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        University Programs
        and Services to Support
        Student Success.

This Faculty Resource Guide includes information on university resources,
supports and cocurricular programs available to our students. The guide is
designed to help new and adjunct faculty become knowledgeable resources
regarding cocurricular programs and services in order to encourage and
support student learning and success. My hope is that this guide will help
you easily access these resources when a student question or problem
arises and you need guidance and answers. I also hope that by sharing this
information we can better partner to support students during their
collegiate years.

The Division of Student Affairs develops and implements many of
the programs and services found in the Faculty Resource Guide. We
provide support services, such as counseling, advising and disability
accommodations, along with other programs that inspire transformative
learning, promote socially responsible leadership, build community,
and support students’ intellectual, personal, spiritual, social and civic
development. The Division of Student Affairs is delighted to contribute to
DePaul’s vibrant and growing community in these ways.

Members of my division are available to assist in helping you identify
appropriate programs and resources for your students. Please take
advantage of our expertise and reach out to us if you have questions or
need additional information regarding cocurricular learning and student
support services.


Cynthia Summers
Interim Vice President for Student Affairs

TABLE OF      Contents

St. Vincent de Paul | 6             SCHOOLS | 24
History of the University | 6
The University Seal and             ACADEMIC SUPPORT
    Coat of Arms | 7                SERVICES FOR STUDENTS
The Tree of Wisdom | 7              Academic Advising | 25
                                    Libraries | 25
HISTORY AND TRADITIONS              Office for Academic Advising
General | 8                            Support | 26
President | 8                       Student Support Services TRiO | 26
Athletic Nickname | 8               Tutoring | 27
Athletics | 9                       Tutoring—Math | 27
University Colors | 9
DePaul University Fight Song | 9    POLICIES AND
Schools and Colleges | 9            EXPECTATIONS
                                    FERPA/Student Privacy at DePaul | 28
DEPAUL LINGO | 10–15                Academic Integrity | 28
                                    Student Handbook | 28
QUESTIONS FACULTY                   Code of Student Responsibility | 29
MAY ASK                             Alcohol | 29
About Student Behavior | 16         Hazing | 29
About University Counseling         Illegal Use or Possession of
  Services (UCS) | 18                   Controlled Substances | 29
About Faculty Resources | 19
                                    STUDENT SERVICES
QUESTIONS STUDENTS                  Provided by Student Affairs
MAY ASK                             Adult, Veteran and Commuter
About Academics and Studying | 21      Student Affairs | 30
About Student Organizations | 21    Athletic Academic Advising | 30
About Student Life | 22             Catholic Campus Ministry | 30
                                    Center for Intercultural Programs | 31
                                    Center for Students with
                                       Disabilities | 31
                                    Dean of Students | 32

Assistant Dean of Students/                Ray Meyer Fitness and
   Community Resources | 33                Recreation Center | 42
DePaul Student Health Service | 33         Student Accounts | 42
Health Insurance for Students | 33         Student Centers | 42
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender,       Student Legal Services | 43
   Questioning and Allies (LGBTQA)         Student Records | 43
   Student Services | 33                   Women’s Center | 43
Sexual Health and Violence
   Prevention | 34                         CAMPUS SECURITY
Substance Abuse Prevention                 AND TRANSPORTATION
   Services | 34                           Public Safety Office | 44
Multicultural Student Success | 34         Parking Services | 44
New Student and Family                     Public Transportation | 44
   Engagement | 35
Religious Diversity | 36
Residential Education | 36
Student Involvement | 36
Student Leadership Institute | 37
University Counseling Services | 37
Vice President for Student Affairs | 38
Vincentian Community Service
   Office | 39

Provided by other university departments
or divisions
Alumni Sharing Knowledge | 40
Career Center | 40
DePaul Central | 41
Financial Aid | 41
Financial Fitness Program | 41
Housing Services | 41
International Student Office | 42
PNC Bank | 42

ALL ABOUT       DePaul

ST. VINCENT DE PAUL                      HISTORY OF THE
The university takes its name and        UNIVERSITY
founding mission from St. Vincent        The religious community founded
de Paul. Born a peasant in 1581,         by St. Vincent, commonly known as
St. Vincent developed a keen interest    Vincentians, established St. Vincent’s
in empowering the poor and increasing    College in 1898 and endowed it with
the availability of education. He was    a distinctive spirit: to foster in higher
a compassionate and deeply spiritual     education a deep respect for the
priest who brought together and          God-given dignity of all persons,
inspired groups of like-minded women     especially the materially, culturally
and men to join him in addressing the    and spiritually deprived, and to instill
needs of the poor and the reasons        in educated persons a dedication to the
for their poverty and marginalization.   service of others. The college continued
Vincent also was a man of wisdom who     Vincent de Paul’s legacy of service
believed in the power of education to    through its commitment to education
transform the world for the better. He   and Chicago’s underprivileged
believed in the sacredness of human      populations.
life and the God-given dignity and
inestimable value for each person.       Today, DePaul is the largest Catholic
                                         university in the United States and the
                                         largest private university in Chicago.
                                         The university enrolls a richly diverse
                                         population of more than 25,000

                                         DePaul offers study in each of its
                                         academic colleges: Liberal Arts and
                                         Social Sciences, Science and Health,
                                         Business, Education, Communication,
                                         Music, Theatre, Computing and Digital
                                         Media, New Learning and Law. In
                                         addition, its reach extends around the
                                         globe, from its MBA and other degree
                                         programs offered in Taiwan, Bahrain and
                                         Kenya, to its many programs of foreign
                                         study all over the world.

    THE UNIVERSITY SEAL                          THE TREE OF WISDOM
    AND COAT OF ARMS                             The symbol expresses the university’s
    The main section of the shield consists      integration of education and religion
    of nine panes forming a heraldic cross,      by combining the forms of a tree and
    the symbol of the Christian faith.           a cross. Central to the symbol is a
    The center pane holds a heart which          modified cruciform, suggestive of the
    represents St. Vincent de Paul. The          Catholic roots of the university. This
    pane above the heart holds a crescent        cruciform is also expressive of the
    symbolizing Mary, the Immaculate             human form, with arms uplifted and
    Conception, the patroness of the             outstretched to give spirit and life to the
    United States.                               environment. The figure stands erect
                                                 and balanced, suggesting strength in
    The upper section contains a fleur-de-lis,   knowledge and values.
    symbol of France, Vincent’s homeland.
    Three are shown, representing the            Viewing the symbol as a single unit, one
    Trinity. This section also carries two       sees our Tree of Wisdom resting firmly
    symbols of Chicago: a line suggestive        on the ground, with its square base
    of the wall of a fort represents Fort        and raised limbs in symmetry. It has
    Dearborn and the phoenix rising from         age and fullness in its trunk and limbs,
    the flames atop the shield is both a         suggesting tradition; and youth and
    symbol of the resurrection of Christ and     simplicity in its internal negative spaces,
    the resurrection of the city of Chicago      representing leaf forms suggestive of
    after the Great Fire of 1871.                sapling growth.

    The inscription 1898 refers to the year      Typographically, the symbol
    DePaul was first chartered by the State      incorporates and combines the lower-
    of Illinois as St. Vincent’s College. Also   case letterforms “d,” “p” and “u.” The “u”
    inscribed in the ribbon is the motto         form extends upward from the trunk as a
    of DePaul University: Viam sapientiae        true arc, a section of a perfect circle. Its
    monstrabo tibia, which is taken from the     position relative to the figure represents
    biblical book of Proverbs (4:11) and is      support, rather than containment, just as
    translated “I will show you the way          the university supports the human spirit
    of wisdom.”                                  in the pursuit of knowledge and the
                                                 deepening of religious values.

  ALL ABOUT         Traditions

DePaul University is the nation’s largest
Catholic institution of higher education
and is the ninth largest private, not-
for-profit university in the nation. Of
the 10 largest private universities, all
except DePaul are classified as “research
extensive” universities, making DePaul
the nation’s largest university with a
primary mission of teaching and service.

Rev. Dennis H. Holtschneider, C.M.

