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Washington DC Trip June 12-18_ 2011 - Hamilton Middle School by wuzhenguang


									                                                 4801 Waukesha Street, Telephone: 204-4620
                                                    Hank Schmelz, Principal
                                                    Angie Crawford, Assistant Principal
                 2011                             .
                                                    To report school absences: 204-4702

Dear Families and Friends,

I’d like to wish our Hamilton Community a Very        Your PTO has two important events coming up
Happy New Year! We hope that all of you               soon. On Wednesday, January 19, 2011, they
were able to enjoy the winter break and are           will be hosting a “Financial Planning for
rested and ready to plunge right back into the        College” presentation. Their February 16,
thick of it. Remember to make a special note          2011, presentation will be on “Teen Sexuality.”
on your calendars that Friday, January 21,            Both events begin at 7:00pm in our LMC. We
2011, is an early release day. We will be             hope you will be able to attend one or both of
dismissing students at 11:30 am to allow our          these informative sessions.
teachers time to enter grades.
                                                      It is that time of the year when we begin to plan
To celebrate the end of the first semester and        for the 2011-2012 school year. Questions
welcome in the second, our three grade level          regarding West High registration for our 8th
Student Councils are planning an All School           grade students should be addressed directly to
Dance/Party, on Thursday, January 27, 2011,           West High. Our 6th and 7th grade questions
from 2:37-4:37 pm. No late busses will be             may be directed to our counselors. Hamilton’s
available at 4:37 pm, so please make                  Student Services staff will be visiting
arrangements if you wish to have your child           homerooms in February to pass out course
stay that day. Another upcoming date to note          election sheets for next year.
on your calendars is Friday, February 4, 2011
– Middle School Parent/Teacher Conferences.
These mid-year conferences are reserved for             “A fisherman is always hopeful- nearly
students who appear to be struggling or for
                                                      always more than he has any right to be”.
whom we have concerns. If you wish to have a
conference and a teacher has not contacted                      – Roderick Haig-Brown
you, please contact your child’s homeroom
teacher directly.
                             Ms. Crawford’s Desk

As a community that supports students’ learning,             Parents can help to develop this important virtue in
growth and development, we continue to focus on              many ways. Let your child know how pleased you
lifelong skills that will foster success for all students.   feel when he or she behaves in a kind way. Point
This month I will address “CHEER” – Choices,                 out positive differences made when children do
Homework, Empathy, Expectations and                          kind acts, no matter how small. Help your child
Respect.                                                     identify how someone feels and identify a way to
C- Choices
                                                             E- Expectations
According to Jim Fay, author of Becoming a Love
and Logic Parent, giving choices is more effective           Obviously, a certain level of expectations is
than making demands. He suggests….Never give                 beneficial. Individuals who have low self
choices if it might cause problems for you or                expectations tend to do so because they don't feel
anyone else. Give only two options for each                  they can do better. While individuals with lofty
choice, both equally okay with you. If the child             expectations are often happier, at some point
doesn’t decide within 10 seconds, make the choice            expectations can become too high. When helping
for him or her.                                              you child set expectations, the important thing to
                                                             keep in mind is whether or not they are realistic. If
H- Homework                                                  goals or expectations are impossible to achieve,
                                                             then they will simply be setting themselves up for
Homework provides practice and it enables parents            failure. Doing this on a regular basis is bound to
to know when a child is having difficulty with               have a negative affect on their ego and self worth.
schoolwork. Parents can support a school’s                   Over time, these failures can compound, leading to
homework policy by….providing a “homework                    excess stress and other symptoms.
area” that is well lit and free of distractions and
setting a daily “homework time.” Some parents call           R- Respect
it “schoolwork time” so kids know the “I have no
homework” excuse won’t work , and offering a                 If children are to show respect for others, they need
snack or play break before homework or using it as           to understand what it is to be respected. Treat your
a homework completion incentive.                             child as the most important person in the world.
                                                             Encourage children to have high achievable
E- Empathy                                                   expectations. Give love with no strings attached.
                                                             Listen attentively and respectfully. Enjoy being
Empathy is a person’s ability to identify and feel           together and tell them why you love them.
others’ concerns.

                 HAMILTON PRIDE – DIGNITY FOR ALL!!!
                                                   sixth graders: Charlie Baker, Emma
                                                   Cortright, Gus Faye, William Ford, Bennett
                                                   Gabriel, Benedikt Ivarsson, Evan Oriel,
                                                   Carmen Pratter-Bellver, Oliver Gerber;
                                                   seventh graders: Oliver Batzli, Andie
                                                   Carlson-Dakes, Owen Craven, Samuel
                                                   Imboden, Melissa Losby, Pallav Regmi,
                                                   Maeve Ryan, Jayson Wielgus, Alan Lau-
                                                   Brown; eighth graders: Declan Callisto,
                                                   Bogeun Choi, Nathan Ehrlich, Chloe
                                                   Ericson, Eric Li, Derek Li, Thomas Luo,
                                                   Jack Niewold Aman Nihal, Hung Tran,
                                                   Samantha Yaeger.

Attend Honk Jr.                                    Thank you to the teachers who held classroom
                                                   competitions, remained flexible during this
The eighth grade drama class at Hamilton is        busy time, and encouraged students to
putting on a production or “Honk Jr.”              participate.               Log      on     to
Performances are January 12 and 13 at 7:00 to test
pm in the Hamilton cafeteria. All members of       your geography skills and answer questions
the Hamilton community are invited to attend.      just like the ones used in the bee.
“Honk Jr.” is the Broadway remake of the
classic Ugly Duckling tale. The main character,
Ugly, is not accepted by his peers and loses his
way as a cat tries to “help” him into her home.
Come to our performance and see if Ugly finds
his way!

