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									Just the Right Art Deco Fixture for Any Simple Room

Mirrors have a tendency to add depth to a room that is otherwise too small, can reflect your style
and help you pick out the right clothes, and to help you out when you apply your makeup and to
affirm if what you wear for the day is appropriate or not. Mirrors are a very helpful attraction, and a
necessity for feeling good and looking good. But would it be absolutely lovely to have Venetian
mirrors that are a little over the top, even if your interior design for a room is downright clean and

Venetian Mirror: Top Features
Venetian mirrors are what you call, the classic art deco pieces. When you look at a Venetian mirror,
you have to recall gondola rides in the canals of beautiful old Venice, and of course, the popular
interior design projects in the exquisite style of Venetian mirrors. You can always tell that some
mirrors are simply inspired by glamorous details that have a regal air to them. Anywhere you decide
to situate them in, they are sure to impress your visitors and show off your delicate taste in interior
furnishings. It simply has that subtle beauty that could captivate the one looking into the looking
glass. You could feel like you are in the spotlight, in the centre of your own universe when you look
into an inspiring mirror that is intricately designed, as if it were framing only you.

Many Venetian mirrors these days come with easy installation hangers and with many diverse
designs that are never without taste. You can fill out that blank wall, add the mirror as a focal point
and decorate around it. It is a smart idea to also decorate it and light up the room even with just a
limited lighting source because light is able to bounce from the mirror's surface. Because most
Venetian mirrors are splendidly designed, you can stick with it as a primary design and retain the
simplicity of your room, saving you on other accessory option in the long run.
Many Venetian mirrors these days make use of Murano glass, and have various shapes and sizes. Of
course, there are full length mirrors which make use of gold trimmings, silver additions, ribbons,
and rosettes. The most common shapes are octagonal, oval, scalloped and many more varieties that
have improved over the years. Even a three way Monet Venetian mirror is an attractive offer for the
person with high taste and style.

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How Is It Made?
There are two sides to this question, and the approach is whether or not you are willing to splurge or
to grab a steal.

For the splurge, if you can afford it and you are willing to pay for it, most price tags begin from
$300-$600. Other designs could go higher in as much as $700 or more. You could get authentic
ones from the island of Murano at $5300, give or take for the shipping. Up to this day, Murano glass
Venetian mirrors have the distinct reputation of being quite the genuine article, because it is in
Murano that the glass masters have figured out the trick to producing smooth mirror panes with the
use of blowing crystal clear glass through a cylinder and were laid flat to cool after being cut open
wide. From these squares of glass, the sheets would be brought to mirror designers and makers in
Venice and there, these glass sheets would be polished by hand to create beautiful mirrors that were
uniform and elegant, as well as talked about by the rest of the world. Such finery, the mirror makers
knew, had a quite value, for the beauty and prestige in exchange for the hard work they put in. Later
on, tin foil was added to support the back of the glass with mercury. Mercury was then replaced
with silver because of its danger risks, and silver is still the same material being used together with
the genuine Murano glass.
For the steal version of a Venetian mirror, there are many do it yourself home improvement projects.
All it takes is some resourcefulness and knowing what you want to avoid having to spend much,
and you can save yourself the precious $300. Some frames can be bought at some hardware supply
stores or home department stores and you can have the same size mirror you want, even a smaller
one to stand on your vanity or in your bathroom.

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Varying Styles
Most of the time, Murano glass mirrors are being used adorned with glass flowers, sometimes the
glass is being engraved by master engravers with the use of a diamond wheel. Other varying styles
include Black Venetian mirrors that lend an antique air and are mostly being used by leading
designers the world all over.
Venetian mirrors have quite an elegant appeal to them because of handcrafted superior make, as
well as the intricate details of each one. Selecting one is all about the aura you want to dress your
room with, and how a Venetian mirror could reflect this particular ambience with the design you
have in mind.

Some suppliers could team up with designers and home owners alike to suggest the right Venetian
mirror that could best suit the room in the house where the mirror will be placed. From gothic, to
antique, to elegant, sophisticated and more, Venetian mirrors always have a certain appeal that
could captivate you or your visitors.

A Venetian mirror is something you could get a good price for later on, if you wish to sell your
home fully furnished and you can leave it behind for the new home owners to enjoy. In the
meantime though, while you are at it, you can enjoy and be proud of yourself for a good design job
well done and imagine what it were like to be in the presence of such a beautiful work of art when
the first Venetian mirror masters were creating it hundreds of years ago. How is that for some
elegance in your own home?

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