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									                                      JOB DESCRIPTION


The Human Resources Assistant position provides administrative support services to the
Agency’s human resources function.

The incumbent is also responsible directly for the supervision of the Agency’s front line
administrative functions, will coordinate the provision of these functions through front line
administrative staff and advises members of the Agency’s management team about front line
administrative issues.

This is a management position and reports to the Director of Human Resources.

Education and Experience:

BENCHMARK:              Community college diploma (preferably in the area of Human
                        Resources) with some experience in managing a team of

The incumbent must possess and apply:
    General knowledge and understanding of human resources functions
    Excellent computer skills in a Microsoft windows environment, including a
       working knowledge of excel and demonstrated skills in database management
       and record keeping.
    Effective oral and written communication skills
    Excellent time management and organization skills
    Evidence of the practice of a high level of confidentiality

Functional and Operational Responsibilities:
    Demonstrate an understanding of the Child and Family Services Act relevant to
       the needs of the position
    Demonstrate an understanding of the Agency’s mission, core values, standards,
       procedures and practices
    Provide adminstrative supports in the following areas:
           o Recruitment and staffing logistics
                  Review and filing of resumes for all candidate
                  Maintenance of a resume database
                  Coordination of Agency recruitment activities
           o Organizational space planning
           o Professional development, training, and performance management and
              improvement tracking and record keeping systems
                      Coordination of the performance management system and
                       related record keeping
                    Coordination of the new hire orientation system and related
                       record keeping
                    Maintenance of employee training records
           o Employee Safety, welfare, wellness and health
                    Assist with the implementation of the Agency’s health and safety
                    Track and post all OHS required data and filing of reports
           o Maintaining employee files and the HR filing system
           o Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS)
                    Maintain the HRIS database and generate scheduled or requested
                       reports to assist management
                    Update the Agency phone directory and company organizational
                    Periodically audit the database for accuracy
           o Assisting with the day to day operations of the HR function
      Development of the front line administration department including the oversight
       of the implementation of administrative programs through front line
       administration staff and supervision of front line administration employees.
      Manage all assigned special projects identified annually in the Agency’s planning
       process and provide input and support for all planning initiatives
      Assist in the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of systems
       to track the quality and efficiency of the Human Resources services and front line
       administrative services and systems and make recommendations for continuous
       enhancements or improvements
      Consult with and participate in supervision at key decision points
      Plan and prioritize own workload to deliver a range of outputs required monthly,
       quarterly and annually while also responding to ad hoc, immediate demands
      Maintain and upgrade skills and knowledge in relation to areas of responsibility
      Work professionally and constructively both within the agency, and with all
       community professionals and clients
      Communicate effectively both orally and in writing
      Is aware of roles and responsibilities under the Ontario Occupational Health and
       Safety Act and Agency Health and Safety policies. Performs duties in a manner
       that ensures the safety of self and others at all times.
      Participate in all agency mandated training programs as required by the position
      Perform other related duties as assigned by one’s supervisor or designate

Relationship Responsibilities:
   Keep the Director of Human Resources or designate informed of activities and
    problems which may have implications for the, the agency, including serious
    occurrences and complaints
   Accept direction from the Director of Human Resources effectively
   Communicate effectively and work co-operatively as a member of the agency
   Establish and maintain good working relationships with other staff
   Perform the responsibilities of the job with tact, honesty, integrity, sensitivity
    and objectivity, particularly in regards to professional conduct and the policy on

Measure of Accountability:

The performance of the Human Resource Assistant will be reviewed and measured
on an annual basis in relation to job function and achievement of goals.

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