                                                         SPELLBOUND AT
                                                             Another outstanding group of spellers
                                                   turned out for the annual Hamilton All-School
                                                   Spelling Bee held on December 10, 2010. The    th
                                                   following students represented their classes: 8
                                                   grade; Ben Allen, William Brown, Dina Carpenter-
                                                   Graffy, Nathan Ehrlich, Antonia Gascoyne,
        All-School                                 Thomas Luo, Eleanor Mayerfeld,th Jack Niewold,
                                                   Hung Tran, Kira Zimmerman; 7 grade; Leah
      Geography Bee                                Godchaux, Mathilda Harris, Benett Holgerson,
                                                   Manlu Liu, Thu McKenzie, Suzy O’Meara, Katie
                                                   Storck, Thea Valmadrid, Roy Weng; 6 grade;
         Results                                   Payden Allen, Emma Boller, Camille Ford,
                                                   Bennett Gabriel, Niko Gutierrez, Daehee Jeong,
                                                   Emmie Mirus, Giselle Monette, Eliza Scholl, Jens
Thirty students participated in the Hamilton       Shager.
Geography Bee held on December 15, 2010.
Owen Craven (seventh grade) and Oliver                        Eighth graders Kira Zimmerman and Jack
Batzli (seventh grade) battled it out in the       Niewold battled back and forth for several rounds
championship round. In the end, Owen was                                    out
                                                   until Kira finally came th on top and became school
declared Hamilton’s 2010-2011 Geography            champion in the 14 round by correctly spelling
                                                   stalagmite and mezzanine. As Hamilton’s top
Bee Champion. To win the competition, he           speller, Kira will compete in the All-City Spelling Bee
knew that Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa’s                                    th    th
                                                   on either February 19 or 26 at Edgewood College.
highest peak and a part of a national park in      Congratulations to both Kira and Jack on your
Tanzania. As first place winner, Owen took a       spectacular showing this year. Many thanks to all
written test in order to qualify for the State     the teachers who took time to conduct classroom
Geography Bee to be held in April, 2011.           spelling bees and to all the students who participated
                                                   in the 2010-2011 Hamilton Spelling Bee!
Congratulations to all the students who
participated in this global adventure including
                                                                     West High School
                                                                    Orientation Meetings
                                                                8th Grade Parent Meeting: A parent
                          First Meet                            meeting for all West feeder schools will be
                                                                held on Monday, January 24, 2011, at
            Our Hamilton math team placed first                 7:00 pm in the West High Auditorium.
            December 1, competing against 65 other              West High counselors will present
            teams from 18 high schools, including West          information about the course selection
            and Memorial. Two of our team members won           process, course offerings and graduation
            individual first place finishes with “perfect       requirements. (Eighth grade students will
            scores.” They are Manlu Liu and Charles Three       get this same presentation when the West
            other students, Bryan Jin, Michael Liu, and
            Hung Tran received fourth place ratings.            counselors visit the middle schools in
            Team members were:
                                                                8th Grade Orientation Meeting for
            Eighth Graders:                                     Students        and      Families:      An
            Elliot Anderson, Thomas Luo, and Hung Tran.         orientation meeting for parents and
            Seventh Graders:                                    students will be held on Monday,
            Helen Deng, Manlu Liu, and Jacob May.               February 7, 2011, at 7:00 pm in the West
            Sixth Graders:                                      High Auditorium. West principals will
            Connie Cai, Bryan Jin, and Michael Liu and 5        present an overview of the SLC (Smaller
            grader, Charles Hua.                                Learning Community) structure and
                                                                teachers will discuss elective course
            Hamilton will be represented by ten our of math     selections. There will be an opportunity to
            students in the Southwest Wisconsin Division        talk with teacher representatives from our
            competition in February.                            elective classes as well as an opportunity
            Team members will be:
                                                                to look around the building.

            Eighth Graders:                                     Movin’ West: The popular “Movin’
            Elliot Anderson, William Brown, Thomas Luo,         West” will be held on Monday, May 2,
            Aman Nihal, and Hung Tran.                          2011, at 7:00 pm in the West High
            Seventh Graders:                                    Auditorium. This program is sponsored by
            Helen Deng, Manlu Liu and Roy Weng.                 the West PTSO and offers a panel of
            Sixth Graders:                                      principals, students, teachers and parents
            Connie Cai and Bryan Jin.                           who will answer questions about the West
            These team members will make up our
                                                                High experience. Extra curricular activities
            Hamilton Math Team for this event.                  and the “social scene” will also be
            Congratulations to Mr. Nguyen and the               (You can tear off the save the date below)
            Hamilton MathCounts Team!

January 24, 2011: This is an 8th Grade Parent Meeting.
This is the meeting wherein counselors give presentations regarding course selection, course
offerings and graduation requirements.
February 7, 2011: 8th Grade Orientation.
Principals give an overview of the Smaller Learning Community structure and teachers
discuss electives.
May 2, 2011: “Movin' West.” Answers to questions about the West High Experience,
extracurricular activities and the social scene.
                                                     knowledge of First Year Spanish (7th and 8th grade
                                                     years combined), vocabulary and grammar.

