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									After School Center report

The ASC currently has 78 children enrolled, with 80 children enrolled for next school year. We
were able to pay off the van in January. Currently we want to give the church $4200, $2200 for
church apportionments and $2000 to South Harbor Shelter. The summer program will begin
May 29th with 11 staff and 50 kids.

Children’s Ministry Report
May 14, 2012

A Shrove Tuesday celebration was hosted by Children’s Ministry. It was lots of fun and
everyone enjoyed themselves with lots of green, purple, yellow pancakes with all the trimmings.

Wednesday Night (The Spring) for the children “Something Sweet for the Soul.” The children
learned Bible stories and made desserts that went along with the lessons.

Easter Egg Hunt at Lake Fleta was a great success. Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. James McElroy
for sharing their beautiful lake with everyone every year. Also, “Thank you” to
Ken LaBruyere, Brian Smith (cookers) and the many hands that helped make it a wonderful and
fun day for all.

The children sang on Palm Sunday. Sunday Night Live (SNL) activities still on going until May
20th. The SNL curriculum “Bible Black Belt…Scripture with a Kick!” The children are expose
to music, Bible lessons, and scriptures where they must learn Bible verses and the Bible Black
Belt Pledge to earn the highest belt which is the BLACK BELT.

The children will be singing on Mother’s Day during both worship and we will honor ALL

Sunday School: Children are learning about the Heroes of the Bible. They are also collecting
can food for Souper Bowl Sunday (1st Sunday of the Month).

“SAVE THE SHELTER” CHALLENGE! $1O0 already pledge and the children are to match it.
Another challenge for the children, an “angel “has pledge to match if they raised their $100.00.
God Is Good! All the Time!

UPCOMING EVENTS:              May 20         SNL Celebration Water Sunday
                                            4pm to 6pm
                             June 17        Father’s Day
                                            Children singing: both worship
                             July 8-12      VBS! Operation Overboard
                                            Dare To Go Deep With God!
                                            5:30pm to 8:30pm
                             Aug            Promotion Sunday!
                                            3-Third graders receiving Bible
                                            6-Moving to the Youth

Respectfully submitted,      Malaea Mendiola
Extravagant Generosity
May 14, 2012

The last meeting we had was 2/15/12 where we discussed Securing the Legacy follow-up. We
did not have our entire group meet since the primary goal of the meeting was to work on FFF
STL follow-up rather than our usual role of talking about stewardship in a general sense.

We discussed letters that were sent out in late March to all members, and the home visits to be
scheduled. Following that meeting several home meetings were scheduled for new members,
and invitations were sent. Those meetings are now completed. They included the showing of a
new video explaining the improvements that were made to the building and a time to ask
questions. Members of our group volunteered to attend the meetings to answer any questions
that might come up. Pledge cards were handed out in the home meetings to families who had not
previously been a part of the capital campaign, and were also mailed to those families who were
a part of the campaign before. Cards were turned in the first Sunday in May, including 6 from
members who did not pledge last time. We are working on the best method of contacting those
families who did not return a card, but wanted to wait another Sunday to give time for those who
may have been gone for one reason or another on first Sunday.

At the meeting in February we also discussed stewardship and offering a class
for covering finances since that is our only item we had committed to that has not been covered
in the last few rounds of Wednesday night classes.

Debbie Young, Larry Hilliard, Ron St. John, Jennifer St. John and Grady Coleman were in

Passionate Worship Report
May 14, 2012

The Passionate Worship committee met on April 22.

Items acted upon:
1. June will have regular services
2. Rev Dr. Nancy Warner will preach June 10 while the Rev's Hilliards are attending Annual
3. June 17 we will commission our Honduras Missionaries
4. July will have one service with a new start time. Sunday School at 9 and Worship at 10
5. July 1 a church picnic event to be coordinated with Radical Hospitality
6. August 5 Homecoming followed by covered dish, again to be coordinated with Radical
7. Nov 4 is All Saints Sunday
8. We will order Poinsettias from the Baddour Center again this year.

There was discussion about the music in worship and we agreed how blessed we are to have so
many talented people who are willing to use their gifts to glorify God.

The issue of the choir not being able to hear the sermon was brought up. It has been addressed
and seems to be fixed.

Grace and Peace, Larry H. Hilliard
May 14, 2012

Cemetery Clean-Up
Since the cemetery has been designated as an historic site, the county has been allowed to use
county workers and inmate help to finish cleaning off the site and keep it maintained.

Care Lodge
Health Kits for Care Lodge is an on-going project with reminders appearing regularly in the
bulletin and newsletter.

Spring Festival
Our Spring Festival was April 28 with proceeds designated for our pledge of $5000 for a Habitat
home to be built in the fall.

Love’s Kitchen
We had supper and worship at Love’s Kitchen on December 14. Music was provided by our
Adult Handbell Choir. We also now have at least 2 church members volunteering by serving
meals at the kitchen on a regular basis.

Mission Trips
Preparations are underway for a mission trip to Honduras in June.

Second Helping Offerings
This year we have been taking up a special offering on the second Sunday of each month with
the money going to a different designated mission each month. This has been very successful.

