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					Citrus College
Registered Dental Assisting
                                                                                           • High demand field

                                                                                           • Los Angeles County average entry
                                                                                             level wage is $14.57 an hour

                                                                                           • Excellent working conditions

                                                                                           • One of the fastest growing
                                                                                             occupations in California

                                                                                           • Full and part-time work available

                                                                                           • Eight-week modules

                                                                                           • Day Classes
                                                                                             Program starts twice a year,
                                                                                             September and February

                                                                                           • Upon completion student may earn:
                                                                                              Associate in Science degree
                                                                                              Certificate of Achievement
                                                                                              Radiology license
                                                                                              Coronal polish certificate
                                                                                              Pit/Fissure Sealant Certificate
Enroll in the Citrus College Registered Dental                                                Eligibility for California State Boards
Assisting Program and prepare to become a                                                     Eligibility for National Certification
                                                                                              Exam (CDA)
professional member of a dental health team.
                                                                                           • In 2008, 95% of Citrus graduates
                                                                                             passed the State Boards
The Registered Dental Assisting Program       What is the job of a dental assistant?
at Citrus College offers comprehensive        The dental assistant is a valuable mem-      • 18 units may be applied to an
training courses that prepare students for    ber of the dental health team and needs        associate in science degree
a career in a high-demand field that          specialized skills and training. A dental    • Financial aid is available to
offers good starting salaries and excellent   assistant prepares patients for treatment,     qualified students.
working conditions.                           assists the dentist during procedures,
                                                                                           • Citrus College’s program costs about
                                              takes and processes dental x-rays,             $2,000 in comparison to private
This exceptional training includes hands-     prepares dental materials, maintains and       colleges that cost about $12,000.
on experience in dental offices which will    sterilizes instruments, and conducts
                                                                                           • Assessment test required for associate
help develop technical and social skills      business office procedures.
                                                                                             degree, certificate of achievement and
that will prepare the student to work in                                                     transfer students.
a professional and highly competent           A Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) can
manner. Students will have the opportu-       find employment in private dental prac-      • Accredited by ADA and Dental
nity to use state of the art dental equip-    tices, clinics, public health departments      Board of California
ment while training in the program.           or hospitals. The dental assisting profes-
                                              sion is projected to be one of the fastest
Most graduates find employment before         growing occupations in California.
or within weeks of graduating. The
                                                                                                   Registered Dental
valuable learning experience at Citrus                                                             Assisting Program
College motivates students to pursue fur-                                                           (626) 914-8728
ther dental education and move up the                                                        1000 West Foothill Boulevard,
                                                                                            Glendora, California 91741-1899
dental career ladder.
Citrus College
Dental Assisting
College Admission                         Transfer Requirements                      Citrus Community College District
Admission to Citrus College is open       Transfer requirements can be integrated    Board of Trustees
to high school graduates and any          with the associate degree option so that
person 18 years of age or over.           you may receive a degree at the time of    Mrs. Susan M. Keith
                                                                                     Claremont/Azusa/La Verne/Pomona
                                          transfer. See a counselor for specific     Representative
To enroll, submit an application for      requirements for your major. Course
admission online at:                      requirements may vary among colleges.      Mrs. Joanne Montgomery                                                   Monrovia/Bradbury/Duarte
                                          For more information                       Representative
New students enrolled in five or          Admissions and Records
more units and planning to earn an        (626) 914-8511                             Dr. Edward C. Ortell
associate degree, a certificate of        Campus Tours                               Representative
achievement, or a skill award must        (626) 857-4162
take an English and math skills           Career and Transfer Center                 Dr. Patricia Rasmussen
assessment. In addition, new stu-                                                    Glendora/Azusa/San Dimas
                                          (626) 914-8639                             Representative
dents who plan to enroll in English,
mathematics or reading classes must       Counseling and Advisement Center
participate in the skills assessment      (626) 914-8530                             Dr. Gary L. Woods
process.                                  Financial Aid                              Representative
                                          (626) 914-8592
Concurrent Enrollment for                 General Information                        Dr. Geraldine M. Perri
High School Students                      (626) 963-0323                             Superintendent/President
Some programs and classes are             Student Activities
available to current junior and           (626) 914-8601
senior high school students.
                                          Testing Center
Interested students should contact
                                          (626) 857-4035
their high school counselor or the
college’s Admissions and Records          TTY
Office.                                   (626) 914-8674
Associate Degree                          (626) 914-8675
For an associate degree, a student
must complete 60 degree applicable
units of work and fulfill specific gen-
eral education requirements, includ-
ing electives and physical education.
A cumulative grade-point average of
2.0 (“C”) or above is required.

For detailed information, refer to the                                                            Registered Dental
college catalog or consult a coun-                                                                Assisting Program
selor.                                                                                             (626) 914-8728
                                                                                         1000 West Foothill Boulevard,
                                                                                        Glendora, California 91741-1899

                                                                                      Citrus College is an Equal Opportunity
                                                                                      Institution. Citrus College publications are
                                                                                      available in an alternate format upon request
                                                                                      by persons with verifiable disabilities.

                                                                                      Rev. 2/10

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