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									QUBYX Announces Reseller Partnership with Shareden Group

QUBYX will offer its products to the US medical imaging market via a
reseller partnership with Shareden Group.

Nice, France, October 24, 2012 -- QUBYX Software Technologies Ltd., a
display calibration solutions provider, and Shareden Group, Inc., a
Healthcare IT consulting company, have announced that they have signed a
reseller partnership agreement. The agreement allows Shareden Group to
offer QUBYX medical imaging solutions as a part of their extensive
product portfolio.

“We believe the partnership with Shareden Group will become an important
step in our further expansion to American market,” says Marc Leppla,
Director of QUBYX. “Shareden Group has the manpower and expertise to
provide our medical imaging customers with the highest level of service
and support.”

“Qubyx is an ideal business partner for us,” says R. Manielle Johnson,
President of Shareden Group. “Qubyx products fit well with our current
offerings and our business philosophy – to provide compliant Health IT
solutions that enhance physician productivity. Proper display calibration
is critical to the quality and integrity of the medical images presented.
Our clients rely on us to provide highly effective and affordable
solutions such as PerfectLum to meet these requirements.”

QUBYX products that will now be available to Shareden Group customers
include PerfectLum and PerfectLum Suite software, as well as the Dell
U3011 & PerfectLum display bundle. PerfectLum is a medical monitor
calibration tool, featuring DICOM, CIE L*, and Gamma calibrations,
calibration conformance checks, luminance and black level calibration,
and other functions. PerfectLum Suite is an extended software version
with QA capabilities added. These include acceptance and constancy tests
according to AAPM TG18, DIN 6868-57,DIN 6868-157, JESRA X-0093, IEC
62563-1 regulations. Both PerfectLum and PerfectLum Suite feature a
Remote Management System for remote scheduling and performing tasks on
multiple machines from a single location. Dell U3011 & PerfectLum, is a
30” 4MP medical monitor, DICOM-calibrated and FDA-approved, bundled with
fully functional PerfectLum Suite software.

Shareden Group offers a broad spectrum of products and services that
include medical display software, cloud document management and storage
system for healthcare enterprises, web-based electronic health record
(EHR), online patient registration with insurance verification,
healthcare compliance tools and online HIPAA training. Service offerings
include display calibration and remote monitoring and support for
commercial displays, medical-grade displays and projectors from various
manufacturers, allowing a medical facility to have a single calibration
and remote monitoring provider.

About QUBYX:
QUBYX is a technology contributor to medical imaging and color management
industries. QUBYX solutions include display management systems, color
calibration and verification software for medical imaging and defence
industries use. QUBYX software ensures that the quality of display image
always conforms to the highest standards of any industry relying on
professional monitors. QUBYX Software Technologies Ltd. is a privately
owned company, based in Nice, France. For more information about QUBYX,
visit www.qubyx.com. To read more about PerfectLum go to

About Shareden Group:
Shareden Group is a U.S. based Health IT consulting firm and value added
reseller providing advanced technology to healthcare organizations
nationwide. Shareden Group provides comprehensive products to enhance
patient engagement, increase data access and improve workflow, enabling
healthcare providers to optimize management of clinical processes. The
Company’s software solutions help healthcare organizations become
technologically efficient, patient-centric and profitable. For more
information about the Shareden Group, please visit www.sharedengroup.com.

Mr. R. Manielle Johnson, Shareden Group, Inc., tel. (866)651-5005, fax
(866)651-0997, info@sharedengroup.com, www.sharedengroup.com.

Marc Leppla
QUBYX Software Technologies Ltd
Nice, France
tel. +33 (0)4 97 03 23 00
fax +33 (0)955 880 096

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