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					    Ancestry and Legends of

John Henry Bayne (JHB)
   Bryan (1847-1918)
Name taken from Dr. John Henry Bayne who delivered him

The youngest of 9 Siblings and ironically he himself had 9 children as did his
Great Grandfather

Frequently referrred to as 'Bayne' Bryan in his youth

Father and oldest brother, Richard H. died of Cholera when he was just 6.

Last observed living with Brother, William Page Bryan and family in
Surrattsville (Now Clinton MD) in 1870

He married Mary Ida Hunter (1849-1915) at St Mary's Church in Alexandria
VA [could have been St Mary’s of Piscataway?]

Lived in and conducted business as an engineer in Philiadelphia, Dayton OH
and Buffalo NY

His great grandfather, Edward Lanham was a Captain in the Revolutionary
War and his brother, Edward Pliny Bryan was a Captain in the civil war.
 Father: William ‘S’ Bryan (1786-1853)

                              Matthew Brady portrait of W.
                              Bryan in New York

Mother: Susanna Page Lanham (1808-1895)
                          William ‘S’ Bryan –
                             Eldest of 6 children
                       Very wealthy! in 1850 ($16400)
                    Accumulated 2300 acres in land by 1853


                        Susanna Page Lanham –
                         4th Child of 9 children AGAIN!
              Only sibling to remain in MD on a Tobacco Plantation
Parents and siblings moved to St Louis Co, MO thence as far west as CA, south to
  favorite grandchild, Susanna Page Bryan Duff , d/o William Page Bryan who
                  descendants now reside in Rochester NY area
           Bryan Family home in what is now Clinton MD and site of original home dating to ca

Taken from Rambler Newspaper 1914; home rebuilt         Photo taken by Mike Williamson ca 2000 while on tour with
ca 1880 after fire. The original home was built by      David Miller of the old Plantation grounds currently owned
William’s grandfather, William ca 1765 and              by the Prince Georges Co community college. The house was
modified by his father, Richard Bryan in 1816, 3        demolished ca 1926 for safety concerns.
years before he died. William of Rich’d inherited the
land and house by Will in 1818.
Plague erected by the Miller family as a tribute to the Bryan Family on the grounds of the old
plantation in Clinton, MD
Approx three years (ca 1856) after the unexpected death (1853) of William Bryan, Edward Pliny Bryan initiated a series of
court filings by the children as a plea to have the 2300 acres partitioned, sold and distributed against the feelings of their
mother, Susan Page Lanham Bryan. The court filings went under the name of “156 Equity” of which there were dealings thru
ca 1873.

Much of the land has been converted to Public Parks (Louise Cosca Regional Park adjoining the old home) and National
Parks (Piscataway Park on the Potomac river once the “Bryan Fishing Shore” ). Interestingly, some land (“Belmont” and
acreage never located) south and adjacent the fishing shore along the Potomac river was abscounded from William’s cousin,
Osbourne Bryan and sister, Elizabeth when Osbourne died in 1822 and William was made guardian of the children. Only
after ca 20 years of Court battles did he give back some of the assets to the children ca 1842.

One of the partials known as “Lanham Farm” ca 456 acres and across the Piscataway Rd from the main “homestead”
Plantation (796 acres) was the home of Susan’s Parents before they packed up the family and moved to St Louis ca 1834. The
nearly 100% wooded partial was distributed to J H B Bryan’s brother, William Page Bryan and in 1865 was sold to the Irish
born John & Timothy Lyons. The original old deed was found in the bible of John Lyon’s granddaughter, Emily Lyons
[descendant of John Lyons’ son and Wm Bryan’s daughter]. The property once called “Travelers Rest” by Thomas Lyons is
currently the Washington Executive/ Hyde Field airport devoid of any timber.
Current Photo of St Mary’s Catholic Church Piscataway MD
(2000 by Mike Williamson) worship and burial place of many      Tombstone of William Bryan of Richard Jun
Bryan Family members – Note there is apparently a St Mary’s     1853 at St Mary’s Church
Church across the river in Alexandria VA where John H B Bryan
was said to have been married.
                Grandfather: Richard Bryan (1757-1819)
                          3rd son of 3 brothers and 6 sisters
           Grandmother: Anne Rebecca Busey Ball (1765-)
           married 31 Jan 1783 at the 'Old' St Johns church at Broad creek
  Descendant of Hillery Ball (d. 1710) of either Anne arundel Co or Stafford Co., VA
                 (home of George Washington’s mother, Mary Ball


          Grandfather: George Horatio Lanham (1774-1844)
                               Youngest of 7 children
                            Sheriff of Prince Georges Co.
                          son of Revolutionary war Captain
           Grandmother: Sempronia Hamilton (1777-1851)
            Brother, ‘Pliny’ Hamilton, a name repeated used by descendants
likely descendant of Alexander Hamilton & Burdett/Burditt family of Port Tobacco, MD
The parents of Anne Busey Ball were Richard Ball and Sarah Busey. The Md Ball family may be descendants
or relatives of George Washington’s, Mary Ball in Stafford Co., VA. Legends obtained via David Miller
suggests interactions of the Bryan Family with the family of George Washington who lived directly opposite
each other on the Potomac river. An engraved punch bowl was supposedly given to the Bryans from the
Washingtons which was given to Susan Page Bryan Duff among other valuables during the family squirmish
over assets. It was apparently sold by a family member in the Rochester NY area since.

The large Busey Family is being researched by Pat Paschke (link available online via CDROM) who has an
elaborate and informative website dating to Paul Busey from England or VA in 1651.

Hillery Ball (ca 1765-1710) married the ‘Catholic’ Anne Wheeler and were the grandparents of Richard Ball.
He was the earliest known to have had the land tracts, “Brother’s Delight” and “Sisters Delight” which were
passed down (partials) to William of Richard Bryan whose property adjoined the tracts. Anne Wheeler’s
grandfather was likely(?) Major John Wheeler of MD.
   Great Grandfather: William Bryan (1713-1781)
                     Had 9 Children: 3 sons, six daughters
First 200 acres purchased in PG Co. in 1761- ‘Lisbey’s Discovery’ & ‘Mistake’

     Great Grandmother: Diana Gutteridge (Feb 1730- )
married May 4, 1750 by Rev Henry Addison at Broad Creek & Lower Chapel
         second to the youngest of at least 7 ALL female siblings
Granddaughter of Paul Gutteridge ( - 18 Aug 1702) who immigrated aboard the
                              HMS Benjamin
              Living descendant of sister in Washington State
   Great Grandfather: Capt.Edward Lanham (1731-1791)
                       Youngest of at least 7 children
                        Captain Revolutionary War
                        married on 21 February 1758
  Grandson of English immigrant (1678) John Lannum/Lanham (1661-1750)

       Great Grandmother: Susanna Page (1732-1797)
               One of 9 children AGAIN! (3 brothers 5 sisters)
                       Origin of infamous ‘Page’ name
               parents: Daniel Page (wp. 1768) & Mary Draine
Correspondence between cousins, Ann Bryan
Lyons and Estelle Bryan Summers, NY and MD,
in the 1930’s illustrating Estelle’s curious
genealogical interest attempting to persuade her
cousin in a similar direction.
Robert and ‘Estella’ Summers married 1 year with no children yet on Seneca St

  Robert J. and ‘Estelle’ Summers married with 5 children at 1867 Seneca St

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