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					Welcome to
2012-13 District Wide Kindergarten
Registration Manual

                                     Kindergarten program

                                      Making good choices
                                      for your child

At Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools, we know that every child
learns differently. That is why we offer a range of program choices to
meet varying needs and to optimize learning for all students.

We believe all kindergarten students need developmentally appropriate
activities throughout their day in the areas of gross and fine
motor skills, cognitive development and social/emotional

Our mission is to form a partnership with parents to create a safe,
caring, cooperative environment where students learn through
developmentally appropriate practices while showing respect for
themselves, others and their community.

Our teachers are highly trained, licensed professionals who have a
passion for education. No matter what kindergarten program you
choose, our teachers are ready to deliver high-quality instruction
and a successful kindergarten experience for your child.
Table of Contents
Kindergarten Program Options             4-5

Attendance Boundaries                    6

Making the Right Choice for Your Child   7-9

Curriculum                               10-14

Tuition for Extended-Day K               15-16

School Services                          17

Information Timeline                     18

Our Early Childhood-5th Grade Schools    19

Kindergarten Options
Parents of kindergarten students have the option to register for Half-Day K, Half-Day
K Plus Kids’ Co. or Extended-Day K. Extended-Day K students attend their neighbor-
hood elementary school. Half-Day Kindergarten students attend Edgewood School. The
school day for children attending the Half-Day Kindergarten is 3 hours. The school day
for children attending the Extended-Day K is 6 1/2 hours. Both the Half-Day K and the
Extended-Day K programs include field trips, music, physical education, art, technology/
media and music. Students in both kindergarten programs also have a daily snack and re-
ceive milk that is provided using federal funds. Children in all programs will be prepared
for first grade in a comparable manner.

Half-Day K, Half-Day K Plus Kids’ Co. and Extended-Day K programs are all good
options for this age level. Making a choice between either option depends on the needs
of the child and family. While some children might benefit from an extended day, others
might not be ready for this choice. The curriculum outcomes for students are the same
whether involved in Half-day or Extended-Day K programs.

Half-Day K, Option A (Edgewood School)
The Half-Day K program is a good option for most students; it provides a well rounded
kindergarten curriculum. The kindergarten curriculum is an integrated program that gives
each child the opportunity to discover and learn through listening, observing, explor-
ing, experimenting and practicing. Students will have experiences that promote social,
emotional, physical and intellectual growth. Each child is introduced to a wide range of
academic curriculum that helps develop the whole child.

         Children reaching the age
           of 5 between Sept. 2nd
          and Oct. 15th may meet
          specific criteria for early
         entrance in kindergarten.
             Call 952-226-0900

Half-Day Option Plus Kids’ Co., Option B
(Edgewood School)
This program is a great way to bridge child care and Half-Day Kindergarten. The
Edgewood Kids’ Company program has flexible full day child care for children ages
4 years - kindergarten and is located just down the hall in a standard kindergarten
classroom. Options available can be customized to meet your needs.

Kids’ Company can also be your choice for child care the summer
before and after kindergarten. The program is self
supported by parent fees.

For more information please call Kids’ Company through
Community Education Services at 952-226-0090.

Extended-Day K,
Option C (neighborhood school)
Another good option is the Extended-Day K program. It gives parents another choice
in searching for the best option for their kindergartner. This program combines the
Half-Day K option with an extension of the kindergarten day. It provides an expe-
rience for children who can benefit from an extended day in a structured learning
environment. The option is not intended to accelerate students, but rather to provide a
climate for learning that is age appropriate and extends beyond the state-funded half

During Extended-Day K, students take a brain break (rest time) during the day, but
this is not usually a time that children sleep.

The hot lunch program is offered (at an additional cost) or a bag lunch can be sent with
your child. The hot lunch program allows for free or reduced-lunch options for those fami-
lies who apply and qualify. This application is available on our district website.

Tuition fees, scholarship and payment options for Extended-Day K are outlined on
pages 15-16.

Kids’ Company, a department of Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools Community Education Ser-
vices, offers before and after-school care for all Extended-Day K students at every school. The
program is self supported by parent fees. For more information please call 952-226-0090.

