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                                               Cost of Tender : Rs.500/-(non-refundable)

                                                           Signature of issuing Authority

                        NEW DELHI-110037

Subject:-      Annual Rate Contract for Supply of Computer Papers.

      S. No.         ITEM                                   PAGE NO.

      1.             Notice inviting Tender                           2

      2.             General information and guidelines              3-6

      3.             Financial Bid                                   7

      4.             Acceptance letter                               8

      File No. ED/GS/Comp Paper/2011-12/                                   06.09.2011

                           NOTICE INVITING TENDER

On behalf of the Chairman, Airports Authority of India, Sealed tenders are invited to award
the Annual Rate Contract for supply of Computer Papers.

1.       Estimated Cost : Rs.2,51,050/-
2.       Earnest Money Deposit : Rs.6276/-
3.       Cost of Tender Document : Rs.500/-(non-refundable)
4.       Sale of Tender : From 09.09.2011to 26.09.2011 between 1400 to 1600 hrs
5.       Last date and time of receipt of tender: 27.09.2011 up to 1430 hrs.
6.       Date and Time of Opening of Tender: 27.09.2011 at 1500 Hrs.
7.       Tender Form can be purchased from the office of Manager (Store), Room No.401,
         Regional Headquarters, Northern Region, Operational Offices, Gurgaon Road, New
         Delhi-37 on payment of Rs.500/-(from a Nationalized Bank) in the form of demand
         draft drawn in favour of Airports Authority of India, payable at New Delhi OR The
         same can be downloaded from AAI website or
         and tender fee in the form of demand draft has to be submitted along with the tender
         in technical bid, failing which the tender will be rejected outrightly.
8.       Only one tender document will be sold to a single party either a firm or an individual.
         The proprietor of one company or firm will be considered as single party and one legal
9.       Tender documents duly completed in all respect should reach by Registered post or in
         person at the above address on or before 27.09.2011 up to 1430 hrs. positively. The
         tender will be opened on the same day 27.09.2011 at 1500 hrs. in the presence of
         interested tenderers or their authorized representative.
10.      The tender form can be purchased on all working days, except Saturdays &
         Sundays/Holidays. If the date of receipt of opening of tender is declared to be a public
         holiday, the tender will be received and opened on the next working day at the same
11.      Airports Authority of India reserves to itself the right to reject any or all the tender
         without assigning any reason thereof and to call for any other detail or information
         from any of the tenderer.

                                                                               Manager (Store)
                                                           for Regional Executive Director(NR).

1.   The Annual Rate Contract will be awarded for a period of one year from the date of its
     award. The supply has to be made on requirement basis and payment will be released
2.   Tender documents are not transferable.
3.   Tenderer (s) must use tender documents purchases in his/their name from AAI.
4.   "Technical Bid" must be sealed in Envelope marked 'A' and Financial Bid'
     in Envelope marked 'B' and both the Envelopes duly sealed are to be kept
     in another Envelope marked as 'Master Envelope'.
5.   The Master Envelope should be superscribed "Tender for supply of Computer Papers
     due to be open on dated 27.09.2011 addressed to Regional Executive Director (NR),
     AAI, Operational Offices, Gurgaon Road, New Delhi-37.
6.   Envelope 'A' which shall be opened first, shall contain following essential documents
     specified as under:-
        (i)     Earnest Money Deposit of Rs.6276/- (Rupees six thousand two hundred
                seventy six only) in the form of Bank Demand Draft/Pay order (from a
                Nationalized Bank) in favour of Airports Authority of India, payable at New
                Delhi. No interest shall be paid on EMD value.
        (ii)    Acceptance letter given in Annexure-B in prescribed Performa about
                accepting all terms & conditions given in tender documents.
        (iii) Sales Tax Registration Number along with documentary proof.
        (iv)    PAN number with documentary proof.
        (v)     Proof of one executing order for similar item value not less than Rs.2,00,840/-
                or two orders each not less than Rs.1,25,525/- or three orders each not less
                than Rs.1,00,420/-during last two years.
        (vi)    The bidder shall submit documentary evidence of sound financial standing
                by way of annual report (Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account) for last 3
                financial years.
        (vii) The firm who has downloaded the tender documents from AAI website, a
                demand draft of Rs.500/- (from a Nationalized Bank) in favour of Airports
                Authority of India, payable as New Delhi is to be submitted by the firm with
                the technical bid, Envelope-A, as cost of Tender. If the same is not found in
                Envelope-A, the tender may be out-rightly rejected.

