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									                             The Yes and No of Black Hat SEO

One of the many popular methods used in Internet marketing is SEO. Search Engine
Optimization, or SEO, is one of the most widely used methods to improve a website visibility
in the World Wide Web through major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

However, though successful and effective, SEO requires a lot of work, understanding, and
patience not only among SEO specialists, but also among the clients that outsourced their
SEO needs. This is because its techniques and methods requires time to grow to achieve its
effectiveness in SEO. These techniques are normally known as White Hat SEO Techniques.

But there are several techniques used in SEO which can offer quicker results compared to
the use of White Hat SEO techniques. However, according to many SEO Philippines experts,
these types of techniques are usually those that search engines are trying to prevent, which
is why these major search engines have continuously changed their algorithm to address
the adverse effects of these techniques in their search engine result pages or SERPs. These
types of SEO techniques are known as Black Hat SEO.

Effectiveness and Effects of Black Hat SEO

What is Black Hat SEO? Black Hat SEO is a term given to SEO techniques that causes
adverse effects in the natural algorithm of search engines. It aims to manipulate and
deceive search engines into thinking that a website contains legitimate contents for a

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specific search query until users found out that this website lacks the necessary information
than they have expected. This would reflect greatly on a search engine reputation in
providing the right information for their users.

Though search engines had continuously changed their algorithm, there are still a number
of Black Hat SEO techniques that many SEO experts have used in the market to quickly
improve their rankings in major search engines.

But according to many SEO experts, such as those from SEO Philippines companies, Black
Hat SEO can only be as bad as it is if it’s used abusively. Many SEO experts today have
combined White Hat SEO with Black Hat SEO.

Black Hat SEO techniques are only used to quickly raise a website ranking in search
engines, while making use of White Hat SEO for permanence in ranking. Once they have
achieved their goal, they will then drop the use of Black Hat SEO and stick to the use of
White Hat SEO techniques. And most of these websites are 90%-100% relevant to the
keyword they are optimized for, such as the keyword SEO Philippines for an SEO company
in the Philippines.

However, according to many SEO experts, though how honest these websites intentions
are, they still affect the natural selection of search engines for relevant websites, which is
why these techniques are still known as Black Hat SEO techniques, which can ban
a website if it was caught using one of those techniques

                             Black hats could kill Google?

So i wonder how easy it would be to destroy Google, seeing as Google is making it more
and more difficult for normal seo people to rank in a search engine and really hitting
everybody so no one except Google can make money on the internet.
Google is ignoring the fact that the internet is dynamic..... de ranking and
penalizing websites that have been targeted by negative seo but can Google be taken down
as well seeing as the internet is dynamic could someone easily make a program that hunts
for adsense scripts and either bomb them with bad clicks to get the website automatically
kicked off Google?

Another way probably even more efficient would be to collect the adsense scripts and just
put them all in a webpage and use obvious blackhat techniques which ban them it would be

like Google self destructs with their own rules

If big websites are targeted this would mean that Google would lose massive amounts of

Google+ and Google accounts can also be made to be so annoying that no one would use
them your accounts can be put on sms verification if they are being logged into too many
times with wrong password... another program that collects Google emails and trys to log in
would mean on a mass scale loads of people would get so fed up that they wouldn’t bother
with them anymore and Google would lose even more money............

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Bing will then get bigger other ad networks would get richer more competition more ad
profits for webmasters.....

Could blackhats do this or would you need a super computer?

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