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                                  ART AND ARCHITECTURE
                                  SELF-GUIDED TOUR

                                  Welcome to the USC Art and Architecture self-
                                  guided tour. From the Romanesque architecture
                                  of Doheny Memorial Library to the Zen-like
                                  abstraction of Woods Davy’s stone-and-steel
                                  sculpture, from gargoyles representing Greek
                                  philosophers to the politically charged work of
                                  contemporary artists Jenny Holzer and Judy Baca,
                                  USC invites you to engage with its enduring
                                  legacy of public art and architecture.

                                  This guide will introduce you to the buildings,
                                  sculptures, fountains, murals, galleries and
                                  architectural details that have shaped the
                                  University’s unique physical and cultural growth
                                  since its inception. The tour enables you to walk
                                  at your own pace while taking in the beauty of the
                                  University Park campus. We hope you find this
                                  tour a memorable and thought-provoking part of
                                  your visit to USC.

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                                       ART AND ARCHITECTURAL DETAILS

                                  THE MAP APPEARS ON PAGES 12–13.

                                                                                                                                            DOHENY MEMORIAL LIBRARY
    1   Widney Alumni House                      ZUMBERGE HALL                                                                              2   DOHENY MEMORIAL
                                                 26 Youth and Science
                                                                                                                                                LIBRARY 1932
    2 Doheny Memorial Library                    HARRIS HALL AND HARRIS HALL                                                                    SAMUEL E. LUNDEN (1897–1995)
    3 Shakespeare and Dante                      SCULPTURE PARK
    4 Doheny Memorial Library Archway            27   Hercules                                                                                  Bordered by Alumni Park to the West,
    5 The Written Word Passeth on the            28   Exterior Fresco                                                                           Childs Way to the South
      Torch of Wisdom                            29   Crouching Bather
                                                                                                                                                Gift of E. L. Doheny
    6 Doheny Memorial Library Stained            30   First Amendment (Blacklist Project)
      Glass Windows                              WATT HALL AND                                1   WIDNEY ALUMNI                            Created as a memorial to USC
    7 Petrified Wood
    8 Youth Triumphant
                                                 SURROUNDING AREA                                 HOUSE 1880                               trustee and alumnus Edward L.
                                                 31   Untitled 4 (Mark Lere)                      E. F. KYSOR (1835–1907 ) and             Doheny, Jr., Doheny Memorial Library
    HANCOCK FOUNDATION BUILDING                  32   Nuevo Kiora                                 OCTAVIUS MORGAN (1850–1922)              was the University’s first freestanding
    9   Bas-Relief of Animals and Plants         33   Untitled (John Frame)                       ARCHITECTURE                             library and has since become an
    TOWN & GOWN                                  34   Robert Graham Figures                       West of Figueroa Street, at Pardee Way
                                                 35   On Saturdays
                                                                                                                                           intellectual and cultural center of
    10 Little Chapel of Silence                                                                   and Childs Way
                                                                                                                                           the campus. The Romanesque
                                                 VITERBI MUSEUM
    GALEN CENTER                                                                             USC’s first building, the two-story           architecture and opulent interiors
                                                 36 Viterbi Museum Ceiling Murals
    11 Galen Center Exterior Murals                                                          Widney House served as classroom              of this early USC building make it
                                                 SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING PLAZA
    BOVARD ADMINISTRATION BUILDING                                                           space for the University’s inaugural          a popular location for film and
                                                 37 Fountain by Pascal
    12 Bovard Administration Building                                                        class of 53 students. Through several         television shoots. Notable among
    13 Central Tower Sculptures                  CINEMATIC ARTS COMPLEX                      relocations and restorations, it has          many distinctive details are the
    CAMPUS CENTER AND HAHN PLAZA                 38 Douglas Fairbanks                        retained its original 1880s charm,            bronze doors, marble rotunda,
                                                 39 Eadweard J. Muybridge                    greeting visitors as they enter through       stained-glass windows depicting six
    14 Trojan Shrine (“Tommy Trojan”)
    15 Traveler                                  ANNA BING ARNOLD PLAZA AND                  the University’s ceremonial gate.
    16 Bust of Norman Hawkins Topping            SCULPTURE GARDEN
                                                 40   Evelia de Pie
                                                 41   Vista for a Rare Spirit
    17 Seated Knowledge
                                                 42   Bust of Gregor Piatigorsky
    18 Student Activities
                                                 43   Hephaestus
    RONALD TUTOR CAMPUS CENTER                   44   University Religious Center
    19 The Trojan Family Tapestry                TAPER HALL
    20 Jinks Room Mural
                                                 45 Trojan Column
    21 Dart Aphrodite
                                                 MUSEUMS AND GALLERIES
                                                 46   USC Fisher Museum of Art
    22 Exterior Sculptures
                                                 47   Helen Lindhurst Fine Arts Gallery
    BLOOM WALK                                   48   Helen Lindhurst Architecture Gallery
    23 George Tirebiter                          49   Viterbi Museum
                                                 50   Hugh M. Hefner Hall
                                                 51   Frank Sinatra Hall
    24 Mudd Hall of Philosophy
                                                 52   Superhighway
    25 Mosaics of Philosophers

2                             INDEX | ART AND ARCHITECTURE AT USC                                                           ART AND ARCHITECTURE AT USC                                3
    of the world’s great scholars, and the                                                                                          south side, top to bottom, left to
    Roman travertine floors and stairway.                                                                                           right: 1) Jewish philosopher Moses
                                                                                                                                    Maimonides, University of California,
                                                                                                                                    Heidelberg; 2) St. Thomas Aquinas,
                                                                                                                                    Stanford, Universidad Mayor de San
                                                                                                                                    Marcos de Lima; 3) Philosopher
                                                                                                                                    Francis Bacon, Princeton,
                                                                                                                                    Universidad Nacional de Mexico.