Blue Demons. In 1900, when the first
athletic team to represent DePaul
University was organized, the monogram
“D” was selected for the uniforms. From
this originated the nickname “D-men”
which evolved into “Demons.” The blue,
which combines with Demons, signifies
loyalty and was chosen in 1901 by a vote
of the student body.

ATHLETICS                                 SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES
Member of the BIG EAST Conference.        College of Communication, College
DePaul’s intercollegiate athletic teams   of Computing and Digital Media,
compete in NCAA Division I in: women’s    Driehaus College of Business, College
basketball, cross country, soccer,        of Education, College of Law, College of
softball, tennis, track and volleyball;   Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, School
men’s basketball, cross country, golf,    of Music, School for New Learning,
soccer, tennis and track.                 College of Science and Health, The
                                          Theatre School
Blue and red.

We will gather, ‘neath the banner
‘neath the scarlet and the blue.
While in song we sing your praises,
praises for old DePaul U.
Let the battle wage and threaten,
yours the victory to claim.
While we fight beneath your standard
proud: exalting in your name.

D E PAUL   Lingo

ALLSTATE                                  CSH
Allstate Arena. Home to Blue Demon        College of Science and Health.
men’s basketball. Located 35 minutes
from campus in the northwest suburb of    CTA
Rosemont.                                 The Chicago Transit Authority maintains
                                          and operates public transportation like
ATHENAEUM                                 the “L” and bus system.
Studio theatre used by the
Theatre School. Located at                CHICAGO QUARTER/
2936 N. Southport Ave.                    DISCOVER CHICAGO/
                                          EXPLORE CHICAGO
BROWNSTONE’S                              Part of the First-year Program. Students
The cyber café on the first floor of      choose a class called Discover or
the Lincoln Park Student Center; the      Explore Chicago as part of their first
coffee shop has a number of flat-screen   quarter at DePaul, also known as the
computers with printing capabilities.     Chicago Quarter.

                                          CLUB SPORTS
Home to Blue Demon women’s softball.
                                          The club sports program is administered
THE CAF                                   through Campus Recreation. The
The cafeteria. Located on floor 2 of      program is designed to serve student
the Student Center and floor 11 of the    interests in different sports and
DePaul Center.                            recreational activities. Club interest
                                          opportunities may exist for local,
CAMPUS CONNECTION                         regional and national competition.
The university online portal used to
conduct student, faculty and staff        COUNTDOWN TO
business such as employee services,       GRADUATION
grade reporting and tuition payments.     Quarter-long celebration that aims to
                                          provide educational workshops and
CBSL                                      entertainment opportunities to students
Community-based Service Learning          before they graduate from DePaul.
courses available for undergraduate       Departments from across the university
enrollment, founded to integrate the      collaborate and sponsor events
service concept into the university’s     specifically designed for graduating
curricula.                                students, including law, graduate and
                                          undergraduate students.
College of Computing and Digital Media.

DAB                                          DOMINICK’S
DePaul Activities Board. Main student        Chicagoland chain of grocery stores.
programming body responsible for             Located on the corner of Fullerton and
planning major campus events, including      Sheffield on the Lincoln Park Campus; it
Homecoming, Big Comic, Winter                also has a full-service pharmacy.
Quarter Concert and FEST.
DCSA                                         The Degree Progress Report (DPR) is
DePaul Community Service Association.        an academic planning tool accessed
Part of the Vincentian Community             through Campus Connection to help
Service Office, DCSA includes 21             students determine the courses and
student-coordinated volunteer                requirements needed to complete their
groups that work to transform social         degree at DePaul. The DPR also offers
structures in schools, community-based       course planning and what-if simulations
organizations and under-resourced            to explore additional major or minor
neighborhoods all over Chicago.              interests at DePaul.

DEMON EXPRESS                                FIRST-YEAR PROGRAM
The Demon Express account on your ID         A required portion of the Liberal Studies
works like a debit card and can be used      Program, which includes the Chicago
for purchases in the cafeteria, bookstore,   Quarter, Focal Point, First Year Writing
copy machines, etc. To add money to          and Quantitative Reasoning.
your Demon Express card, visit the
                                             FOCAL POINT
cashier’s office or Campus Connection.
                                             Part of the First-year Program, the focal
                                             point is a seminar that focuses on a
                                             person, place, event or text. The course
One-stop services to help students
                                             is taught with a multi-perspectival
manage the business side of being a
                                             approach on the assumption that
student at DePaul: registration, financial
                                             understanding is deepened when the
aid and payment.
                                             perspectives of various disciplines are
                                             brought to bear upon the same issue.
DePaul’s student–run newspaper.              HONORS PROGRAM
                                             An alternative to the Liberal Studies
                                             Program for well-prepared, serious
Desire2Learn is a Web-based learning
                                             students from any college and major.
tool used for course instruction.
                                             The program offers small, seminar-style
Professors can post course syllabi and
                                             classes and a dynamic array of core
readings. Students can host discussions,
                                             curricular activities within a community
post homework and submit writing
                                             of scholars.

Responsible for many aspects of living
on campus including: billing, work
orders, facility assistants, assignments,
room changes and the room reservation

Interfraternity Council is the governing
body of the fraternities at DePaul.

Intramural Sports. Program administered
through Campus Recreation, which
provides students with exercise,
recreation and fun in a relaxed, yet
structured, environment.

The elevated train is part of the public
transportation system in Chicago.

College of Liberal Arts and Social

The general education portion of the
curriculum in which all undergraduate
students (except those in the School for
New Learning) participate, regardless of
college and major.

Part of downtown Chicago and home
to the Loop Campus. The area is
vaguely bound by a loop created by
the “L” tracks.

Lincoln Park Campus. One of DePaul’s
campuses, located in the Chicago
neighborhood of Lincoln Park.

MASCOT                                        NEW STUDENT SERVICE DAY
DePaul’s mascot is a Blue Demon,              This community service day is held the
nicknamed DIBS (short for “Demon in a         day before fall quarter classes begin.
Blue Suit”).                                  Every student enrolled in a Discover
                                              Chicago class is required to participate
MEAL PLAN                                     and those in Explore Chicago are
One of the accounts on your DePaul            encouraged to do so as well.
ID card. Meal plans are available to all
students through a declining-balance          NSFE
debit card. Problems and concerns can         Office of New Student and Family
be directed to the Student Center’s           Engagement. NSFE is a department
administration office on the third floor of   in the Division of Student Affairs that
the Lincoln Park Student Center.              plans Premiere DePaul, Transition
                                              DePaul, works closely with the First-
MOC                                           year Program to implement the Chicago
Men of Color Initiative. Based in the         Quarter classes and hosts Family
Office of Multicultural Student Success,      Weekend.
MOC is an initiative dedicated to
ensuring the advancement of men of            OMSS
color at DePaul through a proactive,          Office of Multicultural Student Success.
personal and strengths-based approach.        OMSS is a department in the Division
                                              of Student Affairs that works to cultivate
THE MERLE RESKIN                              student success for students of color,
The Theatre School’s downtown theatre         low-income college students, or first-
located at 60 E. Balbo Dr.—just off           generation college students through
Michigan Avenue.                              sustained developmental programming,
                                              financial resources and advocacy.
Multicultural Greek Council. The              ORGSYNC
governing body of the culturally-based        An online community management
fraternities and sororities on campus.        system that provides students access to
                                              involvement opportunities at DePaul.
The standards and ideals upon which
the university was founded and
continues to operate. The distinguishing
characteristics of DePaul’s mission are
Catholic, Vincentian and urban.

Multipurpose Room. Large room on the
first floor of the Student Center used for
many events.

THE PIT                                     SLI
Large area in SAC between DePaul            Student Leadership Institute. SLI is a
Central and the Career Center. A great      department in the Division of Student
place to study, talk with friends or just   Affairs offering free workshops along
hangout.                                    with many opportunities that teach the
                                            principles and techniques of effective
PREMIERE                                    leadership, including the Emerging
Orientation program for incoming            Leaders Program and a certificate in
freshmen students offered by New            leadership development.
Student and Family Engagement, a
department in the Division of Student       SNL
Affairs.                                    The School for New Learning.

