by the                                                                                                               defend freedom" (El Diariotl:a Prensa,
pliant bourgeois press which "did its                                                                                                                  19 February). Speaking before the press,
duty" for the Pentagon war machine,                                                                                                                    Alexander said, "For me, fighting in this
there are perhaps thousands of soldiers                                                                                                                war in the Persian Gulf would be like
-ranging from traditional pacifists to                                                                                                                 fighting with the troops of General Lee
black Muslims-who refused to partici-                                                                                                                  against the troops of Abraham Lincoln."
pate in the slaughter of tens of thousands                                                                                                             His petition for CO status was denied.
of Iraqis in the name of Bush's imperial                                                                                                                  We strongly defend the hundreds of
"new world order." In addition to many                                                                                                                 soldiers who courageously refused to
individual refusals, AWOLs and appli-                                                                                                                  take part in the imperialist bloodbath in
cants for conscientious objector status,                                                                                                               the Persian Gulf. At the same time, as
the ferment in the troops extended to                                                                                                                  communists, we do not share the pacifist
entire units angry at racism and unwilling                                                                                                             and religious stance of many conscien-
to die in what they saw as a, war to                                                                                                                   tious objectors and "war resisters." Dur-
enrich the American oil companies and                                                                                                                  ing the Vietnam War, especially in its
                                                                                    I    -La rsnsa                                               AP
feudal sheikdoms (see "Gulf War Racist              . Donald Alexander (left) refused to fight for Kuwait slavocracy. Right: Louisiana                 early stages, many antiwar radicals
Hell for Harlem Regiment," WVNo. 521,                "Guardsmen walk off Fort Hood army base to protest rotten conditions and                          pushed "draft resistance" as a strategy.
 1 March).                                            racism.                                                                                          To these activists, the Spartacist League
   Recently there have been a handful of                                                                                                               said, "You Will Go!"-their place, when
articles in the press revealing the extent           leg irons from Rhein-Main AFB in Ger-              fornia put down his rifle during gun-          drafted, was alongside the working-class
of opposition within the military. The               many to the Persian Gulf, under a new              nery practice, explaining to his sergeant      and minority youth who had to go, so
Los Angeles Times (24 February) estimat-             Pentagon regulation to send CO appli-              that he was opposed to the war. In an          that they could organize powerful opposi-
ed that since August there have been                 cants to the combat zone while their               incident in November which must have           tion against the war inside the army. And
 1,700 CO applicants. When the Persian               cases were being "considered" (which               given Marine Corps brass nightmares of         in fact," in the last period of the war,
                                                                                                        Vietnam, the Nation article describes          opposition and demoralization among
                                                                                                        what followed:                                 draftees in Vietnam was massive. That's
                                                                                                            "The angry sergeant paraded the recruit    the main reason that the American gov-
                                                                                                            before his entire company, dressing him    ernment ended the draft in 1973.
                                                                                                            down and ridiculing him as a coward,          While Bush praises the "volunteer"
                                                                                                            When the sergeant was done, he turned
                                                                                                            to the company and sardonically asked if   army, many black and Hispanic soldiers
    Marxist Working-Class Biweekly of the Spartacist League                                                 anyone else would refuse to fight. Much    who responded to feel-good TV ads and
                                                                                                            to his astonishment, nine other Marine     joined the military to get out of ghetto
                                                                                                            recruits stepped out of the ranks:"        poverty suddenly found that "all they
    o $7/24 issues of Workers Vanguard                           o $3/3 issues of                       Seven of the men, now called the "Mag-         could be" in the Pentagon's view was
      (includes English-language Spartacist)                         Women and Revolution
      o New 0 Renewal                                                                                   nificent Seven," face court-martial.           cannon fodder. And they come back
       International rates:
                                                                 o   $2/10 introductory issues             • One class of war resisters has partic-    to a country where the racist rulers
       $25/24 issues-Airmail    $7/24 issues-Seamail                 of Workers Vanguard
                                                                     (includes English-language         ularly enraged the generals-black sol-         from the White House down to the local
    0$2/4 issues of Spartacist (edici6n en espanol)                  .Spartacist)                       diers, Muslims, who refused to take up         police consider oppressed minorities
                                                                                                        arms against other Muslims. There are          the enemy within. What's needed is a
    Name                                                                                        _
                                                                                                        reportedly 18 such Marines in the brig at      fight for power, to sweep out the ruling
    Address                                                                                    _        Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, in addi-         class whose "new order" spells devasta-
                                                                                                        tion to another 14 Marine reservists who       tion from Baghdad to Harlem. Class-
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Apt #                               Phone ( _ )                           _
                                                                                                        filed for CO status and are charged with       conscious workers who fight against
    City                                       State                      Zip              ---::-;:;:   desertion and missing movement (failing         imperialist slaughter and racism at home
                                                                                                523     to move with their units). One of the          must take up the defense of all the vic- checks pay.b../....II to: SpIIrtaelat Publlahlng   co., Box 1377 GPO, New York. NY 10111       Muslims, Lance Corporal Daniel Gillis,         tims of the imperialist war machine,
                                                                                                        refused last December to board a 'bus           including those in uniform.•