                                              of the zodiac, Conradi’s relief depicts    6   STAINED GLASS
                                              a teacher instructing his students             WINDOWS 1931
                                              from a scroll that displays the                WILBUR HERBERT BURNHAM
                                              symbols for alpha and omega—                   (1913–1984)
     3   SHAKESPEARE AND                      the sum of all knowledge. Hayward’s            ARCHITECTURAL DETAIL
                                                                                             Main Hall
         DANTE 1931                           mosaics depict Hercules bearing the
         JOSEPH CONRADI (1867–1936)           immortal fruit of the Hesperides on       Inspired by 15th-century English glass,
         FAÇADE SCULPTURES                    the left, and Alexander cutting the       Wilbur Herbert Burnham designed
         Main Entrance                        Gordian knot on the right.                the stained glass in the main hall of
    The great poets Dante and                                                           the Doheny Memorial Library. Each
    Shakespeare gaze out from niches                                                    window bears three medallions, the
    on either side of the library’s main                                                topmost representing an important
    entrance. Born in Switzerland,                                                      philosopher, the middle depicting            7   PETRIFIED WOOD
    sculptor Joseph Conradi came to the                                                 the seal of an American university               East side of Doheny Memorial Library
    U.S. in 1887 and created sculptures                                                 and the lowermost bearing the seal               ARTIFACT
    for the Library of Congress,                                                        of a foreign university. A border of             Gift of the Class of 1887

    Los Angeles City Hall, the Los                                                      laurel, symbolizing honor and reward,       This wood, turned by time into stone
    Angeles Times building, St. Vincent                                                 frames each medallion. Appropriate          (or petrified), was presented to USC
    Catholic Church, and various U.S.          5   THE WRITTEN WORD                     dates are woven into the quarry             by the Class of 1887, under the
    state houses.                                  PASSETH ON THE TORCH                 backgrounds, where the pen and              direction of Professor John Dickinson
                                                   OF WISDOM 1931                       inkwell symbolize letters and the lamp      of the Department of Geology. It was
     4   ARCHWAY 1931                              SAMUEL ARMSTRONG (1893–1971)         symbolizes knowledge.                       part of Arizona’s Petrified Forest,
         JOSEPH CONRADI (1867–1936) and            MURAL                                                                            which holds tree fossils more than
         ROGER HAYWARD (1899–1979)                 Treasure Room                        north side, top to bottom, left             200 million years old.
         MURAL AND RELIEF COMPOSITION              First floor
                                                                                        to right: 1) Socrates, Harvard,
         Main Entrance
                                             This mural honoring the history of         University of Paris ; 2) Plato, College
    The imagery of this beautiful archway    the written word adorns a frieze in        of William and Mary, Trinity College,
    captures the depth and breadth of        the Doheny Library Treasure Room,          Dublin; 3) Aristotle, Northwestern
    learning that has become the hallmark    located on the library’s first floor, to   University, Oxford University.
    of a USC education. Under a mosaic       the right at the top of the main stairs.

4                                DOHENY MEMORIAL LIBRARY                                                             ART AND ARCHITECTURE AT USC                                5
    ALUMNI PARK                                  HANCOCK FOUNDATION BUILDING                                                          BOVARD ADMINISTRATION BUILDING

                                                                                        includes this Little Chapel of Silence,
                                                                                        dedicated as an addition to the Town
                                                 9   BAS-RELIEF OF                      & Gown Foyer, and the USC Fisher
                                                     ANIMALS AND PLANTS                 Museum of Art.
                                                     ROBERT MERRELL GAGE                 GALEN CENTER
     8   YOUTH TRIUMPHANT 1935                       (1892–1981)
         FREDERICK SCHWEIGARDT                       SCULPTURE
         (1885–1948)                                 Alan Hancock Foundation Building
         FOUNTAIN                          The bas-relief sculptures cast into                                                         12   BOVARD
         Alumni Park
                                           the walls of the building feature the                                                            ADMINISTRATION
         Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Robert
                                           plant and animal life of the West                                                                BUILDING 1921
                                           Coast of the Pacific Basin, as well as                                                           JOHN PARKINSON (1861–1935)
    Presented to USC by Mr. and Mrs.       Pleistocene-era mammals discovered                                                               ARCHITECTURE
    Robert Carman-Ryles in memory of       in the La Brea Tar Pit excavations.                                                              West Side of Alumni Park

