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					Anne Arundel County                                       Edrich Farms                                          Baltimore City                                           Ottenberg's Bakery
                                                          Randallstown MD 21133                                 Berzaci Inc.                                             Eldersburg MD 21784
Arrowhead Hill Organic Farms                              Phone: 410-922-6523                                   Baltimore MD 21223                                       Phone: 410-549-3362
Edgewater MD 21057                                        Email:                    Phone: 443-703-4001                                      Email:
Phone: 410-703-8997                                       Website:                                              Email:                           Website:
Email: chris@arrowheadorganics                            Certified Producer: Wheatgrass, Sprouts               Website:                                     Certified Handler: Bread
Website:                                                                                  Certified Handler: Semi Finished Product for Pastry,
Registered Exempt: Vegetables                             Hillcrest Nursery                                     Gelato and Ice Cream                                     Cecil County
                                                          Manchester MD 21102
Chesapeake Bay Roasting Co.                               Phone: 410-239-7781                                   Cloverland Dairy                                         Bank Barn Farm
Crofton MD 21114                                          Email:                             Baltimore MD 21218                                       Colora MD 21917
Phone: 410-451-6600                                       Website:                             Phone: 410-235-4477                                      Phone: 410-658-7266
Email:                               Certified Producer: Herb and vegetable cellpacks,     Email:                       Email:
Website:                             wholesale only                                        Website:                         Registered Exempt: Vegetables
Certified Handler: Coffee                                                                                       Certified Handler: Milk Products
                                                          Hybridoma Fruit Farm                                                                                           Calvert Farm
Ivy Neck Farm                                             Baldwin MD 21013                                      Caroline County                                          Rising Sun MD 21911
Harwood MD 20776                                          Phone: 410-592-2030                                                                                            Phone: 410-658-3914
Phone: 410-353-3882                                       Email:                              Hanover Foods                                            Email:
Email:                                  Registered Exempt: Fruits, Berries                    Ridgely MD 21660                                         Certified Producer: Vegetables, Herbs, Fruits, Nuts
Website:                                                                                       Phone: 410-820-1500
Certified Producer: Vegetables, Herbs, Hay, Transplants   Koinonia Farm                                         Email: DAVID.HALL@HANOVERFOODS.COM                       Farr Place
                                                          Stevenson MD 21153                                    Website:                            Rising Sun MD 21911
Maryland Sunrise Farm LLC                                 Phone: 410-486-2405                                   Certified Handler: Sprouts                               Phone: 410-658-4681
Gambrills MD 21054                                        Email:                                                                             Email:
Phone: 410-778-2372                                       Website:                          Mueller Farm                                             Certified Producer: Organic Hay
Email:                             Certified Producer: Herbs                             Greenwood MD 21639
Website:                                                                                      Phone: 410-310-4290                                      Rumbleway Farm
Certified Producer: Vegetables, Berries, Herbs, Hay,      One Straw Farm                                        Email:                                 Conowingo MD 21918
Grain, Beef Cattle, Heifer raising                        White Hall MD 21153                                   Website:                                 Phone: 410-658-9731
                                                          Phone: 410-343-1828                                   Certified Producer: Hay                                  Email:
Baltimore County                                          Email:                                                                                   Website:
                                                          Website:                             Carroll County                                           Registered Exempt: Pasture
Abigails Manor Farm                                       Certified Producer: Vegetables
Kingsville MD 21087                                                                                             Eight Bells                                              Wallin Organic Farm
Phone: 410-592-6275                                       Seasoned Palate, Inc.                                 Taneytown MD 21787                                       Warwick MD 21912
Email:                            Towson MD 21286                                       Phone: 410-756-4028                                      Phone: 410-755-6677
Registered Exempt: CREP/Fallow Land                       Phone: 410-832-5300 ext 18                            Email:                               Email:
                                                          Email:                            Website:                                                 Website:
Baltimore Coffee & Tea Co. Inc.                           Website:                            Certified Producer: Hay, Pasture                         Certified Producer: Hay
Timonium MD 21093                                         Certified Handler: Spices
Phone: 410-561-1080                                                                                             Haylady                                                  Charles County
Email:                                 Tilley Chemical Co.,Inc.                              Taneytown MD 21787
Website:                                   Baltimore MD 21220                                    Phone: 410-259-6885                                      Next Step Produce
Certified Handler: Coffee                                 Phone: 410-574-4500                                   Email:                         Newburg MD 20664
                                                          Email:                            Website:                                                 Phone: 301-259-2096
Bellevale Farms, Inc.                                     Website:                           Certified Producer: Hay                                  Email:
Glen Arm MD 21057                                         Certified Handler: Organic Ethyl Alcohol                                                                       Certified Producer: Fruits, Vegetables
Phone: 410-592-6014                                                                                             Lovell Cattle Company
Email:                                   Warner Graham, LLLP                                   Union Bridge MD 21791                                    Dorchester County
Certified Producer: Milk, Hay                             Cockeysville MD 21030                                 New WindsorMD21791
                                                          Phone: 410-667-6200                                   Phone: 410-635-6161                                      Butter Pot Farm
Calvert's Gift Farm                                       Email:                        Email:                                 Cambridge MD 21613-3550
Sparks MD 21152                                           Website:                             Certified Producer: Pasture                              Phone: 410-228-3818
Phone: 410-472-6764                                       Certified Handler: SDA 38B-Rosemary and Lavender,                                                              Email:
Email:                                    SDA 38B Peppermint, SDA 38B Bergamot, SDA G-13,       Nev-R-Dun Farm                                           Certified Producer: Vegetables, Flowers, Fruits
Website:                         Organic Ethanol, and Other Organic Ethanol mixtures   Westminster MD 21158
Certified Producer: Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers,                                                                Phone: 443-340-7212
Mushrooms, Transplant                                                                                           Email:
                                                                                                                Certified Producer: Vegetables, herbs, grain, berries,
                                                                                                                flowers and transplants for sale
Frederick County                                            Mary's Delight Farm                                           Sunsethyme Farm                                          Deep Creek Farm
                                                            Sabillasville MD 21780                                        Woodsboro MD 21798                                       Whiteford MD 21160
Blue Faerie Farm                                            Phone: 301-241-4424                                           Phone: 301-845-4301                                      Phone: 410-452-5657
Middletown MD 21769                                         Email:                                      Email:                            Email:
Phone: 301-3715069                                          Certified Producer: Grain for animals, hay, pasture, sheep    Certified Producer: Vegetables, Herbs, Transplants for   Certified Producer: Hay, Corn, Barley
Email:                                                                                      Sale,
Website:                            Miolea Farm                                                                                                            Weststar Farm
Registered Exempt: Vegetables, Fruit, Beans                 Adamstown MD 21710                                            Terressentials, LLP                                      Churchville MD 21028
                                                            Phone: 301-466-2151                                           Middletown MD 21769                                      Phone: 410-836-2706
Bought The Farm, LLC                                        Email:                                         Phone: 301-371-7333                                      Email:
Thurmont MD 21788                                           Certified Producer: Vegetables, Fruit, Eggs, Herbs, Jam       Email:                      Certified Producer: Hay
Phone: 301-271-3167                                                                                                       Website:
Email:                                   Mountain Meadow Farm                                          Certified Handler: Organic Body Care Products            Howard County
Website:                              Sabillasville MD 20854
Certified Producer: Grains, Hay, Seed                       Phone: 301-983-1915                                           Thistledown Organics                                     Breezy Willow
                                                            Email:                           Upper Marlboro MD 20773                                  Sykesville MD 21784
Castle Henry Farm                                           Certified Producer: Hay                                       Phone: 301-440-8915                                      Phone: 410-442-1807
Frederick MD 21703                                                                                                        Email:                            Email:
Phone: 301-695-0260                                         Nick's Organic Farm, LLC                                      Certified Producer: Herbs, Berries                       Website:
Email:                               Adamstown MD 21710                                                                                                     Certified Producer: Peppers, Tomatoes, Herbs, Flowers,
Certified Producer: Milk, Hay                               Phone: 301-983-2167                                           Whitmore Farm                                            Squash
                                                            Email:                               Emmitsburg MD 21727
Country Pleasures Farm                                      Certified Producer: Grain, Hay, Grain, Layer and Broiler      Phone: 301-447-3611                                      Class Produce Group, LLC
Middletown MD 21769                                         Mash, Meat Chickens & Turkeys, Eggs                           Email:                                   Jessup MD 20794
Phone: 301-371-4814                                                                                                       Website:                              Phone: 410-799-5700
Email:                       Peace Hollow Farm                                             Certified Producer: Vegetables, Lambs, Goats             Email:
Certified Producer: Hay, Vegetables, Herbs, Nuts, Fruits,   Knoxville MD 21758                                                                                                     Website:
Beef Cattle, Preserves                                      Phone: 301-432-2974                                           Williams Farm                                            Certified Handler: Distribution of Organic Fruits and
                                                            Email:                                        Thurmont MD 21788                                        Vegetables
Fox Haven Farm                                              Certified Producer: Hay, Milk, Dairy Cattle                   Phone: 301-898-1528
Jefferson MD 21702                                                                                                        Email:                                Lancaster Foods, LLC