If a student exhibits significant social, emotional or cognitive difficulties in the Extended-
Day K program; the school will implement interventions to assist the child in coping with
the program’s demands. If interventions are not successful and continue to show signifi-
cant disruption of the learning environment, the school will schedule a meeting with the
parent/s to determine if a programming change is required for the student.
Attendance Boundaries
Attendance Boundaries
The attendance areas for the Extended-Day K program are established by neighborhood
school boundaries. The Half-Day Kindergarten program is separated into AM and PM
attendance areas. If your child attends a daycare that isn’t within your attendance area, but
will be transported from that address, you will need to request an “In-District Transfer.”
In-District Transfer requests must be completed and returned to the school district by
April 1st.

Open Enrollment
Families that have applied for Open Enrollment in the Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools
are encouraged to register at the school that would be their first choice for their kinder-
garten child to attend.

It is quite likely that kindergarten stops will change from year to year to recognize changing
needs of in-district students. Routes and stops are established approximately one week prior
to the start of school. Bus stop forms are due to our district office by June 15th.

Students enrolling in our district through Open Enrollment are eligible to ride the bus
from any established 2012-13 stop located within the school attendance boundary area.

                                                             Did you know? You can look
                                                                up the school in your
                                                             attendance boundary using
                                                                 our “School Finder.”

Making The Right Kindergarten
Choice For Your Child
Choosing a program that is right for your child is a big decision. The questions and
answers contained here may assist you as you make the best choice for your child.

Is your child comfortable separating from parents or significant adults for extended
periods of time? Children comfortable with separation may find the transition to school
easier. Children in the Half-Day K program are in school 3 hours. Extended-Day K
students are in school 6 hours and 30 minutes.

If you are considering Half-Day Kindergarten and a daycare; how is that different from
Extended-Day K? Although both are viable options for your child, research and experi-
ence show that children who are not developmentally ready for kindergarten often find that
the physical, social and academic demands of the classroom become too overwhelming.
Extended-Day K requires quite a bit of stamina. Our day is structured and quite different
from a daycare setting. A daycare setting typically allows rest options, extended free play
and smaller group sizes. When choosing your kindergarten options, you must consider your
child’s stamina and ability to thrive in a more structured environment.

Self-Care and Independence
Is your child comfortable using the bathroom alone and away from home? Extended-
Day K is a long day, and it is necessary for children to independently use the bathroom
at school. Is your child able to dress herself/himself with little or no assistance? Typi-
cally we will be putting on coats, boots, snapping pants and tying shoes more often in
an extended day. Your child’s mastery of these tasks will help to
make the day go more smoothly.
Is your child comfortable asking for
help from adults when needed? The
ability to express feelings and needs is
important in order for children to
succeed in kindergarten.
Is your child able to eat
independently? The ability to eat
independently and willingness to
try new foods will be necessary
due to the higher adult-to-child
ratio than they experience while
eating at home, as well as the possibility of new and
unusual foods.
Routines and Transitions
How does your child handle routines and deal with transitions during
the day?
The backbone of an effective kindergarten day is built around classroom routines and proce-
dures. Transitions occur when the class moves from one activity to another.
Extended-Day K includes significantly more transitions than Half-Day K. Children who are
able to follow routines with age-appropriate independence will adjust well to the demands of
school. Kindergarten involves working with other adults in our building, such as the special-
ists for music, physical education and technology/media. Extended-Day K students will work
with playground and lunchroom assistants as well. In both settings, there will be times each
day when the children will be away from their homeroom teacher.
How many transitions would students need to make outside of the
school day?
Many children transition from home to school, school to daycare and daycare to home. Young
children can benefit from the consistency of one environment for the learning day. Think
about what is best for your family situation as well as for your child.
What will your child’s day be like outside of school?
If you choose the Half-Day option, what would your child be
doing with the other half of the day? The value of one set-
ting depends on many factors and parents know their child
best. Families might also have arrangements for the other
half of the learning day that are equally beneficial.

