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					                                            AHS Zoo School

                  AFM: Advanced Functions and Modeling
                                               Fall 2010
Contact Info

John Phillips            Phone: (336)625-6185                     Email:

Course Description

        This course is for college preparatory students who have a good background in Algebra and
Geometry. It will provide a solid foundation for freshman mathematics at most colleges and
universities. Students will be given an opportunity to become familiar with a variety of topics through
the use of technology and calculators. Topics of study include modeling and interpreting functions of
varying degrees, data analysis, probability, and using functions to solve problems.

Course Objectives

Goal 1
         Data Analysis and Probability - The learner will analyze data and apply probability concepts to
         solve problems.
Goal 2
         Algebra - The learner will use functions to solve problems.

        While these goals are rather vague, their essences will become more defined as we investigate
topics with depth and specificity. We will also utilize projects as a setting to achieve greater
understanding and relevance for different concepts.

The 3 R’s – It is expected that you follow these 3 simple statutes in order to create and maintain ideal
learning environments for the entire class.

            Respect…                          Responsibility…                        Reason…
  All teachers, fellow students,       Accept responsibility for your     Simple: Think before you act. Is
  zoo/school property, and the           learning, your grades, and         your choice going to violate
   learning process…you must          ultimately your future. You are         either of the respect or
respect all aspects of each. This    expected to act responsibly in all       responsibility statutes?
 can be as simple as not talking         situations you encounter,
  out of turn or fair and proper     especially time spent outside the
treatment of fellow classmates.          classroom; spending time
                                          outside is a privilege and
                                      irresponsibility can revoke that
Violation of the 3 R’s

1st offense: verbal warning      2nd: parent contact      3rd: team meeting on student status

Required Materials for Class

        Loose leaf paper, pencils, pens, binder for keeping up with assignments. Tests/quizzes must be
taken in pencil, however you may use a pen for notes, etc. that won’t be turned in.

Grade Distribution

Homework – 40% - You will have homework most days. Homework is an opportunity for independent

                     practice and practice is a very necessary component for most mathematic processes.

Quizzes – 60% - I like to give quizzes…often. They serve as learning checkpoints, also necessary.

Late Work and Miscellaneous

         If you’re absent one day, you have one day to make up any missed work. There is a dedicated
folder for each class whereby you must be assertive in rummaging to find missed assignments. If you’re
absent for a test, it is your responsibility to make it up in a timely manner. Late assignments will be
accepted with a 10 point penalty per late day. Homework is not accepted late. However, as a failsafe
for emergencies, you will be given 3 homework passes for the semester. You must keep up with these
in order to be able to use them.

Tutoring - Thursdays

        I have set aside Thursdays as a dedicated day for tutoring after school. As a coach, I will not be
available most days after school so I encourage you to take advantage of this if needed.

In the Classroom…

No food or drink (unless finishing lunch)                 Tardy is tardy

Don’t talk when I’m talking – duh                         Be prepared to work and think, it’s school

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