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Open House by xiaopangnv


									         Valley View
        Second Grade
Parent Orientation/Open House
Second Grade
  Tonya Boyd
Shannon Browning
  Dana Jones
 Kenda Hackney
 Shari McLean
  Patti Parton
 Tracey Smith      Instructional
 Andrea White
                   Tammy Caples
Parent Forms
Fill out tonight and
leave in the classroom.
   You must send a note to school if
your child will go home a different
way than listed on the transportation
Morning Routines
2nd Grade
Walk to gym or playground
Students go to breakfast first
thing if eating at school.
•Van Riders: Children who are picked up by a private
daycare after school.
•Excel Program: Valley View Elementary care on
•Bus Students: Riding Valley View buses
•Car Riders: Pick up in front of elementary.
Dismissal Times

2:50   Van Riders
2:55   Car Riders
3:00   Bus Riders/Excel Program
*Must be at school by 7:45 a.m.
*Cost - .75      .30 reduced
*Can not be charged
*Paid in the lunch room each day
                                                             No sodas!
Lunch               11:30-12:10
*Cost - $1.75           .40 reduced            .25 extra milk
*Send money in an envelope labeled “lunch money”, with
your child’s name, grade, and teacher’s name.
*READ handbook concerning lunch charges.
*You are invited to eat with your child . You may bring a sandwich from home
or eat a tray. Commercial food is only allowed on birthday. (Adult Trays $2.50
– must notify teacher)
Daily Snacks
  Snack Recess
  Every day

  Parent provided-
  Individual Servings

  No drinks allowed.
Physical Activity (Recess)

•Toys, electronic games,
or trading cards are
NOT allowed.

Outdoor Equipment
•Jump rope, Frisbees, soft balls,
  kick balls, basketballs are allowed.

•No baseballs, footballs, or hard balls
are allowed.
Early Checkout
•Please avoid if at all possible!
•Please schedule appointments after
•Check out in the office.

•After 8:00 a.m. is considered tardy.
•Walk your child into the building and sign-in at the
•Tardies DO count against perfect attendance.

Daily Attendance is Very Important!
                     Make-up Work
                     • 5 days to complete and return.
  Please do not send medicine to school unless it
must be given four or more times a day.

  The nurse may give only prescription medication
and it must be in the original container.

   Contact Nurse Glenda if you have any questions
or concerns.

   Please notify your teacher if your child has any
allergies or special medical conditions.
Sign up to be a Room Parent
tonight in your child’s

•Celebrated Once a Month….the last Friday of the Month
•Teacher will send a note what to send for celebration.
•Drop-off in Office.
We will be glad to send home invitations if the ENTIRE
class is invited. Students can NOT pass invitations out
on the playground.
Take Home Folder
 (parent/teacher communicator)

•Must take home and bring to school everyday.

•Please go over papers sent home.

•Check DAILY for notes or papers that must be signed and

•Classroom Discipline Forms


•Spelling Words, Reading Vocabulary, Math Facts, etc.
Classroom Newsletter
Very Important Information!
•Spelling Words
•Classroom Highlights
•School Information
•Homework Schedule
Parent Volunteers
 Please inform your teacher if you are available to help.

•Parent/Teacher Organization
•Membership Forms
•Monthly Meetings
•Important parent involvement

* Contact Person for Fall Festival

Remember to save and send in your General Mills Box
Top Labels, Plastic Bags, and Used Printer Cartridges
•Spelling         •Math
•Social Studies                    Grading
•Writing          •Language Arts
                  (English)        Scale
                  •Spelling        100-90 A

                  •Conduct         89-80 B
                                   79-70 C
                                   69-60 D
                                   59 below F
Phonics, Comprehension, Skills, High Frequency Words,
Vocabulary, etc.

Comprehension (reading passages) (weekly)
Phonic/Phonemic Awareness Skills (weekly)
Vocabulary Tests (weekly)
Fluency Checks (monthly)
High Frequency Words (every other week)
Fractions, One and Two Digit Addition/Subtraction,
Word Problems, Time, Money, Geometric Shapes,
Measurement, Number Sense, Charts/Graphs, etc.

Chapter Tests/Review Tests
Workbook Practice pages
Math Board
Benchmark Practice
Unit Tests
Fact Family Tests (Weekly)
             Language Arts
English:     Sentence Structure, End Marks,
Capitalization, Verb Usage, Parts of Speech,
Alphabetizing, etc..