Developmental Readiness
Does your child show curiosity and interest in
learning and school?
Does she ask questions about things around her? Is he
willing to try new challenges? Does she enjoy listening
to books?
What is your child like as a learner?
Kindergartners need to sit quietly in a large group and listen attentively for extended
periods of time. They need to follow multi-step instructions. They must work on assigned
tasks independently.
How does your child interact socially?
Kindergarten social skills needed include sharing, cooperating, waiting for turns, and
participating in group activities and discussions. Students must express feelings and needs
with words in place of a physical response if frustrated.
Does your child still require a daily nap?
Half-Day Kindergarten programs do not include rest time. During Extended-Day K
Children take a brain break (rest time) during the day, but this is not usually a time that
all children sleep.
Making The Right Choice
        At A Glance

     Topics               Half-Day K                 Half-Day K                   Extended-
                                                     + Kids’ Co.                   Day K
Separation            3 hours in school           3 hours in school, plus     6 1/2 hours in school
                                                  Kids’ Co. hours as          55 minute lunch and
                                                  needed                      recess
Self Care &           Independent                 Independent                 Independent
Independence          dressing/toileting skills   dressing/toileting skills   dressing/toileting skills
                      and ability to voice        and ability to voice        and ability to voice
                      concerns a must             concerns a must             concerns a must
Routines/             Transitions required for    Transitions required for    Transitions required
Transitions           specials (physical          specials (physical          for specials (physical
Within The            education, music, etc.)     education, music, etc.).    education, music, etc.),
School Day                                        Minimal transition down     lunch, and outdoor
                                                  the hall to Kids’ Co.       recess

Routines/             Could mean only one         Could mean increased        Could mean increased
Transitions           environment other           environments other          environments other
Before Or After The   than home                   than home                   than home
School Day
Developmental         Interest in learning/       Interest in learning/       High interest in
Readiness             school. May still nap.      school. May still nap.      learning/school. Can
                      Tires with structured,      Tires with structured,      function well all day in a
                      long duration demands.      long duration demands.      large group, structured
                                                  Opportunities for self-     environment
                                                  guided play.
Physical              Requires less stamina       Requires more               Structured throughout
Readiness             and ability to maintain     stamina and ability to      the day. Requires more
                      attention                   maintain attention.         stamina and ability to
                                                                              maintain attention.

We believe developmentally appropriate classrooms give all kindergarten students the op-
portunities to play and learn in ways that respond to their individual levels of development.
Instructional strategies, pacing, and curriculum will reflect a student’s level of development
and how they learn best. Kindergarten programs reflect lessons designed around our estab-
lished curriculum outcomes.

Learner Goals
The Kindergarten Learner Goals reflect the basics of the Kindergarten Curriculum. Un-
derstanding the expectations for skills and concepts that each student will encounter may
assist you in making the most appropriate choice for your child’s kindergarten experience.

Social Readiness
Students will:
•	 Follow classroom/school/ bus expectations and safety rules
•	 Understand the importance of cooperation and following directions
•	 Participate in activities
•	 Show consideration and respect for others/property                        Our schools are
•	 Make good use of self-directed learning time                           nationally recognized
•	 Demonstrate appropriate large/small group skills – listens attentively for our environmental
•	 Demonstrate problem solving skills/independence                        education curriculum
•	 Take responsibility for their actions
•	 Express feelings and communicate concerns

Self-Help Skills
Students will:
•	 State full name
•	 Recite ten digit telephone number
•	 Verbalize city and state
•	 Seek help when needed
•	 Take responsibility for their belongings
•	 Dress independently, zipping, tying, buttoning, snapping

Work Habits
Students will:
•	 Understand the value of their best work
•	 Manage time well
•	 Stay on task
•	 Arrive ready to learn
•	 Use materials appropriately
•	 Keep trying during challenging activities
•	 Follow multi-step directions
•	 Develop decision-making and independent learning skills
Students will:
•	 Print first name correctly using upper case 1st letter followed by lowercase letters
•	 Recite the alphabet
•	 Identify all upper and lower case letters in random order
•	 State the 26 letter sounds when shown each letter, including the short vowel
•	 Recognize beginning sight words
•	 Demonstrate pre-reading skills
        Left to right progression
        Beginning/end of each page
        Letters vs. words
•	 Demonstrate vocabulary concepts such as first/next/last, opposites and positional words
•	 Demonstrate beginning phonemic awareness skills
        Sequencing of sounds
•	 Develop the ability to form upper and lower case letters of the manuscript alphabet
•	 Distinguish auditory and visual likenesses and differences in letters and words
•	 Recognize story concepts such as whole/part relationships, cause/effect,
        sequencing, main idea, and predicting
•	 Demonstrate an interest in a variety of books
•	 Express individual thoughts/ideas verbally and through the use of phonetic spelling
•	 Demonstrate pre-writing skills
•	 Use of beginning letter sound of each word

