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					Disaster risk management:                         FAO Climate change projects and programmes
                           Excel Extract Report from the FAO Field Programme Management Information System (FPMIS)
                                                       Last updated: 20th January 2010

        Recipient     Project                      Project Title                           Start Date
        Countries    Symbol
 1     Bangladesh   BGD/01/004    Local Level Capacity Building for Disaster Risk           2006-11
                     / / 01/31 Management in Agriculture (LDRRF, Compoent 3c of the
                                  CDMP): Inter-agency Agreement number 26001

 2     Bangladesh   BGD/01/004 Comprehensive Disaster Management Programme                  2004-06
                     / /01/99  (CDMP): FAO Component: Sustainable Livelihood

 3     Bangladesh   BGD/01/004 Strengthening Disaster Preparedness in the Agricultural      2004-03
                        /                              Sector

 4       Belize     TCP/BZE/32 Improved national and local capacities for hurricane         2008-12
                        02        related disaster mitigation, preparedness and
                                        response in the agricultural sector

 5       Bolivia    OSRO/BOL/ Establecimiento de sistemas de gestión de riesgos en las      2008-09
                     802/ITA     Prefecturas del Beni y Potosí y dieciséis municipios
                              altamente expuestos a riesgos que afectan a la actividad

 6       Bolivia    OSRO/BOL/     Rehabilitación de los desastres naturales 2006/2007 y     2007-08
                     703/ITA          preparación ante eventos futuros en Bolivia

 7      Burundi     OSRO/BDI/8   Projet de sécurité alimentaire en appui aux populations    2008-12
                      09/EC                                                    a
                                 rurales et périurbaines vulnérables ainsi qu’ u système
                                     d’ lerte précoce et de surveillance de la sécurité
                                                  alimentaire au Burundi.
8    China Peoples'   TCP/CPR/2     Strengthening Capability of Risk Management of the     2004-02
       Republic          902        Animal Husbandry Sector and Promoting Sustainable
                                    Development in the Grazing Area of Qinghai Province

9    China Peoples'   TCP/CPR/3       Strengthening Disaster Preparedness in the           2007-07
       Republic          105                      Agricultural Sector

10      Djibouti                        u
                      OSRO/DJI/9 Appui d’ rgence aux populations agropastorales et péri-   2009-11
                       02/CHA      urbaines djiboutiennes souffrant de malnutrition et
                                 menacées de perdre leurs moyens de subsistance dans
                                     un environnement de sécheresse récurrente et
                                        nécessitant des alternatives d’ daptation

11     Dominica        TCP/DMI        Assistance to improve disaster risk management

12       Egypt        UNJP/EGY/ Climate Change Risk Management in Egypt (MDGF-1675)        2008-11

13      Ethiopia      ETH/94/004/      Support to the National Programme on Disaster       1996-07
                        /09/12            Prevention Preparedness and Mitigation

14     Honduras       TCP/HON/3       Capacitación en gestión de riesgos y respuesta a     2008-07
                         202                            desastres
15    Hungary     TCP/HUN/3     Support to the development of a strategy for territorial   2004-11
                     002       organization and sustainable land management in areas
                                            with high natural disaster risk

16    Jamaica     TCP/JAM/32 National Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response         2008-08
                  02 BABY02               Plan for the Agricultural Sector

17    Moldova     TCP/MOL/3 Assistance to restore winter wheat crop production and         2006-09
                     102    strengthen capacities to cope with the effects of adverse
                                                climatic events

18   Mozambique   UNJP/MOZ/    Strengthening Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency         2007-11
                   092/UNJ                        preparedness.

