Comparison iPad Mini with Plastic Android Tablet

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					Comparison iPad Mini with Plastic Android Tablet

Apple introduced the iPad Mini in the event in San Jose, United States,
Wednesday (23/10/2012) local time. This small version of the iPad tablet
previously rumored as opposed crowded models 7-inch Android tablet which is
popular in the market.

As if to confirm the suspicion that, Senior Vice President Global Marketing Apple,
Phil Schiller, show a direct comparison between the iPad Mini and an Android
tablet which at first glance looks like a Nexus tablet 7 of Google's operating
system Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.
Schiller compares the first frame (bezel) a second display device. "Had they (Android) is
made of plastic, thicker, and heavier," he said, as quoted by The Verge. Comparison
Schiller goes on screen size. iPad Mini has a 7.9-inch landscape display, slightly larger
than that carried the Android tablet screen size of 7 inches. The difference, according to
Schiller, leading to the third screen area times larger on the iPad Mini.

Based on the pictures in the slide presentation presented Schiller, it is advantageous
when the iPad Mini on the internet. "In the browser, iPad Mini display larger by about 50

Furthermore, another thing that'll Schiller is support applications that perform optimally
on iPad Mini for a screen resolution of 1024x768 equal to that of the iPad 2. "Users
really like application that is designed specifically for the iPad. Instead, the opposite
camp (Android) have smartphone apps that scale-up."
Phil claims that iPad Mini iPad can run all applications with no adjustments needed.
"Everything, which amounted to more than 275.000 pieces."

On November 2, Apple will start to release iPad Mini in the U.S. market is priced from
U.S. $ 329 for 16 GB WiFi only version. This figure is close to a Nexus tablet price 7 16
GB of Google and Kindle Fire HD 32 GB of Amazon which is set at 249 dollars.

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