Students will:
•	 Write numbers 0-10, exposure to any #100 or less
•	 Name and draw shapes, exposure to 3 dimensional shapes
•	 Orally identify numbers 0 to 100 when shown random numbers
•	 Count orally to 100, exposure to counting from numbers other than 1
•	 Orally count by 2’s to 20, 5’s to 50, and 10’s to 100
•	 Count backwards from 20 or higher
•	 Experience activities involving the calendar, temperature, measurement,
        weight, fractional parts of a whole, and tally marks
•	 Calculator awareness skills
•	 Use manipulatives, calculators, graphing, and problem solving to develop
        and reinforce math concepts
•	 Know the value of a penny, nickel, dime and recognize a quarter
•	 Verbally count 20 or more objects in a random arrangement
•	 Estimate time to the hour
•	 Understands basic meanings of addition and subtraction in real situations.
•	 Has experience with simple data collection and graphing
•	 Gains exposure to basic geometric shapes, symmetry and patterns
Students will:
•	 Describe properties/structures of trees, animals and paper
•	 Recognize that living things have needs
•	 Show respect for living things
•	 Demonstrate the discovery approach (pose questions, build scientific
     explanations and communicate information using observations and comparisons)
•	 Use tools and equipment safely and appropriately

Social Studies
Students will:
•	 Develop good citizenship (learn the Pledge of Allegiance and recognize American
•	 Become acquainted with community helpers and their responsibilities
•	 Develop desirable attitudes and values about self, home, school and community
•	 Recognize that not all families and homes are alike
•	 Compare and contrast customs of various cultures

Health & Safety
Students will:
•	 Demonstrate proper school and bus safety
•	 Gain an awareness of the importance of safety signs
•	 Understand the effects of elements that are harmful to our bodies
•	 Identify the five senses and basic body parts
•	 Understand how to care for our bodies (personal hygiene, dental concerns,
     adequate sleep, proper nutrition, independent toileting skills and the value of exercise)
•	 Recite information necessary to relay in an emergency situation
•	 Understand the importance of personal safety (avoiding strangers, making
     safe decisions, good touch/bad touch)

Students will:
•	 Demonstrate introductory computer skills
     - Practice finding important keys on the keyboard
     - Understand vocabulary and use of
       hardware related to computers:
       keyboard, monitor, mouse, printer, etc.
     - Properly care for computer
     - Demonstrate use of the computer
       mouse & keyboard
     - Demonstrate multiple uses of
       computers: creating, gathering
       information, skill practice
•	 Use the computer to reinforce
    kindergarten skills
Students will:
•	 Develop an awareness that artists are those who create art
•	 Create original pieces of art
•	 Use tools and materials safely, responsibly and in a variety of ways
•	 Work with a variety of mediums (paint, pencil, crayon, craypas, markers,
        clay, paper, textiles)
•	 Use various techniques (drawing, painting, sewing, collage, sculpture)
•	 Express opinions and thoughts about art work; their own or others
•	 Use a variety of colors to create interest
•	 Orally identify the eight major colors

Physical Education
Students will:
•	 Develop control and coordination
•	 Develop the ability to hop, skip, jump, gallop and run
•	 Participate in and understand rules for a variety of games/activities
•	 Understand the importance of physical fitness
•	 Discover how to work together with peers to achieve a
    goal through cooperation and fair play
•	 Understand the importance of safety in the
    kindergarten setting
•	 Exert the best effort possible in any given