THE QUAD                                    SENIOR CAPSTONE
Grassy area on the west side of             Taken during senior year, this course
the Lincoln Park Campus between             brings together all of the learning that a
University Hall and Richardson Library.     student has done at DePaul.

THE RAY                                     SOPHOMORE SEMINAR
Ray Meyer Fitness and Recreation            Typically taken during the second
Center, operated by the Campus              year at DePaul, this course focuses on
Recreation Department.                      multiculturalism.

SAC                                         S.T.A.R.S.
Schmitt Academic Center.                    Student Together are Reaching Success
                                            (S.T.A.R.S.) is an academic success
SAGE                                        and retention program for first-year
Sage Medical Center. Home of DePaul         students administered by the Office of
Student Health Services, located at 1150    Multicultural Student Success. A peer
West Fullerton, second floor.               mentor in the S.T.A.R.S. program serves
                                            as an academic mentor, an advocate and
ST. VINCENT’S CIRCLE                        a resource for 10-12 students assigned
Landscaped area just off the Quad           to them as mentees. The program
between SAC and the library. Statues        specifically targets DePaul students who
depict St. Vincent de Paul interacting      are the first in their families to go to
with two students.                          college, are from low-income families or
                                            are students of color.
Student Government Association.
Students’ “voice” to the president and
the Board of Trustees.

STROBEL                                      UMIN
The Eldred C. Strobel Scholars Program       University Ministry. UMIN is an area
is a rigorous cohort program for             in the Division of Student Affairs that
accountancy majors who begin their           consists of three departments that offer
studies at DePaul autumn quarter after       religious programs and services, as well
senior year of high school.                  as community service opportunities.

STUDENT INVOLVEMENT                          U-PASS
The Office of Student Involvement (OSI),     CTA card for full-time students.
a department in the Division of Student      Provides unlimited rides on any CTA
Affairs, facilitates holistic learning and   transportation system.
develops socially responsible leaders
through coordination of on- and off-         V & L HOUSE
campus activities, as well as advisement     Vincent and Louise House. Program
and mentorship of commuter programs,         offered by Catholic Campus Ministry,
student organizations and fraternities       a department in the Division of Student
and sororities.                              Affairs. This residential program
                                             accepts 10 students each year who are
                                             interested in Catholic formation through
                                             service, social justice, simple living and
Houses DePaul University Athletics
                                             intentional community.
and McGrath-Phillips Arena—home to
Blue Demon women’s basketball and
                                             Vincentian Service Day is a university-
TSC                                          wide spring service day for students,
Technology Support Center, also known        faculty and staff coordinated by the
as the Help Desk. The contact center         Vincentian Community Service Office,
for DePaul students, faculty and staff       a department in the Division of Student
for questions and problems with DePaul       Affairs. More than 1,000 DePaul
computers, software or telephones.           volunteers go out in the city to serve our
                                             community partners.
An orientation program offered by            WELCOME WEEK
the Office of New Student and Family         The university’s kick-off for the
Engagement for incoming transfer and         academic year. This week-long
adult students.                              celebration consists of New Student
                                             Service Day, the Involvement Fair and
TTS                                          many more activities.
The Theatre School.
                                             WISH FIELD
UC                                           Home field for Blue Demon men’s and
University Center. A residence hall          women’s soccer.
located on the Loop Campus, which
also houses students from Roosevelt          .
University, Robert Morris College and
Columbia College.

ALL ABOUT     Faculty May Ask

     ABOUT STUDENT BEHAVIOR                      What should I do if a student has
                                                 significant absences from my
     What resources are available
                                                 class or demonstrates changes in
     to faculty if a student is
                                                 behavior that are noticeable and
     demonstrating inappropriate
                                                 of concern to me?
     behavior in the classroom?
                                                It is generally more helpful to comment
     Every student who attends DePaul
                                                on a student’s observable behavior and
     University is responsible for his or
                                                avoid diagnostic labeling. Attempt to:
     her own actions. DePaul publishes
     the Student Handbook, which is a           • Establish a supportive relationship with
     quick reference outlining student            the student.
     responsibilities. The Student Handbook     • Check-in with her/him in a direct and
     can be found online through DePaul’s         empathic manner and see what the
     homepage by clicking on current              student is willing to disclose. Students
     students and then clicking the               who tell you directly that they are
     Undergraduate Student Handbook link.         emotionally distressed and have been
     If you feel you need to discuss a            unable to resolve their concerns on
     student’s behavior, contact the Dean         their own may be reaching out for help
     of Students Office in Lincoln Park at        and ready to accept it. In this case,
     (773) 325-7290 or in the Loop at (312)       you should feel comfortable referring
     362-8054. The Dean of Students Office        the student to University Counseling
     makes every effort to work at the lowest     Services (UCS).
     level regarding student incidences         The situation is more difficult when
     before involving an official process.      students do not confide in you directly,
                                                but when you infer from their behavior
     What resources are there for
                                                that they are emotionally distressed.
     students who have difficulty being
                                                Depending on the particulars of the
     academically successful due to a
                                                situation, you may or may not choose
     personal, medical or mental
                                                to approach the student. The decision
     health situation?
                                                depends on such factors as:
     The Dean of Students Office has
     processes and resources, including         • what specific behaviors of the student
     a late withdrawal appeal process, to         are of concern
     assist students who are facing extreme     • how troubled the student seems to be
     circumstances that affect academic
                                                • your relationship with him or her
                                                • how approachable the student is
                                                • your personality style and your
                                                 feelings about intervening

If you think the student is open to         For students who seem to need more
discussing her or his concerns with         than you are able or willing to provide,
you, let the student know that you          or if professional counseling seems
have noticed s/he seems upset lately,       necessary, refer the student to UCS. Tell
and ask if s/he would like to talk with     the student that UCS is there to provide
you about it. In many cases, suggesting     confidential help to students dealing
an appointment with UCS is helpful.         with problems like theirs.
UCS offers a same day consultation          For more information and advice on
(SDC) appointment to help a student         dealing with emotionally troubled
determine the next best step. Students      students, call UCS and ask to consult
can walk-in to the Loop or Lincoln Park     with one of the staff. You can request
UCS offices or call UCS at (312) 362-6923   a phone consultation or an in-office
(Loop) or (773) 325-7779 (Lincoln Park)     consultation.
to make an appointment.
                                            While it is important to respect the
Keep in mind that some students may         student’s privacy, faculty or staff
reject your efforts, deny all troubles,     members are not bound by professional
and/or feel intruded upon. On the other     standards of confidentiality. There
hand, they might feel appreciative          are times when it is appropriate and
of your interest and concern, and           necessary to discuss concerns and
your contact with them might be an          observations about a troubled student
important step toward their dealing with    with others who might be helpful.
their problems.

How can I respond to students who
may confide in me?
The most appropriate response to
students who disclose their personal
concerns to you is to:
• Listen.
• Empathize with their feelings and be
  genuinely supportive.
• Keep your own limits in mind; do not
  get more involved in the student’s life
  than is comfortable or appropriate for
  you (in terms of how long the
  conversations continue, how frequently
  personal conversations occur, when
  and where they take place, and how
  much is expected of you).