    their son, alumnus Edward L. Prentiss, Under the direction of scientists, USC                                                     One of the most iconic and
    this fountain represents triumphant    professor of sculpture Robert Merrell                                                      recognizable structures on the USC
    youth atop kneeling female figures     Gage carefully built this 1¼ life-size                                                     campus, Bovard was designed by
    symbolizing community, home,           reproduction of Pleistocene creatures        11   GALEN CENTER                             Los Angeles architect John Parkinson
    school and church. The original was    from a series of concrete forms.                  EXTERIOR MURALS 2006                     in a Northern Italian Renaissance
    designed by German-born, Southern                                                        DEAN TSCHETTER and                       style that would be echoed
    California-based artist Frederick        TOWN & GOWN                                     JAY TSCHETTER                            throughout USC’s other buildings.
    Schweigardt and shown at the                                                             CARVED BRICK MURALS                      Bovard is named for George Finley
    1935 California Pacific International   10 LITTLE CHAPEL OF                              Jefferson Boulevard & Figueroa Street,   Bovard, USC’s fourth president
                                                                                             off campus
    Exposition as the Four Cornerstones         SILENCE 1936                                                                          (1903–1921), who performed the
    of American Democracy. Damaged              ARCHITECT UNKNOWN                       These seven brick exterior murals             ceremonial groundbreaking in 1919.
    by falling trees in 1976, this second       ARCHITECTURE                            are among the largest in the world,
    version was recast and reinstalled in       Town & Gown Foyer                       measuring 46' by 11'. Artist Dean
                                                Gift of Elizabeth Holmes Fisher
    1979 with the financial support of the                                              Tschetter and his brother, sculptor
    Trojan League of Los Angeles.          In 1936, Elizabeth Holmes Fisher             Jay Tschetter, here depict athletic and
                                           became the first woman to join the           artistic pursuits in the social-realist
                                           USC Board of Trustees. Her legacy            style of the late 1930s.

6                  ALUMNI PARK | HANCOCK FOUNDATION BUILDING | TOWN & GOWN                                             ART AND ARCHITECTURE AT USC                           7
                                                of personalism, which emphasizes
                                                conscious experience as the starting
                                                point of reflection.

                                                 CAMPUS CENTER AND HAHN PLAZA

                                                 14   TROJAN SHRINE
                                                      (“TOMMY TROJAN”) 1930
                                                      ROGER NOBLE BURNHAM
  13   CENTRAL TOWER                                  (1876–1962)
       SCULPTURES 1921                                BRONZE STATUE                             15   TRAVELER 2010                            author, sculptor and professor of
                                                      Outside Bovard Administration
       JOHAN CASPAR LACHNE                                                                           RONALD PEKAR                             neurological surgery at the USC
       GRUENFELD (1872–1954)                          Building in Hahn Plaza                         SCULPTURE                                School of Medicine.
       FAÇADE SCULPTURES                        Dedicated in 1930 to honor the USC                   Hahn Plaza, across from
       Bovard Administration Building                                                                Tommy Trojan
                                                semicentennial, the Trojan Shrine was                                                          GWYNN WILSON STUDENT UNION
                                                                                                     Gift of USC President Steven B. Sample
 At the corners of Bovard’s central             modeled after USC football players
                                                                                                     and Mrs. Kathryn Sample
 tower stand eight figures designed             to represent an athletic, physical ideal,
 by the University’s Board of Trustees          as well as the five traits of an ideal         This life-size bronze statue honors
 and representing “the progress                 Trojan inscribed on its base: faithful,        “Traveler,” the mount of a Trojan warrior
 of civilization.”                              scholarly, skillful, courageous and            and the USC mascot who made his
                                                ambitious. “Tommy Trojan” performs             first appearance at a 1961 football
 east side, left to right: John Wesley,         the physically impossible: flexing             game. He has been gracing USC
 founder of Methodism; Matthew                  every muscle in his body at once.              Trojans with good luck ever since.
 Simpson, Methodist bishop, friend                                                             The statue was given in memory of
 of Abraham Lincoln and the first                                                               Mrs. Sample’s grandparents.
 president of DePauw University.
 north side, left to right: U.S.                                                                16   BUST OF NORMAN                           17   SEATED KNOWLEDGE 1927
 presidents Abraham Lincoln and                                                                      HAWKINS TOPPING                               PETER KRASNOW (1886–1979)
 Theodore Roosevelt.                                                                                 Re-dedicated in 2010                          Built by GLADDING-MCBEAN & CO.
 west side, left to right: Roman                                                                     EMIL SELETZ (1907–1999)                       DECORATIVE ARCHWAY
                                                                                                     SCULPTURE                                     Main Entrance on Trousdale Parkway
 orator and statesman Cicero and
                                                                                                     Intersection of Trousdale Parkway
 the Greek philosopher Plato.                                                                                                                 Created in the form of a terra-cotta
                                                                                                     and Downey Way
 south side, left to right: Phillips                                                                                                          grill, this piece features the classical
                                                                                                     Gift of Emil Seletz
 Brooks, bishop of Massachusetts,                                                                                                             Greek representation of Knowledge,
 best known for writing “O Little                                                              This bust honors Norman Hawkins                flanked by two students bearing
 Town of Bethlehem”; and Borden                                                                Topping, MD, who served USC                    the University seal. The recreational
 Parker Browne, former professor                                                               as president (1958–1970) and                   activities of college youth fill out
 of philosophy at Boston University                                                            chancellor (1971–1980). Artist                 the archway.
 and primary American advocate                                                                 Emil Seletz was a neurosurgeon,

