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					                        The Last Chance 4Points Trial
  Northern Arizona Australian Shepherd Association (NAASA)
                                ASCA WORKING TRIAL
                                   May 12 - 13, 2012
                                 *** COURSE “A” Saturday ***
                                 *** COURSE “B” Sunday ***
                40 Runs Cattle/Ducks Combined, 40 Runs Sheep/Goats
                   *3-5 head of stock depending on entries & availability of stock

Dates/Times:       Saturday - Handlers meeting at 7:30 AM - judging immediately following.
                   Sunday - Handlers meeting at 7:30 AM.- judging immediately following.

Day of Trial Entries: 7:00 – 7:30 am

Location:          Wisecarver’s Fire n Ice Ranch
                   19420 Kennedy Drive, Mayer, Arizona 86333

Judges:            Gary Hawley (AZ) SAT – Sheep                     SUN – Ducks/Cattle
                   Larry Teaff (TX) SAT – Ducks/Cattle              SUN – Sheep

Entries:            Pre-Entry Ducks       $30.00            Day of Trial     $35.00
                    Pre-Entry Sheep       $35.00            Day of Trial     $40.00
                    Pre-Entry Cattle      $45.00            Day of Trial     $50.00
Pre-Entry all 3 classes of stock (same dog) $105.00

Entries open Monday April 16, 2012 – No entries will be accepted prior to this postmark
date. Entries must have clearly visible USPS postmark. No metered mail allowed. No
FEDEX, DHL, UPS, telephone, email, or faxed entries. Express or overnight entries will be
accepted only if signature waived.

Pre-entries close Monday April 30, 2012. After close of entries, refunds will be issued
only if there is a waiting list and someone takes your run(s).

NOTE: Entries will be accepted per ASCA rules and must be on official ASCA entry
forms. Entry forms can be found & printed at under Forms & Rule Books,
Stockdog Forms. Please make sure your entry form includes the dog’s call name and provide
your email address for entry confirmation. If you have any move ups after you send your
entry in, please notify Cathy Havens before the trial date so that adjustment can be made to
the spreadsheets.

Make Checks Payable to: NAASA (Checks will be deposited weekly).

Mail Entries to:           Susan Paluszcyk
                           8410 Vista Ln
                           Prescott, AZ 86305
                           Phone: 928-899-7604
Course Directors:         Susan Paluszcyk
                          Phone: 928-899-7604

                          Molly Wisecarver
                          Phone: 928-499-9263

Qualifying ribbons and placement for 1st through 4th place in each class.
Overall Two Day High Combined Aussie ***
Overall Two Day High Combined Other Breed ***
Daily HIT Ducks Aussie and Other Breed
Daily HIT Sheep Aussie and Other Breed
Daily HIT Cattle Aussie and Other Breed
High Score Open Jr. Handler & High Score Working Junior
Most Promising Started Aussie and Other Breed ***

*** High Combined and Most Promising Started - Dog must be entered in all three classes
of stock both days and must have at least one qualifying score to be eligible for this award.


   As a courtesy to other exhibitors, please limit entries to two dogs per owner per day.
   Substitutions will be allowed only with a dog owned by the same person making the
    original entry.
   Entry fee to be made by Check / Cashiers Check / Money Order ONLY.
   Entries received without proper signatures, fees, information, registered papers, etc will
    be deemed incomplete and will not be accepted.
   Registered Owner of dogs will be responsible for all injuries to livestock: replacement
    cost per Duck = $30.00, Sheep = $150.00 and Cattle = $625.00 unless trialers are notified
    otherwise at trial time.
   A $35.00 service fee will be applied to all returned checks. Returned checks will not
    constitute an accepted entry.
   Confirmation of entries will be made by e-mail or by sending a self-addressed stamped
    envelope with your entries.
   The Trial Committee will draw run order the night before the trial.
   Run order will be posted day of trial.
   Bitches in season will run in order drawn.
   This trial will be run under ASCA rules and regulations.
WEATHER:           Please be prepared for any type of weather for both you and your
                   dog. Bring shade and foul weather gear.

RV Parking:        Self Contained RV spaces are available at no charge OR with electric
                   hook-up for $10.00 per night. Please contact Molly Wisecarver directly
                   for reservations and payment. DO NOT SEND RV FEES WITH

  Potluck Dinner - Lamb, Ham and Brisket provided. You won’t want to miss this
               potluck! Please let Molly know what you are bringing.

   Camp Fire – Bring folding chairs.

   Agility – agility course available for fun runs with your dog(s).

Hotels:            Cordes Junction Motel          1 miles        928-632-5186
                   CJ Motel & Diner               4 miles        928-632-4440
                   Creekside Lodge                7 miles        928-632-0777
                   Teskey’s Hotel                 8 miles        928-632-9696

Restaurants:       Papa’s Place & Bar             2 miles
                   CU’s Pizza & Italian           4 miles

                                    Direction to Facility:

From Phoenix:
Take the I-17 North. Exit 69 to Prescott going west (only one way). After you go over the I-
17 you will see a green Hwy sign that reads Mayer 8 miles. Make your first (1st) right turn
after that sign (no street signs). Make an immediate right turn on the frontage road (no street
signs). Make a left turn at the mailboxes (no street sign) DIRT Road. Take that till the road
almost ends (1/2 miles). We are on the left side with double green gates and a large tan and
green building. ** If you miss the first right turn off Hwy 69 See directions below from

From Prescott:
Take Hwy 69 toward the I-17 (we are 1 mile west of I-17 off Hwy 69).
You will pass several small towns (Dewey, Humboldt, Poland Junction, Mayer and Spring
Valley). After passing Spring Valley you will see a Hwy sign that reads I-17 One (1) mile.
Get in your left turn lane and make your first left turn (no street signs). Make a right turn on
the frontage road (no street signs). Make a left turn at the mailboxes (no street signs) DIRT
ROAD. Take that till the road almost ends (1/2 mile). We are on the left side with double
green gates and a large tan and green building. ** If you miss the left turn after the Hwy sign
and end up at McDonalds see direction above from Phoenix.

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