The Death of Arthur by xiaopangnv


									                                        CLASS NOTES
                                    from Le Morte D’arthur
1. Sir Thomas Malory (pg 169) –

2. Background of story (pg 170) –

3. Romance Hero (pg 170)–

4. Motif –

5. Common Romance Motifs (chart on page 176) –

       a. ___________________________       _______________________________

       b. ___________________________       _______________________________

       c. ___________________________       _______________________________

       d. ___________________________       _______________________________

       e. ___________________________       _______________________________

       f. ___________________________       _______________________________

       g. ___________________________       _______________________________
6. The first paragraph is an account of a dream. What animals does the king imagine attack him?

7. After Arthur is awakened from this nightmare, he falls asleep again and has another dream.
   Summarize this second dream.

8. Provide evidence that establishes Arthur as a romance hero.

9. How is the truce between Arthur and Mordred disturbed?

10. What do Arthur’s words reveal about him? What type of characterization is this?

11. Describe the battle between Mordred and Arthur.

12. Why does Lucan want to take Arthur to “some town”?

13. Explain the events surrounding Excalibur. How does this add to the romance motif?

14. What mysterious details surround Arthur’s last hours? What possibility do these details and the
    inscription on Arthur’s tomb suggest?

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