                                                                                                                                             BRIDGE MEMORIAL HALL

          JOHN B. PARKINSON (1861–1935)
          and DONALD D. PARKINSON
          (1895–1945)                                                                         21   DART APHRODITE
          Built by GLADDING-MCBEAN & CO.
                                                                                                   c. 100 BCE to 100 CE
                                                 known for his series of tapestries                ARTIST UNKNOWN, Greco-Roman
           Gwynn Wilson Student Union Building
                                                 at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the               SCULPTURE
     Designed by John Parkinson and              Angels in Downtown Los Angeles.                   Ronald Tutor Campus Center
                                                                                                   Gift of Stephen Dart, G. Michael Dart
     his son Donald and executed by
                                                                                                   and Jane Dart Tucker
     Gladding-McBean, these carvings
     depict, often whimsically, the                                                           This rare and beautiful Greco-Roman
     scholarly and athletic pursuits                                                          marble sculpture of Aphrodite’s head
     integral to university life.                                                             is from the ancient Roman colonial
                                                                                              city of Arles, France. It is one of
      RONALD TUTOR CAMPUS CENTER                                                              two known Arles-type heads of                  22   EXTERIOR SCULPTURES
                                                  20   JINKS ROOM MURAL 1914                  the Goddess of Love. The other is                   1928
     19   THE TROJAN FAMILY                            MAYNARD DIXON (1875–1946)              housed in the Louvre Museum                         JOHN B. PARKINSON (1861–1935)
          TAPESTRY 2010                                MURAL                                  in Paris.                                           and DONALD D. PARKINSON
          JOHN NAVA (1947–)                            Ronald Tutor Campus Center                                                                 (1895–1945)
          TAPESTRY                                     Gift of the McCaslin Family                                                                FAÇADE SCULPTURES
          Ronald Tutor Campus Center             Originally commissioned by the                                                             These figures seem to capture USC’s
          Commissioned by Ronald Tutor
                                                 daughter of Arcadia’s first mayor, these                                                   scholar-athlete tradition. Students
          Campus Center Art and
                                                 murals hung in the Jinks Room of the                                                       seated with oversized books occupy
          Trojan Traditions
                                                 Anoakia Mansion, site of numerous                                                          perches on either side of the main
     Southern California-based artist            celebrity-filled parties. These six pieces                                                 entrance, while a football player in
     John Nava visited USC on many               of the nine-piece work were acquired                                                       helmet and shoulder pads kneels
     occasions to sense the spirit of            by the USC Fisher Museum of Art                                                            atop the left pillar, cradling an
     campus life for this tapestry. It           when the mansion was demolished                                                            oversized pigskin. The father-and-son
     contains 21 life-size figures drawn         in 1998. An important 20th-century                                                         architectural team of John B. and
     from USC students, faculty and staff        artist whose work focused on the                                                           Donald D. Parkinson designed many
     against a background representing           American West, Maynard Dixon was                                                           of Los Angeles’s finest buildings in the
     documents from the collections of           married to the influential documentary                                                     1920s and 1930s, including USC’s
     the USC Libraries. Nava is best             photographer Dorothea Lange.                                                               Bovard Administration Building.

10               RONALD TUTOR CAMPUS CENTER | BRIDGE MEMORIAL HALL | BLOOM WALK                                              ART AND ARCHITECTURE AT USC                           11

           DEDEAUX FIELD                                                                                                     50                                                                                                     ER
                                                                                                                                  38                                                                                                                      LE
                                                                                                                                                                                                    44                                                        VA
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 R   D

                                                                            KEY TO COLORS
                                        KEY                                 CENTRAL CAMPUS AREA
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        34                                                              ENTRANCE
                                                                                                                                                                  43                                                           ST
                                     KEY TO SHAPES                                                                                                                                                                                RE                                                                     52
                                                                            SOUTH CAMPUS AREA                                                                                          42                                              ET

                                     BUILDINGS                                                                                                                         41
                                                                            WEST CAMPUS AREA
                                     ART AND
                                                                            NORTH CAMPUS AREA
                                     DETAILS                                                                                                                                                                    45
                                     INDEX IS ON PAGE 2                     MUSEUMS AND GALLERIES

                                                                                                 CROMWELL FIELD








                                                                      WA                                                                                                                            ALUMNI PARK

                                                                                                                                                                       14                                8
                                                                                                                                                        18                                                                                                                                          PARKING

          36                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              6
                                                                                                                                             19             17                   CH                                                         3
                                                                                                                                                                                      I LD                                                       4
                                                                                                                                                                            15               SW                                                               2
                                                                                                                                             20                                                AY                                                    5



                              37                                                 47                     BL
                                                                                                          OO                                                                                                   10
                                 T                                                                          M
                                  HP                                                      34                    WA
                                       CE                                        48                                LK                   26


                                                                                          28                                 25              23


                                                                                         29                             24

                                                                                            30              46

                                                                            31                         27


          12                                ENTRANCE                                                                                                                                                                                                           ENTRANCE

                                                                                                                                   35                                       EXPOSITION BOULEVARD

      BLOOM WALK                                   MUDD HALL OF PHILOSOPHY                                                             ZUMBERGE HALL
                                                   AND HOOSE LIBRARY                            Adorning Mudd Hall are several
                                                                                            gargoyles, including the whimsical
                                                                                            carved figure of Greek philosopher
                                                                                            Diogenes, who holds a lamp over the
                                                                                            entrance to the south wing. Diogenes
                                                                                            is said to have carried a lamp even in
                                                                                            daylight, in search of an honest man.