mothers off welfare, forcing them eithe.r                                                                                                     trary brutalization by the "guardians of
to starve or work for slave wages while                                                                                                       law and order." New York City has some
leaving their children alone on the                                                                                                           of the tightest gun laws in the country:
streets. And the scourge of AIDS, which                                                                                                       Malcolm X was assassinated after he was
due to "malign neglect" ravages minority                                                                                                      refused the right to bear arms. And who
communities without medical care or                                                                                                           gets the rare police permits? Back in the
social services.                                                                                                                              1930s, the Daily News publisher was
   Not only is racist cop brutality no                                                                                                        licensed to carry...a Thompson machine
"aberration," it's part of an overall "pat-                                                                                                   gun. During the recent Daily News strike,
tern" of genocide by this racist capitalist                                                                                                   the city sanctioned professional armed
system against ghetto blacks it no longer                                                                                                     terrorists in ski masks and blue jumpsuits
has any use for. In the past, minorities                                                                                                      to guard newsstands and delivery trucks,
were a large part of the "reserve army of                                                                                                     while hundreds of cops were put at the
labor," available for when they were                                                                                                          disposal of the News scabherders.'
needed bythe bosses. "Last hired, first                                                                                                          As Marxists we understand the capital-
fired," as the saying went. Since the                                                                                                         ist state is the executive committee of the
mid-1970s it's been "first fired, never                                                                                                       ruling class, and the cops are one of
rehired." Even during the so-called                                                                                                           those special armed bodies of men whose
"Reagan boom," black unemployment                                                                                                            job is to protect capitalist property from
remained at depression levels, and now                                                                                                        the many whose blood and sweat make
it's getting worse. A New York Times                                                                                            WVPholO       the profits for the few. It's a system built
(19 March) profile of Milwaukee report-       Families of victims and survivors of racist cop assaults protested at Police                    on a bedrock of racist oppression, from
ed that as the Midwest "rust belt" city       Plaza In NYC, March 20.                                                                         chattel slavery to wage slavery. And now
pulled itself out of a deep slump in the                                                                                                      that an entire generation of ghetto youth
early '80s, switching from manufacturing      of Americans in our cities trapped by the         And while the cops stomp through the          has been simply discarded by this coun-
to service industry, white unemployment       tyranny of poverty, illiteracy, hunger,        ghettos and barrios with their heavy             try's callous rulers, it should be clearer
fell from 5.3 percent to 3.8 percent,         unemployment, crime and hopelessness."         weaponry, their helicopters, their Taser         than ever that the only way to eliminate
while black unemployment rose from 17         We've got news for Messinger, a mem-           guns and tear gas, the right to self-defense   - the "pattern" of cop brutality is to do
to 20 percent.                                ber of Democratic Socialists of America:       is denied to the population. Gun control         away with the system of racist American
   Blacks in America are in terrible dan-     George Bush has already launched his           bills are rushed through Congress, just          capitalism, for which the "gang in blue,
ger. At a House hearing called by liberal     "Operation Urban Storm," a so-called           when people need protection most. This,          uniforms" are the front line of defense.
black Democrat John Conyers, Manhattan        "war on crime/war on drugs" 'which is          too, is part of the "pattern." The ruling        And the key element is forging a revolu-
borough president Ruth Messinger called       really a war on the black and Hispanic         class insists on its monopoly of armed           tionary workers party which acts as a
for an "Operation Urban Storm," to            poor. Rodney King was one of its first         force. The working class and minorities          tribune of the people and champion of
"undertake the liberation of the millions     victims.                                       must be intimidated, subjected to arbi-          all the oppressed.•

