Benefitting from a Captioned Telephone

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					Benefitting from a Captioned Phone

Captioned phones offer a great opportunity for people to communicate with those with disabilities.
Having a disability can make communication difficult on both ends, to the point where it can be a
frustrating experience.

People might not be able to hear each other when communicating over the phone, and this is especially
difficult for those who have hearing disabilities. Not only are the sounds going to be limited that people
are able to process (if they are able to process them at all), but such a scenario also removes a person’s
ability to lip read.

All in all, this is a difficult situation to be in. Communication is essential for maintaining relationships
between people, and the removal of that ability in any form is tough to deal with.

Leveling the Playing Field
Luckily for those who are in need, there are ways to level the playing field. Captioned phones are one of
the useful and innovative advances that people can take advantage of in order to get better results
when communicating with friends and family.

                                         This equipment performs a fairly straightforward function that is
                                         incredibly useful- it recognizes voice input and then transcribes it.
                                         This transcription is then sent to the other linked phone, where
                                         the text is displayed on a mounted screen in front of the other

                                        With this equipment, people are free to speak into phones and
                                        then have their voices transcribed, so that the other person can
read it. This process happens in real time, with very little lag on either end.

Put simply, this is a process that facilitates communication that is just a bit slower than having a face to
face conversation with someone. It is important to note that technological advancement and evolution
is what makes this process possible and feasible.

Voice Recognition
Voice recognition systems have been plagued in the past because of their limited ability to accurately
pick up speech. Picking up speech and recognizing it accurately is a huge technological hurdle that has
been difficult to overcome for many years.

What makes voice recognition so traditionally difficult
is the fact that while these units might be acceptable at
picking up a normal voice, they have not been very
good at picking up accent, inflection, or volume.
Therefore, previous attempts at such a service have
fallen short due to the limitations of the technology
being used.
Recent technological advancements have progressed science to a point where voice recognition is viable
and effective. As such, caption calling is an effective and efficient way for people to have a conversation,
even over great distances.

Where our own ears might fail us when it comes to concerns like low volume or accent, having a display
screen which is able to pick things up is essential to being able to get through a conversation
unimpeded. Therefore, it is an investment that is well worth it all ion nature.

One of these devices should be able to change the way that people are able to communicate with each
other. As such, it is a worthy addition to any home.