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Make up room


									                  Teaching Objectives

1   To know etiquette of chamber service

2   To know the procedures of cleaning rooms

3   To know how to do turn-down service
                  Basic Information

Turn-down service:
make the bed
draw the curtain
turn on the light
tidy up the bathroom
take out the trash
                       Basic Information

Room Status
Occupied -------OCC        住客房
Check out-------C/O        走客房
Vacant------V              空房
Vacant dirty-----VD        未清扫房
Vacant clean -----VC       已清扫房又称OK房
Do not disturb-------DND   请勿打扰房
Make up room-------MUR     请即打扫房
                    Basic Information

Clearing order in low season

  Room under the direction of housekeeping department
  Make up room-------MUR
  Check out-------C/O
  Occupied -------OCC
                    Basic Information

Clearing order in peak season

  Room under the direction of housekeeping department
  Check out-------C/O
  Make up room-------MUR
  Occupied -------OCC
                                Service procedure

I.     Cleaning the room

knock at the door, and tell your identity.
ask whether the guest need room-cleaning.
ask whether the guest has any other requirements.
extend wishes.
                                Service procedure

II. Turn-down service

knock at the door, and tell your identity.
ask whether the guest need turn-down service.
ask whether the guest has any other requirements.
extend wishes
                       Service procedure

Ⅲ. Leasing things

ask the room number of guest.
tell the guest what he wants to lease is free or not
ask the guest fill in the form and sign his/her name
remind the guest to return the things after he uses it.
                               How to Express

Ⅰ. Cleaning the room
1. Housekeeping May I come in?
2. May I clean your room now? ?/ May I make up your room? / Would you
   like me to clean up your room right now?
3. What time would it be convenient, sir? / When wound you like me to do your
   room, sir?
4. We’ll come and clean your immediately
5. I’ll clean the bathroom and replace some fresh towels.
6. It’s getting dark, shall I draw the curtains for you, sir?
7. May I tidy up these things on your desk?
8. Will it be convenient for you if I come to do the room in an hour?
9. I promise to finish the job in half an hour.
10. Your room will be ready before you come back from the restaurant I promise
11. We always make up rooms early on request.
12. You can call these HSKP, when you want your room done.
                                How to Express

Ⅱ. Turn-down service

1. May I do the turn-down service for you now?
  Yes, go ahead
2. I feel a bit cold when I sleep. Please get me a blanket
3. please bring us a bottle of just boiled water.
4. Would you like me to draw the curtains for you, sir and madam?
5. I’ll get there right away / I’ll bring it right away
6. I’ll be there in a few minutes .
7. Could you come back later?
8. Is there anything else I can do for you.
9. Have a pleasant evening.
                                 How to Express

Ⅲ. Leasing things

1. What can I do for you?
2. Could you bring……?/I want to borrow…….
3. Just a moment please. I’ll check if there is ……available.
4. What kind of bed do you want? For children or for adult.
5. I’m afraid we have to charge 50Yuan for……per night.
6. May I know your name and room number?
7. We’ll have your request registered at the Reception Desk first, and the
   charge will be billed to your room account.
8. Here is a slip. Please sign here.
9. Please return it to us after you use it.
                                  Practical Operation

1    Fill in the blanks to make a dialogue.
    1. C=Clerk G=Guest
    C: ________________. May I come in?
    G: Come in, please.
    C: ___________, sir and madam. ________________________________?
    G: Oh, we are expecting some friends. _____________________________?
    C: Certainly, sir, but it is 9 o’clock, and I go off at 10:00 p.m. ______________
        if I returned at 9:45?
    G: Well, I’m not sure. They may be a little late.
    C: ____________, sir. Just put out the “Do Not Disturb” sign, and if I see it, I
        won’t knock again.
    G: Then we don’t get the turn-down service?
                            Practical Operation

C: You will, sir. _______________________. They will serve you when you
   remove the sign.
G: You’ve been so helpful. Thanks. Would you tidy up the bathroom? I’ve
    just taken a bath and it is quite a mess now.
C: _____________. (In a while)
C: Your bathroom is in good order now.
   _______________________________, sir and madam?
G: Why not? That would be cozy.
C: May I turn on the light for you?
G: _____________. I’ll manage it myself.
C: _____________________________________?
G: No more. Thank you very much.
C: ____________. Good-bye, sir and madam, and _________________.
                                   Practical Operation

2   Role play

    Situation 1:
    The room attendant comes to the room. She/he finds out if the client would has
    like to have the room cleaned. The client doesn’t want the room cleaned because
    he caught a cold. The attendant offers some help.

    Situation 2:
    You want to offer the turn-down service, but the guest is waiting for a friend,
    he’d like you to clean the bathroom, and wants you to come 2 hours later,
    take the guest’s advice

    Situation 3:
    Make a telephone call: Jim Norton wants to use his electric razor, but
    it’s out of power. So he calls room service for borrowing a transformer.
Thank you for your attention!

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