7.   It may be clearly noted that in case tender submitted by tenderer (s) is not accompanied by all
     or any of the documents stated at (i) to (vii) of para 6, such tender (s) will be rejected by the
     Authority out-rightly & their financial bid shall not be opened.

8.    Envelope 'B' (which shall be opened after scrutiny of the essentially required
      documents of Envelope-A) shall contain Financial Bid only and no other
      documents have to be submitted in this envelope.
9.    Any over writing, correction or insertion should be duly signed by the authorized
      signatory of the tender(s).
10.   Tenderer(s) should clearly indicate the name & address of their firm or individual, as
      the case may be, on both the Envelopes.

11.   Rates:
               (a) The rates shall be quoted F.O.R. destination (Operational Offices/ATS
                   building, IGI Airport. No other charges such as loading/unloading etc.
                   shall be paid.

               (b) Rate must be quoted in prescribed sheets of financial bids Annexure-A
                   only. The rates quoted on any other separate sheet will not be entertained
                   & tender will be rejected out rightly.

12.   Taxes: Rates should be inclusive of all type of taxes, duties and levies, transportation
      loading/unloading etc.
13.   Quantity: The quantities indicated above may marginally increase or decrease as per
      requirement. Increase or decrease in quantity of materials will be subject to a
      maximum of 50%.
14.   Validity: The tenders shall remain valid for 6 months. If any tenderer withdraws
      during this period of validity, his E.M.D. shall be forfeited. However tender may be
      withdrawn after the period of validity for which E.M.D. shall be refunded.
15.   Escalation of rates: The rates once approved shall be final and no escalation or
      deviation shall be accepted under any circumstance.
16.   Failure to execute the supply/work as stipulated under special condition will entail
      forfeiture of EMD.
17.   Termination of contract: Airports Authority of India reserves its right to terminate the
      contract at any time without assigning any reason.
18.   Parties registered with DGS&D, NSSIC/SSIC or with any other Government agencies,
      PSUs are not exempted from submission of Earnest Money/Security/Tender fees.
19.   Security Deposit: 10% of the order/contract value shall be furnished as performance
      guarantee from a Nationalized Bank otherwise security deposit will be collected by
      deduction from the running bill (s) of the contractors @ 10% of gross amount of each
      running bill till the total security deposit is recovered and the same shall be released
      after completion of contract satisfactorily. No interest will be paid on security deposit.
20.   Earnest money of the successful tenderer can be adjusted against security deposit if so
21.   Warranty: The material supplied shall be under warranty during the validity of
      contract and incase any defect developed/observed, the same shall be rectified/changed
      by the supplier/contractor at his own cost.

22.   Liquidated Damages: In case of failure to execute the order in full within the specified
      period, liquidated damages shall be charged @ ½ % per week or part thereof but not
      exceeding 5% of the balance order value. Even the order can be cancelled at the risk
      and cost of the supplier. In case the contractor fails to deliver the materials as per the
      delivery schedule indicated in the purchase order, the material shall be procured from
      open market to meet the immediate demand/requirement at the risk and cost of the
23.   The acceptance of the Tender will rest with the Regional Executive Director, Airports
      Authority of India, Operational Offices, Gurgaon Road, New Delhi or any other officer
      authorized by him who does not bind himself to accept any Tender and reserves the
      right to reject all or any of the Tenders received or part there of without assigning any
      reasons there of.
24.   Arbitration: Except where otherwise provided for in the contract, all questions and
      disputes relating to the meaning of the specifications, designs, drawings and
      instructions herein before mentioned and so the quality of workmanship or materials
      used in the work or as to any other question, claim, right, relating to the contract,
      designs, drawings, specifications, estimates, and instructions, orders of these conditions
      or otherwise concerning the works or their execution or failure to execute the same,
      whether arising during the progress of the work or after the completion or
      abandonment thereof, shall be referred to the sole arbitrator as may be appointed by
      the RED, NR Airports Authority of India. It is the term of the contract that the party
      invoking arbitration shall specify the dispute or disputes to be referred to arbitration
      under this clause together with the amount or amounts claimed in respect of each such
      dispute. The arbitrator(s) may from time to time with consent of the parties, enlarge
      the time, for making and publishing the award. The work under the contract shall, if
      reasonably possible, continue during the arbitration proceedings and no payment due
      or payable to the contractor shall be withheld on account of such proceedings. the
      arbitrator shall be deemed to have entered on the reference on the date he issue notices
      to both the parties fixing the date of the first hearing. The venue of arbitration shall be
      such place as may be fixed by the Arbitrator in his sole discretion. The award of the
      Arbitrator shall be final, conclusive and binding on all parties to this contract.
25.   Force Majeure Clause: Force majeure is here in defined as any cause which is beyond
      the control of the contractor or the purchaser as the case may be which could not be
      foreseen or with a reasonable amount of diligence could not have foreseen which
      substantially effect the performance of the contract such as :-
                (a) Act of government including but not limited to war declared or
                    undeclared, Priorities, quarantines, embargoes, provided either party shall
                    within fifteen days from the occurrence of such a cause, notify the other in
                    writing of such cause.
                (b) The contract or the purchaser shall not be liable for delays in performing
                    his obligations resulting from any force majeure clause as referred to and
                    or defined above. The date of completion will be subject to hereinafter
                    provided, will be extended by a reasonable time.