                                                                                            25   MOSAICS OF
                                                                                                 PHILOSOPHERS 1930
                                                                                                 RALPH CARLIN FLEWELLING
                                                                                                 Mudd Hall of Philosophy,
                                                                                                 Hoose Library, 2nd Floor

                                                                                            USC’s first professor of philosophy,
                                                                                            Dr. Ralph Tyler Flewelling, supplied
     23   GEORGE TIREBITER 2006                                                             the subject matter and inscription
          MICHAEL DAVIS (1948–)                                                             for these mosaics, which were
          SCULPTURE /BENCH                        24   MUDD HALL OF                         designed by his son, architect Ralph       26   YOUTH AND SCIENCE 1937
          Bloom Walk and Trousdale Parkway             PHILOSOPHY 1930                      Carlin Flewelling. They depict the              JEAN GOODWIN AMES (1903–1986)
          Gift of the Bloom Family                                                                                                          MURAL
                                                       RALPH CARLIN FLEWELLING              succession of philosophic ideas from
     This gathering place honors the                   (1894–1975)                          the Greeks through the 19th century,            Zumberge Hall
                                                       ARCHITECTURE                                                                         Gift of the Artist
     first in a line of feisty mutts who                                                    including the Eastern philosophies of
                                                       Exposition Boulevard and
     became beloved Trojan mascots                                                          Buddha and Confucius.                     Jean Goodwin Ames created this
                                                       Trousdale Parkway
     in the 1940s and 1950s. The first                                                                                                tile mural as her MFA thesis project
     Tirebiter wandered onto the USC             Predominately pre-Renaissance                                                        at USC. She went on to create
     campus sometime around 1940 and             Tuscan in design and one of USC’s                                                    murals for public spaces throughout
     was named for his habit of chasing          most beautiful buildings, the two-story,                                             Southern California, and in 1958 was
     cars down the former University             red-brick Mudd Hall of Philosophy                                                    named Woman of the Year in Art by
     Avenue, biting at their tires. In 1958,     combines elements of Romanesque,                                                     the Los Angeles Times. While at
     a student election officially ousted        Byzantine and arabesque decoration.                                                  USC, she met her future husband,
     George Tirebiter IV as campus               It is trimmed in cast stone, roofed                                                  painter Arthur Ames, with whom she
     mascot. Nevertheless, during football       in tile and built around three sides                                                 enjoyed a long artistic collaboration.
     season, students and alumni can be          of a courtyard containing a central
     found touching the statue’s cast-           fountain, with an open cloister running
     bronze football for good luck.              along the fourth side. A clock tower
                                                 juts 146 feet above the junction of the
                                                 north and west wings.

14           BLOOM WALK | MUDD HALL OF PHILOSOPHY AND HOOSE LIBRARY | ZUMBERGE HALL                                    ART AND ARCHITECTURE AT USC                             15
      HARRIS HALL AND                                                                                                                          WATT HALL AND SURROUNDING AREA

                                                   measures. Each one includes a pause
                                                   or a “rest” (as in a musical bar) every
                                                   18 feet. This technique permits the
                                                   viewer to “read” either the figures or
                                                   the spaces between.

                                                    29   CROUCHING BATHER 1983                                                                 31   UNTITLED 4 1999
                                                         (probably recast from a 1910 original)                                                     MARK LERE (1950–)
                                                         ANTOINE BOURDELLE (1861–1929)                                                              SCULPTURE
                                                         SCULPTURE                                30   FIRST AMENDMENT                              Lawn South of Watt Hall
                                                                                                                                                    Gift of the LA Arena Company in
      27   HERCULES 1909                                 Harris Hall Sculpture Park                    (BLACKLIST PROJECT)
                                                         Gift of the Class of 1959                                                                  memory of John Lilly
           ANTOINE BOURDELLE (1861–1929)                                                               1999
           SCULPTURE                               Placed in the Harris Hall fountain,                 JENNY HOLZER (1950–)                   Each of these four sculptures appeals
           Courtyard of the Fisher Museum of Art   Crouching Bather is the work of                     INSTALLATION                           to a different sense: sight, sound,
           Gift of George Cantor                                                                       Harris Hall Sculpture Park
                                                   French sculptor Antoine Bourdelle,                                                         touch and smell. Those who sat on
                                                                                                       Commissioned by the USC First
     “Contain, maintain and master                 who worked as an assistant to                                                              the bench were surprised by its
                                                                                                       Amendment /Blacklist Project
     are the rules of construction,”               Auguste Rodin and influenced the                                                           sound element—sound effects such
     sculptor Antoine Bourdelle told his           art of sculpture considerably, not             When a USC cinema student learned           as thunder and human conversation—
     students. Another of Bourdelle’s              only through his own work but also             that Hollywood filmmakers were              which has since been removed.
     representations of Hercules the               as a teacher. Many of his students—            blacklisted in the 1940s and 1950s          Originally commissioned for the
     Archer, from the same year, is in the         Giacometti among them—went on to               for “subversive activities,” he was         STAPLES Center in Downtown Los
      Musée d’Orsay in Paris.                      become prominent sculptors in their            shocked. To promote awareness of            Angeles, these pieces were relocated
                                                   own right.                                     this repressive time in U.S. history,       to USC in 2007 with funding
      28   EXTERIOR FRESCO 1940                                                                   faculty and others formed the First         provided by AEG.
           BARSE MILLER (1904–1973)                                                               Amendment /Blacklist Project and
           FRESCO                                                                                 commissioned acclaimed conceptual            32   NUEVO KIORA 1987
           South entrance to Harris Hall                                                          artist Jenny Holzer to create a work              WOODS DAVY (1949 –)
     These figures carry the symbolic                                                             about the McCarthy era for the                    SCULPTURE
     history of human civilization across                                                         campus’s permanent collection. Ten                Lawn South of Watt Hall