Students will:
•	 Experience and perform (through song
    and movement) various vocal and
    environment sounds, beat, tempo,
    dynamics, pitch, mood, rhythm, texture
    and phrasing
•	 Play various classroom instruments to
    experience their sounds, to demonstrate
    concept understanding, to create
    accompaniments and for free and structured
    musical expression
•	 Read simple icons for selected musical
•	 Prepare and present a public performance

Curriculum Comparisons
       At A Glance
     Curricular         Half-Day K              Half-Day K               Extended-
       Areas                                    + Kids’ Co.               Day K
Social Readiness &      Class meeting          Class meeting            Class meeting
Work Habits             sessions               sessions                 sessions
                        Responsive Classroom   Responsive Classroom     Responsive Classroom
Reading                 •	Multiple			          •	Multiple			            •	Multiple	
(Making Meaning)          Guided Reading         Guided Reading           Guided Reading
                          sessions/week          sessions/week            sessions/week
                        •	Making	Meaning       •	Making	Meaning         •	Making	Meaning
                          curriculum             curriculum               curriculum
                        •	Use	literacy	        •	Use	literacy	          •	Use	literacy	
                          technology             technology               technology
                          components             components               components
                                               •	Reading	activity       •	Extension	
                                                 support                  activities
Writing                 •	Multiple	Writer’s    •	Multiple	Writer’s      •	Multiple	Writer’s
(Being a Writer)          Workshop sessions      Workshop sessions        Workshop sessions
                          per week               per week                 per week
                        •	Being	a	Writer	      •	Being	a	Writer	        •	Being	a	Writer		
                          curriculum             curriculum               curriculum
                        •	Words	Their	Way      •	Words	Their	Way        •	Words	Their	Way
                          curriculum             curriculum               curriculum
                                               •	Writing	activity	      •	Extension	
                                                 support                  activities
Math                    •	Core	math	           •	Core	instruction       •	Core	instruction
(Math Expressions)        instruction          •	Math	activity	         •	Extension
                                                 support                  activities
Science                 •	Core	instruction     •	Core	instruction       •	Core	instruction
(National Geographic)                          •	Science	activity	      •	Extension	
                                                 support                  activities
Social Studies          •	Core	instruction     •	Core	instruction       •	Core	instruction
                                               •	Social	Studies	        •	Extension	
                                                 activity support         activities
Specials:               •	125	minutes/week     •	125	minutes/week       •	250	minutes/week
Music                                          •	Technology,	
Art                                              Art and Physical
Physical Education                               Education
                                                 extension activities

Extended-Day K Tuition
Extended-Day Kindergarten Tuition
The tuition fee for Extended-Day Kindergarten for the 2012-13 school year is
$2,835.00 or $315.00 per month for 9 months. One payment of $315.00 will be as-
sessed to your FACTS Mgmt. payment account on approx. June 1, and will represent
the last month’s (April ‘13) payment.

When Are Payments Due?
Eight additional monthly payments from August -March of $315.00 each. The regis-
tration deposit will be applied to your last month’s (April ‘13) fee. Families will choose
from several payment options. Full information on these options will be provided
on January 17th, 2012 at a district wide parent meeting scheduled from 7:00-8:00 at
Twin Oaks Middle School. Options will include full-year payment; monthly pay-
ments by bank debit (ACH), credit card (Master Card, Discover, American Express-
credit card co. charges 2.5% service fee). Note: Visa Card does not allow educational expenses.

What If We Need To Withdraw From Extended-Day K?
In the event a family withdraws from enrollment in Extended-Day K on or before August
10th, 2012 a $40.00 registration fee will be deducted from the previously paid April pay-
ment and a refund of $275 will occur. The August payment will be refunded in full. On or
after August 11th the refund will be 50% of the April payment or $157.50 and the August
payment, if made, will be refunded in full. On or after August 17th no refund for the April
OR August payment will occur. Students being withdrawn from Extended-Day K after
the school year has begun will withdraw fully. This enables the spot to be offered to an-
other tuition-paying student. Any partial withdrawal will result in full tuition continuing
to be paid by the part-time student. Any student not paying full tuition, who doesn’t meet
scholarship criteria, will attend Half-Day Kindergarten at Edgewood School.

