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                                         Southeastern Society of Pediatric Dentistry
                                                                                           March 11, 2012
                                                                  INSIDE THIS ISSUE

                                                                  President’s Message                page 1 & 2
                                                                  District III Leadership            page 3
                                                                  Highlights of Jan CE course        page 4 & 5
                                                                  District III Trustee report        page 6
                                                                  Frank Farrington Award             page 7 & 8
                                                                  Last Word                           page 9

                    S. Kim Jones
               SSPD President- Hickory NC                         residents. A new continuing education com-

             For over 15 years I have been attending the SSPD     mittee was appointed, Martha Hardaway (NC),
             meetings - before, during and after my pediatric     Mark Meyer (NC) and Jim McIllwain (Fla)
             dental residency. After a few years as a member,     accepted positions and will join Jim Nyland. A
             it was an honor to be asked to serve on the board,   destination was chosen for the 2013 resort
             then the executive board. I gradually made it to     meeting, Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort
             the top. (I did two years as secretary!)             and Spa, Destin, Fla. Wow! It is so great to be
                                                                  a part of a group that can take over and keep
             This year brought my opportunity to serve as         things going. Thanks to all, especially executive
             president. (A suite provided as a perk for the       board members.
             president - practically royalty!) There was go-
             ing to be a party. (Okay, social but it sounded      So stuff happens/ life happens. We do what we
                                                                  have to do. As pediatric dentists, we find our

             like fun!) With no resort meeting in 2012, this
             was going to be my only meeting to serve in this     lives can be very full; so full of work, sched-
             capacity. However, it just didn’t work out. BAD      ules, stuff, things, to do lists, committees, board
             NEWS! Unfortunately, a phone call early Friday       meetings, watching presidential debates………
             morning informed me that there was a family          Sometimes we feel we have to schedule time
             emergency. My son was in a car accident and          for family, friends, ourselves and the things that
             had a broken hip. GOOD NEWS! He would not            are important to us. Time passes quickly and we
             require surgery, but would be immobilized for a      don’t want to have missed out on something

             while. (He needed mom and mom needed to see          that really matters in our lives. Life can be over-
             him!) Everyone was great! Members stepped in to      whelming, it is about trying to find some kind of
             help with the meeting and kept me posted on how      balance.
             things we’re going with the meeting. ( And check
             up on my son’s status.) So the Atlanta meeting       I have to prioritize in my life because there is
             was successful, attended well by members and         never enough time to do it all. Pediatric dentistry
                                                                       President’s message continue on page 2
President’s Message Continued from page 1

is a passion for me as it is for most of you. I want to con-
tribute in my small way to something that means so much
to me. My contributions to the field of pediatric dentistry
are better by attending continuing education programs ,
joining and supporting professional groups, local, state,
region and national. It is my hope to help by serving on              FUTURE MEETINGS
committees and boards to further help children advocacy
groups , and through donations to programs that help           PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR:
children or educate those that can. I enjoy sharing ideas
with colleagues and answering questions for new practi-               2013 ANNUAL MEETING
tioners. So as I mark my calendar each year I include the                     January 11-13
dates to attend my annual meetings for NCAPD, SSPD,               The Ritz-Carlton Buckhead, Atlanta GA
and AAPD. I like being a part of a big picture that can do            The Best of Pediatric Dentistry
something that is important to me and affects so many          Drs. Mark Hans, Tom Kiebach, Tom Trinker &
others.                                                                         Frank Shull

There will not be a resort meeting this year. The next                   RESORT MEETING
meeting will be the annual meeting in Atlanta 2013, so                            2013
I hope you will mark your calendars. The committees                             April 4-7
and board will be planning ahead throughout the year. A         Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort & Spa
great time for our members to contact your SSPD board                        Destin Florida
members with ideas, suggestions, grievances, whatever is                     Program TBD
important to you that can make this an even better society.