     the east and west walls, to the climax                                                       benches represent the blacklisted           Based in Venice, California, artist
     of industry and science depicted over                                                        “Hollywood Ten”; four stone paths are       Woods Davy combines natural
     the front doorway. Often referred to                                                         engraved with quotations reflecting         and human-made forms to explore
     as “painted music,” the fresco has                                                           the intensity of the period from            the interplay between nature and
     been divided into equal rhythmic                                                             multiple perspectives.                      technology. With stones precariously

16           HARRIS HALL AND HARRIS HALL SCULPTURE PARK | WATT HALL AND SURROUNDING AREA                                       ART AND ARCHITECTURE AT USC                            17
                                                  based artist John Frame has
                                                  been exhibited throughout the
                                                  United States, Europe and Asia.
                                                  This sculpture was given to
                                                  USC in memory of philanthropist
                                                  George Boone, a life trustee
                                                  and former president of the USC
                                                  Alumni Association.

                                                                                             35   ON SATURDAYS 2011                 murals evocatively represent the union
                                                                                                  ROBBERT FLICK (1939–)             of Erna and Andrew Viterbi (whose
                                                                                                  INSTALLATION                      families fled Italy and Sarajevo in
     balanced on, or cantilevered off,                                                            Expo Park/USC Metro Station       advance of World War II), Viterbi’s
     steel beams, Nuevo Kiora has been                                                       On several Saturdays, Los Angeles-     fascination with the spacelessness
     described as having a “Western                                                          based artist and USC photography       of wireless communications, and the
     Zen” quality.                                                                           professor Robbert Flick photographed vast number of people Viterbi has
                                                                                             major streets surrounding the Expo     influenced and connected.
     33   UNTITLED 2010                                                                      Park /USC Metro Station to create
          JOHN FRAME (1950–)                       34   FIGURES 2006                         an installation that documents the      SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING PLAZA
          SCULPTURE                                     ROBERT GRAHAM (1938–2008)            rapidly changing neighborhood in a
          Lawn South of Watt Hall                       WINDOW MURALS                        particular moment in time. The station
          Gift of Mary Lou Boone                        Watt Hall, 3rd Floor                 is scheduled to open fall 2011.
                                                        Commissioned by Dean Robert Timme
     The sculpture, photography and
                                                        and the USC School of Architecture
     animation of Southern California-                                                       VITERBI MUSEUM
                                                  Throughout his career, Los Angeles-
                                                  based artist Robert Graham                 36   VITERBI MUSEUM
                                                  explored the female figure in                   CEILING MURALS 2005
                                                  drawings, photographs, videos and               SANDRO CHIA (1946–)
                                                  especially sculpture. The many poses            MURAL
                                                  rendered here capture the female                Viterbi Museum, Commissioned by the
                                                                                                  USC Viterbi School of Engineering
                                                  form in movement.
                                                                                             Italian artist Sandro Chia created
                                                                                             three impressionist ceiling murals           37   FOUNTAIN BY PASCAL
                                                                                             to honor communications pioneer                   1982
                                                                                             Andrew J. Viterbi, who earned                     PASCAL
                                                                                             one of the first USC doctorates in                FOUNTAIN
                                                                                             electrical engineering (1962) and                 School of Engineering Plaza

                                                                                             went on to profoundly influence the         Installed in 1982 and dedicated
                                                                                             University and the world. Chia’s            in 1984, this fountain was

