Colonial-Artifact-Project-Overview by xiaopangnv


									               Colonial Artifact Inquiry Project

                                Essential Questions:
         1. How are artifacts used to understand culture?
         2. How are our present day lives similar and different from colonial
         3. How have our present lives been influenced by colonial life?
  Day                            Activity                                  Materials/
   1       Explore Artifacts (unveil artifacts and fill                Inference Sheet
                             out inquiry sheet)                          (to be done in library)

   2        Identify Artifacts (give list of names and                  Names Sheet
            have students match names to numbers on artifacts,           (to be done in library)
                              then review)
   3           Research Day (choose 2 artifacts for                    Laptops, digital
            students to research in partnerships – can have them
            list top 3 choices and then teacher choose from there
                                                                     camera, website list,
                - give list of good websites students can use to       research graphic
              research how their two artifacts were used during
                 colonial times – students will begin writing a            organizer
              summary of their artifacts in Microsoft Word and
                    take turns photographing their artifacts)
   4         Share (students will finish writing about their           Laptops, digital
            artifacts and print out their word document. Groups
                    will have time to share their findings)
   5        Share and Discuss (finish sharing from
                  day 4 and discuss1 essential question)
   6         Compare Artifacts to Tools                               Laptops, research
            Used Today (students will research modern                      table
            day tools, print pictures of them, and fill out chart)
   7        Discuss:        “What artifacts will archaeologists
            find 400 years from now, that are from our culture
           and what will they learn about our culture from these
8 (may Create final project (complete write ups            Laptops, Poster
take 2 about artifacts in Microsoft Word, make poster of board, glue, markers,
                     write-up, pictures, etc.)
 days)                                                            scissors
                                                              (to be done in library)
   9                      SHARE!

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