19     Nepal      UNJP/NEP/ Enhancing Capacities for Climate Change Adaptation and         2009-10
                   005/UNJ Disaster Risk Management for Sustainable Livelihoods in
                                            the Agriculture Sector

20     Nepal      TCP/NEP/32 Strengthening capacities for disaster prevention              2008-05
                      01     and Preparedness and Climate Risk Management
                                        in the Agricultural Sector
21      Peru       UNTS/PER/    Assistance for Natural disasters in Peru: from Damage    2006-11
                    001/UNJ     Limitation to Risk Management and Prevention Project

22   Philippines   TCP/PHI/32     Strengthening capacities for climate risk              2009-01
                      03      management and disaster preparedness in selected
                                 provinces of the Philippines (Bicol Region)

23   Saint Lucia   TCP/STL/32 Enhanced capacities for disaster risk mitigation in        2009-03
                       02            agriculture, fisheries and forestry

24   Seychelles    TCP/SEY/32     Natural Disaster Insurance Scheme for Farmers and      2008-11
                   02 BABY02                           Fishermen

25   Syrian Arab      GCP      Integrated and community based fire management (follow-   2008-05
      Republic     /SYR/012/IT               up phase to GCP/SYR/010/ITA)

26   Syrian Arab   TCP/SYR/30    Capacity building in drought early warning system for   2004-09
      Republic         02                              rangelands
27      Syrian Arab        GCP        Participatory and Integrated Forest Fires Management    2004-03
         Republic       /SYR/010/IT                            Plan

28       Tanzania       UNJP/URT/       Strengthening National Disaster Preparedness and      2008-03
                         129/UNJ      Response Capacity (Jun 2007 –Dec 2008) - One UN Pilot
                                                     Programme: Tanzania

29       Viet Nam       UNJP/VIE/0    Strengthening Capacities to Enhance Coordinated and     2009-10
                         37/UNJ          Integrated Disaster Risk Reduction Actions and
                                        Adaptation to Climate Change in Agriculture in the
                                       Northern Mountain Regions of Viet Nam - One Plan II

30      Zimbabwe        TCP/ZIM/31 Reducing forest fire emergencies during winter 2008 and    2008-08
                           02      beyond through stakeholder dialogue and preparedness

31    Regional Africa   TCP/RAF/67 Assistance to Develop a Disaster Preparedness Strategy     1997-10
                            20             in the Igad Region (Phase II RAF/4558)

32    Regional Africa; TCP/RAF/45         Assistance to Develop a Drought and Disaster        1995-09
      Djibouti; Eritrea;   58              Preparedness Strategy in the Igadd Region
     Federal Democratic
         Republic of
     Ethiopia; Republic
      of Kenya; Sudan;
      Somalia; Uganda

33    Regional Africa; OSRO/RAF/      Regional Support Programme for the coordination and     2008-01
      Djibouti; Federal 801/EC          capacity strenghtening for disaster and drought
         Democratic                            preparedness in the Horn of Africa.
         Republic of
     Ethiopia; Republic
     of Kenya; Somalia;
34     Regional Africa; OSRO/RAF/      Regional Support Programme for the coordination and     2009-07
     Federal Democratic 913/EC           technical supervision of disaster and drought risk
         Republic of                               reduction in the Horn of Africa.
     Ethiopia; Republic
      of Kenya; Uganda

35    Regional Latin     TCP/RLA/30    Emergency assistance to farmers affected by adverse     2004-09
      America; Cuba;         11        climatic events in the Caribbean and Central American
        Dominican                                              Regions
      Republic; Haiti;
36    Regional Latin     TCP/RLA/31     Asistencia para mejorar la capacidad local de          2006-06
      America; Cuba;         01          preparación y prevención ante emergencias
      Grenada; Haiti;                 agrícolas en los países del Caribe propensos a los
         Jamaica;                                         huracanes
ange projects and programmes
anagement Information System (FPMIS)
 uary 2010

                         End Date       Donor       Total       Division /                       Project Objectives
                                                   Budget         Office
                          2007-11       UNDP       $93,879     Environment DAE staff and local DMC members trained on disaster risk
                                                                , Climate reduction issues and location-specific technical options for
                                                               Change and    disaster risk management in agriculture, livestock and
                                                                Bioenergy fisheries; Pilot testing of agricultural adaptation options for
                                                                 Division                       improved DRM in Ag

                          2009-12       UNDP      $900,000     Environment       This programme has been designed from the
                                                                , Climate      Comprehensive Disaster Management Programme
                                                               Change and    Framework Document (2000). The long-term National
                                                                Bioenergy disaster management vision is to reduce the vulnerability of
                                                                 Division  the poor to the effects of natural, environmental and huma