Phone: 301-748-2427                                         Raven Rock Farm                                               Certified Producer: Vegetables, Herbs, Fruit             Jessup MD 20794
Email:                                 Thurmont MD 21788                                                                                                      Phone: 800-247-8125
Certified Producer: Vegetables, Herbs, Flowers, Fruits,     Phone: 301-271-2043                                           Garrett County                                           Email:
Hay                                                         Email:                                                                                            Website:
                                                            Registered Exempt: Vegetables                                 Glade View Dairy                                         Certified Handler: Fruit and Vegetable Products
Good Faith Farm                                                                                                           Oakland MD 21550
Middletown MD 21769                                         Rights of Man Farm, LLC                                       Phone: 301-616-3074                                      Prime Cuts
Phone: 301-371-9698                                         Ijamsville MD 21754                                           Certified Producer: Hay, Corn, Dairy Cattle, Milk        Jessup MD 20794
Email:                            Phone: 301-663-0714                                                                                                    Phone: 410-799-4444
Certified Producer: Grain, Hay, Milk and Dairy Cattle       Email: LMWMATA@NETZERO.COM                                    Hardings Ginseng Farm, Inc.                              Email:
                                                            Certified Producer: Eggs, Vegetables, Hay                     Friendsville MD 21531                                    Certified Handler: Prepared organic fruits and vegetables
Heavenly Acres                                                                                                            Phone: 301-746-5380
Smithsburg MD 21783                                         Riverstone Farm                                               Email:                   R&R Trade International, Inc. t/a Orinoco Coffee & Tea,
Phone: 301-607-8231                                         Emmitsburg MD 21727                                           Website:                     Ltd.
Email:                               Phone: 240-405-2162                                           Certified Producer: Ginseng, Goldenseal                  Columbia MD 21046
Registered Exempt: Vegetables                               Email:                                                                                          Phone: 410-312-5292
                                                            Certified Producer: Hay                                       Ivan Kinsinger                                           Email:
Holterholm Farms                                                                                                          Oakland MD 21550                                         Website:
Jefferson MD 21755                                          Sattva Place                                                  Phone: 301-616-4826                                      Certified Handler: Coffee
Phone: 301-371-4255                                         Rocky Ridge MD 21778                                          Certified Producer: Oats, Corn, Other Grains, Milk
Email:                                Phone: 240-446-8556                                                                                                    Shaw Farms, Inc.
Certified Producer: Dairy Cows, Milk                        Email:                                        Harford County                                           Columbia MD 21044
                                                            Certified Producer: dairy cattle, Goats, Chickens, Turkeys,                                                            Phone: 410-531-9577
House In The Woods CSA                                      Eggs                                                          Cedar Hill Farm                                          Email:
Adamstown MD 21710                                                                                                        Darlington MD 21034                                      Website:
Phone: 301-461-6574                                         Summer Creek Farm                                             Phone: 410-836-2308                                      Certified Producer: Vegetables, Fruit, Berries
Email:                             Thurmont MD 21778                                             Email:
Website:                                Phone: 301-271-9399                                           Certified Producer: Milk, Hay, Dairy Cattle              Spirit Bliss Farm
Certified Producer: Vegetables, Herbs, Nuts                 Email:                                                                                      Mt.Airy MD 21771
                                                            Website:                                                                                       Phone: 301-703-4117
                                                            Certified Producer: Grain, Vegetables, Eggs, Fruits                                                                    Email:
                                                                                                                                                                                   Registered Exempt: Herbs, Vegetables, Grapes
Howard County                                               Terra Farm                                                Beltsville Agricultural Res. Center                        Ward Farm
                                                            Kennedyville MD 21645                                     Beltsville MD 20705                                        Centreville MD 21617
University of Maryland,REC, Central Maryland,               Phone: 410-348-5182                                       Phone: 240-832-1462                                        Phone: 410-758-2799
Clarkesville                                                Email:                                      Email:                            Certified Producer: Grain
Ellicott City MD 21042                                      Certified Producer: Corn, Barley, Soybeans, Hay,          Certified Producer: Research
Phone: 410-531-5556                                         Vegetables, Nuts, Fruit                                                                                              Somerse County
Email:                                                                                                Clagett Farm
Certified Producer: Research                                White House Farm                                          Upper Marlboro MD 20772                                    Cutfresh Organics, LLC
                                                            Chestertown MD 21620                                      Phone: 301-627-4662                                        Eden MD 21822
Kent County                                                 Phone: 410-348-5554                                       Email:                              Phone: 443-880-2911