18         WATT HALL AND SURROUNDING AREA | VITERBI MUSEUM | SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING PLAZA                                  ART AND ARCHITECTURE AT USC                        19
                                                                                           ANNA BING ARNOLD PLAZA
     commissioned as part of a campus             of Cinematic Arts), who learned to       AND SCULPTURE GARDEN
     beautification initiative led by             fence for his role in The Mask of
     USC Trustee Paul Trousdale, in               Zorro (1920). He shared a fencing
     preparation for the 1984 Los Angeles         trainer with USC President Rufus
     Olympic Games.                               B. von KleinSmid from 1921 to
                                                  1947, with whom he collaborated
      CINEMATIC ARTS COMPLEX                      to introduce film courses into the
                                                  University’s curriculum.
          2009                                     39   EADWEARD J.
          JAY HALL CARPENTER (1959 –)                   MUYBRIDGE 2010
          SCULPTURE                                     LAWRENCE NOBLE (1948–)
          Academy of Motion Picture Arts                SCULPTURE
          and Sciences Courtyard, School of             School of Cinematic Arts                                                        42   BUST OF GREGOR
          Cinematic Arts
          Gift of the Lucas Foundation
                                                        Gift of the Lucas Foundation                                                         PIATIGORSKY 1978
                                                  Eadweard J. Muybridge (1830–            40   EVELIA DE PIE 1978                            ANTHONY AMATO
     Douglas Fairbanks, shown in a                1904) is considered the father of            FRANCISCO ZÚÑIGA (1912–1998)                  SCULPTURE
     fencing pose, was the first president        cinema for his pioneering work in            SCULPTURE                                     Anna Bing Arnold Plaza and
                                                                                               Anna Bing Arnold Plaza and Sculpture          Sculpture Garden
     of the Academy of Motion Picture             capturing motion in photography. He
     Arts and Sciences and a founding             experimented with the use of multiple                                                One of the greatest cellists of the
                                                                                               Gift of Harry and Dorothy Meisel
     faculty member of the USC School             cameras, and in 1879 created the                                                     20th century, Gregor Piatigorsky
     of Cinema-Television (now the School         zoopraxiscope, arguably the first       Evelia de Pie (Evelia Standing) is           (1903–1976) played for the Bolshoi
                                                  movie projector.                        an evocative work by renowned                Theatre as a teenager, defected from
                                                                                          20th-century Latin American political        Russia to study music in Berlin and
                                                                                          artist Francisco Zúñiga. Zúñiga              Leipzig as a young man and enjoyed
                                                                                          created several Evelias, representing        a long career performing with
                                                                                          the stoic, indigenous-looking female         renowned European and American
                                                                                          figure in various positions.                 orchestras before spending his final
                                                                                                                                       years teaching at USC.
                                                                                          41   VISTA FOR A RARE
                                                                                               SPIRIT 1974
                                                                                               MIKI BENOFF
                                                                                               Anna Bing Arnold Plaza and
                                                                                               Sculpture Garden

                                                                                          Southern California-based sculptor
                                                                                          Miki Benoff is known for her abstract,
                                                                                          semi-organic, semi-industrial forms.

20             CINEMATIC ARTS COMPLEX | ANNA BING ARNOLD PLAZA AND SCULPTURE GARDEN                                     ART AND ARCHITECTURE AT USC                           21
                                                 structure. Killingsworth, Brady           MUSEUMS AND GALLERIES
                                                 and Associates were among the
                                                 influential group of architects           46   USC FISHER                              HOURS:
                                                 practicing in the California Modernist         MUSEUM OF ART                           september–may

                                                 style during the 1960s.                   Established in 1939 by Elizabeth             Monday–Thursday, 9 a.m.–7 p.m.
                                                                                                                                        Friday, 9 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
                                                                                           Holmes Fisher, the Fisher Museum
                                                  TAPER HALL                               was the first in Los Angeles devoted         june–august

                                                                                           exclusively to the collection and            Hours vary
                                                  45   TROJAN COLUMN                       exhibition of fine art. It is accredited     CONTACT:
     43   HEPHAESTUS 1977                              c. 30 BCE to 400 CE                 by the American Association of               (213) 740-2787
          DIMITRI HADZI (1921–2006)                    UNKNOWN, Roman                      Museums and is the official museum 
          SCULPTURE                                    ARCHITECTURE                        of USC. The collection contains
          Anna Bing Arnold Plaza and                   Taper Hall                          some 1,800 objects and spans                  48   HELEN LINDHURST
          Sculpture Garden                             Gift of the Acacia Fraternity on
                                                                                           five centuries, from 16th-century                  ARCHITECTURE
                                                       behalf of the Republic of Turkey
     Hephaestus, God of Fire and                                                           European paintings to the works of                 GALLERY
     patron of craftsmen and sculptors,          Though a plaque indicates that            new and emerging artists.                    This sky-lit, glass-enclosed gallery
     is rendered here by Dimitri Hadzi.          this granite column came from a           LOCATION:                                    hosts architectural exhibitions and
     Hadzi himself was a master                  temple in the ancient city of Troy, the   823 Exposition Boulevard                     student reviews throughout the year.
     craftsman, famous for sculptures            column in fact dates to the time of       Los Angeles, CA 90089                        LOCATION:
     both mythic and modern.                     the Roman Empire—centuries after          HOURS:                                       Watt Hall
                                                 the legendary city was destroyed.         Tuesday–Friday, Noon–5 p.m.                  Second Floor
     44   UNIVERSITY RELIGIOUS                   The column was probably quarried          Saturday, Noon–4 p.m. (except home           HOURS:
          CENTER 1966                            somewhere near Troy, however.             football game days)                          september–may
          KILLINGSWORTH, BRADY AND               Credit is due to USC professor of                                                      Monday–Friday, 10 a.m.–6 p.m.
          ASSOCIATES                             classical art and architecture John                                                    Saturday, Noon–5 p.m.
                                                                                           (213) 740-4561
          ARCHITECTURE                           Pollini for dispelling an accidental                                                   june–august
          Between W. 34th Street and                                                                                                    Hours vary
                                                 legend with actual research.
          Jefferson Boulevard
                                                                                           47   HELEN LINDHURST                         CONTACT:
     This building combines the tenets                                                          FINE ARTS GALLERY                       (213) 740-2723
     of the International architectural                                                    This 1,500-square-foot gallery     
     style with a simple post-and-beam                                                     features solo and group exhibitions
                                                                                           by undergraduate students, as well            49   VITERBI MUSEUM
                                                                                           as occasional special programming            This hidden gem at the USC
                                                                                           such as faculty exhibitions, video           Andrew and Erna Viterbi School
                                                                                           screenings and events.                       of Engineering was designed by
                                                                                                                                        A.C. Martin Partners, Inc. It
                                                                                           Watt Hall
                                                                                                                                        features three rooms of artifacts,
                                                                                           Ground Floor                                 photographs, papers, mementos

