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  Shoebox Archaeology Essay Assignment                   Box Number______________

  1. Write a 3 paragraph essay. In the main body paragraph you must describe the
       artifacts that you discovered at the level of the above shoeox and then tell what
       you think these artifacts mean.

        Your essay must have:
        - a title
        - an introduction paragraph
        - a main body paragraph describing the level you could interpret best
        - a conclusion paragraph

  2. Now that we have excavated our shoebox and made careful notes of our findings, it
       is time to write up our findings in a 3 paragraph essay. We will write the main body
       of our essay first. After we write the main body paragraph, we will write the
       introduction and conclusion. These are special paragraphs with special jobs. As a
       result, they are written in a very specific way. The good news is that once you get
       the hang of it, they are really easy to write!
                         Sample Purpose and Concluding Sentences
Purpose Statement:
   Good (takes a stand)
      I learned a lot about this student from the artifacts that I discovered in level 1.

      Even though there were not very many artifacts at Level 1, there were enough to give
      me some good information about this person.

      There were only a few artifacts in level 1 and they were not very helpful in telling
      about this student.

      Because the levels appeared jumbled in this shoebox, it was not clear which artifacts
      belonged to this level. Even so, based on the artifacts, I believe that I can make some
      educated guesses as to the culture, likes and dislikes of this person.

      I found the artifacts at Level 1 to be an interesting puzzle, but I believe that I can
      still tell a lot about this person by analyzing them carefully.

      I learned next to nothing about this person from the few artifacts that I found in
      Level 1.

Lousy (Don’t make a topic sentence like this or you will lose points on your essay)
      Here’s my paragraph on Level 1 of shoebox number 43.

      In this paragraph I’ll tell you about what I found at Level 1.

      This paragraph is about Level 1 of shoebox number 43, the artifacts that I found there
      and what I think that they mean.

      Comment – Don’t tell me what you are going to do, just do it!

Concluding sentences
Good (restates your topic sentence using conclusion “flag language”
      As you can see, the artifacts in level 1 were very helpful in telling me about this person.

      Clearly, though there were only a few artifacts, they were very useful in telling me about
      this      person.

      In conclusion, even though I analyzed the artifacts at this level thoroughly, I learned next
          to nothing about this person.
Lousy (Don’t make a concluding sentence like this or you will lose points on your essay!)
      Well, that’s my paragraph on Level 1.

      Thank you for reading my paragraph. I hope you agree with my conclusions.

      I really enjoyed excavating this level. Thank you for taking the time to read my conclusions.
      I hope you agree with me.

                  Lady Gaga Model – Shoebox Archaeology Paragraph

Purpose statement:

Main Body
     -describe the

                                      Though there were not a lot of artifacts in Level 1 of
      -Interpret what
                               shoebox number 43, I was able to learn a few things about this
      the artifacts
                               person from the artifacts that were there. I found 3 artifacts
         mean and be
                               at Level 1. These include a small hand drawn booklet titled
                               “The Story About Boats” by Jody, a paperweight with a golden
      Cite specifics
                               retriever holding a Christmas wreath and a 1996-97 Belmont
      from theartifacts
                               recreational hockey league medal for participation. While none
      to prove your
                               of these artifacts indicates that this person is a boy, the book
                               has hand drawn pictures which appear to portray a small boy
                               playing in kayaks and fishing boats with his father. It must be
                               admitted that the pictures are drawn by what appears to be a
                               kindergartner so it is somewhat hard to tell gender for certain
                               from the pictures. Even so, the bathing suit and hair style
                               appear to be male. I would conclude that “Jody” is probably a
                               boy, likes to draw and enjoys kayaking and fishing with his
                               father. The golden retriever/Christmas wreath paper weight
                               was also an interesting artifact. Because of the Christmas
                               wreath in the dog’s mouth, I would assume that this is some
                               sort of Christmas gift or decoration, leading me to believe that
-Sum up what you
                               Jody celebrates Christmas and is thus Christian. The subject
                               of the paper weight, a golden retriever, might indicate that
                               Jody either likes gold retrievers or has a golden retriever.
ConcLuding sentence
Finally the recreational      To sum up, Jody is a boy who likes to draw, kayaks and fishes
hockey medal indicates        with his father, celebrates Christmas, likes or has a golden
that in 1996-97, Jody         retriever and is proud of his participation in the Belmont
lived in Belmont and          recreational hockey program. As you can see, though there
participated in               were not a lot of artifacts at this level, I was still able to learn a
Belmont’s recreational        lot about Jody.
hockey program.
Because this medal was
chosen to be included
in this shoebox, I
further assume that he
likes to play hockey and
was proud of his
participation in 1996-97.
                       you think all
                       of this means


Main Body

This is where you
                       ConcLuding Sentence
are presenting
                       Restate what
your Evidence.
                       you said in your
Just describe
                       topic sentence,
what you found.
                       but add conclusion
                       “flag” language
                       Main Body Paragraph Template

                       Indent: ________________________________________________


                       A sentence which tells how many artifacts that you found at this level and then 2-4
                       sentences in which you list and describe the artifacts that you found at this level.
Here is where
you tell what          _____________________________________________________
__________________     parents/grandparents, their life, culture, likes, dislikes etc. Be sure to specifically
                       mention the artifacts as proof (These are the examples that prove your observations.
__________________     _____________________________________________________

_________________      _____________________________________________________

__________________     _____________________________________________________

__________________     _____________________________________________________

_________________      _____________________________________________________

__________________     _____________________________________________________

__________________     _____________________________________________________

_________________      _____________________________________________________

__________________     _____________________________________________________

__________________     _____________________________________________________

_________________      _____________________________________________________

__________________     _____________________________________________________

__________________     Now summarize what you think this person/these people are like.

_________________      _____________________________________________________

Several sentences in   _____________________________________________________
which you tell what
you think that these   _____________________________________________________
artifacts tell about
this person/person’s

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