Kuwait...                                                                                    charges of "war crimes."
                                                                                                 Over 400,000 Palestinians lived in Ku-
                                                                                             wait before the war, the largest concen-
                                                                                                                                             Lebanese Maronite henchmen.
                                                                                                                                                Palestine Liberation Organization
                                                                                                                                             spokesman Suleiman Najjab told Sherry:
(continued from page 1)
                                                                                             tration outside Israel and the Occupied         "We are demanding that our people in
sundry "antiwar" leftists. Washington                                                        Territories, Lebanon and Jordan. It was         Kuwait be protected by the UN or by
continues its vindictive starvation of the                                                   their labor, along with that of other           international forces so as not to have a
Iraqi people. On March 22, customs offi-                                                     Arab as well as Filipino and Bangla-            repeat of Sabra and Shatila." Has the
cials at Kennedy Airport confiscated a                                                       deshi workers, which created the fabu-          PLO forgotten that it was after its with-
shipment of 5,000 pounds of antibiotics                                                      lous wealth of the ruling al-Sabah family       drawal from Beirut under the supervision
and other medical supplies donated by                                                        and its entourage.                              of UN "peacekeeping forces" that Sabra
the Fellowship of Reconciliation for Iraq.                                                       The contempt with which the Kuwaiti         and Shatila were decimated?
    U.S. military commanders in the Gulf                                                     elite treats those' whom it exploits is            Until last year, the Kuwaiti emirate
War are now saying that at least 100,000                                                     captured in the "wanted" notices which          was one of the PLO's heaviest financial
Iraqi troops were killed during the                                                          have been appearing in Kuwaiti news-            boosters; today it is slaughtering Pales-
one-sided slaughter. The Wall Street Jour-                                                   papers, aimed at hunting down "workers          tinians. Meanwhile yesterday's butcher
nal (22 March) describes how "Allied                                                         who have left their employer without            of Black September, Jordan's King Hus-
ground forces used bulldozers to bury                                                        permission. They are published as a             sein, is today hailed by these petty-
thousands of enemy dead in trenches                                                          warning to any other employer not to            bourgeois nationalists as a savior of the
as the allies advanced." Many of these                                                       hire the runaway but instead to send            Palestinian people. Committed to reliance
thousands died not in what little real                                                       him back to his original master" (Nation,       on one or another Arab bourgeois re-
combat took place, but as a result of                                                         18 March).                                     gime, the PLO is capable only of leading
terror bombing and methodical murder                                                             Now the very existence of what re-          the long-suffering Palestinian masses
by U.S.-led forces of units withdrawing                                                      mains of the Palestinianpopulation in           from one slaughter to another.
from the fighting-such as along the                                                          Kuwait is threatened by the U.S.-                  No less than the Zionist butchers, the
notorious "highway of death" from Ku-         Post-"liberatlon" Kuwait: as number             sponsored terror. Kuwah is intent on           sheiks and colonels who head up -the
wait to Basra.                                of slain Palestinians mounts, more             ridding the statelet of "politically unre-      Arab capitalist states of the Near East
    Meanwhile, "liberated" Kuwait has be-     graves at Kuwait cemetery.                      liable Arabs," to be replaced by South         have proved themselves to be the ene-
come a killing field, as the oil-bloated                                                      Asian workers. The human rights group          mies and oppressors of the Palestinian
Kuwaiti rulers exact vengeance for their      across the Kuwaiti border to die. Three         Middle East Watch estimates that some          people. Forced into diaspora by the
humiliation at the hands of Saddam Hus-       who. were fortunate enough to get- out          6,000 Palestinians have been rounded up        bloody'Zionist expulsions of 1948-49 and
sein by carrying out a bloodbath against      alive recounted how over 100 people,            and "held without charges on the author-       1967, the highly educated and cosmopoli-
their defenseless slaves. While the West-     some over 60 years old, were crammed            ity of a militia force acting in conjunc-      tan Palestinian workers occupy a vital
em press has been trumpeting bogus            into a single cell. They were pistol-           tion with U.S. Special Forces."                political and economic role throughout
atrocity stories about Iraqi baby-killers     Whipped, beaten with electric cables and           Virginia Sherry, associate director of      the region.
and bemoaning the plight of slain hippos      subjected to electric shocks. A Sudanese        Middle East Watch, noted with alarm               They-can play an even more vital role
at the Kuwait City zoo, the torture and       farm worker reported that "the beatings         that the slogan "Amman 1970,Beirut             in building the revolutionary internation-
slaughter of Palestinians and other immi-     increased" after he complained of his           1982, Kuwait 1991" had been painted on         alist leadership needed to unite the toilers
grant workers has been virtually ignored.     torture' 'a uniformed American military         a wall in Kuwait City-a reference to the       of the region in a struggle for socialist
    Within days of the U.S. capture of        doctor known as "Abu Willie" who regu-          horrific Black September 1970 massacre         revolution to overthrow all the murderous
Kuwait City, the Palestinian districts of     larly visited the cell to treat the injured.    of 10,000 Palestinians perpetrated by          capitalist regimes of the Near East. It
Hawali and Rega were sealed off by               The supervisory role of the U.S.             Jordan's King Hussein, and the 1982            is that road alone which leads to sal-
tanks. While death squads roamed from         Special Forces is everywhere in evi-            slaughter of women and children in the         vation for the Palestinian people, and
house to house, seizing thousands and         dence. American troops sport small              Sabra and Shatila refugee camps directed       national justice for all the peoples of the
summarily executing scores, U.S. officers     Kuwaiti flags-but no name plates-on             by the Israelis and carried out by their       Near East..
kept out Western journalists, human           their uniforms. Investigating a Palestin-
rights groups and the Red Crescent relief     ian prisoner's claim that "men in uni-

organization. In one incident, a gang of      forms burned him with a cattle brand,
 100 armed Kuwaitis opened fire on four       beat him and later dumped him by a                              Spartacus Youth Club                          Forums
Palestinians.                                 roadside" after detaining him at the
    At the Gadssia police station, eye-       Salmiya Girls' Secondary School, relief
witnesses watched as an ax-wielding           officials "found a U.S. Special Forces              Stop the Fascists! Fight for Workers Power!
Kuwaiti dragged in an Iraqi captive:          captain and sergeant at the school"

                                                                                                  "New World Order" = Racist Terror
"The man then chopped off his fingers.        (Washington Post, 17 March). Colonel
We watched as he gouged out his eyes ....     Jesse L. Johnson, the head of U.S. Spe-
It was disgusting. The eyes popped out        cial Forces working' with the Kuwaiti
 like eggs. Then he shot him" (New
 York Times, 3 March). Even the hospi-
                                              military, "confirmed suspected collabo-
                                              rators were being rounded up."
                                                                                                        At Home and Abroad
 tals provide no sanctuary from the terror.      In the eyes of the Kuwaiti slave mas-
 Patients are beaten in the emergency         ters, all Palestinians are deemed guilty             Monday, April 15, 7:30 p.m.                  Friday, April 26, 7:30 p.m.
 room, and at Mubarak Hospital in Ha-         of "collaboration." A banner placed out-             Community Church of Boston                           Barnard College
 waii, 37 torture victims "vanished" after    side the firebombed office of Yasir               565 Boylston St., 4thFI. (Copley Sq.)                 116th and Broadway
 being admitted to the orthopedic ward.       Arafat's Fatah organization in Kuwait               For more information: (617) 492-3928         For more information: (212) 267-1025
    Every day busloads of tortured and        City reads, "Anyone who is a Palestinian
 often still unconscious prisoners, mostly    is a traitor." Some 600 Palestinians,
 Palestinians, are dumped in the desert       Iraqis and others are to be hanged on