                          2005-10        FAO      $322,413     Environment Within the framework of the National Agriculture Policy and
                                                                , Climate priorities of the Government’s current national development
                                                               Change and plan, the overall objective of the assistance is to assist in
                                                                Bioenergy    reinforcing and operationalizing the shift from relief to
                                                                 Division                        prevention/prep

                          2010-11        FAO      $473,763     Environment • Supporting small farmers in selected villages through the
                                                                , Climate     identification and demonstration of appropriate DRM
                                                               Change and technologies and practices (including exploring options for
                                                                Bioenergy    adoption of financial risk mitigation tools) and capacity
                                                                 Division                       building for replicati

                          2009-12        Italy    $309,601     Environment Contribuir al manejo de riesgos y reducción de desastres
                                                                , Climate          que afectan a la actividad agropecuaria.
                                                               Change and

                          2009-03        Italy    $1,064,342    Plant      Mejorar la seguridad alimentaria de familias afectadas por
                                                             Production &     desastres naturales y desarrollar un sistema piloto de
                                                              Protection         reducción de riesgos y respuesta a desastres
                                                               Division        agropecuarios, generando procesos de desarrollo.
                          2010-12      European   $1,231,737    Plant       Objectif global: contribuer à la restauration d'une sécurité
                                        Union                Production & alimentaire durable des populations vulnérables au Burundi.
                                                                             Objectif spécifique: renforcer la capacité d'auto-prise en
                                                                           charge alimentaire des populations rurales et périurbaines
                                                                          vulnérables et assurer le fonctionnement du Système SAP-
                                                                               SSA dans les provinces de Ngozi, Kayanza, Gitega,
                                                                                               Muramvya et Mwaro.
2005-12    FAO     $378,117   Environment    The long-term development objective of the TCP is to
                               , Climate    reduce the regular animal losses of pastoral herders in
                              Change and Qinghai due to recurrent natural disasters, and to build up
                               Bioenergy     their own capacities to prevent damage from natural
                                Division    calamities. The project will also contribute to the overall
                                          improvement of herder’s livelihoods, reduced environmental
                                           degradation and an increased capacity for risk prevention
                                                and management at local and provincial levels.

                                                              The immediate objectives are:
                                                 To develop a comprehensive pastoral risk management
                                                strategy, including annual risk management contingency
                                              plans for two counties in Qinghai Province as pilot areas for
                                                                     further replication;
                                               To develop and field test in selected villages together with
                                                  herders innovative risk management techniques and
                                               improved livestock production options to improve rational
                                                 utilization of the family-based ranches so as to reduce
                                                               losses when disasters occur.

                                          The TCP objectives are fully in line with the “ trategy for the
                                           Development of Western China”which China has set as a
                                          national strategy to promote sustainable development of the
                                                             country’s western region.
2009-12    FAO     $475,300   Environment Within the framework of the National Policy and priorities of
                               , Climate the Government's new legislation (2005) on natural disaster
                              Change and prevention, the overall project objective is to assist the MoA
                               Bioenergy in testing and operationalizing, the process of shifting from
                                Division                             an emerg

2010-06   UNOCHA   $200,000    Emergency Contribuer à l’augmentation de la résilience des populations
                               Operations    pastorales souffrantes de malnutrition et menacées de
                                  and             perdre leurs moyens de subsistance dans un
                              rehabilitation environnement de sécheresse récurrente et dépourvus
                                Division                    d’alternatives d’adaptation

           FAO     $250,000   Environment       Hurricane disaster mitigation for the agricultural sector,
                               , Climate       including fisheries and forestry, enhanced and measures
                              Change and         developed to reduce losses due to land degradation.

