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									Juan Hernandez
134 W. Presnell St.
Asheboro, NC 27203

January 27, 2012

Kathy Saunders
Senior English Teacher
1221 S. Park St.
Asheboro, NC 27203

Dear Mrs. Saunders:
My Graduation Project topic of research is Physical Trainer. I chose this topic because not many
people in my family have learn or done good healthy things in there life’s, and I’ve always been
interested in the work they do and time they put for they clients. My main focus of my earlier
research was the different type’s physical training, degrees, and the many areas where a physical
trainer have. My methods that I used during this research included the Internet, interviews, and
books about Physical trainer.
For my product, I want to work out and learn how to become one or just learn how I can applied
for my everyday life and put a big part in people who need to work out in order to be healthy.
Either way would be a learning stretch for me because I don’t know what work outs really help
you out the most without hurting yourself, nonetheless, know how included in my everyday life.
Also, I’m not very well in front of people. So putting on a workout routine would stretch me in
more than one way possible. Money might be a possible challenge as well since I am not sure yet
if my mentor will want me paying for a membership, but if so, it would have to come out of my
own pocket.
I understand that plagiarism is the unlawful claiming of another person’s work as my own. I will
do my best to come up with original thoughts and to cite others’ work when I find it necessary to
use their ideas. I will not use a paper, product, presentation and/or information gathered by
another student. I will collect accurate verifications on all the work requiring signatures. I will
not forge any verification documents.

Juan Hernandez

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