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									    1. Location
                                            For the location we have chosen for Cardiff. Cardiff is the
                                            capital and largest city of wales.

                                            The main reason why have chosen this city is because of
                                            the link with our theme: according to a legend the Cardiff
                                            Castle was the Castle where Round Table used to be.

                                             But for our activities we have chosen some remote places.
The castle will be the final destination of our tour. But the activities find place in the neighborhood of
the castle in the Leckwith woods and a lake nearby the castle.

    2. Target group

        Our target group consists of people who belong to the middle class. The price for our 2-day
        experience costs €300. We aim at married couples and singles but they have to be
        adventurous. That is the reason why children below the 18 are not welcome because our
        activities can be dangerous. The people who like to book join our weekend have to be
        sportive and like history.

    3. Theme

        Our theme is King Arthur this theme is based on the film and literature. All our activities
        have a connection with this theme. Those activities will symbolize the most important days
        and moments of king Arthur. The purpose is to help Arthur to become King, but to become
        King his has to tire the sword out of the rock. (like in the legend)
        The title of our mystery tour is: Quest of the round table

    4. Activities

        1) The stranger

        The animation for our participants starts on the bus to Cardiff. On the bus a strange man
        accompanies our participants. The man has a white beard and a strange hat. He seems like a
        wizard. The stranger is in fact Merlin the Wizard later on the story he will be a sort of guide
        and will be looking if everything goes well.
2) Mysterious television

   The second hint to our theme will be showed by the television. Every hour the Television
   starts to play. The TV always plays for 5 minutes and shows little parts of the movie of
   King Arthur.

3) Little play and explanation

   When the participants arrive in Cardiff they get a welcome drink. To reveal the theme
   some actors will perform a little play. So the participants understand everything. To let
   them take part in story they have to wear authentic clothes so they feel like they are not
   living in 2011 anymore. They know that Merlin the Wizard is there guide and they know
   that they are going to see the life of King Arhur.

4) Rescue king Arthur

   The participants first need to find King Arthur. With the help of Merlin the participants
   know were the can find the King. But there is one problem he is on the other side of the
   lake. Soon they see there is some material and they can build a float to save King Arthur.

5) Authentic meal

   in the evening the people have to cook their own meal. They have to prepare an
   authentic stew like they used to eat in the time of King Arthur. So they have to use some
   local ingredients to prepare it.

6) Night Game

7) The Games
    To become King, Arthur must be trained like a knight. So we organize a day where he
    and the participants learn to fence, horseback riding and to learn to handle a crossbow.
    With all the new knowledge king Arthur will try to tire the sword out of the rock.
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