ABOUT UNIVERSITY                           What about the student who
COUNSELING SERVICES                        refuses to go to counseling?
(UCS)                                      Except in certain life-threatening
What counseling services are               situations, the choice of whether or not
available to students and faculty?         to seek professional help is up to the
                                           individual. If a troubled student refuses
Part-time and full-time students are
                                           to seek counseling in the absence of
eligible for counseling services at
                                           risk behaviors, you need to accept the
DePaul. Group, individual and couple
                                           student’s decision. If you are quite
counseling is available based on a
                                           concerned about such a student, consult
thorough psychosocial assessment of
                                           with UCS. In an emergency, contact UCS
the student’s needs. UCS staff members
                                           at (773) 325-7779 to immediately speak
do not see faculty, staff or alumni, but
                                           to a staff member. A staff psychologist
may be consulted if assistance is needed
                                           can suggest alternative ways of
in seeking a referral. Faculty also may
                                           approaching the student to help more
make use of Perspectives, our Employee
                                           effectively intervene on the student’s
Assistance Program at DePaul.
                                           behalf. You also may consider consulting
UCS staff members consult with faculty     the Dean of Students Office.
regarding disruptive student behaviors
and can create some strategies for         What resources are available at
intervention in the classroom. Faculty     DePaul for faculty to get a better
should feel free to call on UCS staff at   understanding of the mental health
anytime to discuss a difficult situation   of today’s student?
regarding a student.                       UCS staff can consult with groups of
Currently, UCS offers referrals in the     faculty around trends in student mental
community if a student is seeking long-    health. Also, both popular and scholarly
term, open-ended psychotherapy, needs      articles and resource information are
the resources of a multidisciplinary       available to describe trends in today’s
team such as in eating disorders or        college students and typical behavioral
substance abuse treatment, or needs to     health issues that impact students in
be seen multiple times per week. UCS       the classroom setting. You can contact
staff members are knowledgeable about      UCS staff at (773) 325-7779 to request a
resources in the community, many of        consultation or information on student
which offer sliding scale fees.            mental health trends.

What is DePaul’s protocol if I               ABOUT FACULTY
feel that a student may be thinking          RESOURCES
about harming themselves or
                                             Where are DePaul’s computer
                                             labs located?
If there is any question of imminent
                                             For a complete listing of DePaul’s
risk (an emergency situation), or if you
                                             computer labs, please visit is.depaul.
become aware of a student who is more
than simply distressed and upset but is
decompensating, out of control, violent,     Is there a general information
and/or is suicidal or homicidal, then        source about student programs and
immediate intervention is needed.            services for the entire university?
If you believe the student would harm        Yes, Student Affairs can help you find
himself or others, call 911 and then         answers to your questions. You can
Public Safety at (773) 325-7777. If it is    contact Student Affairs at (312) 362-5680
a non-emergency situation, attempt           or
to get the student to UCS at once. If
the student refuses to go, call UCS to       How do faculty members post
consult with a staff member about what       available on-campus student jobs?
else can be done.                            To post an open position in the online
                                             student employment system, visit the
What should I do if I feel that              Career Center’s website at careercenter.
a student is self-medicating or     For assistance contact the
perhaps overusing their prescribed           Career Center at (773) 325-7431 (Lincoln
medication?                                  Park) or (312) 362-8437 (Loop).
Talk about your concerns with the
student and focus on observable
behavior (tardiness, slurred speech,
cognitive impairment or other behaviors
that interfere with new learning ability
and may be suggestive of overusing
substances or medications). Remind
the student of the resources that are
available at the counseling center.
Assessments about use and abuse of
medications are very difficult to make, so
feel free to call on UCS at Lincoln Park
(773) 325-7779 or Loop (312) 362-6923 to
consult with a clinical staff member.

Where can faculty go with
questions about or help with office
or educational technology?
Information Services, commonly known
as IS, is an administrative division of
DePaul with primary responsibility
for the university’s hardware,
software, network infrastructure and
telecommunications systems.

The Technology Support Center (TSC)
can help you with most of your day-
to-day technology needs or issues,
including Campus Connection log-in
and password, computer problems,
ID cards, Microsoft Outlook usage
and email problems, telephones, and
network activation, among other things.
You can call the TSC at (312) 362-8765.

The TSC is open Monday through
Thursday 8 a.m.–8 p.m., Friday 8 a.m.–5
p.m., Saturday 8 a.m.–4 p.m. and
Sunday noon–4 p.m.

Media Production and Training (MPT)
advocates for students and collaborates
with faculty and university departments
in developing a learning environment
enriched through effective use of
technology in the curriculum.
For more information call MPT at
(773) 325-1091 or visit their website at

Faculty Instructional Technology
Services (FITS) supports faculty in
using technology to enhance teaching
and learning. FITS services fall into
the following three key categories:
course design and enhancement,
faculty development and instructional
technology support. For more
information email FITS,
or visit their website,
QUESTIONS        Students May Ask

ABOUT ACADEMICS AND                         How do I change my schedule?
STUDYING                                    Before changing your schedule, speak
Where can I study on campus if I            with your academic advisor to ensure
don’t want to study in my room?             that the courses you are interested in
                                            fit within the major you have chosen.
Each of the DePaul libraries has areas
                                            To change your schedule, use the Drop/
designated for studying, research and
                                            Add or Swap Class functions in Campus
homework. Students also study in the
                                            Connection. There are various deadlines
Student Center, as well as the lobbies
                                            for dropping courses and many are in
outside many college offices and
                                            the first or second week of classes; you
academic buildings. Additionally, DePaul
                                            should be aware of these deadlines
residence halls have spaces for studying.
                                            before attempting to drop a course.
And in the spring and fall, students can
be found studying outdoors on the Quad
or other open areas on campus.
                                            ABOUT STUDENT
                                            What kinds of clubs and student
Will my parents get my grades?              organizations does DePaul offer?
Grades are posted on Campus                 DePaul offers over 360 clubs and
Connection at the end of each term.         organizations, such as a literary
Due to FERPA restrictions, DePaul lists     magazine, radio station, newspaper,
these grades only for students to access.   choral groups, drama club, jazz band,
It is up to the student to share grades     student government, academic
with a parent or guardian.                  organizations, ethnic clubs, honorary
                                            academic groups, special interest clubs,
                                            debate team and community service
                                            organizations. Students are encouraged
                                            to attend one of two involvement fairs
                                            offered in the fall and winter quarters
                                            to learn more about student clubs and
                                            organizations. Information about these
                                            fairs is posted around campus, as well as
                                            on Campus Connection and OrgSync.

What kinds of fraternities and                ABOUT STUDENT LIFE
sororities are established at
                                              How can I meet people at DePaul?
                                              Many of DePaul’s offices are dedicated
There are 26 fraternities and sororities at
                                              to student involvement and have many
DePaul University. Students can contact
                                              programs that help students connect
the Office of Student Involvement for
                                              and network with others. Students
more information.
                                              can start meeting new people and
                                              get involved by going to the Office
I’ve heard a lot about FEST. How
                                              of Student Involvement or going
can I get involved?
                                              online to OrgSync via OSI’s website,
FEST is a spring outdoor concert and
festival, and is planned and conducted        index.html.
by the DePaul Activities Board (DAB).
DAB is the largest programming body on        What do DePaul students do on the
campus and works to provide a variety         weekends?
of events for the DePaul community.
                                              A wide variety of activities take place
DAB is comprised of a four-member
                                              on campus over the weekend. Many of
executive board, seven coordinators
                                              these events will be advertised in the
and programming assistants. Students
                                              Student Center, residence halls or on
can apply to be a program assistant on
                                              various message boards around campus.
one or more of DAB’s seven committees,
                                              Chicago also hosts many interesting
or they can apply to be a coordinator
                                              attractions, ranging from the Lincoln
of one of the committees. For more
                                              Park Zoo to the Museum of Science
information, visit
                                              and Industry, the Field Museum or the
                                              Shedd Aquarium.