'+ft'M~RCH 1991                                                                                                                                                                         9
                      Solidarnosc' Walesa Against Women's Rights
       Spartacists joined the protest against          demonstrated in New York to "Stop
    Polish president Lech Walesa at                    Solidarnosc Counterrevolution," charac-
    New York's Town Hall on March 25,                . terizing it as a "company union for
    with signs reading, "Free Abortion                 the CIA and bankers." In Women and
    on Demand!" and "Women's Liberation                Revolution (Spring 1982), we published
    Through Socialist Revolution!" as well             an article on "Solidarnosc: A Man's
    as demands in Polish to "Smash Attacks             World," noting the clerical-led cam-
    on Abortion Rights!"                               paign against abortion. That issue of
       InWashington March 20 to meet                   W&R had a cover honoring Rosa Lux-
    with Bush at the White House, Walesa               emburg, the Polish Jewish revolutionary
    was met with a protest called by NOW               who is reviled by Solidamosc,
    (National Organization for Women) and                 Today Bush rewards Walesa for his
    "Catholics for a Free Choice." Signs at            faithful service to capitalism with a
    the protest included: "Not the Church,             multibillion-dollar "debt forgiveness"
    Not the State, Women Must Decide
             i                                         deal, while Polish workers are thrown
    Their Fate," "Free Choice-Legal Abor-              onto the streets and women especially
    tion" and "Walesa-Vatican's Puppet."               are the target of massive reaction.
       It's an indication of the ferociously           Solidamosc is pushing for the total
    reactionary, anti-woman policies of                abolition of abortion rights (including
    Walesa and his Solidarnosc government              even in cases of rape!) while a pro-
    that such bourgeois feminist organiza-             posalpending in the Polish parliament
    tions felt compelled to publicly protest           defines life as beginning at concep-        Spartacists at NYC protest against Poland's Lech Walesa. Solidarnosc
  , a man whose otherwise "noble struggle              tion, gives fetuses full legal rights and   capitalist regime is anti-woman, anti-worker.
    for democracy" they continue to shame-             would entirely ban even contracep-
    fully uphold. In fact, Walesa has never            tives. The Polish government is now         Attacks on Abortion Rights!" (trans-            position for complete separation of
    been a "democrat" of any sort, and the             trying to make divorce unobtainable         lated in Women and Revolution No. 38,           church, and state, considers the family
    anti-woman, anti-abortion politics of              by anyone married in the Catholic           Winter 1990-91). In fighting to resur-
                                                                                                             ..                                    as the main institution for the oppres-
    Solidarnosc, now being implemented                 church.                                     rect the revolutionary tradition of the         sion of women and advances the slo-
    with a vengeance in Poland, were clear                Our comrades of the Spartakusowska       Polish working class, our comrades              gans of free, 24-hour childcare and free
    a decade ago to anyone not blinded by              Grupa Polski (Spartacist Group of Po-       understand that the question of wom-            abortion on demand. The question of
    anti-Communism.                                    land) printed in the first issue of their   en's liberation is vital: "The Sparta-          women's liberation is indissolubly con-
       In September 1981, we Spartacists               newspaper an article titled "Smash          kusowska Grupa Polski upholds the               nected with the socialist revolution."

