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									Everyone of you use Facebook, I assume. If not, then start using it because social networking is the
major way of communication now a days. It has many amazing features like video chat, applications,
games, create groups, create your own page and so on. The list is near to unlimited.

But along with the increase in the use of Facebook, hackers or computer criminals have invented some
ways to intrude into one's account and use it at their will. So, you need to be careful to protect
yourselves from them. There are some security measures that you can adopt to keep yourselves safe
on Facebook. Read on to know them.

1. Use strong password:

This is the first and the foremost tip that I would give you. The stronger the password, the harder it
takes for the hackers to crack it. By strong I mean that the password should be long at least 10
characters, it should contain CAPITAL letters, small letters, special symbols and numbers. You should
also not use a word found in the dictionary as a password. You should also avoid using your pet name,
date of birth, or phone number as your password. Lastly you should not write down your password on
a piece of paper and stick it under the keyboard, try to remember it.

2. Control the privacy settings:

You can customize the privacy settings of your account according to your wish. Click on Privacy
Settings and choose who will be able to see your posts or information you entered on Facebook. It is a
good practice to keep your account information visible to only your friends.

3. Enable secure browsing:

For some reason, by default Facebook keeps secure browsing for your account as 'not enabled'. So, to
enable this option you have to do the following. Log into your account. Click on Account Settings and
click on Security. Now enable the option called Secure Browsing. This will enable secure browsing on
your account whenever it is available. You can check the address bar to see whether it shows 'https'
or 'http'. It it's 'https' then your account is in secure browsing mode.

4. Keep yourselves safe from Apps:

There are a number of applications in Facebook. But, stay away from using most of the applications or
games. Some of them are just a gateway for hackers to get access to your account. So, think twice
before you agree to use an application on Facebook because most of the applications post on your wall
on your behalf.
5. Don't click on external links:

You see many external links of some interesting or funny videos or some websits posted by your
friends on your Facebook account. Try to avoid clicking on those links. If you really want to see a
video in the link check for it on YouTube or any video site and watch it there. There are many cases
where clicking on a link will download some virus into your computer and it will send itself to all your
friends on Facebook.

6. Close active sessions:
Always try to log out of your account after your use. If you want to add more security then, clear the
cache and history after you use your account on a public computer like a cyber cafe. Also when you
log into your account make sure that the 'keep me logged in' option is not checked. In case if you
forgot to log out of your account, there is still a really exciting feature on Facebook called 'close all
active sessions'. By using this option you can log out from all the places where you have forgot to log

To do this, go to Account Settings and click on Security and then click on Active Sessions. Now close
all the sessions listed there except the current session. This will do the job for you.

These security measures can help you live a quite safe Facebook life on the internet.

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