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					         English II Midterm Project: Women in
                Literature/Art Portfolio
For your midterm project in English II, you will assemble a portfolio of artifacts relating to the
presence and portrayal of women in literature/art.

Objectives: Your portfolio will demonstrate your ability to:

       Convey meaning in written and visual formats
       Analyze and synthesize knowledge regarding women
       Make connections between works of art in various formats
       Compare and contrast information
       Write fluently for various purposes

Content: Your portfolio will include an artifact in response to each of the prompts below:

   1. Find one song relating to women’s roles in society. Include a copy of the lyrics
      (including title and artist) in your portfolio, and then critique what message the song
      conveys about the position of women in society (½ page). You may want to consider
      the roles, worth/value, rights, and responsibilities of women as suggested by the lyrics
      and sound of the song.

   2. Find one article/essay from 2000-today addressing the status of 21st century American
      women. Include a copy of the article/essay in your portfolio, and then write ½ page
      summarizing the article and providing your opinions/response to the ideas presented in
      the article.

   3. Interview a woman over the age of 21, and ask her original questions regarding her
      opinions of the following:
         a. Role of women in modern-day America
         b. Possible gender inequalities in America
         c. Books/poems/stories/other literature that have left a lasting impact on them
             regarding the position of women
      Record your questions and her responses on the attached interview form (on website).

   4. Choose a photograph/painting that conveys a message about women (positive or
      negative), and then write a ½ page analysis of the photograph/painting and the ways in
      which the photographer/artist conveys the message. You must also connect your
      analysis to a work that we have read this year. Include a copy of the photograph/
      painting on your document.

   5. Create a photograph/painting in which you convey a message about women (positive or
      negative), and then write a ½ page explanation of how you convey your message (and
      what your message is). Include your photograph/painting on your document.

   6. Design a wordle with at least 10 adjectives describing the ideal woman in today’s
      society (from your own or society’s perspective).

   7. Watch and critique a film/TV episode that discusses the position of women in 20th or
      21st century society. Explain what the film suggests about women, including specific
      details supporting your argument. Evaluate whether the film conveys a positive or
      negative connotation regarding women, and explain why (min. ½ page).

   8. Choose one element of life for women, and illustrate the changes over time regarding
      that element, from the 1890s until today (i.e. clothing, rights, roles, occupations, etc.).
      You should include visual illustrations, and then write a ½ page explanation of the

Portfolio Requirements: Your portfolio must:

    Be double-spaced (typed) in 12 point font (except your wordle)
    Display a table of contents listing each artifact with page numbers
    Present a cover page, and be bound neatly and creatively
    Have photographs/art printed in color
    Cite all sources used in the research and development (citations must be in MLA and be
      present at the bottom of the page of the document for which you used the source)
    Be presented in class on your exam date
    Demonstrate sustained effort and creativity
    Demonstrate your understanding of voice/grammar/organization/formal conventions

Suggested Timeline:

Friday, November 18       Artifacts 1-2
Friday, November 25       Artifact 3-4 (note: this assignment is over Thanksgiving break)
Friday, December 2        Artifacts 5-6
Friday, December 9        Artifacts 7-8
By exam date:             Edit and revise artifacts to polish for final drafts
                          Assemble portfolio creatively

Peer Editing: Bring in rough drafts for feedback

Wednesday, 12/7 (ODD) or Thursday, 12/8 (EVEN)               Artifacts 1 and 4
                                      Interview Form

    Interviewee’s Name:               Date of Interview:      Format of Interview(i.e.
                                                             phone, email, face to face,

            Topic                 Original Questions Asked   Interviewee’s Response
                                       (minimum of 2)
Role of women in modern-day

Possible gender inequalities in

Literature with a lasting
impact about the position of

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