Germany•••.                                          essary to fight. And the only way to fight
                                                     against the rapidly escalating massive
                                                     unemployment is through class-struggle
                                                                                                   strike to West German railways got a
                                                                                                   positive reception in the Hamburg depot.
                                                                                                   Two sections of the rail yards there
                                                                                                                                                     watchword is: workers resistance against
                                                                                                                                                     the Fourth Reich!" The poster/leaflet
                                                                                                                                                     called for:                             '
(continued from page 7)                              actions, which in the explosive situation'    walked out, and a short time later the               • Equal pay for equal work, immedi-
drive by the capitalists to atomize the              of the ex-DDR could pose a situation of       union tops called off the strike, citing          ately!
proletariat and destroy everything that              dual power locally. The German bour-          imminent danger spreading through-             • Block layoffs with plant occupations,
recalls the DDR, even basic social gains             geoisie is not all-powerful: right now,       out the country. For all the talk of smug,        mass strikes, East and West, now!
like women's right to abortion. The last             the Bonn politicians, Frankfurt bankers       well-paid West German workers, united
                                                     and their social-democratic flunkeys are      struggle is not pie-in-the-sky.                      • Sweep away the Kohl government
issue of Spartakist (No. 84, March 1991)                                                                                                             and the Treuhand! The plants, which we
stated:                                              feeling like they bit off more than               Combative workers struggles in Ger-
                                                                                                                                                     built, into the workers' hands!
     "The SPD calls for some crumbs, like            they can chew. Nevertheless, the Ger-         many would have a powerful effect inter-
                                                     man rulers are undoubtedly prepared to        nationally. While the U.S. imperialists              • Form workers councils! For a work-
     extending the short workweek, only in
     order to dampen the resistance of the           use murderous force on a large scale          were carrying out a war of annihilation           ers government! The key: a Bolshevik
     working class. But the working class            agairist anything challenging their rule:     against Iraq in the Persian Gulf, a war           party like Lenin and Trotsky'sljs
     needs a leadership that organizes mass          the massive invasion of West German           whose ultimate targets were Washing-
     strikes and plant occupations in the East
     and West through elected strike and             cops to oust squatters in East Berlin's       ton's imperialist rivals Germany and
     factory committees in order to fight
     against the mass unemployment and the
     spreading impoverishment of the working
                                                     Mainzerstrasse was intended to show
                                                        For them to carry this off is another
                                                                                                   Japan, Bonn was focusing on the Soviet
                                                                                                   Union. The rulers of the successor state
                                                                                                   to the Nazi regime, which launched
                                                                                                                                                      Berlin Demo...
     people. Thus the issue is posed: who has                                                                                                        (continued from page 7)
     the power-the capitalists, whoonly pro-         matter entirely. A dramatic seizure of        Operation Barbarossa against the Soviet
     ducemass povertyanddestruction, or the          a key plant- . could electrify workers        Union 50 years ago this June, want to             workers. Renate Dahlhaus, spokesman
     workers, who can bring the wheels of            throughout the country. Such actions are      bring the Baltics "home to the Reich."            for the SpAD, spoke of the fascist attacks
     industryto a halt in order to defend their      fundamentally political, for there is no      And they hope to achieve through eco-             against Soviet barracks and declared:
     livelihood?"                                    East German economy in reality. As far        nomic penetration and D:rnark imperial-           "The fascists are only the echo of the
   Facing an economic catastrophe that               as the bourgeoisie is concerned, it's a       ism what the Wehrmacht Panzers failed             drive of the German bourgeoisie to make
threatens the very existence of the pro-             giant sinkhole for scarce D-marks. So the     to do militarily: extend' Germany's               Germany 'judenrein' [purged of Jews], its
letariat in eastern Germany, the work-               key is to spread any workers actions to       Hinterland to include the oil fields of           drive to the East to begin a new Opera-
ers' struggles are necessarily defensive.            the West where it will hurt the capital-      Baku and Tyumen, the coal fields of the           tion Barbarossa [Hitler's 1941 attack on
Moreover, they go up against an imperi-              ists. Thus during last December's strike      Donbass and Kuzbass, and a vast Soviet            the Soviet Union]."
alist ruling class which has just won a              by East German railway workers, the call      market. Today the Soviet Union is in                 Important to this protest action was the
major victory. Yet it -is desperately nee-           in an SpAD leaflet for extending the          severe-crisis, wracked by nationalist             support of union representatives, since it
                                                                                                   turmoil and a clash between wings of the          is particularly the social power of the
                                                                                                   bureaucracy whose main difference is              organized workers movement which can
                  Just Out! New Bound Volumes                                                      over the pace of restoring capitalism.
                                                                                                       As Gorbachev prepares to drastically
                                                                                                                                                     take the lead in defending immigrants
                                                                                                                                                     against state oppression and Nazi terror.
                                                                                                   raise prices, supporters of his rival Yel-        Employees of the Berlin airports, repre-
                            Workers Vanguard                                                       tsin have turned a miners strike into a
                                                                                                   political challenge to the Kremlin. After
                                                                                                                                                     sented among the endorsers, have several
                                                                                                                                                     times in the past blocked deportations.
     Volume No. 21, Issues 493-516,12 January to 14 December 1990                                  the past two years which have seen the            However, the PDS, this "Party of Demo-
                                                                                                   collapse of Stalinist rule in East Europe,        cratic Socialism" that is wallowing in
                      Spartacist                (English Edition)                                  many Soviet workers are convinced that            German nationalism, showed no interest,
                                                                                                   introduction of a capitalist market econo-        having previously refused to lift a finger
     Volume No.3, Issues 31-32 to 40, Summer 1981 to Summer 1987
                                                                                                   my is inevitable. Next door in Poland,            against the mass deportations of Polish,
                                                                                                    where the capitalist government of Soli-         Vietnamese and Mozambican workers
                  $25 for single volume                   Completely Indexed
                                                                                                   darnosc leader Lech Walesa has brought            from the former DDR.
                                         Also available:                                           mass poverty, workers at the Gdansk                  The Committee for Social Defense,
                                                                                                   shipyards are striking for more rapid             a class-struggle, non-sectarian defense
               Workers Vanguard Volumes 1-20: 1970 through 1989
                                                                                                   privatization. But East German workers            organization whose purposes are in ac-
        Volumes include one year of WVexcept: Volume 1 includes 1970-73;
                                                                                                   are now experiencing the devastation              cord with the political aims of the SpAD,
                  Volumes 4,9 include six months each, 1976-78
                                                                                                    which restoration of capitalist rule             declared in its protest statement: "The
             Spartacist Volume 1: Issues 1-20, Feb. 1964 - July 1971;                               brings. And militant mass strikes, plant         German capitalist reunification has led to
              Volume 2: Issues 21-30, Autumn 1972-Autumn 1980                                      occupations and other actions in defense          a revival of fascist terror and to an esca-
                                                                                                    of the working class will send shock             lation of official state racism against
                                                                                                    waves to the Urals and beyond.                   immigrants and those seeking asylum,
                                                                                                       The key element is to forge an interna-       led by Imperial Chancellor Kohl and
                                                                                                    tionalist, Leninist-Trotskyist party to lead     LaFontaine's SPD, which unleashed po-
                                                                                                    the workers' struggles and defend all the        grom attacks against Roma and Sinti
                                                                                                    oppressed. The SpAD recently put out a           [gypsies]." The KfsV demands: "Full
                 All volumes also available on microfilm. All prices include postage.               poster and leaflet asking "Who lied to           citizenship rights for all immigrants!
                     Order from/make checks payable to:                                             us?" (with election posters of the CDU,          Stop the racist witchhunt-No depor-
      Spartacist Publishing Co., Box 1377 GPO, New York, NY 10116, USA                              SPD and PDS) and underlining that                tations! Immediate lifting of the political
                                                                                                    "The Spartakists told the truth. Now the         gag order!".

