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					  The School of Artisan Food

  • New provider of Higher Education in Bassetlaw
  • Part-funded by EMDA through a capital grant
  • A not-for-profit organisation, currently in the process of
    applying for charitable status
  • A unique institution in the UK, being the only organisation to
        – Food Science & Production
        – The economics, politics and anthropology of food
        – NOT a cookery school! A school with a focus on fermentation and
          preserving of foods (baking, butchery, dairy, brewing, preserving, etc)
  • Offering a bursary programme to support full time students
  The School of Artisan Food
  What we offer:
  • Advanced Diploma in Artisan Food:
        –   A full time, 1 Year course
        –   Equivalent of a Foundation Degree
        –   Externally examined by 2 regional universities
        –   20 students on the first intake
  • A wide portfolio of short courses:
        – From ½ day to 2 week summer schools
        – Available to all – regardless of experience or ability
  • A schools programme (in development) for primary and
    secondary schools
  Why the AAP?

  • Why does a new food school in North Nottinghamshire need a
    transport solution?
  • Our location – It’s great, but has issues
  • Logistics – Food is a rural enterprise and geographically spread
  • Funding – how do schools afford the trip?
  • Maximising the potential and adding value

  So ….
  The Minibus (phase 1)

  • Thanks to very generous support from the AAP, we now have
    a 17 seat minibus!
  • What will it be used for?
        – Providing access to the school for students (we are in a VERY rural
          location in the heart of the Welbeck Estate)
        – Adding value to courses (both short courses and the Diploma) via trips
          and visits to food producers, growers and retailers.
  • Issues we faced included delivery times (!) and licensing issues
  • The vehicle arrived in September and looks amazing! Due to
    the licensing issues above, our use of it so far has been limited
    – but that will change very soon!
  The Bikes (Phase 2)

  • In addition to the minibus, the AAP also funded 20 bicycles for
    the School
  • Why?
        – The school is located on the Welbeck Estate, a 17,000 acre site to the
          South of Worksop
        – Access for students (especially full time students) to local amenities is
          limited without a car
        – Our student accommodation is in the nearby village of Creswell
  • Our Full time students (20 of them) have been making good
    use of the bikes to get to and from the school, cutting around
    40 car journeys per day (as well as keeping them fit!)
  The Future

  • In the last 12 months, we have had over 750 students come
    on one of our short courses
  • This September saw the start of our Diploma course with 20
    students enrolling
  • We are just 1 year old (our birthday was on Sunday) and we
    have just built 2 new training rooms – a new butchery and
  • Moving forward we plan to increase the intake of students on
    the Diploma
  • 2010/11 will see the (re)launch of our schools programme
  • In 2012, we aim to launch the UK’s first Masters course in
    Artisan Food
  Thank you!

  Gareth Kennedy
  School of Artisan Food

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