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					                              PD Companion
Hi, welcome to Engrade and thank you for joining more than 400,000 teachers
and thousands of schools around the country! This short document is meant as a
quick reference during your Professional Development session.

The Basics:

       1) Log in to Engrade by going to and entering your
          username and password. These will be provided by your school
          administration. Can’t find them? Try using the “lost password”
          function with your official school email.

          The Gradebook: after logging in, you will see a list of all of your
          classes. Click one of your class names to see the gradebook. Your
          gradebook is your “home base” when using Engrade. Tip: If you ever
          get lost, click the “Engrade” logo in the top left of your screen and
          navigate back to the gradebook.

       2) Class Settings: make sure your class settings are correct by going to
          Options-> Grading Settings. Note that there are options at the very
          bottom of the page! Click Save Settings to save your changes.

       3) Assignments: click the big +New Assessment button to add an
          assignment for your students. Make sure you use the correct set of
          Standards. Click the check box next to the appropriate standard(s)
          and press Save Assignment. If there are no standards associated with
          the assignment, do not check any of the boxes.

          If you used more than one standard, the assignment will split into
          multiple assignments. Be sure to grade appropriately.

          To edit an assignment, click the assignment name from the

       4) Attendance: from your gradebook, click on the Attendance button on
          the left. Use the clickable interface to tag each student with the
          appropriate mark. Make sure you hit the Save button when you’re
          finished. Note that your ability to adjust attendance data on past days
          will depend on district policy.

       5) Messaging: to send a message to students, parents, or colleagues,
          click Messages in the blue bar and then Contacts. Click the gray bars

Engrade Professional Development Companion                                          2012
         to expand various groups, and select individual recipients by clicking
         their names (this should result in a green check mark). Please note
         that you can only message people who have registered with Engrade.

         After you have selected your recipients, click Send Message at the top
         of your screen. Continue as if you’re writing an email.


      6) Printing Reports: from the gradebook, hover over the Print button to
         find several options. Print Student Reports will generate a list of ALL
         student assignments and grades for your class. Missing Reports will
         generate a list of assignments your students are missing. Note: use
         the code “m” in the gradebook to record a missing assignment.

      7) Assessments: Click the Assessments button on the left side menu to
         bring up a visual display of your student’s standardized test data.
         Note that the data visible on this page depends on your district’s

      8) Comments: Engrade gives you several ways to record comments for
         your students. To write a comment for student work on a particular
         assignment, click Students -> Scores from the gradebook and fill in the
         Comments field.

         To add a general comment for the student’s performance in the class,
         click Comments and then click the None link to add a comment for the

         You can also add comments in the Behavior Application.

      9) Student and Parent Access: There are several methods for giving
         access: email invitations, printed flyers, and mail-merge letters. On a
         classroom basis, printed flyers are the simplest method.

         From your gradebook, go to Students -> Options -> Print Student
         Flyers. Cut out the Access Codes on the dotted line and distribute
         them to the students/ parents. Students can then go to, click sign up, and then use their access code to
         register. For more detailed instructions, refer to the PDF Quickstart

Engrade Professional Development Companion                                         2012
                         Contacts and References

For general questions:

Email:                Phone:

My Engrade Trainer was __________________________________


Additional Resources:

      At you’ll find:

                 A list of Frequently Asked Questions
                 Your full Teacher Quick Start Guide (PDF)
                 A contact form for online support

Engrade Professional Development Companion                     2012

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