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 What is bullying?
 What makes a bully?

 What you should know about
 What if you're the bully?

 Being bullied.

 Who gets picked on?

 How it feels to be bullied?
           What is bullying?
                                    "I was only teasing..."
                                "I didn't really mean to..."
                                      "He made me do it".
                                          "She did it first".
                                "It was only a bit of fun".

We've all made these kinds of excuses at times.
Very often we end up saying “sorry” to
someone for hurting them, hurting their feelings,
of doing something without thinking of what
might happen.
Some people seem to be making these kinds of
excuses all the time, especially when they've
been caught out by an adult or a teacher. These
are the people who turn into bullies.
                  What makes a bully?
    Bullies can be boys or girls, big kids or little kids, smart or
    not so smart kids. Some bullies use words to hurt the fee-
    lings of their victim and some like to hurt people's bodies.
    Here are some of the things bullies might do:
   They often talk loudly, and don't give others a chance to speak.
   They try to be super cool.
   They often pick on younger or smaller kids, kids who might be
    different in some way, or kids who don't have many friends, like
    new kids.
   They often have one or two people who hang around with them to
    help them 'gang up' on a kid.
   They can use teasing, name-calling, blackmail and violence against
    their victim.
   They may spread stories or lies about their victim.
   They may try to turn everyone against you.
   They may ignore or not speak to their victim and
    try to get others to do the same.
         What you should know about bullies
   They like embarrassing or hurting people.
   They are often not confident people them-
    selves, which is why they pick on others.
    They often are not happy people and have more problems
    than the people they pick on!
   They feel better about themselves if they can make others
    feel worse.
   Many experts believe that bullies have learned to bully
    because t hey have been bullied themselves in the past,
    maybe in their homes, outside or at school. (But even if
    you are bullied, you have a choice what to do - you don't
    have to turn into a bully).
   Some people join in or go along with the bullying of others
    to save themselves from being bullied.
   Bullies often work in groups, because it is easy for them to
    make excuses when they are caught (e.g. "I didn't start it..."
    , " "He [the victim] started it and I was just helping my
                What if you're the bully?
   If you get into trouble for bullying and you want to have
    friends, ask an adult you trust to help you. You will need to
    get some help to learn to manage your feelings in ways that
    don't hurt other people. There are always other things you
    can do when you are angry or stressed or frustrated, but
    you may need help to work out what they could be for you.

   You will also have to help other people 'unlearn' about
    you. You will have to help them learn about the good
    things you can do. It will be very hard and it might take a
    long time but it will be worth it in the end - then you will
    have made real friends, and earned the real respect of
    people, rather than have them fear you.
                       Who gets picked on?

    Sometimes it's hard to work out why bullies pick on some
    people but one thing is for sure, it's not the fault of the per-
    son who is being picked on (although there are sometimes
    things that can be learned to help avoid being bullied).
    Bullies generally go for:
*   Anyone who just happens to be in the wrong place at the
    wrong time.
*   People who are different in any way.
*   Anyone who seems like an easy target (easy to scare).
*   People who are smaller or younger than the bully.
*   People who are sensitive, who may cry or get upset .
*   If you think you might be one of these people, remember
    that we are all different and that is why it is an interesting
    world. Being different doesn't
    make it okay to be picked on.
    How it feels to be bullied
  People who are bullied often feel scared,
lonely and hopeless. Being the victim of a
bully can lead to:
* Feeling left out and lonely.
* Not wanting to eat.
* Not wanting to go to school.
* Doing badly at school work.
* Running away from school
   or home.
* Having bad dreams.
* Wetting the bed.
B is for bashing, weaker people.
U is for unfair, to all pick on one.
L is for lying, to get out of trouble
L is for lout, don't you act like one.
Y is for yuck, that's how they make
  people feel.
I is for illegal, everyone has rights.
N is for naughty, to upset someone.
G is for gangs who go looking for fights.

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