Who Do We Pay?
FACTS Mgmt. , Business Solutions for Educa-
tion will be paid each month. You will create an
account online to designate the payment method
that you will select. Full information detailing how
to do this will be mailed to you following Kinder-
garten Registration.

Late Payments
If tuition payments are late, please contact us to
ensure your child can remain in Extended-Day K.
Delinquent payment accounts not brought up to
date will be forwarded to a collections service.

Tuition Continued
Are These Payments Deductible?
Flexible Spending Plans
If your employer offers a flexible spending plan, monthly payments may qualify as a
dependent-care expense. Keep in mind that you may NOT use the Federal tax credit or
State of Minnesota tax credit on your annual tax returns for dependent-care expenses if
you receive reimbursement for the same expense through a flexible spending plan. De-
pendent Care Payment Verifications are sent 2 times a year: in January and June. You can
access your FACTS account information online at any time for a printable history of your
payments. It is necessary that you verify with your individual flexible spending program if
they will accept this type of deduction.
Education Expense Deduction
Please note that you may NOT claim your monthly payments as a school expense deduc-
tion on your State of Minnesota tax return. Our Extended-Day K program is a depen-
dent-care program.
Donation Expense
Please note that you may NOT claim your Extended-Day K payments as a donation on your
State of Minnesota tax return. Your payments are not contributions; they are fees.
Who Do We Call With Questions About Our Account?
Billing questions can be directed to FACTS Business Solutions for Education between
9:00-5:00 Monday through Friday at 1-800-624-7092. You can also check your account
online directly from our district website. All other school-related questions should be
directed to the school your child is attending.
What If We Register After The Start Of The School Year?
District staff will work with individual families to set up an appropriate payment plan for
pro-rated tuition payments.

Are Scholarships Available?
Some full and partial scholarships are available. To qualify for either, a Scholarship Request
Form is completed by the family during registration in February. Those families that qualify
for a full scholarship would have a monthly payment of $0. Families who qualify for a partial
scholarship would qualify for available reduced tuition fees of $150 which they would be
responsible for paying monthly. All families should fully register their students on February
21st, the scholarship request will then be acted upon. Parents will be notified of the type of
scholarship that their child qualifies for after it has been reviewed. In the event that the district
is unable to fulfill all scholarship requests, students will be randomly drawn as scholarship
recipients after the district has exhausted all efforts to obtain the necessary scholarship funds.
Unfortunately, we are unable to offer scholarships to Open Enrolled students and non-district

School Services                                                                   All students can go
                                                                                 on a practice bus ride
                                                                                    before the start
                                                                                       of school
Kindergarten children who are enrolled in Half-
Day K are assigned to A.M. or P.M. classes accord-
ing to attendance boundaries. The attendance areas
for the Extended-Day K program are established
by neighborhood school boundaries. If you do not
know which school is designated as your neighbor-
hood school, please refer to the district website at
www.priorlake-savage.k12.mn.us and go to the “Quick Guide,” then “Enroll in Our
Schools” to locate our School Finder. Maps are also mailed to families.
The transportation department will post bus assignments and bus stop locations to
your personal Family Access website account approximately one week prior to the start
of school. Open enrolled students are eligible to ride the bus from any established stop
located within the school attendance boundary area. Parents requiring daycare, second
household or open enrolled stops will need to submit an Alternate Bus Stop Request
Form which is available on the district website under “Services.”
Bus stops in your neighborhood have been established to serve all children. We are
not able to make bus stops within eyesight of every student’s house, however we make
every effort to create kindergarten stops as close to home as possible. To help make the
bus stop as safe as possible, we do recommend that a parent wait with kindergarten
students at the bus stop. In addition, bus stops are frequently checked by transporta-
tion personnel to help ensure the safety of all students. Per state law, the maximum
walking distance to a bus stop for students in grades K-5 is 1 mile.

Lunch Services (Extended-Day K & Half-Day K Plus Kids’ Co.)
Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools provides a wide variety of healthy food choices to students.
The food services program helps students make healthy choices that are good for kids and the
environment. The district continually strives to offer foods that are lower in fat, salt and sugar
while serving meals kids love to eat. Milk choices include skim white milk, 1% white milk and
skim chocolate milk. Fruits and vegetables are purchased from local farms when possible. Stu-
dents separate their lunch waste into recycling and food waste containers each day.