2011-11    Spain   $174,410    Land and       to help Egypt align its climate risk management and human
                                 Water         development efforts in pursuing the achievement of MDGs
                                Division         in the face of climate change and the predicted serious
                                                                   threats to the country;
1996-12    UNDP      $0        Agricultural
                              t Economics

2009-12    FAO     $21,775                         La Secretaría de Agricultura y Ganadería (SAG) ha
                                              solicitado a la FAO un apoyo específico para desarrollar en
                                                  sus unidades operativas los conceptos de gestión de
                                                    riesgos, evaluación de daños y preparación para
                                                     respuestas oportunas ante los efectos de desa
2007-10      FAO        $337,211 Environment     The overall objective of the project is to contribute to
                                   , Climate sustainable agriculture and rural development in areas with
                                 Change and high disaster risks and improved livelihoods for the rural
                                  Bioenergy                            population.
                                                             The immediate objectives are:
                                                            To design and develop an appro
2009-12      FAO         $92,293                       To assist the Government of Jamaica to:
                                              Review and assess the existing preparedness, response
                                                and recovery mechanisms of the agricultural sector to
                                                                     natural disasters.
                                              Prepare national disaster preparedness and emergency
                                                                response plans for the a
2008-12      FAO        $500,000     Plant     The project aims at contributing to the early recovery of
                                 Production &   agricultural activities in selected areas and enhancing
                                  Protection   coping mechanisms in times of external shocks such as
                                    Division        droughts and other adverse climatic events.

                                                               This will be achieved through:

                                                    the direct distribution of winter wheat seeds to the most
                                                        affected farmers (primary beneficiaries) and the
                                                    establishment of mechanism for seeds redistribution to
                                                                     secondary beneficiaries;
                                                     the creation of sources (seed buffer stock) of improved
                                                                        winter wheat seed;
                                                  the provision of training and technical support to extension
                                                  officers and farmers on critical aspects of crop production
                                                 and disaster risk preparedness and management system;
                                                   the definition of appropriate proposals for follow-up action
                                                 to ensure sustainable seed supply for the agronomic crops
                                                               grown in the Republic of Moldova;
                                                   the definition of appropriate proposals for follow-up action
                                                     to strengthen the national system and approaches for
                                                    prevention and preparedness to natural disaster risk in
2009-12     UNDP        $583,707  Emergency     Strengthening Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency
          Administere             Operations                         preparedness.
           d Donor                    and
          Joint Trust            rehabilitation
             Fund                   Division
2011-10     UNDP        $252,555 Environment 1) to assist the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives
          Administere              , Climate     (MoAC) in testing and operationalizing the process of
           d Donor               Change and     shifting from an reactive emergency response focused
          Joint Trust             Bioenergy intervention approach towards a pro-active natural hazard
             Fund                   Division                risk prevention/ preparedness or

2010-12      FAO        $470,000   Environment   Within the framework of the new National Policy and
                                    , Climate Strategy for Disaster Risk Management (under finalization,
                                   Change and Sept 2007) and priorities set in the Government’s Legislation
                                    Bioenergy and Disaster Management Act, the overall project objective
                                     Division                   is to assist the MoAC i
2009-03     UNDP        $262,240      Rural         The objectives reflect the need to act on all three
          Administere              Developmen      components of the disaster management equation:
           d Donor                  t Division Mitigating risks stabilising soils through the environmental
          Joint Trust                           management of rive-basin natural resources, improving
             Fund                                       housing and developing minor rural infra
2010-12      FAO        $469,000   Environment The long-term objective of the assistance is to develop the
                                    , Climate    capacity of the selected communities in Bicol to better
                                   Change and prepare them against recurrent natural disasters such as
                                    Bioenergy typhoons, floods and drought for improved livelihood and
                                     Division                     food security. It also in

2011-02      FAO        $359,000   Environment Improved service delivery capacities of agriculture, fishery
                                    , Climate and forestry line departments, and enhanced know how of
                                   Change and farmer’s and fishermen organisations to implement natural
                                    Bioenergy   hazard risk mitigation and preparedness measures, with
                                     Division                   particular emphasis on pr

2009-12      FAO        $23,840                The output of the mission would be a detailed framework for
                                                the more specific work that would need to be carried out at
                                                     a later stage according to the choice of option. This
                                                  framework should enable the Government to present its
                                                                  case with more weight both
2011-04      Italy      $900,000      Forest       Strengthen and mainstream policies, laws, regulations,
                                   Managemen strategic and management plans operational practices and
                                    t Division institutional capacity of MAAF to achieve greater integration
                                               and participation of communities to focus on livelihoods and
                                               integrated watershed and land-use approaches to reducing
                                               the negative impacts of fire and to facilitate management of
                                                            forest resources on a sustainable basis