26.   Effect and legal Jurisdiction:-
               (a) The contract shall be considered as having come into force from the date
                    of issue of letter of the award of the contract by the purchaser.
               (b) The law applicable to this contract shall be the law enforced in India. The
                    courts of Delhi shall have exclusive jurisdiction in all matters arising
                    under this contract.
27.   It may be noted that the Earnest Money Deposit of the successful bidder may be
      forfeited and the bidder may be debarred for further participation in AAI's tender(s)
      for a period of three years, on account of non-completion of the following:-
                     a) Acceptance of the offer within 10 days from the date of the Award
                     b) Tender(s) will remain valid for a period of 180 days from the date of
                         opening of the Financial Bid of Envelope 'B'. If any tenderer
                         withdraws during the validity period, his Earnest Money Deposit will
                         be forfeited. However, the tenderer (s) can withdraw their Earnest
                         Money Deposit after the validity is over or may extend the validity of
                         their tender(s) with the consent of AAI.
28.   Airports Authority of India reserves right to reject any or all tender(s) in part or in full
      without assigning any reason.

                                                                                Manager (Store),
                                                                                For R.E.D.(NR).

                                                                               Annexure – 'A'
                           AIRPORTS AUTHORITY OF INDIA
                      O/O R.E.D. (NR), OERATIONAL OFFICES, N.D.
                                      Financial Bid
                           (to be submitted in Envelope-B only)

File No.ED/GS/AAI/Comp.Paper/2011-12/

1.    Name and address of the Tenderer:

2.    Status of the Tenderer            :
      ( Proprietary / Partnership)

3.    Name of Proprietor/ Partner       :

4.   Rates are to be quoted for the following Computer Papers:
SN Particular/Description             Qty      Rate Per thousand      Amount
1  Computer Paper size 10x12x1        650000
   (80 GSM)                           sheets

2    Computer Paper size 10x12x2     45000
     (70 GSM)                        sheets


                                              Signature of Tenderer
                                              Name of the Firm

                                              Telephone No.

                                              Fax No.

                                                                                     Annexure – 'B'

                                      ACCEPTANCE LETTER

                             ( TO BE SUBMITTED IN ENVELOPE 'A' )


          The Regional Executive Director(NR),
          Airports Authority of India,
          Operational Offices, Gurgaon Road,
          New Delhi – 110037.

Subject: Acceptance of AAI's tender conditions.


     1.      The tender documents for “Annual Rate Contract for the supply of Computer Papers”
             have been sold to me/us by Airports Authority of India or down loaded by us from AAI
             web site, I/We hereby unconditionally accept the tender conditions of AAI's tender
             documents in its infinity for the above work.
     2.      After unconditionally accepting the tender conditions in its infinity. It is not
             permissible to put any remarks/conditions (except unconditional rebate on price, if any)
             in along with the tender enclosed in "Envelop "B" and the same has been followed in
             the present case. In case the provision of the tender is found violated after opening
             Envelop "A". I agree that the tender shall be liable to be rejected and AAI shall
             without prejudice to any other right or remedy will be at liberty to forfeit the full
             earnest money absolutely.
     3.      The required earnest money for this work is enclosed herewith.
     4.      Conditions of the said contract have been read by me and same are acceptable
     5.      “That, I/We declare that I/we have not paid and will not pay any bribe to any officer of
             AAI for awarding this contract at any stage during its execution or at the time of
             payment of bills, and further if any officer of AAI asks for bribe/gratification. I will
             immediately report it to the Appropriate Authority in AAI”.
     6.      It is also certified that our firm has never Debarred/Black listed by C.B.I. or AAI or
             any PSU/Department like Railways, Defense or any other Department of Govt. of
             India/State Governments.
                                                                                   Yours faithfully,

                                                                                       ( Contractor )



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