Ongoing mission opportunities
      Several teams from the congregation run Meals on Wheels routes daily.
      The May circle visits East Mississippi State Hospital.
      The Daydreamers regularly entertain the residents at Silverleaf Manor.
      UM W circles take goodie bags to the local hospital ICU waiting areas
      monthly. Several members have already started on a new project which is crocheting
      sleeping mats out of plastic bags for the homeless. Directions will be included in
      upcoming newsletters.

Luggage Collected for foster children.

Risk-taking Missions and Service Leaders
Ginny Adkins and CB Hales
May 14, 2012

The Poplar Springs UMC trustees meet April 21st with all members present except Weeks and
Parker. Amy White read the minutes of the last meeting. She also represents the trustees on the
Finance committee. Glen Pittman is Vice Chairman of the trustees.

The old church van has not been sold but has been advertised. Larry Hilliard stated that he would
notify the churches in the Meridian district to see if any of them were interested in purchasing.

The parking lot east of the church was cleaned up in March by four church members.

Painting of the Sunday School rooms during Spring Break did not materialize but May 24-25
was set as new dates to paint with Toby Bates coordinating the efforts.

Larry Pupa is inventorying by film the church properties.

The church lawn has been fertilized and will get a treatment for chinch bugs in May.

The kudzu has been sprayed twice, once in March and once in April to keep it off the parking lot.

Larry Hilliard is to contact Miss. Power Company regarding the conducting of an energy audit of
the church.

Larry Hilliard stated that he would write a company representative regarding the Carillon which
needs to be re-installed.

Minnie Bryan and Glen Pittman will serve on the committee to visit and inspect the parsonage.

Bobby Sims will head up the church grounds committee.

The curb at the storm drain on the east side of the church has been repaired by the city.

Zach, church maintenance man stated that the air conditioner for the kitchen did not work. The
trustees suggested that he call the Service Company and let them check the problem.

The next meeting for the trustees was set for Monday night, May 21 at 6:30 p.m at which time a
discussion will be held regarding the possibility of setting a usage fee for the CAC.

Bobby Sims,
Trustees Chair
United Methodist Women                                                    May 2012
Poplar Springs Drive United Methodist Church

The United Methodist Women have 41 active members. We continue our ministry to home
bound members that we sponsor by visiting and sending card with regularity.

This calendar year we will contribute $1375 to the General Board of Global Ministries of the
United Methodist Church and $160 to Wesley House. In addition we will send $108 for the
Frances Perry Scholarship Fund for ministerial students and $54 to Rust College Scholarship

We recently donated $200 to our Church to be used for the expenses of Health Kits for Care
Lodge and South Harbor Shelter.

In 2011 and early 2012 eighteen members completed the recommended 4 hour Mission Study
“Joy to the World.” In 2012 thirty-two members completed the 4 hour recommended Spiritual
Growth Study “The Journey: Forgiveness and Reconciliation.”

In February 2012 a program used for the Call to Prayer and Self Denial Service was entitled “A
Time for Change.” As a result $68 was collected to give to the General Board of Global Mission
of the United Methodist Church. In April two members attended and helped with refreshments at
the Meridian District Spiritual Life Retreat held at the District Office facility.

In May 2012 a five hour Spiritual Retreat was helped in the home of one of our members.
Sixteen were in attendance and brought cans of spaghetti sauce to give to Love’s Kitchen. The
food responsibilities were shared by all of the members in attendance.

Linda Jones from South Harbor Shelter was the guest speaker. Linda shared several needs
including volunteers to pack boxes for a certified feeding program. Several volunteered.

An original skit was performed by members. The message, while entertaining, had a deeper
meaning based on Biblical passages.

Rev. Kathy Price concluded the retreat with a message on the CPR of Prayer.

                                                         Emma Atkinson, President UMW 2012
Youth Ministry Report
May 14, 2012

PSDUMC youth group has changed so much in the last year. We lost many strong leaders and
have also gained so many. Our junior high has been a strong group this year and has brought a
lot of creative ideas and excitement. Our students recently completed the 30 hour famine and
raised over $1000.00 to help save the lives of many children in impoverished nations.

Youth led worship is this coming Sunday and we will be graduating out 4 Seniors: Katie Lee,
Gage Neal, Pieter Both, and Joey Bates. They will be missed but I’m excited about another 5 that
will be coming up in August.

For the summer our students will be involved with local missions including "Save The Shelter".
We will also continue to have youth on Sunday evenings and Wednesday's during the summer,
along with a Tuesday morning Bible Study time.

Our Junior high is attending Camp Wesley pines this year, so be sure to come to our fundraiser
May 30th... the Womanless Beauty Pageant.

Young Adult Report

The Young Adult Sunday school class has doubled this year. Not only have they been involved
with local missions and international mission in the church, but they have also opened up some
new activities, such as basketball. We have a young women's group that meets every other
Tuesday, and several other fun activities through the month. We took a trip to Gatlinburg in
March which was the first young adult trip we have been able to take for the last several years.
The good news is... it doesn't stop there. We have 6 new young adults who are interested in being
apart. This is an awesome year of growth for our church.

Shelby Brown
Director of Youth Ministries/Young Adult Ministries

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