                                                            Email:                                   Website:                               Email:
Andelot L.L.C.                                              Certified Producer: Vineyard, Hay, Vegetables, Fruit,     Certified Producer: Hay, Pasture, Grain, Herbs, Flowers,   Website:
Worton MD 21678                                             Flowers, Vegetable Transplants, Jelly, Eggs, Meat         Mushrooms, Vegetables, Fruit                               Certified Producer: Green Beans, Tomatoes
Phone: 410-778-3260                                         Chickens, Meat Turkeys
Email:                                                                                                Good Fortune Farm                                          University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Certified Producer: Grain for Animals                       Montgomery County                                         Brandywine MD 20613                                        Princess Anne MD 21853
                                                                                                                      Phone: 240-350-2111                                        Phone: 410-651-6168
Bluestem Farms LLC                                          Blue Sky Organics, LLC                                    Email:                                     Email:
Chestertown MD 21620                                        Poolesville MD 20837                                      Certified Producer: Vegetables, Fruit, Eggs                Website:
Phone: 410-778-2125                                         Phone: 301-580-7791 or 301-349-2373                                                                                  Certified Producer: Transitional Research
Email:                                Email:                              Keany Produce Company
Certified Producer: Peas, Soybeans                          Certified Producer: Lettuce, tomatoes, hay                Landover MD 20785                                          Chesapeake Organic
                                                                                                                      Phone: 301-772-3333                                        Marion Station MD 21838
Cheerful Echoes Farm                                        Inverness Farm                                            Email:                        Phone: 410-957-1565
Worton MD 21678                                             Dickerson MD 20842                                        Website:                              Email:
Phone: 410-778-2577                                         Phone: 301-972-7488                                       Certified Handler: Distribution of Organic Fruits and      Certified Producer: Hay, Vegetables
Email:                                        Certified Producer: Vegetables, Hay, Soybeans, Fruit      Vegetables
Certified Producer: Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Hay                                                                                                                                   Quindocqua Farms
                                                            Mayorga Coffee, LLC                                       Whole Foods Market - Mid Atlantic Kitchen                  Marion Station MD 21838
Fair Hill Farms, Inc.                                       Rockville MD 20850                                        Landover MD 20785                                          Phone: 443-994-6215
Chestertown MD 21620                                        Phone: 301-315-8093                                       Phone: 301-683-0060                                        Email:
Phone: 410-778-2372                                         Email:                             Email:                     Certified Producer: Vegetables
Email:                               Website:                            Website:
Certified Producer: Organic Hay, Corn, Soybeans             Certified Handler: Coffee                                 Certified Handler: Soups, Salad, Yogurt, Dip               St. Mary's County

Land's End Farm                                             Nick's Organic Farm, LLC                                  Woodmore Farms                                             Even' Star Organic Farm
Chestertown MD 21620                                        Potomac MD 20854                                          Mitchellville MD 20721                                     Lexington Park MD 20653
Phone: 410-788-4067                                         Phone: 301-983-2167                                       Phone: 301-390-4959                                        Phone: 301-866-1412
Email:                                   Email:                           Email:                                Email:
Certified Producer: Grain, Hay, Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts,   Certified Producer: Mash, Meat Chickens & Turkeys, Eggs   Registered Exempt: Vegetables, Herbs                       Website:
Beef Cattle                                                                                                                                                                      Certified Producer: CSA and Select Seeds
                                                            Our House, Inc./Sligo Creek Farm                          Queen Anne County
Moore Family Farm                                           Brookevillke MD 20833-1505                                                                                           Talbot County
Chestertown MD 21620                                        Phone: 410-730-2146 or 301-519-1019                       Headlong Hall
Phone: 410-778-0710                                         Email:                                 Centreville MD 21617                                       Otwell Farm
Email:                               Website:                                Phone: 410-758-0402                                        Oxford MD 21654
Certified Producer: Hay, Grain                              Certified Producer: Vegetables, Herbs, Berries, Fruit     Certified Producer: Transitional                           Phone: 410-924-8320
Silk Farm                                                   Red Wiggler Community Farm                                Mason's Heritage Inc.                                      Website:
Still Pond MD 21667                                         Germantown MD 20876                                       Queen Anne MD 21657                                        Certified Producer: Grain, Pasture, Hay
Phone: 410-348-5811                                         Phone: 301-916-2216                                       Phone: 410-758-3054
Email:                              Email:                               Email:                                 Washington County
Certified Producer: Grain, Tomatoes, Blueberries, Apples    Website:                               Certified Producer: Grain, Vegetables
                                                            Certified Producer: CSA, Vegetables, Herbs, Flowers                                                                  Blueberry Hill Vegetables
Sunny Fields Farm                                                                                                     University of Maryland - Wye Angus and Wye Research        Clearspring MD 21722
Kennedyville MD 21635                                       Prince Georges County                                     Queenstown MD 21658                                        Phone: 301-842-1191