                                                     The test includes authentic reading assessments
                                                     and listening comprehension as well. Review and
                                                     preparation tips are provided in class as well as in
 Washington D.C. Trip: June 12-18,                   optional after school sessions. All students receive
                                                     access to online practice exams, activities and
              2011                                   information for vocabulary and grammar review.
                                                     Registration forms were sent home earlier this year.
Participants of the 8th grade Washington D.C.        The fee is $5.00 per student with scholarships
trip will have their first monthly meeting on        available as needed.        Please remember that
Thursday, February 3rd. The meeting will take        Hamilton’s registration deadline is January 14,
place in the cafeteria right after school. Only      2011. After that late fees may apply.
students need to attend this meeting (the big
May meeting will be for everyone). If parents        Contact
would like to attend any monthly meeting, they       Mrs. Brown at
                                                     or Ms. Kilter at
should feel welcome. Monthly meetings will           with questions..
then take place on the first Thursday of each
                                                         COUNSELORS’ CORNER
We have the largest group ever going this
year. We are already at 130 students! We are         In November and December, Ms. Alsmo and
going to try and start building some familiarity     Mr. Schneider teamed up with the 8th grade
between the chaperones and the students that         Unified Arts teachers to deliver information to
is beyond the classroom (yes, in Madison we          our 8th graders about careers.
call it bonding).
                                                     The counselors went into each UA class for two
                                                     days and worked with students primarily on
Students who need some financial support             the    WiCareerPathways     and    WisCareers
should contact Mr. Goelzer. A number of              websites. Students were introduced to sixteen
funding sources are available if certain criteria    career clusters and career pathways within
are met by the student. Parents and students         each cluster.
who have any questions or concerns should
also feel free to contact Mr. Goelzer (204-4686      In WisCareers, students set up a user name
or                      and a password which they are free to use
                                                     from now until the end of the school year.
                                                     Students used this website to explore
                       National Spanish              occupations and also completed an interest
                                                     inventory which matched their interests and
                            Exam News                abilities to specific career clusters and career
                               Hamilton Student
                         Nominated to compete        We encourage students to continue using these
                      Nationally for Scholarship     two websites for further career exploration.
       Congratulations to Fiona Rambo! Her scores
on last year’s National Spanish Exam have earned
her the spot as the Hamilton Middle School           (Includes     information   about  over   700
Nominee to compete nationally for a paid two-week    occupations and more than 3,400 post-
trip to Concordia Language Camp in Minnesota.        secondary schools.)
Bravo! ¡ Felicitaciones y buena suerte!                     User Name: student ID number
                                                            Password: first name and last name
This spring, both 7th and 8th grade students of             (all lower case, no spaces between first
Spanish have the opportunity to participate in the          and last name)
National Spanish Exam offered by the American
Association of Teachers of Spanish and
Portuguese (AATSP). The Hamilton test will take
place before Spring Break. It is scheduled for
Thursday, March 31, and Friday, April 1. We
encourage parents and guardians to avoid making
appointments during class time on those days. The
test is administered online and assesses
                                                              PBS- Positive Behavior Support
                                                             Soaring HAWKS…
                                                                    Help to teach others by their actions
                                                                    Accept responsibility
                                                                    Work to resolve conflicts peacefully
                                                                    Keep showing
                                                                             Respect for everyone,
                                                                             And the environment
                                                                    Set high standards
                                                             Did you know that our Hamilton staff agreed to match the
                                                             amount of Hawk Bucks that were donated by students?
Greetings from the LMC !                                     Students are given Hawk Bucks when staff members catch
Please mark your calendar for our Spring Book Fair on        them displaying our school-wide expectations- The 3 RE’s
May 18 and 19 from 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM. It’s a great           (Respect Everyone, Education and the Environment).
chance for your children to get books for summer             Typically students put their Hawk Bucks in the container in
reading.                                                     the main office in hopes of getting drawn at the end of the
                                                             week so they can choose a prize. Our PBS committee
All students, in their Language Arts classes, have heard     wanted to give our students another option. A fund for Hawk
from me about the Battle of the Books reading lists and      Bucks was set up for Hospice Care so any Hawk Bucks
how to sign up. This is a voluntary reading activity that    that were donated by students would be matched by
takes place from now until the end of February. Talk to      Hamilton staff. Our first goal was 150 donated Hawk Bucks
your child to see if they’re participating.                  which translated to a $150 gift of excellent Hospice Care.
Important dates to post on your refrigerator:                Many of our PBS student representatives thought Hospice
6 grade school competition is February 24                    Care would be a good organization with which to start.
From 11:25 AM-12:45 PM 1 Round in the LMC.                    Hospice Care is nonprofit and gives support and care to
6 grade playoff will be March 1                              people nearing the end of their lives. Many of these patients
From 11:25 AM-12:45 PM FINAL Round in the LMC                and families want to receive care in their own home. When
7 grade school competition is March 1                        this isn’t possible, the care is given in a Hospice Care
2:40-3:30 PM in the LMC                                      facility. Support is also given to family and friends. We’re
8 grade school competition is February 24
                                                             thankful for this organization and for the support it has
From 2:40-3:30 PM in the LMC
                                                             already given so many of our Hamilton families of both
These dates will arrive faster than you and the students
                                                             students and staff- and for the support it will continue to give
                                                             in the future. A big THANK YOU to all students and staff
Parents and Guardians, I want you to know that there         who helped us exceed our goal! Our student
are three ways that your students can come to the            representatives will announce our next charity goal after
LMC in addition to the times their teachers schedule         winter break.
their classes. They can come in before school, they can
get a pass from the LMC staff to come in after they eat      If you are interested in helping our PBS efforts or donating
lunch instead of going outside (provided we have             prizes of any size (new or gently used), please contact
space), and they can come in after school. If they plan to   Janet Pliner, PBS Coach, at or
stay after school and haven’t made plans with you in the     204-4650.
morning, they can use the phone in the LMC to ask if
staying would be alright.

Keep Warm,
Julie Weis
                      Seventh Grade Math Classes
                    W elcom e C U N A M ut ual A ct uar ies

In August of 2009, a group of actuaries at                              Eloisa Chavas
CUNA Mutual Group was inspired to reach out                          Jeanine Griebenow
and offer their enthusiasm for math to the                            Brent Haffenbredl
Madison public schools. At a company event                              Steve Hessler
that brought together all the actuaries for a day                        Ryan Holden
of continuing education, a representative of the                         Ross Moore
Actuarial Foundation – which develops                                    Brian Mullen
programs that “serve the public by harnessing                          Mary Neumann
the talents of actuaries” – made a presentation
                                                                     Prince Rajbhandari
on the benefits of teaching in the community.
                                                                        Ken Sidikman
Two of the younger actuaries were convinced
that their peers could help get students excited                          Sam Wells
about math, and began an effort to organize                             HuiYu Zhang
them. Independently, CUNA Mutual Group’s
chief actuary and another colleague began
their own effort to start a program. The chief
actuary was looking not just at the benefit to
the students, but to his actuaries as well. He      West Madison Little League Baseball
felt that it would help them to learn to                     and Girls' Softball
communicate skillfully, to better understand the      Online Registration is now open
concepts that they use every day, and to                   through Feb 28, 2011
create effective presentations. Soon after, the                 Baseball (boys & girls)
two groups of actuaries joined forces and
                                                                   Ages 8 through 16
reached out to gauge interest in middle schools
                                                                  (Age as of 4-30-11)
in the area. Char Hannes, a seventh grade
math teacher at Hamilton Middle School,                        Girls' Softball (girls only)
agreed to host the group, and a partnership              Ages 7 thru 18 (age as of 12-31-10)
was born.                                                      Website:
                                                          (Click on the Registration button)
Planning began during the summer of 2010,                              Questions?
followed by teaching in the fall. Now there is       Contact Bill Battista at 239-6161 or email to
additional excitement in Ms. Hannes’s                     
classroom every Wednesday, thanks to the
dedication and enthusiasm of our twelve