Look forward to hearing from you and have a great year,


2011-2012 Officers                       Board of Directors

Kim Jones - President                          2013
1204 North Center Street                Kevin Raines - South Carolina
Hickory, NC 28601                       Email: kmraines@sc.rr.com
FAX: 828/327-9059                       Chester “Skip Tyson - North Carolina
Email: drkofhky@charter.net             Email: stysondds@bizec.rr.com

E. Gaines Thomas - President Elect       Nathan Kirk - West Virginia
801-B University Blvd South             Email: ktl4wvu@hotmail.com
Mobile, AL 36609
334/343-2170                            Jay Crews - Kentucky
FAX: 334/343-0835                       Email: jcrewsdmd@gmail.com
Email: egthomas@aol.com                 2014
                                        Joseph Faiz - Tennessee
Leigh Ann McIlwain–Vice President        Email: josephfaiz@gmail.com
4710 N. Habana Ave, #203
813/991/9893                            Virginia - Vacant
Email: ped2thdr@aol.com                 Mississippi -Vacant

William “Neil” Quinton – Secretary       Executive Director
837 South Main Street                   Jonathan Jackson - Georgia
Greenville, MS 38701                    755 Mt. Vernon Highway #100
662/334-9337                            Atlanta, Georgia 30328
FAX: 662/334-9897                       404/255-8443
Email: pediatricdental1@bellsouth.net   FAX: 404/255-1326
                                         Email: jmjdmd@hotmail.com
Board of Directors
                                        Resident Agent
2012                                    Chris Maestrello - Virginia
Gary Myers - Florida                    Email: chris.maestrello@verizon.net

J.C. Shirley - Georgia (at large)       Newsletter Editor

jcshirley@aol.com                       Howard Schneider - Florida
                                        Email: hssh@comcast.net
David Bradberry - Georgia
drbradberry@bellsouth.net               Resident Liasion
                                        Martha Hardaway - North Carolina
Stephen Greenleaf - Alabama             Email: kidssmiles@hotmail.com
Email: sgreen615@comcast.net

       Barrett Peters and John Svirsky                     Jim Nyland and Allen Rosenthal
                                                           thanking Frank for all his hard work

Paul Vitsky, April (Dentists4kids.com) and Phil Miller     Brandon Allen and Randy Adams

 Gaines Thomas presenting Jonathan Jackson               Frank Farrington, Allen Rosenthal and
 with President’s pin and plaque plaque                  Jim Nyland

Berning, Wherry, Pantoja & Kierns from Treloar &   Jeannie Beauchamp, District III Trustee
Heisel Inc

                     Joe Young                             Meggan Krause, Florida Resident

  Jim Nyland, Laura Miller, Leigh Ann McIlwain          Joseph Pantanjo and 2012 Residents
  and Phil Miller
                           DISTRICT III TRUSTEE REPORT

I hope everyone had a nice winter. It’s been mild in Tennessee except for the recent
storms. Hopefully there has been no damage to your homes or offices. I was glad I
got to meet with several of you in Atlanta at the SSPD Annual session. Once again
it was a good, educational and fun meeting.

The Board of Trustees of AAPD had a very productive mid-winter planning meet-
ing in January. The board has committed to sponsoring a new program with other
dental associations and the Ad Council. They are working on a new positive chil-
dren’s advertisement “Brush Your Teeth”. This will be monumental in educating
our patients and their families.

Please watch our AAPD website for continuing education. The joint AAPD and
AAO meeting in January at Marco Island, Florida was even better than anticipated with over 1200 in attendance.
There is a practice management course in Tampa, Florida in March. Then AAPD is putting on a course at the ADA
this fall in San Francisco, “Transitioning the Special Needs Patient to General Dentists”. We will try to train the gen-
eral practitioners to feel comfortable with our special needs patients whose dental requirements have out grown our

The Board and some State Representatives again went to Washington to visit Congress. We discussed the dental
needs of our patients. There were some good visits with our individual elected officials. Don’t forget to give gener-
ously to our PAC.