Does DePaul have a homecoming?
                                              What religious activities are
Yes, DePaul has a homecoming. It is held      available at DePaul?
during winter quarter each year, and the
                                              DePaul is Catholic by tradition, but
homecoming committee of the DePaul
                                              is inclusive and accepting of all other
Activities Board (DAB) plans the entire
                                              religions as well. Catholic Campus
homecoming event and Spirit Week,
                                              Ministry, the Vincentian Community
choosing from Chicago’s finest venue
                                              Service Office and the Office of
locations. For more information, visit
                                              Religious Diversity seek to aid students
                                              in their spiritual development whether
                                              they are Catholic, Christian, Jewish,
                                              Muslim, Buddhist or still seeking faith.
                                              DePaul also offers prayer rooms and
                                              daily and weekend Mass services for

How can I get involved in                     How do I use public transportation
intramural or club sports?                    and what is a U-Pass?
Students looking to get involved and          The CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) is
compete in intramural and club sports         the main form of public transportation
can check the Ray Meyer Fitness Center        in Chicago. With the Fullerton “L”
website through Campus Recreation             stop in the center of the Lincoln Park
or head to the Ray Meyer front desk           Campus, the Jackson subway stop
for information on signing up. Students       near the Loop Campus and bus stops
looking for specific activities should        throughout the city, there are any
check the availability by quarter online.     number of routes available for students,
                                              faculty and staff to use to travel nearly
How can I get DePaul sporting                 anywhere in Chicago. Route maps and
event tickets and how much do                 the CTA website (
they cost?                                    can be helpful when navigating public
Full-time students are admitted to            transportation.
all DePaul sporting events free of
charge. Tickets can be reserved at            The CTA U-Pass is a transit pass that and claimed at           eligible students can use for unlimited
the door with a valid student ID. Guest       rides anywhere on the CTA system.
tickets can also be purchased for a fee.      Eligible students include full-time
                                              undergraduate students and some
Where do I go if I am feeling                 full-time graduate students. Eligible
down, stressed or have personal               students will be charged a nominal fee
concerns?                                     which will appear on each quarter’s
                                              tuition statement.
University Counseling Services (UCS)
is available for students who feel the
need to speak with someone privately
about important issues they are facing.
Counselors will help a student set goals
for working through an issue or make
referrals for a student to receive the help
they need.


College of Communication           College of Science and Health
Loop Campus                        Lincoln Park Campus
14 E. Jackson Blvd.                1110 W. Belden Ave.
Suite 1800                         McGowan South Building, Floor 4
(312) 362-8600                     (773) 325-8300 

College of Computing and           Driehaus College of Business
Digital Media                      Loop Campus
Loop Campus                        1 E. Jackson Blvd.
243 S. Wabash Ave.                 DePaul Center, Suite 5100
Mezzanine Level, Room 100          (312) 362-5358
(312) 362-8381           
                                   School of Music
College of Education               Lincoln Park Campus
Lincoln Park Campus                804 W. Belden Ave.
2320 N. Kenmore Ave.               (773) 325-7260
Schmitt Academic Center, Floor 4
(773) 325-7740               School for New Learning
                                   Loop Campus
College of Law                     14 E. Jackson Blvd.
Loop Campus                        Suite 1400
25 E. Jackson Blvd.                (312) 362-8001
Suite 931                
(312) 362-8701                     The Theatre School
                                   Lincoln Park Campus
College of Liberal Arts and        2135 N. Kenmore Ave.
Social Sciences                    (773) 325-7917
Lincoln Park Campus      
2352 N. Clifton Ave.
Suite 130
(773) 325-7310


ACADEMIC ADVISING                          Rinn Law Library
Academic advisors provide assistance       25 E. Jackson Blvd.
and guidance in all aspects of students’   Lewis Building, Floor 4
chosen curricula; they also offer          (312) 362-8121
major field and career-related advice.
Students should get acquainted with
their academic advisor. Academic
advisors can help students plan            The DePaul University libraries provide
workable educational goals; understand     resources and services to students,
degree options, requirements and the       faculty and staff at seven campus
financial implications of decisions;       locations as well as from home or
assess academic strengths and              office via the libraries’ website. Library
challenges and clarify realistic career    facilities include the Richardson
objectives upon graduation. Students       Library at the Lincoln Park Campus
meet their academic advisors during        and the DePaul Center and Law
orientation, and should meet with them     libraries at the Loop Campus. Suburban
each quarter prior to registration. For    locations at Naperville, O’Hare,
additional information, students should    Rolling Meadows and Oak Forest have
contact their college advising office.     electronic collections.

LIBRARIES                                  Access to materials in all the DePaul
Lincoln Park Campus                        libraries is provided through the
John T. Richardson Library                 libraries’ online catalog. Through the
2350 N. Kenmore Ave.                       catalog, students can also locate and
(773) 325-7862                             check out books from 70 other colleges
                                           and universities in Illinois. The libraries
Loop Campus
                                           also offer electronic access to periodical
Loop Campus Library
                                           articles, reference sources, statistical
1 E. Jackson Blvd.
                                           data and other information via the
DePaul Center, Floor 10
                                           Internet as well as the special exhibits.
(312) 362-8433

                                           Reference librarians are at every
                                           campus to assist students with research
                                           assignments. Library hours are extended
                                           during exam times.

ADVISING SUPPORT                           SERVICES TRIO
Lincoln Park Campus                        Lincoln Park Campus
2320 N. Kenmore Ave.                       2320 N. Kenmore Ave.
Schmitt Academic Center, Room 192          Levan 110
                                           (773) 325-4600
Loop Campus
1 E. Jackson Blvd.               
DePaul Center, Suite 9500        
(773) 325-7431
                                           The Student Support Services (SSS)                 program provides advising, academic                            assistance, mentoring and career-related
                                           services to qualified undergraduate
The Office for Academic Advising           students at DePaul. The program,
Support (OAAS) provides                    which is funded by a grant from the
comprehensive academic advising and        U.S. Department of Education, is part
major exploration services to undeclared   of a national network of TRiO programs
or exploratory undergraduate students      designed to enhance the college
at DePaul. Academic advisors discuss       experience and achievement of students
all major and minor options available at   from first-generation and low-income
DePaul, assist students in learning more   families. Students who are citizens or
about their academic interests and goals   permanent residents of the U.S., are in
and how those relate to choosing a major   a baccalaureate degree program and
that fits. They also provide assistance    who demonstrate a need for academic
to students in selecting courses that      or other support may benefit from
allow them to explore various majors of    participation in this program.

Academic advisors also assist newly
admitted transfer students and can
discuss next steps, majors, and what
to expect as a new transfer student.
Students can schedule an academic
advising appointment with an advisor
by stopping by either LPC or Loop office
locations or calling the main OAAS
number at (773) 325-7431.

Most of the university’s individual
academic departments offer tutors to
assist students with specific course
problems. Tutoring services are free
to DePaul students and available
throughout the academic year. Tutoring
schedules are generally available
through departmental offices.

Lincoln Park Campus
2320 N. Kenmore Ave.
(773) 325-7806

Math tutors are provided free of charge
to all students who are currently
enrolled in math classes offered through
the Department of Mathematics. Tutors
do not do homework for other students
and are not allowed to help with take
home tests or quizzes, but are available
to help students through difficulties
with homework and other questions.
Students should expect to share time
with other students; there is no one-on-
one tutoring available. No appointment
is necessary. Tutors will be available at
the times and locations listed on the

POLICIES AND          Expectations

By voluntarily joining the university         Students are encouraged to maintain
community, students assume the                open communication with their parents
responsibility for abiding by the             and/or family members regarding
standards that have been instituted by        academic progress and other important
DePaul University. It is important that all   issues. For additional information, please
members of the community are aware            visit the Student Records website at
of expectations of life in the DePaul or the federal government
community.                                    website at
                                              fpco/ferpa/index.html. Any questions
FERPA: STUDENT PRIVACY                        concerning FERPA should be directed
AT DEPAUL                                     to DePaul Central at
DePaul is committed to maintaining            or (312) 362-8610.
student records privacy, in compliance
with the Family Educational Rights            ACADEMIC INTEGRITY
and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA).              DePaul University is a learning
Students are responsible for setting          community that fosters the pursuit of
and maintaining their FERPA directory         knowledge and the transmission of ideas
release preferences in Campus                 within a context that emphasizes a sense
Connection. Students have access to           of responsibility for oneself, for others
all of their records maintained by the        and for society at large. Violations of
university except those considered            academic integrity, in any of their forms,
to be confidential under the act.             are detrimental to the values of DePaul,
Students have access to view and              to the students’ own development as
print information from their academic         responsible members of society and
record through Campus Connection.             to the pursuit of knowledge and the
The university does not release this          transmission of ideas. All members of
information to anyone other than the          the university community share the
student.                                      responsibility for creating conditions
                                              where violations of academic integrity
                                              are curtailed. A complete copy of
                                              the Academic Integrity Policy can be
                                              obtained online at academicintegrity.

