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									                                          Coke Zero
                                   Promotional Mix Power!!!

Objective: You are marketing executives for Coca-Cola. You will present your new product, Coke
Zero. Coca-Cola Zero offers Coca-Cola taste with zero calories. Created with young adults in
mind, this soft drink is sweetened with a blend of aspartame and acesulfame potassium (Ace K).
You may research this product online if you are unfamiliar with it – yes it is a real product. You
will deliver your presentation to sales executives at Coca-Cola. It is your job to inform them
about the product and to get them excited to sell the new brand using all the components of a
promotional mix that we discussed in class. Good Luck!

You need to write a report that contains the following sections. Your report should include:
   1. A title page with all pertinent information including group member’s names.
   2. A separate page (at least) for each of the 3 sections below. When you finish with one
       section you should start the next section on a new page.
   3. In your advertising section you will have the write-up information and the advertising
   4. You will also create a presentation that will be delivered to Coca-Cola executives (the
       class). The presentation should be a shortened version of your report.

Target Market – once you have an idea about this product, define the ideal consumers for this
product that Coca-Cola should be targeting. These consumers need to be defined by both
demographics (facts about the consumers: age, education, gender, income level, family status,
employment status, etc.) and psychographics (lifestyles, activities, entertainment choices, etc.)

Marketing Mix – The marketing mix consists of the 4 P’s: Product, Price, Promotion and Place.
The product, Coke Zero, has already been developed. You must decide on the price (this may
include creating different sizes and packaging with prices for each), promotion (advertising – see
below) and Place (where and how it will be sold to the target market.)

Choose 5 methods of advertising to showcase during your presentation and provide rationale as
to why you chose the particular ads you created and in what type of media you will place these
ads. Keep in mind the target market you defined – make sure the ads appeal to this consumer
and the ads are placed in media vehicles that they will see.

Print Media
     Newspaper
     Magazine
     Direct-Mail
     Outdoor (billboard)
     Transit
Broadcast Media
     Radio Ad
     TV Ad
Online Ad
     Webpage
     Banner Ad
Each advertising method will be evaluated on the following
    Creativity
    Effectiveness

Remember- you are trying to sell your product. Choose your promotional mix very carefully!

Create a presentation to help sell your idea to the Coca- Cola executives (entire class)

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