10                                                                                                                                                              WORKERS VANGUARb
                                                                                                                                         .    'tortured into confessing~Last year Lord

                     Sixteen Years in British Prison,                                                                                           Denning railed, "We shouldn't have all
                                                                                                                                                these campaigns to get the Birmingham
                                                                                                                                                Six released if they'd been hanged."
                                                                                                                                                Now Labour Party leaders are demand-

                      Framed in IRA Pub Bombings                                                                                                ing Lord Lane's resignation. But it was
                                                                                                                                                a Labour government that condemned
                                                                                                                                                these innocent men to languish in

             Birmingha,m Six Freed!
                                                                                                                                                   This is the third anti-Irish "terrorism"
                                                                                                                                                frame-up to collapse in the past 18
                                                                                                                                                months. In October 1989, the Guildford
                                                                                                                                                Four, charged with a similar pub bomb-
                                                                                                                                                ing in 1974, were released. Then the
      On March 14, more than 16 years                                                                                                          government admitted that the case
   after being tom from their families and                                                                                                      against the Maguire Seven, sentenced
   thrown behind bars, the Birmingham                                                                                                           in 1976 to up to 14 years for making
   Six finally walked out of London's Old                                                                                                       bombs for the IRA, was a fraud. In all
   Bailey court as free men. Framed in the                                                                                                      three cases, they had been convicted on
   heinous IRA bombing of two Birming-                                                                                                          the basis of fabricated forensic "evi-
   ham pubs in November 1974, the six                                                                                                          dence," torture and lies.
   Irishmen remained unbowed, insisting                                                                                                            But the victims of a similar racist
   on their innocence throughout their '                                                                                                       frame-up-the Tottenham Three-still
   years of imprisonment.                                                                                                                       languish in prison, as do countless other
      Leaving the Old Bailey, Patrick Hill                                                                                                      victims of racist British "justice." Two
   launched into a fiery denunciation of                                                                                                        miners imprisoned during the heroic
   the criminal system which had persecut-                                                                                                      1984-85 coal strike for defending their
   ed .him and his comrades: "The police                                                                                                        union's picket lines were released only
   told us from the start we did not do it.                                                                                                     last year. The government is talking
   They told us they didn't care .... I don't                                                                                   rian Harris    about "compensation" for the Birming-
   think them people in there have got the        British imperialism    fra~ed   them and stole the prime of their lives.                      ham Six, who lost the better part
                                                                                                            ,                                  of their adult lives behind bars and
   intelligence or the honesty to spell the
   word justice, never mind dispense it.          fessions,' which they subsequently           confessions, claiming that this would           came out with white hair. But as our
   They're rotten."                               retracted. But riding a wave of anti-        have to be the result of a "conspiracy ...      comrades of the Spartacist League/
      The Birmingham Six were arrested            Irish chauvinism, the Labour govern-         unprecedented in the annals of British           Britain wrote (Workers Hammer No.
   hours after the 1974 IRA bombings,             ment rammed through their trials and         criminal history" (Economist, 2 March).          121, March 1991):
   which killed 21 and injured 162. Five          convictions, and seized the moment to        In fact, this conspiracy went right to the          "True vengeance for all victims of Brit-
   of the six men were arrested while on          slam through the notorious Prevention        top of the British ruling class. Lord               ish 'justice' will be exacted only when
                                                                                                                                                   victorious workers revolution sweeps
   their way' to the funeral of an IRA            of Terrorism Act.                            Chief Justice Lane rejected their last              this rotten, racist capitalist system
   friend in Belfast. After being badly              The presiding judge at the trial dis-     appeal three years ago, despite over-               away, along with its Labourite flotsam
   beaten and tortured, four signed "con-         missed the charges of torture and forced     whelming evidence that they had been                and jetsam."

Stop Duke!•••
(continued from page 12)
                                                labor movement represent a potentially
                                                powerful weapon in the struggle for
                                                social justice. Our unions represent the
                                                                                                   Help Stop Fascist Duke                        governor of Louisiana, wants a
                                                                                                                                                 national platform to spread his
                                                unity of all working people against the                 $$$ Needed                               race-terror filth. He must be
home for minorities and all decent people.      race-haters and we must use our social                The Partisan Defense Committee             stopped! This is vital to decent
   Duke's Klansmen have long had their          power, as those who produce the wealth             is working hard to ensure a mass,             people throughout America. In
sights set on Boston for recruitment for        of society, in struggle against the exploit-       disciplined and militant demonstra-           Boston, call the PDC at (617)
racist terror. They were emboldened by          ers. When labor has flexed its muscle in           tion to stop KKKer David Duke in              492-3928 to see how you can help.
the outpouring of race hatred in the            defense of all working people the fascists         Boston on March 28. Organizing on             If you can't be there, show your,
streets which killed busing for school          have been stopped cold, as they were in            the streets, in working-class and             support for stepping the Klan by
integration. But this town of multi-ethnic      the massive labor/b1ack mobilization               minority neighborhoods, on' cam-              sending a generous contribution,
and heavily Catholic immigrants was not         initiated by the Partisan Defense Com-             puses, takes time and especially              earmarked "Stop KKKer Duke" to:
fertile ground for these cross-burners and      mittee which stopped the KKK and Nazi              money-for' printing thousands of              Partisan Defense Committee, PO
white supremacists whose aim is a               skinheads from parading for genocide               leaflets and getting the word out.            Box 99, Canal Street Station, New
bleached white America of total confor-         through the streets of Philadelphia in             David Duke, currently running for             York, NY 10013.
mity. Now that the "Massachusetts Mira-         1988.
cle" has bottomed out into a nightmare             In October 1982, decent people of Bos-
of unemployment and desperation, now            ton took a solid anti-racist stand and
when Confederate flags fly at Harvard,          stopped the KKK from marching in Bos-
now when unbridled cop terror is un-            ton's Government Center. 1,500 people
leashed in black communities (as in the         -including Irish from South Boston and
grotesque Stuart case) and now when             Dorchester, Italians and Portuguese from
skinhead fascists attack gays, Jews and         East Boston andSomerville, students from
Asians, Duke hopes to cash in in Boston         Cambridge, blacks from Roxbury, union-
and deflect anger away from united class        ists, and leftists scored a big victory over
struggle against this whole system of           the race-haters who would divide imd
racist capitalist oppression and into race      destroy us if left unopposed. That's the
hatred to divide and conquer us.                kind of action that's needed today. All out
   Even in this deeply class- and race-         on March 28 to stop the deadly threat
divided city, sectors of the organized          David Duke stands for! •