                                              STUDENT HANDBOOK
                                              The handbook describes university
                                              policies that support and enforce
                                              expectations for student behavior
                                              and academic performance. Each
                                              student is responsible for reviewing

and understanding the handbook. The          2. All casual possession or consumption
handbook can be found at      of alcohol in designated common
Click on the “Course Catalog” link,          or non-reserved areas on university
select the “Current Course Catalog”          premises is prohibited by any person
and then click on the university             regardless of age. For specific policies
undergraduate or graduate handbook           regarding alcoholic beverages in the
link.                                        residence halls, please see the Code of
                                             Student Responsibility.
RESPONSIBILITY                               HAZING
The Code of Student Responsibility was       The hazing of students at DePaul
developed by the Division of Student         University is strictly prohibited. Hazing
Affairs to give formal recognition to the    is defined as any action taken or
rights and responsibilities of students at   situation created to produce mental or
DePaul.                                      physical discomfort, embarrassment,
                                             ridicule or endangerment of a student
The code provides necessary guidelines       or group of students. Such activities
to support and advance the educational       include, but are not limited to, use/
and religious aims of the university         abuse of alcohol, paddling in any form,
without unduly restricting or diminishing    creation of excess fatigue, physical
the university experience. Students          and psychological shock, treasure
are advised to read this code carefully      hunts, scavenger hunts, road trips or
so they are aware of the policies which      other similar activities, wearing of
guide the university in its dealings         public apparel that is conspicuous and
with students. A complete copy of            normally not in good taste and morally
the Code of Student Responsibility           degrading or humiliating games and
can be obtained online at                    activities. under
the “For Parents and Family” link.           ILLEGAL USE OR
                                             POSSESSION OF
ALCOHOL                                      CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES
The university respects and adheres          Students, faculty and staff are not to
to state laws governing the sale, use,       illegally use, sell, possess or distribute
possession and transportation of alcohol.    any state or federally controlled drug,
The following regulations govern alcohol     narcotic, barbiturate, hallucinogen,
use on university premises:                  marijuana or amphetamine on
                                             university-owned or controlled property.
1. The State of Illinois prohibits the
sale, use or possession of all forms of
alcoholic beverages by persons under 21
years of age.

STUDENT        Services Provided by Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs consists     ATHLETIC ACADEMIC
of 14 departments that offer a variety       ADVISING
of programs and services in four areas:      Lincoln Park Campus
student advocacy and community               2323 N. Sheffield Ave.
relations; student development;              Athletic Center, Suite 410
empowerment, diversity and inclusion;        (773) 325-7550
and ministry. Our offerings reach all
students, but many programs target
specific populations such as adult           Athletic Academic Advising helps
students, veterans, students with            student athletes maximize their
disabilities, and first-generation college   academic potential by mastering the
students. The division’s mission is to       dual pressures of participating in a
foster student learning and success          sport and earning a college degree.
through quality programs and services        The staff provides time management
that inspire transformative learning,        training, tutoring, registration assistance
promote socially responsible leadership      and other academic support services.
and build community.                         The department also coordinates
                                             the National Collegiate Athletic
ADULT, VETERAN AND                           Association’s (NCAA) life skills program
COMMUTER STUDENT                             for student athletes.
Loop Campus                                  CATHOLIC CAMPUS
1 E. Jackson Blvd.                           MINISTRY
DePaul Center, Suite 11017                   Lincoln Park Campus
(312) 362-6216                               2250 N. Sheffield Ave.                   Student Center, Suite 104
adultstudentservices                         (773) 325-4134

The Office of Adult, Veteran and             Catholic Campus Ministry (CCM)
Commuter Student Affairs assists these       provides a range of programs and
student populations in their transition to   resources directed toward supporting
college and supports them in achieving       the spiritual lives of Catholic students
their educational goals. By collaborating    and those interested in learning more
with key university and external             about the Catholic faith. Housed on the
partners, the office provides services,      first floor of the Lincoln Park Student
resources and programs that address          Center, CCM is a welcoming home
the specific needs of adult, veteran and     for students from many backgrounds
commuter students.                           to form friendships and connect with
                                             others in a strong and supportive

community of peers for whom faith,         CENTER FOR STUDENTS
service, prayer and good conversation      WITH DISABILITIES
are important.
                                           Lincoln Park Campus
                                           2250 N. Sheffield Ave.
                                           Student Center, Suite 370
                                           (773) 325-1677
Lincoln Park Campus
                                           Loop Campus
2250 N. Sheffield Ave.
                                           25 E. Jackson Blvd.
Student Center, Suite 105
                                           Lewis Center, Suite 1420
(773) 325-7759
                                           (312) 362-8002
The Center for Intercultural Programs
                                           The Center for Students with Disabilities
(CIP) provides transformative
                                           (CSD) is DePaul University’s designate to
curricular and cocurricular educational
                                           coordinate accommodations and other
experiences that encourage students,
                                           services to students in accordance with
faculty and staff to think broadly and
                                           the Americans with Disabilities Act and
critically about cultural identity and
                                           Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of
adopt strategies to confront systems
                                           1973. As such, CSD regularly works with
that do not recognize the dignity of the
                                           students with documented diagnoses of
individual. The center also works with
                                           a range of disabilities such as learning
strategic campus partners to support
                                           disabilities, AD/HD, medical conditions,
and advocate for substantive and
                                           chronic illness, mental health disorders,
culturally relevant student engagement
                                           and physical/visual disabilities, among
and leadership development.

                                           Appropriate documentation is
                                           required for a student to receive
                                           accommodations. All information is
                                           confidential; for students who choose
                                           to disclose their disability, course
                                           professors will be notified of those
                                           names and accommodations at the
                                           beginning of each term. If a student
                                           self-discloses a disability to a faculty
                                           member directly or otherwise asks about

accommodations, the student should be
directed to CSD. CSD staff members are
also available as a resource for faculty
and staff who may have questions about
accommodating, or otherwise working
with, students with disabilities. For more
information, please contact the Center
for Students with Disabilities.

Lincoln Park Campus
2250 N. Sheffield Ave.
Student Center, Suite 307
(773) 325-7290
Loop Campus
1 E. Jackson Blvd.
DePaul Center, Suite 11001
(312) 362-8054

The staff of the Dean of Students Office
can help students during difficult
situations, particularly personal and/
or family crises and medical and/or
personal leaves of absence. In addition,
the office administers and adjudicates
violations of the Code of Student
Responsibility. Staff members educate
students about appropriate behavior,
refer students and parents to university
resources and services, and advocate for
students with faculty and administration.
In collaboration with the College of
Law, the staff also mediates student
disputes. The office also houses Lesbian
Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning
and Ally (LGBTQA) Student Services,
Sexual Health and Violence Prevention
and the Alcohol and Substance Abuse
Prevention Specialist and administers
the student health insurance plan and
Student Health Service.

Assistant Dean of Students/                    Health Insurance for Students
Community Resources                            The DePaul University Student Health
The Assistant Dean of Students/                Insurance Plan is underwritten by Aetna
Community Resources (ADOS/CR)                  Life Insurance Company and offers
is a vital resource within the Dean of         coverage for illnesses and injuries that
Students Office. The ADOS/CR works             occur on or off campus.
closely with students as an advocate
in helping to identify and obtain              The plan functions as a standard PPO
community services to aid in smooth            and features a major medical design
transitions of care. The ADOS/CR has           with a $100,000 lifetime aggregate
important connections to agencies              maximum benefit per illness or injury.
in the city of Chicago to address              The Student Health Insurance Plan
students’ psychological, psychiatric,          is voluntary and is NOT included
social, financial, medical, housing and        in the student’s tuition package. For
academic needs. The office offers a full       information about the Student Health
range of services, resources, contacts,        Insurance Plan, contact the Dean of
and agencies both internal and external        Students Office at (773) 325-7290 or the
to DePaul University.                          Office of the Vice President for Student
                                               Affairs at (312) 362-5680.
DePaul Student Health Service
DePaul Student Health Service is               Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,
offered through SAGE Medical Group             Transgender, Questioning
at 1150 W. Fullerton Ave. in Lincoln           and Allies (LGBTQA) Student
Park. The program offers basic medical         Services
care for minor illnesses and injuries          The Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,
for a quarterly fee. It is NOT a health        Transgender, Questioning and Allies
insurance plan.                                (LGBTQA) Student Services, part
                                               of the Dean of Students Office, is
If a student lives in a residence hall, they   committed to serving the needs of
are automatically enrolled in DePaul           students, faculty and staff at DePaul by
Student Health Service. Any health             providing information, support services,
service charges will be noted on their         programming and educational outreach
tuition statement under “housing” as           services for and about LGBTQA people
“Medicare.” Commuter students can              to the entire DePaul community.
access DePaul Student Health Service
by paying the student health service
fee to DePaul Central (LPC – Schmitt
Academic Center, 101; Loop – DePaul
Center 9100).