22                  ANNA BING ARNOLD PLAZA AND SCULPTURE GARDEN | TAPER HALL                                             ART AND ARCHITECTURE AT USC                           23
     and a video presentation of Andrew             Golden Globes, platinum and                  PUBLIC ART AND
     Viterbi’s illustrious career.                  gold records and countless other             CAMPUS DESIGN COMMITTEE

     LOCATION:                                      awards presented to the singer in
     Ronald Tutor Hall                              recognition of his artistic, patriotic       CHAIR                                              SPECIAL THANKS

     Second Floor                                   and humanitarian achievements.               Rochelle Steiner, Dean, Roski School of            Holly Bridges, Executive Director, Multimedia
     HOURS:                                         LOCATION:                                      Fine Arts                                          Production and Visual Communications,
     Friday, 10:30 a.m.–Noon and                    Norris Cinema Theatre Main Entrance                                                               University Communications
     by appointment                                                                              MEMBERS                                            Patrice DiRocco, Assistant to the Senior Vice
                                                    For hours and further information, visit:
                                                                                                                                                      President, University Relations
     CONTACT:                                Patrick Bailey, Senior Associate Dean, Office of
     Antoine Rose at or                                                                                                            Martha Harris, Senior Vice President, University
                                                                                                   Student Affairs
     (213) 740-4175 to arrange a tour.                                                                                                                Relations
                                                                                                 Ken Cazan, Associate Professor of Opera,
                                                    52   SUPERHIGHWAY                              Thornton School of Music
                                                                                                                                                    Dennis Martinez, Operations Manager,
                                                        THE ROSKI SCHOOL OF                                                                           Multimedia Production and Visual
                                                                                                 Robbert Flick, Professor, Roski School of            Communications, University Communications
                                                        FINE ARTS VIDEO SPACE AT                   Fine Arts
     50   HUGH M. HEFNER HALL                           UNIVERSITY GATEWAY                       David Haugland, Associate Vice Provost for
                                                                                                                                                    Annette Moore, Director, Special Projects,
                                                                                                                                                      University Communications
     In 2007, Hugh Hefner made a major             Launching fall 2011, Superhighway               Faculty Affairs, Office of the Provost
                                                                                                                                                    Kathryn Sample, First Lady Emeritus
     donation to the USC School of                 is the USC Roski School of Fine Arts’         Selma Holo, Director, Fisher Museum of Art
     Cinematic Arts to fund the central            newest exhibition space. Located              Margaret Lazzari, Professor, Chair,
     exhibition space of the new Cinema            in the recently completed University            Undergraduate Studio, Roski School of
                                                                                                                                                    PRODUCTION STAFF
     Complex. The space features rotating          Gateway apartment building, and                 Fine Arts
                                                                                                                                                    Jessica Hoffman, Writer
     installations and events that draw            featuring a 25-screen high-definition         Marty Levine, Vice Provost of Faculty Affairs,
                                                                                                   Office of the Provost                            Isaac Mason, Editor
     from over 5,000 major pieces in the           video wall, Superhighway presents to
     school’s extensive collection                                                               Amy Murphy, Vice Dean, Associate Professor,        Debra Ott, Editor/Project Coordinator
                                                   the public video artwork by students            School of Architecture
     of film, television and interactive                                                                                                            Phil Channing, Dennis Martinez,
                                                   in the Roski School of Fine Arts.             Christine Panushka, Professor, School of             Dietmar Quistorf, Ruth Wallach,
     media assets.                                 The space’s name refers to Korean-              Cinematic Arts                                     Photographers
     LOCATION:                                     born artist Nam June Paik, who                Larry Pryor, Associate Professor, Annenberg
     Cinematic Arts Complex                        pioneered the use of video in art in            School for Communication & Journalism
     George Lucas Building                         the 1960s and coined the phrase               Pamela Schaff, Assistant Dean, Associate
                                                   “electronic superhighway.”                      Professor, Keck School of Medicine
     For hours and further information, visit:
                                                                                                 Consuelo Siguenza-Ortiz, Lecturer, Spanish and                                LOCATION:
                                                                                                   Portuguese, USC Dornsife College of Letters
                                                    3335 S. Figueroa Street
                                                                                                   Arts and Sciences
     51   FRANK SINATRA HALL                        HOURS:                                       Jonathan Soffa, Executive Director, Planning,
     Dedicated in 2002, Frank Sinatra               Monday–Sunday, 10 a.m.–8 p.m.                  Design & Construction Management,
                                                                                                   Capital Construction
     Hall houses a remarkable exhibit               CONTACT:
                                                    (213) 740-2787                               Ruth Wallach, Head, Architecture and Fine Arts
     commemorating Sinatra’s life and
                                                                                                   Library, USC Libraries
     contributions to American popular    
     culture. On public display are his
     extensive memorabilia, including his
     many Emmys, GRAMMYs, Oscars,

26                                       MUSEUMS | GALLERIES                                     JUNE 2011 / 60,000                  ART AND ARCHITECTURE AT USC                                       27

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