                                                    Answers to questions about the West High Experience,
                                                    extracurricular activities and the social scene.
     Madison School and
    Community Recreation
Our third session of after-school programming
during PCT time (Wednesdays 1:40-3:30 pm) is                                   After
taking place in January and February. Mini-                                    School
courses include Cooking, Spoken Word, Sports &
Games, and Arts & Crafts. Transportation is
provided. For late registration, questions or             January
comments contact Megan Baranczyk at 576-
6450.                                                     Mondays:
                                                          Clubs meet except for the first Monday of the
Megan will also be starting up a new drama club           month due to staff meeting
                                                              • Homework Club
to take place on Thursdays from 3:30-4:30 pm.
                                                              • Community Service Club
Topics will be both instructor and student led. We                           nd th
                                                                      o (2 /4 Monday of month)
are hoping to do some performances blending                   • “Sattellite”
music and dance as well. We will begin by                     • Yearbook Club
                                                                             nd th
learning about modern topics in performance and                       o (2 /4 Monday of month)
practicing some improvisation. Transportation is              • Open Volleyball Club
provided. There is no fee but registration is                 • National History Club
required.                                                     • 6 grade Student Council
                                                                      o (2 Monday of month)
Please contact Megan Baranczyk at 576-6450
with any questions.                                       Tuesdays:
                                                             • Jazz Band
                                                             • Future Problem Solving (FPS)
                                                             • Homework Club
                                                                 th th
                                                             • 7 /8 grade Dr. Dodge Club
      Give the Gift of                                       • National History Club
                                                             • Yearbook
        Education                                                        st rd
                                                                    o (1 /3 Tuesday of Month)
       STEAM Series
         Science,T         ,
                  echnology Engineering,Arts, andMore!
                                                             • Chess Club
                                                             • Art Club
                                                             • 7 grade Student Council
                                                                    o (2 Tuesday of month)

        Saturday Enrichment Program                          • Earth Club
            January 22, 29 Feb. 5 & 12, 2011                      th
            10:00am-3:00pm (lunch included)                  • 8 Student Council
                                                                     o (every other Thursday)
                 Students in grades 5-8                           th
                                                             • 6 Dr. Dodge Club
      Scholarships: Limited financial aid is available.      • Science Olympiad

         For more information please contact:             Fridays:
       Patricia Brooks at (608) 890-3092 or email             • Sci-Fi Club
                                   • Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)
                                                              • Science Olympiad
                                                              • Break Dance
                                                              • Ski Club Trips
                                                          Peg Guse
                                                          Hamilton PE teacher/ MSCR Coordinator
    Registration upcoming                       Próximas fechas de matrícula para
 for 5-year old and 4-year old                   el Kindergarten para niños de 4
         kindergartens                           años (4K) y para el Kindergarten
                                                    para niños de 5 años (5K)
For the first time, the Madison School
District will have 4-year old kindergarten      Por primera vez a partir del 1ro de
beginning on September 1 of this year.          septiembre de este año, el Distrito Escolar
4K will be offered to all children living in    Metropolitano de Madison (MMSD por su
the district who will be four years old on or   sigla en inglés) tendrá Kindergarten para
before September 1, 2011.                       niños de 4 años. Se ofrecerá 4K a todos los
                                                niños que vivan en el distrito y que cumplan
So this year there will be registrations for    los cuatro años el 1ro de septiembre del
both 4K and 5-year old kindergarten.            2011, o antes.

Registration for 4K students will take place    Este año habrá matrículas tanto para 4K
on Monday February 7 from 1:00 to               como para 5K:
6:00 p.m. at all MMSD elementary
schools.                                        Las matrículas para estudiantes de 4K
                                                tendrán lugar el lunes, 7 de febrero de
Registration for 5-year old kindergarten        1:00 a 6:00 p.m., en todas las escuelas
(5K) students will take place on Monday         primarias del MMSD.
March 7 from 1:00 to 6:00 p.m. at all
MMSD elementary schools. To be eligible         Las matrículas para estudiantes de 5K
for 5K, children must be five years old on      tendrán lugar el lunes, 7 de marzo de 1:00
or before September 1, 2011.                    a 6:00 p.m. en todas las escuelas primarias
                                                del MMSD. Los niños tienen que haber
Parents or guardians should register their      cumplido cinco años el 1ro de septiembre del
child at their neighborhood school.             2011 o antes para que sean elegibles para
When parents or guardians register their
child for either 4K or 5K, they will be         Los padres o tutores legales deberán
required to show proof of age (birth            matricular a su niño en la escuela de su
certificate, baptismal record or medical        vecindario.
assistance card,) proof of residency (utility
bill, lease or mortgage) and an                 Cuando los padres o tutores legales vayan
immunization record.         Children are       a matricular a su niño ya sea en 4K o en 5K,
welcome to accompany parents, but they          se les pedirá que muestren prueba de la
are not required to attend.                     edad del niño (certificado de nacimiento,
                                                partida de bautizo o tarjeta de asistencia
Parents who are unable to register on           médica), prueba de que residen en el distrito
February 7 (4K) or March 7 (5K) should          (cuenta del gas u otro servicio, contrato de
register at their neighborhood school as        arriendo o hipoteca) y la cartilla de
soon as possible after those dates.             vacunación. Los niños serán bienvenidos,
                                                pero no es necesario que vengan a la