     The Struggle Against Fascism
  Report and Discussion on the March 28th Protest to                                                                                                                                  WVPhoto
          Stop KKK Hitler-Lover David Duke                                                     Boston's City Hall Plaza, October 1982: As cops protect racist terrorists
                                                                                               (below), mass protest drives Klan off the streets.
                   Sponsored by the Spartacus Youth Club
     Tuesday, April 2, 7:30 p.m.                Thursday, April 11, 7:30 p.m.
           Sever Hall, Room 215                       Room to be announced
       Harvard University                     Northeastern University
                            For more information: (617) 492-3928

  Report and Discussion on the March 28th Protest to
          Stop KKK Hitler-Lover David Duke
        Sponsored by the Latino Student Center-UMass Boston
                         Thursday, April 4, 12:30 p.m.
                   Wheatley Lounge; 4th Floor, Wheatley Building
              University of Massachusetts-Boston

29 MARCH 1991                                                                                                                                                                                 11
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       We reprint here the call for the demonstration initiated
     by the Partisan Defense Committee on 12 March 1991.
        Ku Klux Klansman David Duke is scheduled to put
     forth his "agenda for America" from the hallowed hall
     of Boston's Old South Meeting House on March 28.
     David Duke is a fascist. His "agenda" is genocide of
     black people, Jews, Catholics, immigrants, Hispanics,
     Asians, gays, unionists, leftists-most of us. <As an ele-
     mentary act of self-defense, all intended victims of the
     race-hate terror David Duke threatens must mobilize in
     a massive, integrated, defiant demonstration to stop this
     fascist-genocide is not debatable! In 1773 Old South
     Meeting House was the organizing center against
     British tyranny and where the march to the Boston Tea
     Party began. In 1991 let's make it the site of organized
     opposition to the lynch mobs David Duke seeks to
     whip up! Demonstrate outside the Old South Meeting
     House, Thursday, March 28 at 5:30 p.m.! Be there!
        Today David Duke hides the white hood and the
     swastika under a three-piece suit-don't be fooled by                                                                   BETHERE!------------~
     this fascist with a face-lift. Duke got his start as a
     swastika-clad Hitler-lover at Louisiana State University
                                                                                                                Thurs~ay, March 28, 1991 at 5:30 p.m. '
     and was known as "The Nazi ofL.S.U." He went on to                                        Old South Meetang House, corner of Washington and Milk Streets
     become the "Imperial Wizard" of the Knights of the
                                                                                           "We endorse and will help build a mass demonstration: 'Stop KKK Hitler-Lover David Duke!'''
     Ku Klux Klan, a media-sharp storm trooper for racist                                                                                  Pertle' Ua' 01Endorse.. ea 0117 March 1991
                                                                                         Ron E. Arm....d, Rese,arChAssociate, Wilham Joiner Center for the   L                '       .
     reaction who expanded the Klan's influence from                                       Study of War and C~nsequences* Boston MA                     eon lJIl, Steefl~g Committee member, Harvard+Radcliffe Bisexual
     Louisiana into the rest of the South and into New                                   M. Georgia Balan, VIce PreSident, Haitian Club Un'jversity of
                                                                                           Massachusetts Boslon*.' Dorchester, MA      '
                                                                                                                                                                  ay and Lesbian Students Associauon-, Cambridge, MA
                                                                                                                                                                Blno Student Centar-Unlverslty of Maasachusetts 8oaton

                                                                                         Jam.. R. Barrett: Executive Board member and past President
     York, New England and California. Duke says the Nazi                                  USWA Local Unton 8751*. Hyde Park, MA
                                                                                                                                                                 aston, MA
                                                                                                                                                       ,Jean-Claude Martineau, poet, Mattapan, MA
                                                                                                                                                                                                      .                    '

                                                                                         8 _ Gruter News                                                                Pert'Nn D8I8n.. CommlU..
     Holocaust of six million Jews was a "myth" and sold                                 Uncia C. Bowman, Negotiating Committee member University of                    J~:n Raymond,    Minister, Christian Assembly of God Cnurctr-
     Nazi tracts out of his "legislative office." Under the                                Massachusetts Chapter, SEIU Local 509* Dorche~ter MA                         S rockton, MA                                                . ,
                                                                                         Jecme.C. Caaterla, member, Arlington Str~et Church-S~cial Action                   rt8c ' Le ,
                                                                                                                                                                        Ur:OJA 'a, Bo• g ue
     "Rebel" label Duke has marketed songs like "Some                                        ommltlee*, Newton, MA      .                                                       a     a on University, Boston, MA
                                                                                         :a,., Leablan., Blaexual. and Friends at MIT, Cambridge, MA                    *Organizational affiliation for identification purposes only
     Niggers Never Die" and "Kajun Ku Klux Klan." Duke                                    Jchaal Hoklen, Vice President, ATU Local 1205* Boston MA                      WWe;w~-;;;;;;;;;;:-;;'=;:;i=::::;:;=~~~~~~---
                                                                                         Terry lJIFrazla, Treasurer, Northeastern UniverSity' Bisexua! Lesbia                  a'}t to make.It very clear that these endorsers do not necessarily
     organized a vigilante "Klan Border Watch" in southern                                 and Gay Associanon-, Boston, MA                           '     I    n       ~~~~:~no~n~~~z~~~~~ ;~: the call by the Partisan Defense Committee
     California, targeting immigrant workers from Mexico
      and Latin America for extermination.
        The founder of the sinister "National Association for
     the Advancement of White People," Duke was former-                                  "We Stopped
      ly in the fold of the Dixiecrat Democratic Party. In                                 the Klan!"
      1988 he ran for President on the ticket of the Populist                               5,OOO-atrong
      Party-a nest of fascists including the paramilitary                                    mobilization
                                                                                          ran KK)< out of
      anti-Semites of Posse Comitatus and die-hard racists of                           WaShington, D.C.,
      the bomb-throwing States Rights Party. In 1989-Duke                                November 1982.
     joined the Republican Party and rode the coattails of
      Reagan/Bush reaction !into office as a Louisiana state
      legislator. Today he comes to Boston on the wind of
      Bush's "Operation Desert Storm" to set a chilling
      example of what the "New World Order" means at
                                        continued on page 11