For more information regarding Student
Health Service, contact the Dean of
Students Office at (773) 325-7290.

Sexual Health and Violence                  MULTICULTURAL STUDENT
Prevention                                  SUCCESS
The Sexual Health and Violence              Lincoln Park Campus
Prevention (SHVP) program, part of          2250 N. Sheffield Ave.
the Dean of Students Office, serves         Student Center, Suite 304
students in two distinct yet closely        (773) 325-7325
linked areas: promoting healthy             Loop Campus
relationships and respectful sexual         1 E. Jackson Blvd.
behavior, and preventing and addressing     DePaul Center, Suite 11011-12
sexual violence. The program provides       (312) 362-8476
resources, education and training
programs that promote healthy     
relationships and empower students to
make respectful choices related to sex.
                                            The Office of Multicultural Student
The program also serves as an advocate
                                            Success (OMSS) works to improve
and support for students affected by
                                            the retention and graduation rates of
sexual assault, relationship violence,
                                            students of color and first-generation
sexual harassment, and stalking, working
                                            students. The office advocates for
closely with internal and external
                                            students on campus and is able to
resources. In addition, in collaboration
                                            provide them with resources that aid
with Campus Recreation and Public
                                            in their successful progress through
Safety, self-defense programs are offered
                                            graduation. These resources include, but
throughout the academic year in the Ray
                                            are not limited to: advising/counseling,
Meyer Fitness Center.
                                            Book Loan Library, computer lab,
                                            graduate school programming and
Substance Abuse Prevention
                                            scholarship information. First-year
                                            students can join the S.T.A.R.S.
The Substance Abuse Prevention
                                            (Students Together Are Reaching
Specialist is a member of the team
                                            Success) Program, where each student
in the Dean of Students Office and
                                            will be assigned a peer mentor who
works with students who experience
                                            will guide them for a full academic
concerns or problems associated with
                                            year. The Men of Color Initiative is
alcohol or drug use. The office provides
                                            an additional program dedicated to
a safe space so students can speak
                                            ensuring the advancement of men of
honestly about their situation with the
                                            color at DePaul through a proactive
goal of assisting them to make socially
                                            personal and strengths based approach.
responsible choices that promote health
                                            The EXCEL Initiative promotes an
and well-being, in addition to reducing
                                            academic “Success Network” for OMSS’
harm to self and others. The office
                                            target population by providing direct
offers short-term sessions and group
                                            academic support and assisting students
discussions. Students do not need an
                                            in developing and refining success skills.
appointment to receive services.

     Lincoln Park Campus
     2250 N. Sheffield Ave.
     Student Center, Suite 307
     (773) 325-7360

     The Office of New Student and Family
     Engagement works to help ensure the
     quality of the student experience at
     DePaul by providing programming
     and services which aid in students’
     transition and integration processes into
     the university. Each year, New Student
     and Family Engagement helps more
     than 6,000 new students and family
     members make the transition to DePaul
     through the Premiere DePaul, Premiere
     Parent and Family and Transition
     DePaul orientation programs. The
     office also recruits and trains all of the
     student leaders and staff professionals
     who partner with faculty members to
     teach Discover Chicago and Explore
     Chicago courses, which all incoming
     first-year students participate in as part
     of the First-year Program. Additionally,
     the office coordinates DePaul’s Family
     Association and annual Family Weekend

Lincoln Park Campus                         Lincoln Park Campus
2250 N. Sheffield Ave.                      2250 N. Sheffield Ave.
Student Center, Suite 311                   Student Center, Suite 201
(773) 325-7902                              (773) 325-7361
Loop Campus                                 Loop Campus
1 E. Jackson Blvd.                          1 E. Jackson Blvd.
DePaul Center, Suite 11008-11010            DePaul Center, Suite 11027
                                            (312) 362-5015
DePaul University welcomes and
supports students of all religious
and faith backgrounds, as well as
those searching to find a spiritual         The Office of Student Involvement
home. DePaul’s vibrantly diverse            fosters student learning and success by
community enables rich opportunities        providing opportunities for engagement
for interreligious friendship, dialogue,    through a wide variety of campus
learning and service. The Office of         activities and organizations, holistic and
Religious Diversity sponsors Student        intentional advising of student leaders,
Religious Organization, which serve         and the development of purposeful and
as faith-based communities for many         mutually beneficial partnerships across
students.                                   the university and city of Chicago to
                                            maximize access and resources to a rich
RESIDENTIAL EDUCATION                       DePaul campus experience. Contact
Lincoln Park Campus                         the Office of Student Involvement for
2345 N. Sheffield Ave.                      more information on campus activities
Centennial Hall, Room 302                   and student organizations, including
(773) 325-4211                              fraternities and sororities.

The Department of Residential
Education connects students who
live on campus with holistic learning
opportunities. Residential Education is
responsible for responding to the issues
on-campus residents face through social
and educational programming initiatives,
emergency and crisis response, student
advocacy and referrals, the residential
student judicial process and informal
contacts with students. A live-in team of
professional and paraprofessional staff
members works to provide day-to-day
assistance and is available 24 hours a
day to respond to the needs of students.

INSTITUTE                                     SERVICES
Lincoln Park Campus                           Lincoln Park Campus
2250 N. Sheffield Ave.                        2250 N. Sheffield Ave.
Student Center, Suite 302                     Student Center, Suite 350
(773) 325-4658                                (773) 325-7779
Loop Campus                                   Loop Campus
1 E. Jackson Blvd.                            25 E. Jackson Blvd.
DePaul Center, Suite 11003                    Lewis Center, Suite 1465
(312) 362-8596                                (312) 362-6923                      
                                              University Counseling Services is
The Student Leadership Institute              committed to a student-centered,
provides leadership education and             developmental approach. Its purpose
development through leadership                is to assist students in defining and
workshops, a certificate program (with        accomplishing personal and academic
the opportunity to earn five certificates),   goals. Daily walk-in hours are available
the Inspiring Voices Speaker Series, the      for URGENT needs at both campuses.
annual Winter Leadership Conference           See the counseling services website for
and customized workshops for university       more information.
organizations and departments. Students
acquire and develop leadership
skills they can use to provide socially
responsible leadership within various
professional and organizational settings.

Loop Campus
25 E. Jackson Blvd.
Lewis Center, Suite 1400
(312) 362-5680
Lincoln Park Campus
2250 N. Sheffield Ave.
Student Center, Suite 306
(773) 325-4852

The Office of the Vice President for
Student Affairs is responsible for and
provides support to the 14 departments
in the Division of Student Affairs. Areas
housed within the vice president’s office
include budgeting, assessment, planning,
communications and information
management. Students needing help
can turn to the vice president’s office for
student health insurance information,
advocacy for student concerns and
general questions about the business
of being a DePaul student. This office
partners with departments across
the university to ensure that students
receive the individualized assistance
they need both in and outside of the

Lincoln Park Campus
2250 N. Sheffield Ave.
Student Center, Suite 311
(773) 325-7902

Inspired by our Vincentian spirit and
mission, DePaul students are actively
engaged in service to the broader
community, working together to make
the DePaul community, the city and
the world more just and loving. The
Vincentian Community Service Office’s
programs are home to a variety of
opportunities for students to engage
regularly in service, advocacy and
reflection together with communities
of their peers throughout the academic

STUDENT       Services               Provided by other University Departments and Divisions