2006-11      FAO        $241,067    Regional The development objective of the project is to contribute to
                                   Office for the the Government’s goals of reducing vulnerability to drought,
                                    Near East minimize its impact and facilitate post drought recovery and
                                                  ensure that household food security is not compromised by

                                                    The project will have the following specific objectives:
                                                  Train national staff in the collection, analysis, interpretation
                                                         and implementation of data needed for EWS
                                                  Establish a Drought Early Warning Pilot Unit for training in
                                                  Strengthen institutional capacity in drought early warning
                                                      with particular emphasis on pastoralists and agro-
                                                            pastoralists of Albadia and its margins.
2007-02      Italy     $1,031,592     Forest         Forest Fires destroy forest plantations, biodiversity and
                                     Resources       watershed potentials contributing to desertification and
                                      Division     global climate change. The project aims at involving local
                                                    people living adjacent to forest areas in the management
                                                  and protection of forest resources; by education those about
                                                         the function of forests, and by involving them in a
                                                     sustainable use of these forest resources. The aim is to
                                                   create local employment and income generation activities
                                                       for the local population with the aim of creation local
                                                   ownership of the resource base; at the same time develop
                                                        forest legislations and guidelines in the direction of
                                                   participatory management. The project aims at developing
                                                   participatory forest- and fire management models, as well
                                                   as to incorporate these models into a national Forest Fire
                                                                          Management Plan.
2009-08     UNDP      $1,000,000 Emergency        to strengthen national disaster preparedness and response
          Administere             Operations      capacity in three key areas: (1) disaster risk assessment; (2)
           d Donor                    and               disaster preparedness planning and early warning
          Joint Trust            rehabilitation     mechanisms on all administrative levels; and (3) building
             Fund                   Division                             response capacities
2011-11     UNDP       $450,000 Environment         to strengthen the institutional systems and processes for
          Administere              , Climate      disaster risk reduction and preparedness in order to reduce
           d Donor               Change and        vulnerability to climate extremes and strengthen resilience
          Joint Trust             Bioenergy                           to climate change impacts
             Fund                   Division

2009-12      FAO       $285,000     Subregional The specific project objective is to reduce the threat to rural
                                      Office for lives and livelihoods and to the natural environment caused
                                      Southern by wildfires in gazetted forests and forest plantations during
                                        Africa      the winter fire season of 2008 and beyond by increasing
                                                     awareness of stakeholders and by providing training in
                                                  forest fire prevention and control, thus leading to a reduction
                                                     of 80 percent in 2008 in fire incidences and damage as
                                                                     compared to earlier years.
1998-01      FAO       $146,000      Agricultural
                                    t Economics

1997-09      FAO       $174,161      Land and
                                     t Division

2009-06    European $4,027,892        Animal    Reduced vulnerability of (agro)-pastoralist communities in
          Commission                Production the Horn of Africa through strengthening their capacity to
                                    and Health withstand drought, and enhance their livelihood and drought-
                                     Division              related animal productions systems.
2010-06    European $1,123,596 Subregional To contribute to saving lives, alleviating human suffering
          Commission            Office for and pave the way for longer-term development actions by
                                 Eastern reducing vulnerability and strengthening capacity to respond
                                 Affrica    to recurrent droughts and other climatic hazards in the
                                                            affected areas of the H

2005-08      FAO       $398,937      Plant      The objective of the assistance is to contribute to mitigate
                                  Production & the negative impact of recent extreme weather phenomena
                                   Protection       (floods and mudslides) on vulnerability of affected
                                    Division     communities through a prompt resumption of agricultural
                                                             production by providing emerge

2008-05      FAO       $408,465   Environment     Apoyar a los Gobiernos de los países participantes a
                                   , Climate favorecer la seguridad alimentaria de los agricultores en las
                                  Change and       áreas más propensas a los riesgos por medio del
                                   Bioenergy      mejoramiento de los marcos institucionales y de las
                                    Division     opciones técnicas para la prevención de desastres, las
                                              intervenciones de emergencia y la asistencia agrícola post-

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