Grades: Practice Pages and Language Boards

Word and Dictation Tests on Fridays – Grades Recorded

Word Tests: 10 words given; 5 unknown, 5 high frequency

Dictation Tests: 3 sentences; spelling words and high
frequency words from Kindergarten, 1st, and previously
introduced words in 2nd Grade.
Math and
Language Boards
     •Curriculum Based
     •Skills Practice

Beginning 2nd Nine Weeks
•1 grade Math
•1 grade English
Grades are not recorded
until the second nine weeks
on Math and Language
Sign and Return – any student receiving a
grade below 69% is required to have the
paper signed by a parent or guardian,
correct the mistakes, and then return to

Recorded Grades -
Grades that are circled
are recorded in the grade
Schedule of Weekly Tests
Once a Week
Phonic/Phonemic Awareness Skills
Math Facts Timed Test (25 problems)
Vocabulary Test
Spelling and Dictation Test with Spelling Words
Every Other Week
High Frequency Test
Once a Month
Fluency Checks
Wacky Wednesday
Classes will rotate between 4 teachers to ensure
children receive all skills required in the 2nd grade
social studies and science frameworks. Grades are not
recorded for these subjects.
Writer’s Workshop
Independent Writing Practice
Writing Groups
5 Step Writing Process

Types: narrative, expository, persuasive, poetry, and

Process: brainstorming, rough draft, revising, editing,
• School Wide Positive Behavior
• Blazer Bucks
• Weekly Drawings for Prizes
• Drawing for Large Prizes per 9 weeks
     Second Grade Rules

1. Come to class prepared to work. Bring pencils, paper,
books and all complete assignments to class every day.
2.    Keep hands feet books and other objects to your self.
3. Respect others and use manners. No fighting, teasing,
loud voices, gum chewing, or other disruptive behavior.
4. Listen and follow the directions given by the teacher or
other supervising adults
5.    Walk in the classroom and halls.
6. Turn in homework, reading signatures, and all sign and
return papers – ON TIME!
               Conduct Grade
To promote a positive, secure environment where learning is not

                               # times #grade   letter

                               0         100    A+
                               1-3       95     A
                               4-5       90     A-
                               6-9       85     B
                               10-12     80     B-
                               13-15     75     C
                               16-19     70     C-
                               20-22     65     D
                               23-25     60     D-
                               26 & up   55     F
Conduct Grade Documentation Form
                      Behavior Codes
#1       Not keeping hands and object to yourself
#2       Inappropriate or disrespectful behavior
      (fighting, swearing, teasing, etc.)
#3       Not following directions
#4       Hallway behavior
#5       Talking
#6       Playing in class
#7       Unacceptable behavior in special class
#8       Out of seat without permission
#9       Unacceptable behavior in the bathroom
#10      Not paying attention in class
Second Grade Homework
Monday – Math
4 books or 4 chapters of Home Reading Each
Week – Turn in titles and authors.
Study Each Week……Vocabulary words, Math
Facts, High Frequency words, and Spelling words

  Monthly Book Reports - Beginning in October

   Additional classroom assignments or projects as
     assigned by your child’s classroom teacher
        Reading Homework
          Weekly Home Reading

Required: 4 books or 4 chapters
 Recommended: 20 minutes a night (100
          minutes a week)
Turn in reading list with titles and authors
               each Friday!
Reading Book Bags
•Will be sent home on Tuesdays and Thursdays
•Must be returned the next day
•Read for part of home reading
•Books are property of Valley View Schools.
Parents are financially responsible for replacing
lost/damaged books.
               Five Finger Rule!
   Easy way to assess books for your child!
1. Open a book to the middle.
2. Open up your hand.
3. Read a page of the book or two paragraphs for a
   chapter book.
4. Put down one finger each time you find a tricky

Results: All five fingers still up --Easy book!
         Two to three fingers are up –Just right book!
           All fingers are down –Too hard!
Special Classes
Art - Mary Ransone
P.E.-Cindi Talbot
Music – Allison Whitmire
GT –Sarah Miller
Guidance Counselor-Cheryl
Library – Amy Simpson and
Michelle Childers           Computer Lab
Please check the newsletter and send your
child dressed appropriately for P.E. twice
a week. Students will receive a conduct
mark for not being prepared for P.E.
Star Student
(Student of the Week)
     Recognizes one student a week by displaying
pictures, sharing information, and extra responsibility
in the classroom.

Student of the Month
    Recognizes one student a month for citizenship,
outstanding work habitats, and positive attitude.
Selected by the teacher.
Book Orders
  Each teacher sends home monthly
book orders. Please fill out form and
send back with a CHECK payable to the
book company.
Supplies will need to be replenished
throughout the year when needed.

         Pencils .20
         Erasers .5
         Tablets .75
  Every Friday, your child is encouraged
to wear their school colors. Help us show
school pride by wearing blue and gold on
Lost and Found
•Please put your child’s name on
anything that comes to school.
Class Web Page
Parent Communication Tool

Student Work


Sources of Internet Activities
How to contact your teacher……
Call the office and leave a message
  935-1910 ext. 114
First Day…..
   Please wear nametag provided.

    If your child is eating breakfast, they go
directly to the cafeteria, then to the gym.

   All other students go directly to the gym.

   All staff will be on duty outside.

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