                                                Aquellos padres que no puedan matricular a
                                                sus niños ya sea el 7 de febrero para 4K o el
                                                7 de marzo para 5K, deberán hacerlo lo
                                                más pronto posible a partir de esas fechas.
                                                                            la decisión más apropiada para sus hijos; ustedes son siempre los
When is school closed due to weather?                                       mejores jueces en cuanto a la salud y seguridad de sus hijos.
                                                                           El proceso para decidir cuando se abren o no las escuelas debido a
                                                                           la nieve y/o el hielo:
Dear Families of MMSD Students,                                            Los miembros del personal del distrito evalúan las condiciones
                                                                           meteorológicas muy temprano en la mañana. Ellos consultan con los
                                                                           meteorólogos, el departamento vial del municipio, el departamento de
When the weather is bad, the Madison Metropolitan School                   policía de Madison, el departamento del Sheriff del Condado Dane, así
District follows a set of guidelines for deciding if school will be        como con el personal de las escuelas del distrito para determinar si todas
                                                                           las instalaciones son accesibles para los estudiantes y los empleados.
open or closed. With winter weather here, I’d like to review
these guidelines with you.                                                 También consultamos con las compañías de autobuses para determinar si
                                                                           podrán viajar con seguridad hacia la escuela y de regreso a las casas. La
The district must make a decision that is the best for all                 decisión de si se cierran las escuelas se toma a más tardar para las 6:30
                                                                           a.m. y entonces se les comunica a todos los medios de comunicación y
students. We realize, at times, our decisions may not fit with             noticieros locales.
your individual circumstances. Therefore, we encourage and
strongly support you in making the decision that is best for your          ¿Cómo pueden averiguar si hay cierre de escuelas?
                                                                           En los días cuando hay mal tiempo, sintonicen cualquier estación local de
child(ren). You are always the best judge of your child’s health           radio o televisión para recibir información sobre el cierre de las escuelas.
and safety.                                                                Pueden también informarse en nuestra página de la red:,
                                                                           o en MMSD-TV (canal de cable 96 o 993.)
The process for deciding when schools are open or closed
                                                                           ¿Cuándo se cierran las escuelas por frío extremo?
          due to snow and/or ice                                           Cuando el Servicio Nacional del Estado del Tiempo ha emitido una
District staff members review the weather conditions beginning             ADVERTENCIA INMINENTE de viento extremadamente frío para el
early in the morning. They talk with weather forecasters, the              Condado Dane, en efecto antes del comienzo del día escolar,
                                                                           consideraremos si las escuelas de Madison deberán cerrarse. Es muy
City Streets Department, Madison Police and Dane County                    posible que tomemos la decisión de cierre en la mañana del día en
Sheriff’s Departments, and school district staff to see if all             cuestión. Si se ha emitido un AVISO (no una ADVERTENCIA) de viento
buildings are accessible for students and staff.                           muy frío para el condado, es muy posible que las escuelas se abran.
We also consult with bus companies to see if buses will be                 Cuando están cerradas las escuelas, todas las actividades quedan
able to travel safely to and from school. We make the decision             canceladas
whether to close schools by 6:30 a.m. or earlier, and then                 Cuando las escuelas de Madison cierran por el día, quiere decir que todas
communicate this decision to all local news outlets.                       las actividades programadas para llevarse a cabo ese día en los edificios
                                                                           escolares también quedan canceladas. Esto incluye todos los programas
                                                                           de recreación (MSCR) y todos los programas después del día escolar.
How you can find out if schools are closed                                 ¿Por qué generalmente no se les da salida temprano a los alumnos
On days when the weather is bad, listen to any local radio or              cuando hay mal tiempo?
                                                                           En la mayoría de nuestras familias los adultos trabajan fuera del hogar y
television station for information about school closing. You can           no tienen cuidado infantil disponible antes del final del día escolar. Sin
also check our Web site ( or MMSD-TV (Cable                   embargo, si el horario de trabajo se los permite y creen que sus hijos se
Channel 96 or 993).                                                        encontrarán más seguros en su hogar, pueden pasar a recogerlos antes
                                                                           que termine el día escolar. En tal caso, les pedimos que acudan a la
                                                                           oficina de la escuela y soliciten que les entreguen a sus hijos.
When schools are closed because of extreme cold
When the National Weather Service has a wind chill                         Tratamos de mantener las escuelas abiertas
WARNING for Dane County in effect for the time just before                 Cuando se cierran las escuelas, muchas familias tienen problemas con el
                                                                           cuidado de sus hijos. Por lo tanto, hacemos todo lo posible para mantener
the school day begins, we will make a decision if our schools              las escuelas abiertas siempre y cuando se pueda hacer en una forma
should close. It is quite likely we will make this type of closing         segura. Sin embargo, tal como lo mencionamos al principio de esta carta,
decision on the morning of the day in question. If there is a              cuando hay mal tiempo los padres siempre pueden tomar la decisión de
wind chill ADVISORY (and not a WARNING) for the county,                    mantener a sus hijos en la casa.
schools will likely be open.                                               ¿Por qué no se retrasa el comienzo del día escolar cuando hay mal
                                                                           tiempo pero se pronostica que mejorará durante el día?
When schools are closed, all activities are canceled                       En muchas de nuestras familias, los adultos que trabajan fuera del hogar
                                                                           no pueden ajustar sus horarios de trabajo o encontrar cuidado de niños
When Madison schools are closed for the day, it also means                 para acomodar la entrada más tarde. Si ustedes transportan a sus hijos a
that all activities scheduled in school buildings for that day are         la escuela, les agradecemos el esfuerzo extra que hacen en los días de
canceled. This includes all MSCR programs and all after                    mal tiempo y entendemos que podría haber retrasos en la llegada.
school programs.                                                           Cierre de las escuelas por otras razones
                                                                           Si se preguntan si las escuelas del distrito o una en particular estarán
Why schools are generally not dismissed early on days                      cerradas por una razón no relacionada al mal tiempo, nos comunicaremos
when the weather is bad                                                    vía correo electrónico con aquellos padres o tutores legales que nos
In many of our families, adults work outside the home and they             dieron su dirección del correo electrónico a través del Infinite Campus, el
have no child care arrangements available before the end of                sistema de información estudiantil en línea. También pueden escuchar la
the school day. However, if your schedule allows and if you                radio o mirar un canal de televisión local, ir a la página de la escuela en la
feel your child(ren) will be safer at home, you can pick your              red o mirar el canal MMSD-TV.
child(ren) up before the end of the school day. If you do, go to           Les agradecemos su comprensión y cooperación
the school office and request that your child(ren) be dismissed            Por cada familia que está contenta porque las escuelas están en sesión
to you.                                                                    durante los días en que hay mal tiempo, hay otra familia que opina que
Noviembre del 2010
                                                                           deberían haberse cerrado. La decisión de abrir o cerrar las escuelas
Estimadas familias de los estudiantes del Distrito Escolar Metropolitano   cuando hay tiempo inclemente produce algunas de las reacciones más
de Madison:                                                                fuertes en la comunidad, no importa que dirección tomemos en cuanto a
