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									Making Wise Decisions When
 Buying An Android Phone

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Many people in developed countries can’t live without their smart phones. When choosing and android
phone, you have a lot of choices with phone brands so how do you make a wise decision when choosing?

Educate yourself with this subject by reading the following guidelines.

Check your preferences and your budget

Generally, the Android phone that is right for you depend on your preferences. Joining the race of getting

the latest models with the highest specs isn’t necessary if you are after the phone for its multitasking use.

When considering your preferences, check the specs of the different cellular phone carriers and see if they

match your needs. Before purchasing a phone from a cellular carrier, make sure to read about the spins

that the manufacturer did with their Android OS.

Choose phones with up to date hardware

The Android phone’s hardware is a great basis of its future performance. There are many Android phones

available in the market with varying specs and cost. One of the new models that is balances with price and

the great specs is the JiaYu G3.

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It is important however to check if the smart phone you are about to buy can keep up with the frequent

updates with Android. Some smart phones’ hardware can be limited for some of the most recent updates

but there are as long as your phone is less than 2 years old, it may still be good.

                                                            Check if the phone is great with app updates

                                                            App users are the people that make the most out

                                                            of their smart phones. To know if the Android

                                                            phone will suit your needs, check if the it can

                                                            use the apps that you want. When buying an

                                                            Android phone such as JiaYu G3, you want one

                                                            that is not fixed with one android version

                                                            because this will limit the updates that may

                                                            come with the applications you enjoy using.

The 3G and 4G question

The question of whether you need a 4g phone or if the more common 3G is good enough for you, depend

on your own needs. If you are satisfied with the speed of a 3G service, it may be more efficient financially

to stick with 3G phones.

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