Departments outside of the Division           CAREER CENTER
of Student Affairs also offer programs        Lincoln Park Campus
and services to DePaul students. These        2320 N. Kenmore Ave.
departments manage facilities; provide        Schmitt Academic Center, Suite 192
academic services, such as Financial Aid      (773) 325-7431
and Student Records; offer career, fitness
                                              Loop Campus
and financial programs; foster an alumni
                                              1 E. Jackson Blvd.
spirit; and provide legal guidance.
                                              DePaul Center, Suite 9500
                                              (312) 362-8437
KNOWLEDGE (ASK )                    
Loop Campus                         
1 E. Jackson Blvd.
DePaul Center, Suite 9400                     The Career Center’s programs and
(312) 362-8281                                services are designed to help students:
                                              • Match career interests with DePaul                                  majors, minors, activities and                                  organizations.
                                              • Explore career options.
DePaul Alumni Sharing Knowledge
                                              • Build experience through internships
(ASK) is a network of committed alumni
                                                and co-ops.
and friends who serve as career mentors.
                                              • Find employment.
They work with students one-on-one, in
practice interviews and at job fairs, and
                                              The Career Center offers a wealth of
speak at networking events and open
                                              career development services including
houses throughout the university. There
                                              workshops, networking events, job and
are over 1,000 mentors in ASK at any
                                              internship fairs, mentoring through
given time who represent a variety of
                                              the Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK)
professional expertise.
                                              program and access to thousands of
                                              on- and off-campus jobs. All on-campus
                                              jobs, including work study, are accessed
                                              through the Career Center.

DEPAUL CENTRAL                             Students can learn how to create a
Lincoln Park Campus                        budget, build credit, save, invest, fix
2320 N. Kenmore Ave.                       “bad” credit and more in quarterly
Schmitt Academic Center, Suite 101         workshops. Students can meet one-
                                           on-one with an advisor for practical
Loop Campus
                                           personal financial planning advice. The
1 E. Jackson Blvd.
                                           program also offers easy-to-use online
DePaul Center, Suite 9100
                                           and printed tools such as worksheets,
(312) 362-8610
                                           articles and handouts.                   HOUSING SERVICES
                                           Lincoln Park Campus
A one-stop integrated student service      2345 N. Sheffield Ave.
area to help students manage financial     Centennial Hall, Suite 301
aid, course registration and tuition       (773) 325-7196
payment processes at DePaul.
FINANCIAL AID                    
See DePaul Central.
                                           The Department of Housing Services
                                           administers the processes for living on
                                           campus and partners with others in
                                           promoting this experience. The office
Lincoln Park Campus
                                           strives to provide exceptional services
2320 N. Kenmore Ave.
                                           within DePaul’s high-quality, residential
Schmitt Academic Center, Suite 192
                                           facilities while also encouraging
Loop Campus                                residents’ personal growth and
1 E. Jackson Blvd.                         community responsibility. Residence
DePaul Center, Suite 9400                  halls range from traditional styles (two or
(312) 362-6482                             three students per room with community                bathrooms) to suite and apartment-style                arrangements. All of the residence hall
                                           rooms are equipped with telephone
DePaul’s Financial Fitness Program         service and high-speed wireless Internet.
provides free services, resources and      Also, each residence hall room or
tools to help students manage costs from   apartment has been wired for cable
freshman year through graduation and       TV service.

Loop Campus                                   2235 N. Sheffield Ave.
1 E. Jackson Blvd.                            (773) 325-4555
DePaul Center, Suite 9300           
(312) 362-8376                               The Ray Meyer Fitness and Recreation
                                              Center provides 120,000 square feet
The Office for International Students         of fitness and recreation participation
and Scholars (OISS) provides                  opportunities. Included are a variety
immigration advising to over 1,000            of facility spaces, equipment, services
non-immigrant students and scholars           and programs (including group fitness,
in F-1 and J-1 visa statuses. OISS            intramural sports, club sports, fitness
also issues U.S. Department of State          services, outdoor adventure trips, team
Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange       challenge activities, instructional classes
Visitor (J-1 visa) status (Form DS-           and special events) to meet the needs of
2019). Departmental chairs or college         the DePaul community.
deans who wish to invite non-tenure
track international exchange visitors         STUDENT ACCOUNTS
to DePaul, for purposes of teaching,          See DePaul Central.
academic collaboration and/or research
may request issuance of Form DS-2019          STUDENT CENTERS
from OISS.                                    Lincoln Park Campus
                                              2250 N. Sheffield Ave.
PNC BANK                                      Student Center, Suite 303
Lincoln Park Campus                           (773) 325-7346
2250 N. Sheffield Ave.                        Loop Campus
Student Center, Suite 109                     1 E. Jackson Blvd.
Loop Campus                                   DePaul Center, Suite 8003
1 E. Jackson Blvd.                            (312) 362-8624
DePaul Center, Floor 1              
                                              The Student Centers at DePaul are
PNC Bank offers six on-campus ATMs            the centers of community activity. The
and branches at the Lincoln Park and          Student Centers are DePaul’s gathering
Loop campuses, and offers Virtual             places, providing amenities and services
Wallet® Student (a money management           to promote out-of-classroom interaction
tool), a free check card (designed just for   between students, faculty and staff.
DePaul University), parent alerts and the     The Student Centers department also
Money from Home Program that makes            coordinates campus dining services and
it easy for family members to transfer        manages and supports student meal
money to their students.                      plans.

     Lincoln Park Campus
     2250 N. Sheffield Ave.
     Student Center, Suite 308
     (773) 325-4959

     The Office of Student Legal Services
     provides high quality free or low-cost
     legal advice to DePaul students on
     a wide range of common problems,
     including contract disputes and
     misdemeanor criminal offenses.
     While Student Legal Services cannot
     represent students in court, the office
     can help students understand their
     rights and obligations, provide general
     recommendations and help find useful

     See DePaul Central.

     Lincoln Park Campus
     2320 N. Kenmore Ave.
     Schmitt Academic Center 150
     (773) 325-7558

     The DePaul University Women’s Center
     provides education, programming,
     advocacy, services and referrals to
     women and other members of the
     DePaul community. The Women’s Center
     was established to provide a physically
     and psychologically supportive
     environment for women—students,
     faculty and staff.


PUBLIC SAFETY OFFICE                        There are faculty/staff and student
Lincoln Park Campus                         parking lots on the Lincoln Park
2345 N. Sheffield Ave.                      Campus. Parking on the Lincoln Park
Centennial Hall, Suite 304                  Campus is by permit only.
(773) 325-7777
                                            Faculty/Staff Lots
Loop Campus
                                            Lot E, Belden/Seminary
25 E. Jackson Blvd.
                                            Lot H, Student Center
Lewis Center, Lower Level 103
                                            Lot K, 800 W. Belden
(312) 362-8400                     Student Lots
                                            Lot P, 990 W. Fullerton
The university commits itself to campus     Lot L, Sheffield/Montana
safety and offers many educational
programs and crime prevention services      Since DePaul does not manage any
through its 24-hour Public Safety Office.   downtown parking facilities, students,
Emergency call boxes and security           faculty and staff at the Loop Campus
alarms are found throughout DePaul’s        must park in public garages. However,
campuses, and an evening on-campus          garages located near the Loop Campus
escort service from 6 p.m.-6 a.m.           frequently offer special rates for
provides additional safety.                 DePaul students, faculty and staff with
                                            validation. For more information
DePaul Public Safety also publishes         about faculty/staff parking, permit
helpful safety brochures, registers bikes   prices and an application, please
and offers crime prevention workshops       visit the Parking Services website at
throughout the year. The Public Safety
Office employs its own certified officers
in addition to off-duty Chicago police      PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION
officers. All major crimes occurring on     The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA)
DePaul’s campuses are reported to both      provides faculty, staff and students
DePaul Public Safety and the Chicago        with public transportation via the
Police Department.                          elevated trains (the “L”), buses and
                                            subway systems. Visit transitchicago.
PARKING SERVICES                            com for more information. The Metra is
Lincoln Park Campus                         a regional train system that serves the
2320 N. Kenmore Ave.                        suburbs. There are two Metra stations
Schmitt Academic Center, Suite 177          downtown, located within walking
(773) 325-7275                              distance of the Loop campus. Visit         for more information.

1 E. Jackson Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60604

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