                                                                           nuestras decisiones relacionadas con el estado del tiempo.
Cuando el estado del tiempo es inclemente, el Distrito Escolar
Metropolitano de Madison (MMSD por su sigla en inglés) sigue una           Les agradecemos su comprensión con respecto a las dificultades que se
serie de normas para decidir si se abren o no sus escuelas. Ante la        presentan para tomar esta decisión y su apoyo en ayudar a que sus hijos
llegada del clima invernal, quisiera repasar estas normas con ustedes.     lleguen seguros a la escuela durante los días de invierno. Por favor sepan
                                                                           que consideraremos el factor de la seguridad cuando tomemos cualquier
El distrito debe tomar una decisión que sea la mejor para todos los        decisión relacionada con el estado del tiempo.
estudiantes. Entendemos que, en ocasiones, puede ser que nuestras
decisiones no sean las más convenientes para sus circunstancias
individuales. Por lo tanto, les animamos y respaldamos para que tomen
                                                                HAMILTON MIDDLE SCHOOL CALENDAR
-------------------------------------------------- 2011 ----------------------------------------------------------     ------------------------------------------------------2011--------------------------------------------------------------
                                         SECOND SEMESTER                                                               --
January 3                           Monday Schools Reopen
January 5                           PCT Early Release 1:37 pm *                                                        March 31        All School Dance 2:30 -4:30 pm
January 5                           PAAS @ Boys & Girls club 6-7:30 pm                                                 April 4         International Night Rehearsal
January 12                          PCT Early Release 1:37 pm *                                                                        2:37 – 5:30 p.m. Café
January 12 & 13 8th Grade Musical 7pm. Café                                                                            April 5         International Night Rehearsal
January 17                          Monday Martin Luther King Day                                                                      2:37 – 5:30 p.m. Café
                                     No School                                                                         April 6         PCT Early Release 1:37 pm *
January 19                          PTO Board Meeting 6-7 pm LMC                                                                       PAAS @ Boys & Girls Club 6-7:30 pm
                                    PTO Meeting 7 pm LMC                                                                               International Night, 5:30- 8:00 pm Café
“Putting Together the Pieces: Financial Planning for College”                                                          April 7         D.C. Meeting 2:37-3:30 pm Café
                                    7&8 Choral Concert 7pm VHE Gym.                                                    April 13        PCT Early Release 1:37 pm *
January 21                          Friday Early Release 11:40 am                                                                      PTO Meeting 7 pm LMC
                                    End of 2nd Quarter & 1st Semester                                                                  .“Math Pathways”
January 26                          PCT Early Release 1:37 pm *                                                        April 18 – 22   Spring Break
January 27                          Thursday Winter Dance, 2:37-4:37 pm                                                April 25        School Reopens
February 2                          PCT Early Release 1:37 pm *                                                        April 27        PCT Early Release 1:37 pm *
February 2                          PAAS @ Boys & Girls Club 6-7:30 pm                                                                 5th Parent/Guardian Orientation 6:30-8 pm
February 3                          D.C. Meeting 2:37-3:30 pm Café                                                                     (For parents & 5th grade only)
February 4                          Friday Parent/Teacher Conferences                                                  May 4           PCT Early Release 1:37 pm *
                                     No School (Middle Schools Only)                                                                   PAAS @ Boys & Girls Club 6-7:30 pm
February 9                          PCT Early Release 1:37 pm *                                                                        6, 7& 8 Strings Concert 7pm VHE Gym
February 16                         PCT Early Release 1:37 pm *                                                        May 5           D.C. Parent Meeting 6 pm Cafe
                                    PTO Board Meeting 6-7 pm LMC                                                       May 11          PCT Early Release 1:37 pm *
                                    PTO Gen. Meeting 7 pm LMC                                                                          7 Choral & Band Concert 7pm VHE Gym
                                    “Teen Sexuality”                                                                   May 17          PTO Board Meeting 6:00 p.m. ( T.B.D.)
February 19                         Saturday Solo & Ensemble                                                                           Spring Book Fair 7:15 am- 4pm LMC
                                    @ East High School (All Day)                                                       May 18          PCT Early Release 1:37 pm *
February 23                         PTO Chili Cook-Off 5:30-7:30 pm                                                                    Spring Book Fair 7:15 am- 4pm LMC
February 24                         6th “Battle of the Books”                                                                          PTO in LMC 5:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                         th   th
                                    (During 6th grade lunch) LMC                                                                       6th & 8th Choir Concert 7pm- VHE Gym
                                    8th “Battle of the Books” 2:40 pm LMC                                              May 19          6th & 8 Band Concert 7pm- VHE Gym
February 25                          SWEIO Convention                                                                  May 23          8th Musical Rehearsal 2:37-3:30pm Café.
                                    No School                                                                          May 24          8 Dress rehearsal 6-8:30pm Café
March 1                             6th “Battle of the Books” Final Round                                              May 25          PCT Early Release 1:37 pm *
                                    (During 6th grade lunch) LMC                                                       May 25 & 26     Weds. & Thurs.
                                    7th “Battle of the Books” 2:40 pm LMC                                                               8 Grade Musical 7 pm Café
March 2                             PCT Early Release 1:37 pm *                                                        May 27          Medieval Museum 7:30- 9:30 am Café
                                    PAAS @ Boys & Girls Club 6-7:30 pm                                                 May 30          Monday Memorial Day
                                    8 Band, Strings & Choral 7pmVHE Gym                                                                 Schools Closed
March 3                             D.C. meeting 2:37-3:30 pm Café                                                     June 1          PAAS @ Boys & Girls Club 6-7:30 pm
March 9                             PCT Early Release 1:37 pm *                                                                        International Student Picnic
March 106 &7th Band Concert 7pm VHE Gym                                                                                                5:30 -7 pm Vilas
March 16                             PCT Early Release 1:37 pm *                                                                       8th .Awards Assembly 8- 9:30 am Café
                                    PTO Meeting 7 pm LMC                                                               June 3          6th Medieval Faire 8:45- 11:30 am
“Tips for Success at West:                                                                                         .   June 8          8 Movin’-On Ceremony
Organization, Time Management and a Calmer Life at Home”                                                                               7 pm West H.S. Auditorium
March 21                            Follies Rehearsal 2:37 – 5:30 pm. Café                                             June 9          End of the Year Field Trips Grades 6 - 8
March 22                            Follies Rehearsal 2:37 – 5:30 pm. Café                                             June 10 Friday   Last Day of School
March 23                            PCT Early Release 1:37 pm *                                                                         Early Morning Release 9:15 am
                                    Hamilton Follies 7pm Café                                                          June 20 Monday First Day of Summer School
March 24                            8th Kalahari Band Festival (All Day)
MARCH 26                            SATURDAY WEST AREA STRINGS
FESTIVAL                                                         4:00 P.M. @ WEST H.S.
March 29                            End of 3rd Quarter                                                                 *NO AFTER SCHOOL CLUBS ON EARLY RELEASE DAYS!
March 30                             PCT Early Release 1:37 pm *