Many states are changing sedation requirements for dentists. Please know your state laws. There are courses offered
to help meet your needs.

There is an active task force to investigate the structure of the AAPD and strengthening our organization. I will keep
you abreast of it. There are 2 Southeast representatives – Mark Meyer and Scott Cashon. Any thoughts please contact

Don’t forget that San Diego is the place to be May 24-27. Our annual session is going to be great. It’s a beautiful
location with current continuing education courses. There is a forensic course all day Thursday with interesting case
overviews. Also on Friday our opening keynote speaker is Marcus Luttrell who wrote the book “Love Survivor”.
Please make your plans now. Our President Rhea Haugseth is from Georgia and we want to support her.

Please contact me if I can be of any help to you.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jeannie Beauchamp, D.D.S.
     The Frank Farrington Service and Leadership Award

To establish a Pediatric resident award by the Southeastern Society of Pediatric
Dentistry in honor of the 26 years of service and leadership bestowed upon the
SSPD by Dr. Frank Farrington.
This cash award is given Post - Residency annually at the January, SSPD meeting. 
Applicants are to self-apply for the award.  Candidates are eligible up to three
years after graduating.
Award is granted based on merit of leadership or service.  This includes, but is
not limited to, a community based dental service, leadership or service in a local,
state, or national dental organization.
The cash award should be significant enough to motivate individuals to compete
for this honor.  $2000 annually. In order to facilitate funding this will be a line
item added to the SSPD Dues statement for voluntary contribution by members. 
Donations are accepted any time on-line on the SSPD website.  You may also
donate by check made out to the SSPD and sending it in care of the Executive
Office at the Virginia address also listed on the website, with Farrington Award

in the memo line.   
On January 14, 2012 Frank Farrington officially turned over the reigns of Executive Director to
Jonathan Jackson, Atlanta, GA for the Southeastern Society of Pediatric Dentistry. Frank has
faithfully served this organization. He has kept records from the beginning of time, created
budget reports and balance sheets that only an accountant could decifer and has driven over
100,000 miles transporting society items and the Executive Secretary to Annual and Resort
meetings. In between board and executive committee meetings, he has worked the registration
desk and reached out to residents attending the meeting, caught up with colleagues, supported
our exhibitors and entertained us all with his amazing stories, wit and charm.

Frank has and will continue to be an integral part of the SSPD.
                         2011-2012 DONORS BY AMOUNT

GIFTS $2500 - $5,000
OFFICE OF CARL ATKINS, CHRIS              Donations are accepted any time on-line
MAESTRELLO, ART MOURINO &                 on the SSPD website.  You may also donate
                                          by check made out to the SSPD and send-
GIFTS $1000 - $2499                       ing it in care of the Executive Office at the
DAVID CROSSLEY                            Virginia address also listed on the website,
                                          with Farrington Award in the memo line.   
GIFTS $500 -$999

GIFTS $250 -$499

GIFTS $100 - $249

                             THE LAST WORD
                                       Frank H. Farrington
                                         Guest Editor

   I can’t tell you how surprised, honored and humbled I was at the January SSPD meeting
     to recognize residents and recent graduates for professional and community service.
  When I moved to Charleston to join the faculty of the dental school one of the first things
  John Corcoran advised me to do was join SSPD. After over 40 years that is still one of the
  best pieces of advice I have ever been given regarding my professional and personal life.

   We have been given the privilege to practice a great profession, with this privilege also
   goes a responsibility to give back to our profession and our community. The importance

    of getting involved needs to start in our graduate programs. The future leaders of our
                     profession and the SSPD are those in training today.

                                        THANK YOU !

    To draw a phrase from my dear friend Howard. THAT IS ONE MAN’S OPINION AND IS
                                   THE LAST WORD.

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