Health Services
Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools have Licensed School Nurses on staff who supervise health of-
fice staff. If your child is ever required to take medication while at school, it will be administered
by our health office staff. If your child has allergies or other chronic conditions, please record this
information on the health form included in your registration materials.
Your child’s immunization record must be on file at the school before your child may attend.
Please complete the immunization form included with your registration packet and return it to
Information Timeline
February 21   Extended-Day K registration at neighborhood schools.

              If you do not know which school is designated as your
              neighborhood school, please refer to the district website at
              www.priorlake-savage.k12.mn.us and go to the “Quick Guide,” then
              “Enroll in Our Schools” to locate our School Finder.

              Extended-Day Kindergarten Registration Times by Location:
              Five Hawks 6:30      Jeffers Pond 6:30
              Glendale 6:30        WestWood      6:00
              Grainwood 6:00       Redtail Ridge 5:30

              Half-Day K Registration Times by Location:
              Edgewood 4:30 or 6:30
              (choose one)

              Half-Day K Plus Kids’ Co. Registration Times by Location:
              Edgewood 4:30 or 6:30
              (choose one)

March 9       Registration deadline to ensure that we can best provide for family
              and student needs. All registrations must be on site at a district
              building or be postmarked by March 11th.

April 13      Extended-Day K registrants will be notified of tuition procedures
              and scholarships on or before April 13th.


June 1        One month’s tuition deposit of $315 (April payment) will be

June 15       Alternate Bus Stop Request forms are due to district office for any
              stops not at a students home address. All other students will have
              stops automatically set up for their home address provided at

August 1      Your 2nd tuition payment will be made via your FACTS account,
              with the subsequent 7 occurring through March.

Our E-5 Schools

                   Edgewood School                                 Jeffers Pond Elementary
(Dist. Wide: Half-Day K, Half-Day K with Kids’ Co & ECFE)          (Extended-Day K - 5th gr.)
        5304 Westwood Drive SE, Prior Lake                     14800 Jeffers Pass NW, Prior Lake
 952-226-0900 • School Start Times: 9:25 & 12:55              952-226-0600 • School Start Time: 9:20

           Five Hawks Elementary                                   Redtail Ridge Elementary
          (Extended-Day K - 5th gr.)                               (Extended-Day K - 5th gr.)
     16620 Five Hawks Avenue SE, Prior Lake                     15200 Hampshire Avenue, Savage
     952-226-0100 • School Start Time: 8:30                   952-226-8000 • School Start Time: 9:20

             Glendale Elementary                                    WestWood Elementary
           (Extended-Day K - 5th gr.)                              (Extended-Day K - 5th gr.)
        6601 Connelly Parkway, Savage                                SAGE Academy (3-5)
      952-226-0200 • School Start Time: 9:20                   5370 Westwood Drive SE, Prior Lake
                                                              952-226-0400 • School Start Time: 9:20

                                                                  Grainwood Elementary
                                                                 (Extended-Day K - 5th gr.)
                                                            5061 Minnesota Street SE, Prior Lake
                                                            952-226-0300 • School Start Time: 8:30

   District-Wide Kindergarten Registration is
              February 21st, 2012
Extended-Day Kindergarten
Registration for Extended-Day Kindergarten will be held at all neighborhood schools.
If you do not know which school is designated as your neighborhood school, please refer
to the district website at www.priorlake-savage.k12.mn.us and go to the “Quick Guide,”
then “Enroll in Our Schools” to locate our “School Finder.”

Registration Times by Location:
Five Hawks      6:30
Glendale        6:30
Grainwood       6:00
Jeffers Pond    6:30
Redtail Ridge   5:30
WestWood        6:00

Half-Day Kindergarten
Registration Times by Location:
Edgewood School 4:30 or 6:30 (choose one)

Half-Day Kindergarten Plus Kids’ Company
Registration Times by Location:
Edgewood School 4:30 or 6:30 (choose one)

Kids’ Company School-Age Care
Kids’ Company can be your choice for child care the summer before and after
kindergarten. For information about Kids’ Company including registration, please call:


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