                                                                                                                       Revised 1/11/2010
                                    YEARBOOKS FOR SALE

Orders will be taken beginning January 3, 2011 through January 21, 2011 for the 2010-2011 Yearbook

Cost - $15.00 each (please bring EXACT cash or make check payable to MMSD)

Name(s) ______________________________________________________

ID# _____________________       Homeroom Teacher(s) _______________________



Number of yearbooks ordered ________________ Amount Enclosed ______________

I would like to donate _______________ towards a yearbook for another student.

Please return this form with your money to your homeroom teacher.

                               (LAST DATE TO ORDER IS FRIDAY, JANUARY 21, 2011)

                                           This part intentionally left blank
  Changes in the Wisconsin                                            Cambios en la ley para la
Medication Administration Law                                      administración de medicamentos
                                                                            en Wisconsin
We want you to be aware of changes in the Wisconsin
Medication Administration Law (Wisconsin State Statute           Queremos que se hagan concientes de los cambios en la ley para
118.29) that will affect children in all school districts in     la administración de medicamentos en Wisconsin (Estatuto 118.29
Wisconsin starting March 1, 2011. The goal of these              del estado de Wisconsin) que afectarán a los niños en todos los
changes is to improve safety for all students who receive        distritos de Wisconsin, a partir del primero de marzo del 2011. La
medication at school. The MMSD Board of Education is             meta de estos cambios es aumentar la seguridad de todos los
                                                                 estudiantes que reciben los medicamentos en la escuela. La mesa
revising its Board Policy on Medication Administration so that   directiva del Distrito Escolar Metropolitano de Madison (MMSD por
it will reflect what the law requires. The changes that affect   su sigla en inglés) está revisando su política referente a la
MMSD are in 2 areas:                                             administración de medicamentos de tal manera que refleje los
                                                                 requisitos impuestos por la ley. Los cambios que afectan al MMSD
1) Packaging of drugs:                                           están en dos áreas:
     Prescription drugs must come to school in the original
     pharmacy-labeled package with the child’s name, name        1) El empaque de los medicamentos:
     of the prescriber, name of the drug, the dose, the date           Los medicamentos recetados deben llegar a la escuela en el
     and directions all in a legible format. This means that           paquete original de la farmacia marcado legiblemente con el
                                                                       nombre del niño, el nombre de quien lo receta, el nombre del
     we cannot accept medications that are sent to school in           medicamento, la dosis, la fecha y las instrucciones. Esto
     baggies, envelopes, or other containers. Please ask               quiere decir que no podemos aceptar remedios enviados a la
     your pharmacist for assistance.                                   escuela en bolsitas, sobres u otros recipientes. Por favor
             o If your child takes medications at home                 pídale ayuda a su farmaceuta:
                 and at school, ask for 2 bottles.                              o Si su hijo toma medicamentos en la casa y en
             o If your child uses an inhaler or an                                   la escuela, pida dos frascos.
                 epinephrine auto injector, ask the                             o Si su hijo usa un inhalador o una inyección de
                 pharmacist to put the label on the device                           epinefrina autoaplicable, pídale al farmaceuta
                 not on the box.                                                     que coloque la etiqueta en el aparato y no en la
     Non prescription drugs must come in the original                 Los medicamentos de venta sin receta deben venir en el
     manufacturer’s package and the package must list the             paquete original de manufactura y éste debe enumerar
     ingredients and recommended therapeutic dose in                  legiblemente los ingredientes y la dosis terapéutica
     legible format. This means all over the counter drugs            recomendada. Esto quiere decir que todos los medicamentos
     should be sent in the bottle or box in which you                 de venta libre, sin receta, deberán ser enviados en el frasco o
     purchase them.                                                   caja en que vienen cuando los compra.

     All medication to be given at school must be                     Todos los medicamentos que se vayan a administrar en la
                                                                      escuela deben ser provistos por los padres o tutores legales.
     provided by the parent or guardian. This means that              Esto quiere decir que las enfermeras escolares del MMSD ya
     MMSD school nurses will no longer be able to give your           no podrán darle a su hijo acetaminofén (Tylenol®) o
     child acetaminophen (Tylenol®) or ibuprofen (Advil® or           ibuprofeno (Advil® o Motrin®) de una provisión escolar.
     Motrin®) from a school provided supply. Additionally,            Además, las enfermeras escolares ya no podrán administrar
     school nurses will no longer be able to provide                  tratamientos de emergencia para el asma o reacciones
     emergency treatments for asthma or serious allergic              alérgicas severas utilizando medicamentos proporcionados
     reactions using school supplied medication. The law              por la escuela. La ley utiliza lenguaje que especifica que
     uses language that specifies that all medications have           todos los medicamentos tienen que ser provistos por los
     to be provided by the parent or guardian.                        padres o tutores legales.
                                                                      Debido a estos cambios en la ley, a partir del primero de
     Because of these law changes, the services of the                marzo del 2011, no se podrá administrar el programa de
     MMSD Expanded Health Services program cannot be                  expansión de los servicios de salud del MMSD. La
     provided starting March 1, 2011. Information about this          información a este respecto se incluyó en los formularios de
     was included on the permission form for the Expanded             permiso para el programa de expansión de los servicios de
     Health Services program that you signed at the                   salud que usted firmó al comienzo del año escolar y que
     beginning of the school year and can be reviewed at              puede                       revisar                       en             
                                                                 El personal de servicios de salud del MMSD continuará
MMSD Health Services staff will continue to administer           administrando todos los medicamentos provistos por los
all medications that are provided by parents or                  padres o tutores legales, y para los cuales tengamos
guardians and for which we have written parent                   autorización escrita por parte del padre y una orden escrita
permission and a written order from the health care              del proveedor del cuidado de la salud.
                                                                 2) Entrenamiento: Todo el personal escolar que administre
2) Training: All school staff who administer medication must     medicinas debe terminar ahora el entrenamiento aprobado por el
now complete Department of Public Instruction approved           Departamento de Instrucción Pública (DPI por su sigla en inglés).
                                                                 El entrenamiento siempre ha sido un requisito pero ahora el
training. Training has always been required but now the          contenido debe ser aprobado por el Departamento de Instrucción
contents must be approved by DPI and the training will be        Pública y el entrenamiento se deberá ofrecer con la frecuencia que
held as often as DPI requires. The district has a plan to        el DPI lo exija. El distrito tiene un plan para asegurarse que todo el
ensure that all staff who give medication complete training.     personal que administre los medicamentos complete el
                           Madison School Community Recreation

