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									                                       Indian Oil Corporation Limited
                                            Refineries Division
                                              Gujarat Refinery
                                            Notice Inviting Tender
    Tender Notice No: JC12CLT367                                                   Due Date: 05-Sep-2012

Sealed tenders are invited in two bids (Part - I Techno Commercial Bid and Part - II Price Bid) from bonafide
experienced contractors of financial standing and reputation for the work as per details given below.

Name of the work and location                       Civil & Electrical works for replacement of false
                                                    ceiling in Hospital at Gujarat Refinery Township.

Cost of tender document (non-refundable)            Rs. 1000.00              (#)
Tender Issuing Authority                            Chief Manager (Contracts), Gujarat Refinery
Time limit for issuing tender documents             Upto 3-00 P.M. only on all working days from
                                                    23-Aug-2012 to 04-Sep-2012
1. Annual turnover during any of the preceding 3 financial years shall be at least (Rs. in Lacs): 12.82
2. Work s u c c e s s f u l l y executed & completed by the bidder during any of the last five preceding
   financial years including current year but upto the last date for sale of tender.
                                                     1 similar completed work costing not less than Rs. 10.68 Lacs
                                           OR 2 similar completed works each costing not less than Rs. 8.55 Lacs
                                           OR 3 similar completed works each costing not less than Rs. 6.41 Lacs
Civil works / Civil works with associated electrical works shall be considered as similar nature of work.

Tender Receiving Authority                    Chief Manager (Contracts),
                                              Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Gujarat Refinery, Jawaharnagar,
                                              Phone : 0265-2237181, Fax : 0265-2233380

Last date of receipt of Tender document       Tenders duly filled in as per procedure laid down in tender
                                              document along with EMD upto 3-00 P.M. on 05-Sep-2012

Date and time of opening of Part - I          3.30 P.M. on 05-Sep-2012 in the presence of intending tenderers,
(Techno Commercial Bid)                       at the office of the Chief Manager (Contracts), Gujarat Refinery.
                                              The price bids of Technically acceptable tenderers only shall
                                              be opened in the presence of intending tenderers after giving due
                                              intimation to them.

Earnest Money Deposit                         Rs. 22,000.00                  (#)

Time allowed for completion of job            04 (Four) Months

   The tenderer shall furnish the proof of their pre-qualification as per NIT, experience giving work orders,
satisfactory completion certificates, audited balance sheet and profit and loss account statements. Provident
fund registration, PAN Details alongwith their bid. In case tenderer submits the work order(s) of Private Limited,
Partnership or Proprietary firms, then the tenderer should also submit the TDS certificates(s).

# Earnest Money Deposit and Tender Fee shall be made by way of demand draft / pay order / bankers
cheques only, drawn in favour of 'The Accounts Officer, Gujarat Refinery' and payable at 'Vadodara'.
                                        Indian Oil Corporation Limited
                                             Refineries Division
                                               Gujarat Refinery
                                             Notice Inviting Tender
    Tender Notice No: JC12CLT367                                                    Due Date: 05-Sep-2012

   The Tender Document is also available on our website: and can be
downloaded from the website. No tender fee shall be required to be submitted for web downloaded

   The tenders shall be obtained by the bidders either from the Tender issuing authority or downloaded
from t h e w e b s i t e by t h e b i d d e r s themselves. Tenders obtained from
any other source shall not be accepted.

   The EMD shall be submitted along with the techno-commercial bid without which the offer shall be liable for

  Public Sector Undertaking of Central / State Government/ JV of IOCL are exempted from payment of
EMD and Tender Fee.

   Small Scale Industries units registered with National Small Industries Corporation Ltd. and having valid
registration under Single Point Registration Scheme for the items of job / work as per NIT as of the bid opening
date for the tendered work are exempted from payment of EMD and Tender Fee.

   The tenders shall be sealed superscribed with number, details & due date of its opening.

  The tender issuing authority reserves the right to refuse issue of tender documents to any party or to reject
any or all of the tenders or any part of the tender without assigning any reason.

   The OWNER reserves the right not to accept the lowest rates quoted by the tenderer.

   Telex / Telegram / Fax / E-Mail offers shall not be accepted.

   The tender receiving authority takes no responsibility for delay, loss or non receipt of bids sent by post /
courier service.

   Tendering can be abandoned without assigning any reason. No compensation shall be payable for the
efforts made by the bidder.

   Any legal dispute shall be within the jurisdiction of Vadodara District Court.


Jawaharnagar, Vadodara 391320                                                 Chief Manager (Contracts)

Notice Board: Contract Cell

CC: Ex. Engr., PWD / W. Rly / BMC / GSFC / MES / AAI

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