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					1. Fix Navigation bar for all pages: if logged in then shows log out, place ad, profile.
    If not logged in then shows login and register.
2. Fix the way subcategories listed on default page. Originally under each category,
    there were 3, 4, 5 subcategories listed without comma separated them. Now there
    are 3 subcategories for each category separated by a comma and ended with …
3. Added login link to Navigation bar; this linked to the login form of Place An Ad
4. Added My Profile link to Navigation bar, linked to myProfile.asp
5. Created myProfile.asp where users can edit their information.
6. Created a new page in Admin called users.asp where all users’ information is
    listed alphabetically, with paging as 1 | 2 | 3 | 4, with 2 options to edit or delete
7. Insert a new field in USERS database table called U_ADS specified the maximum
    number of ads a user can place. The default number is 5. Admin needs to specify
    this number before upload DUclassified to the Web Server.
8. Created a new page in Admin called userEdit.asp to either edit a user’s
    information, limit the number of ads or delete the user.
9. Create a new page in Admin called adLimit.asp showing a form where Admin
    enter the new maximum number of ads for all registered users.
10. Create a new page in Admin called adLimiting.asp to update the value U_ADS
    for all registered users.
11. Added a new link called LIMIT ADS to the Navigation bar for all Admin pages.
12. Edit placeAnAd.asp page. If a user is trying to place a new ad on this page but the
    number of ads exceeds the maximum number, the user will be redirected to
    another page (adLimited.asp)
13. Created a page called adLimited.asp with a message: You have reached the
    maximum number of ads. Please delete the old ads or come back later.
14. Edit adDetail.asp in Admin panel. This page was to approve a new ad by clicking
    on the Approve button. Now added a Delete button in case Admin wants to delete
    this ad instead.
15. Create a new page in Admin called allAds.asp showing all current ads. Admin can
    delete multiple ads from here.
16. Create a new page in Admin called deleteAllAds.asp to delete ads that are
    checked from allAds.asp
17. Added new link DELETE CURRENT ADS to the Navigation bar for all pages in

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