SCR Annual Downhill Ski Fundraiser
Enjoy an evening of recreational skiing on Saturday, January 22, 4-9 pm at Tyrol
Basin, Mount Horeb. Proceeds support scholarships and the purchase of adapted
equipment for people with disabilities.

Tickets for youth and adults are: $20 which covers the ski rental (or snowboard rental),
helmets, and lift ticket. Tickets must be purchased in advance. No ticket sales on site.
Register online at Or please send a check indicating the type and
number of tickets desired to: MSCR, 3802 Regent Street. Tickets are mailed to you.
Please call 204-3000 for more information or go to

MSCR also offers affordable downhill and ski lessons please go to or
call 204-3000 for more information.

En asociación con Tyrol Basin. Disfrute de una tarde del esquí no competitivo. Los
ingresos ayudan a la compra del equipo adaptable y a becas para personas con
incapacidades. Los boletos para los jóvenes y adultos son: $20 y cubren el alquiler de
esquí y/o snowboard y el boleto de la elevación (ahorros de más de $9). Las lecciones
no están incluidas en el precio. Debe comprar boletos por adelantado. No se venden
boletos en el lugar del evento. Incluya por favor un cheque separado indicando el tipo
y el número de los boletos deseados. Los boletos serán enviados por correo. O
cómprelos en la oficina de MSCR

Todos Tyrol Basin Sa 1/22 4-9 pm $20
Llame al 204-3000 para mas información.

Neil Gleason, 238-4312 o
Ian Hannah, 204-3052 o
         Patrocinado por Madison School & Community Recreation (MSCR)
                                                               11th Annual

                                               Madison School Community Recreation

                                   2011 Chess Championship
Eligibility           Open to all Madison area students,
                      Kindergarten through 12th grade
Date                  Saturday, March 5th
Location        Warner               Park Community Recreation Center                                    1625
Northport Drive, Madison

Cost                  Free (Donations welcome to help support event’s future)
Prizes                1st, 2nd, 3rd place trophy to top individual finishers
                      1st place trophy to the top individual at each grade level (K-8)
                      1st and 2nd place trophy to top elementary and middle school teams
                                 (ties for individual trophies are resolved with 5-minute blitz games)

# Games               5 games per player guaranteed
S c h e d u l e, S at u rd ay Ma rc h 5 t h

Registration 8:15-9:00 am (limited to the first 125 players)
Game         Round 1 begins at 9:15 am
Schedule     Rounds 2-5 at approximately 10:30, 11:45, 1:15 and 2:30.
             Grades K-2 rounds will start at the conclusion of the previous round. Awards will be
             given at the completion of the five rounds
                      Lunch (there will be a lunch break between rounds 2 + 3)
                      Trophies awarded beginning at 4:00 pm
D e ta i ls

Time control          each player gets 30 minutes to complete all moves

Rules                 touch move
Pairings              Accelerated Swiss System,
                      Designed to pair opponents of similar ages and strength
Equipment             boards, sets and score sheets will be provided
                      Please bring a chess clock, if possible
Questions? Neil Gleason, 238-4312 or
           Ian Hannah, 204-3052 or
                                  Madison School Community Recreation
                                    Evento Anual
                             Campeonato de Ajedrez 2011
Elegibilidad Abierto a todos los estudiantes del área de Madison,
              Kindergarten a 12avo grado
Fecha         Sábado, 5 de marzo
Lugar         Centro Comunitario de Recreación Warner Park
              1625 Northport Drive, Madison

Costo         Gratis
Premios       1ero, 2do y 3er lugar a los jugadores individuales con habilidades superiores
              Trofeo del 1er lugar al individuo con habilidad superior en cada grado (K-8)
              Trofeos de 1ero y 2do lugar para los equipos escolares de primaria y escuela media
              (Los empates para los trofeos individuales se resuelven con juegos rápidos de cinco minutos)

# Juegos      5 juegos por jugador garantizado
Horario, sábado 5 de marzo

Registro      8:15-9:00 (limitado a los primeros 125 jugadores)
Juego         Primera ronda empieza a las 9:15
Horario       Rondas 2-5 empiezan aproximadamente a las 10:30, 11:45, 1:15 y 2:30
              Nuevo este año las rondas para los grados K-2 empezaran al terminar la
              previa ronda. Los premios se darán al completar las 5 rondas.

              Almuerzo (alimento/bocadillos disponibles en el lugar del evento, la venta
              se lleva a cabo por el programa de básquetbol juvenil)

              La entrega de trofeos comienza a las 4:00 PM.

Control del tiempo Cada jugador tiene 30 minutos para terminar todos los movimientos

Reglas                Movimiento táctil

Emparejamiento        Sistema Suizo Acelerado, diseñó en aparear a opositores de edades
                      y de habilidades similares

Equipo                Se proporcionarán los tableros, piezas y las hojas para mantener los
                      Traer por favor un reloj de ajedrez, si es posible

¿Preguntas?           Neil Gleason, 238-4312 o
                      Ian Hannah, 204-3052 o

                Patrocinado por Madison School & Community Recreation (MSCR)
Madison Metropolitan School District   NON-Profit Org.
                                       U.S. Postage PAID
4801 Waukesha Street                    Permit No. 1172
Madison, WI 53705

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