Phone: 410-648-5643                                                                                                   Phone: 410-827-7388                                        Certified Producer: Vegetables, Fruit
Certified Producer: Hay, Vegetables                         Accokeek Foundation/Ecosystem Farm                        Email:
                                                            Accokeek MD 20607                                         Registered Exempt: Research                                Mark Seibert
                                                            Phone: 301-283-2113                                                                                                  Clearspring MD 21722
                                                            Email:                                                                                            Phone: 301-730-6539
                                                            Website:                                                                                            Email:
                                                            Certified Producer: Vegetables, Herbs, Fruits, Flowers                                                               Website:
                                                                                                                                                                                 Certified Producer: Pasture
                                                                                               CERTIFIED MARYLAND ORGANIC
Washington County
                                                                                               FARMS The word “organic” means many things to
Rocky Knoll Farm                                                                               many people. However, it is a legal term which is
Hagerstown MD 21270                                                                            defined and governed by the United States Dept of
Phone: 301-582-3554                                                                            Agriculture. Organic food is produced by farmers who
Email:                                                                   emphasize the use of renewable resources and the
Registered Exempt: Vegetables
                                                                                               conservation of soil and water to enhance environmental
Wicomico County                                                                                quality for future generations. Organic meat, poultry,
                                                                                               eggs and dairy products come from animals that are
Down To Earth Organic Farm                                                                     given no antibiotics or growth hormones. Organic food is
Salisbury MD 21801                                                                             produced without using most conventional pesticides;
Phone: 410-749-8949                                                                            fertilizers made with synthetic ingredients or sewage
Email:                                                                 sludge; bioengineering; or ionizing radiation. Before a
Certified Producer: Vegetables Herbs, Transplants                                              product can be labeled “organic,” a Government-
Jolleys Hill                                                                                   approved certifier inspects the farm where the food is
Mardela Springs MD 21837                                                                       grown to make sure the farmer is following all the rules
Phone: 410-883-2499                                                                            necessary to meet USDA organic standards. Companies
Registered Exempt: Vegetables                                                                  that handle or process organic food before it gets to your
                                                                                               local supermarket or restaurant must be certified, too.
Patty's Garden LLC                                   NOTE:                                                 Organic certification means anyone who
Mardela Springs MD 21837                             Farms and handling operations that sell   produces, processes or handles organic agricultural
Phone: 410-572-6824
Certified Producer: Transplants, Vegetables, Fruit   less than $5,000 a year in organic        products must be certified by a USDA-accredited
                                                                                               certifier in order to sell, label or represent their products
                                                     agricultural products are exempt from     as “organic.” Organic certification is not a guaranty of
                                                     certification. They may label their       quality or purity of the product. Rather, it is evidence of
                                                     products organic if they abide by the     the operation’s adherence to a prescribed system of
                                                                                               agriculture and food production.
                                                     standards, but they cannot display the                The Maryland Organic Certification program
                                                     USDA Organic Seal                         is designed to provide assurance to consumers who
                                                                                               purchase organic products that the products were grown
                                                                                               according to the national organic standards. The
                                                                                               Maryland Dept of Agriculture is accredited by the USDA
                                                                                               for compliance with the National Organic Program.

                                                                                                                    Martin O’Malley

                                                                                                                       Earl F Hance
                                                                                                                  Secretary of Agriculture

                                                                                                                     Deanna Baldwin
                                                                                                                     Program Manager
                                                       MARYLAND DEPARTMENT OF
                                                         ORGANIC CERTIFICATION
                                                      50 HARRY S TRUMAN PARKWAY
                                                           ANNAPOLIS, MD 21401                                                                                 Updated July 2011
                                                              (410) 841-5769

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