         "We endorse and will help build a mass demonstration: 'Stop KKK Hitler-lover David Duke!'"
     Partial LIst of Endorsers as of 26 March 1991                       Gays, Lesbians, Blsaxuals and Frlenda at MIT. Cambridge, MA                                    Walter !'orter, President, Boston Society of Vulcans of
                                                                         Frank Grlnnon, Jr., Assistant Business Manager, IBEW                                              Massachusetts, lnc.", Roxbury, MA
     ACT UP/Boston (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power)                                                                                                                    Rainbow Lobby
     Ron E. Armstead, Research Assoclate, William Joiner Center for        Local 1011*, Oakland, CA
                                                                         Harvard Progreaslve Students ASsociation                                                       Jean Raymond, Minister, Christian Assembly of God Church",
       the Study of War and Social Consequences*, Boston, MA                                                                                                               Brockton, MA
     M. Georgia Balan, Vice President, Haitian Club, University of       John D. Herzog, Professor of Education, Northeastern
                                                                           University*, Boston, MA                                                                      David P. Rlcharilaon, Jr., Pennsylvania State Representative,
       Massachusetts Boston * , Dorchester, MA                                                                                                                            immediate past President of National Black Caucus of State
     James R. Barrett, Executive Board member, USWA Local                Michael Holden, Vice President, ATU Local 1205*, Boston, MA                                <

                                                                         International Socialist Organization                                                             Legislators*, Harrisburg, PA
       Union 8751~; Hyde Park, MA
                                                                                                                                                                        Norman Roth, former President, UAW Local 6*, Oak Park, IL
     fkmon Greater News                                                  Irlsh·American Society-University of Massachusetts Boston
                                                                                                                                                                        Francis A. Russo, Co-President, Boston Intercollegiate Lesbian
     Boston Unit, Irish Northern Aid Committee                           Katie Jordan, Executive Vice President. Coalition of Labor Union                                 and Gay Alliance*, Somerville, MA
     Unda C. Bowman, Negotiating Committee member, University of           Womert*, Chicago, Il                                                                         Jamea W. Ryder, President and International Executive Board
       Massachusetts chapter, SEIU Local 509* , Dorchester, MA           Terry LaFrazle, 'freasurer, Northeastern University Bisexual,                                    member, ILWU Local 6*, San Francisco, CA
     Jackie B. Breckenridge, International Vice President, ATU*,           Lesbian and Gay Assoclation*, Boston, MA                                                     Hank Sanders, Senator, Alabama State Senate*, Selma, AL
       Chicago,IL                                                        Leon Lal, Steering Committee member, Harvard-Radcliffe                                         Brunlr Shackleton, Host, Caribbean Forum WZBC 90,5 FM,
     Dr. Donald Brown, Director, African-American, Hispanic, Asian         Bisexual, Gay and Lesbian Students Association",                                               Boston College*, Chestnut Hill, MA
       and Native American Student Program, Boston College*,               Cambridge; MA                                                                                Spartaeist League              .
       Chestnut Hill, MA                                                  latino Student Center-University of Massachusetts Boston                                      Students Against War In the Middle East, Harvard University*,
     James C. Casterls, member, Arlington Street Church-Social            Jean-Claude Martineau, poet, Mattapan, MA                                                        Cambridge, MA                                 .
       Action Committee*, Newton, MA
                                                                          Jean M. McGuire, Treasurer, Boston School Committee*                                          Reprasentatlve Alvin E. Thompson, State Legislator, member
     Cesar Chavez, President, United Farm Workers of America*                                                                                                              Massachusetts Black Caucus", Cambridge, MA
     Comics Connecflon/Unlveralty ot Masaechusetts Boston                 Muleras latina_MIT, Cambridge, MA
                                                                          New Alliance Party                                                                            UMOJA at Boston University
     Daniel Delgado, Michael McNeal, Vernon Roaarlo, members,                                                                                                           The Watch, magazine, 'Brandeis University*, Waltham, MA
       Harvard-Radcliffe Bisexual, Gay and Lesbian Students               Northeastern University Human Servlcas Student
       Association*, Cambridge, MA                                          Organization, Boston, MA                                                                    *Organizational affiliation for identification purposes only.
     Carloa A. Fierro, President, La Union Chicana por Aztlan at MIT*,   .Northeastern Unlveralty Society Organized Against Racism,
       Cambridge, MA                                                       Boston, MA                                                                                   We want to make it very clear that these endorsers do not neces-
     ~ohn J. Foley, President, New England Joint Board RWDSU*,           Partisan Detense Committee                                                                     sarily agree in any particular with the call by the Partisan Defense
       Springfield, MA                         ~                         Rabbi Joseph Polak, Boston, MA                                                                 Committee printed above.

12                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          29MARCH~1

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