Best Browsers to keep you safe

					Nobody wants a browser that's evitable to attract malicious content and so you need to have a
browsing portal that is both safe and consistently fast but then which option should you choose?

The first thing you can do is leave all the popular browsers away and design a secure browser
programmed for your personal needs. They're becoming quite famous now but it's more beneficial and
cost effective if you're working in an organization and your whole team is using it. If that's not the
case then designing a personal browser for enjoying your internet browsing experience at home would
be a waste of money and resources.

Secondly you can add security plug-ins to your existing favorite internet browsers. If you're using
Internet Explorer or Opera then download whatever applicable security plug-ins are associated with
them and make your browsing more secure.

If you're using Google Chrome then download the Comodo Dragon; a 21Mb file that is an external
plug-in for Google's own Chrome browser. Although this plug-in doesn't wave off your PC or Laptop
from all the malicious hackers and contents it still tries to keep you safe by doing whatever best it
can. It validates your domain and has a cookie-blocking feature and this could help you remain at a
distance from key-loggers and data capturers.

If you're not a big Chrome fan then download Dell's Kace Secure Browser. It's the twin of Mozilla
Firefox but with additional benefits as it firewalls everything that goes on inside the browser and also
isolates your system from the browser's content keeping your computer safe from any interior
malicious content.

After this comes the Ironkey S200 USB Drive; an encryption providing storage arena that is beneficial
for those who purchase a lot on the internet. This service encrypts all your online banking data making
it impossible for external prowlers to catch it and use it.

If you're a Linux user then there are a lot of security portals for you to use. Firstly the mere benefit of
leaving Windows is less internet hacking. Considering Windows is the easiest and best known
operating system it has an influx of interested hackers whereas Linux and Mac are much secure in this
case as they're a little niche in the operating software market.

This although doesn't mean that your Linux is the next Hulk and can take over any possible external
attack, you need to protect and secure it. You can firstly use the Ubuntu Linux. This software is both
available in CD and USB drive and can safe guard your content with utmost responsibility. The USB is
much speedier and effective so it's preferable that you use it and this would keep you invisible against
external prowlers and malware.

There you have the best plug-ins and browsers to turn your browsing experience into something
serious. Considering the internet is full of malicious websites you need to have something to safeguard
your data and internal content. Anti-viruses and Firewalls are extra additions to your safety measures
but why should they even be made to use? You need to secure your internet browsing firstly and with
that step you'll be able to secure every arena of your computer.

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Description: In the war of internet browsers there are so many that you can’t really pick up one perfect choice. Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari are a few examples but then there are many others that are playing in the dark. The best way to decide which browser is best for you is to assess the security of each one.